She took the sister in law to the whore

I have been married for seven years and I am always very horny for my wife. She has two beautiful sisters, one of whom is a lesbian. I always had a curiosity about my sisters-in-law, but I never disrespected them.
One day I fought with my wife and went to her relative’s house, as I had already agreed that I would show up there to drink beer and chat. They saw me arriving alone and asked about my wife, and I replied that we had argued and she preferred to stay at home. Then I went to the kitchen, and saw that my lesbian sister-in-law was there too.
She was drinking but still calm. I was so upset with my wife and decided that soon I would go to Vila Mimosa (puteiro in RJ) to “unload” the anger. Knowing that my sister-in-law likes women, I wanted to visit Vila Mimosa and had never been to a whorehouse, I decided to call her. It was already 2:30 in the morning.
I said, “I’m going to a stop. Do you want to go? ”.

She replied already feeling what was the stop: “I’m with you anywhere!”.
So I made an excuse and left, and soon after she said she was going home. We were almost drunk, but conscious. We took a taxi and went to the whorehouse.
When I got there, I made it very clear that whatever happened would stay there; that would be our secret, she replied that it was.
I asked if she had the courage to go to the room together, and she answered that there was no problem. I let her choose the woman. It was a beautiful and hot black woman who charged only R $ 50.00 half an hour to be at three, after all it was almost three in the morning, I had a nice chat and it was practically the end of the party.
Upon arriving at the room, we were all naked, and I could see that my sister-in-law is delicious, skinny and like me, she didn’t have a perfect body. I turned off the light, but the bitch said it was to be lit. I was a little embarrassed because I am chubby and I am not tall, but the cock does not make me ashamed! The whore put the condom on my dick and started sucking me, while my sister-in-law was feeling the whole whore.
Until I put the bitch to do some graces with my sister-in-law. That scene of the two doing naughtiness, made me even more horny! I left the whore with her and decided to try to eat her, even though I know she likes women.
I went behind her and started giving kisses and nibbles and at the same time caressing her breasts, pussy and her whole body. She was surprised by my attitude, but if there was something good going on, she ended up letting me do what I wanted.
Then, I went further down and gave a little tongue in her ass and then I was licking her almost virgin pink pussy and with a natural scent of horny pussy !!! I felt that she moaned for the double pleasure with me and the whore.
We stood up, and I stuck my cock from behind while the bitch was sucking her breasts and she was caressing the bitch. Soon, I laid the bitch down, she was on top of the bitch and I was pumping even more from behind.
When things are good, time passes quickly and the bitch already wanted to leave, since she had already completed 30 minutes. But I still hadn’t come and my sister-in-law was horny too! I asked the bitch if we could stay in the room a little longer, and she said we could.
Soon my sister-in-law lay on her back with her legs spread out, then there was Dad and Mom stuffing up the stalk. I kissed her delicious mouth a lot as I stuffed it. It made me more horny seeing the pleasure face she was on. Even though I was a lesbian, the pleasure was so intense that she wanted me to pump more and more. A while later, I accelerated and came with my cock inside, of course I was still wearing a condom.
We dressed and without being able to face each other we went down from the little room. I bought a soda and put it in my mouth outside to see if it covered the smell of pussy and ass that my face was. It didn’t help …

We got in a taxi to leave and left it at the door of the building. As I was very crazy and with that smell of pussy on my face, plus the stick all luscious with pleasure and oil from the condom, I decided I couldn’t go home. It was a little over 4:00 in the morning.
I went back to the relative’s house and they were still drinking, my luck! I asked to sleep there, because I was very crazy and my wife was going to “finish” me. They got it right.
I woke up almost noon, took a shower and came home with the face that nothing had happened. My wife, even upset, spoke only necessary to me. And he said that my sister-in-law had traveled to her father’s beach house (my father-in-law), because my wife wanted to go to her parents’ house (where my sister-in-law lives) to pick up something. I felt a relief …
After a week, when I saw her again, she pretended that nothing had happened. And the chance of relatives being suspicious is practically nil, as everyone knows that she only likes women. I feel “the guy”, for having given such a crazy pleasure to a lesbian!
I never got to eat it again, but I’m waiting for another good one opportunity. After all, if you force yourself, you end up giving shit! Besides, out of nowhere and in the face, I can’t ask her to fuck again. I feel the look she wants, but like me, she hopes for a good opportunity.
I can’t wait for that opportunity to appear. For now I just keep jerking off remembering all this madness and dream come true !!!

The first time with my lover


Hello, my name is Davi, I am 41 years old, I live in the interior of SP, I have been married for 12 years and I have a wonderful family, and a very good life. One of my few problems is that since I was very young I have a huge lust, and all the time. I masturbate early, in the afternoon and at night, regardless of having sex with my wife or my lover. Yes, I have had a lover since before I started dating my wife, since I was 22 years old. After all, with all the lust I feel, it would be impossible to have only my wife as a sexual partner. I wrote that this was one of my few problems because it really is a problem for a married person to have to masturbate and have a lover to quench the fire. Morally the right thing would be for me to control myself and fulfill myself only with my wife, who is a wonderful woman, wonderful mother, friend and wonderful lover, but despite that I need more and I can’t resist. Regardless of being a man or woman, I believe that a married person who, like me, feels horny all the time and loves sex, must make a decision: or control himself, taking medicine, undergoing therapy, doing whatever it takes to remain faithful, or relax and enjoy, as the minister says … rss. But in this second option, do it in a way that is as promiscuous as possible, as you will not want your spouse to suffer from any illness that sexual adventures can bring, right? That was my case, when I was 22, I was still dating my first girlfriend, and I got this sex friend. She is still today a very beautiful and hot woman, who has the same fire as me, and who also at that time dated, but who wanted more and more sex. We were at the beginning of the chat age, we were still using the icq, and quite unintentionally, I called this girl from my class of college friends, whom I will call Ana, to chat. The first chat was so delicious that we created the habit of chatting every night and we end where all chats between man and woman end: talking about sex, saying what you like, and wondering why not try each other. Both Ana and I were at the end of the courtship, which lasted for me 5 years, and 4 years for her. Both had experienced sex only in that first courtship. My then girlfriend was very good with a stick, just as Ana’s boyfriend was also very hot, according to her. So there we were Ana and me, thirsty for something new, for knowing what each other’s taste would be, both wanting to increase the bed experience. And we had the idea that it would be much better for us to experiment and if it worked out to become lovers, than to be jumping from branch to branch looking for new partners when it hit the roof. We arranged for me to take her by car in a shopping mall in the city, we had to be very discreet for both of us, we still had serious dating and we just wanted sex, nothing more, this was what was agreed and intended by us. She wore a long black skirt and a tight white blouse, her breasts were very marked on the blouse, blonde, very long and straight hair, fleshy mouth, 1.70m, about 65kg at that time and even today, with the only difference that she added now about 280ml of silicone, a woman’s delight. Anyway, I was about to kiss a friend who I had always been horny with and who wanted the same thing as me, without complications, without dating, just fucking nice, satisfying each other’s desire for sex. She got in the car and while trying to kiss me on the cheek, as usual, I turned around and gave a peck. Hmm, what a soft mouth I said, and she responded with the most naughty smile in the world. I started the car and took the road to go to a very nice motel that was in the neighboring city. Soon she started to run a hand over my hand and over my leg, squeezing my thigh and I also corresponded placing my hand on her leg feeling the soft thigh, going up the skirt to the knee and smoothing her skin, she didn’t let the skirt go up there. I thought she was going to turn yellow, but the lust was already huge, her hands were already looking for each other’s sex over her clothes, she squeezed my throbbing cock and I was feeling her breasts and going down to her thighs and between them , she already spread her legs to receive my touch. I couldn’t take it and stopped the car at the shoulder, and at the same time she came to kiss me. What a kiss, I still feel that kiss, that desire, that desperation to get my tongue in your mouth and at the same time receive your tongue in mine. His lips were pressed together, his hands were restless on so much cloth that he was in the way, our bodies were already glued together, he was already lying on top of her. I remember that first kiss lasted more than 15 minutes. It was total bliss that first hold, even without orgasm. I stopped and said that we needed to get to the motel soon, otherwise I would eat it right there. She said so let’s go. I went back to my seat and we started off again.

In the first minute, she lowered herself onto my lap and excused herself because she couldn’t wait any longer to taste my cock. He opened the button and the zipper, took my dick that was super hard and luscious and licked it from the tip of his head to my bag. She licked with the tip of her tongue to go down my cock and with her whole tongue on the way up. I asked if I liked the taste of it, she went up to my mouth and kissed me saying that she loved my taste, she licked it again and I was delirious, because she hadn’t touched her lips to him yet, just her tongue. He stayed that way until he realized I was going to come. I tried to hold on, but it was impossible … 22 years old … first caught with a lover who was as or more dirty than me … imagine … rss … I tried to warn her, but she was quicker and didn’t let me avoid it, she took it in with a softer mouth and wet that I’ve ever felt on my dick. I came, flooded his mouth with many jets of cum that kept coming out. She swallowed, kept it in her mouth, continued to suck me, put my whole cock in her mouth, at an ideal pace for the time of enjoyment. Perfect! She didn’t want to stop, and my dick insisted on not resting. Even after I stopped fucking, she sucked and licked, had swallowed everything without losing a drop, and was sucking me for the 30km we rode until I entered the motel, I came again without having interrupted the contractions of the first enjoyment, she again swallowed it all, and I still wasn’t tired of sucking. He only stopped when I told him he had arrived at the reception, got up, kissed, asked for the best suite and entered. Ana was beautiful, tastier than ever, she waited for me to go down to open the door for her, we entered the suite, grabbed her and continued that first kiss that seemed not to be over yet. We hugged and we were undressing each other without kissing. It was so delicious what I didn’t believe. I thought I had to drop everything and ask this woman to marry me, who was the woman of my dreams, I had forgotten everything and everyone, I just wanted to have her forever. We were naked, standing embraced and holding each other, kissing us, our mouths went up to each other’s ears and neck and met again, our hands caressed and strolled over the other’s body. My very hard cock rubbed in his hair, slid down the middle of his thighs and was going to hit the curve of his butt, we didn’t try to fit it in the pussy yet, I don’t know why. Anyway, we loosen up a little to get our breath back and to look straight at the suite. She wanted to pee, I followed her and said I wanted to see, she uninhibited sat on the toilet in a totally sensual way teasing me, I bent down and kissed her on the mouth, while I heard the pee noise coming out, she started to poke my dick, I got up and put it in my mouth, sucking and sucking, licking my balls and swallowing almost all of my dick again. Ah what a mouth!

We got up, she wanted to take a shower, wash, I didn’t consent and I took her in my lap and went to bed, she insisted that she wanted to wash, I said I wanted her like this, I laid her on the bed, she bent her knees, opening the legs, and said: then come, suck my pussy even though I can’t take any more lust, suck my grill, put your tongue right on you kid. I was crazy, I didn’t even kiss her thighs, nor my belly, I went with my tongue right on the hot grill, kissed and sucked, she dripped the meladinho she was so horny, with a mixture of salty because of the pee, delicious , she licked her pussy lips, nibbled at the grill, put the tip of her tongue in the door, she moaned loudly and like a mare in heat, grabbed my head and pulled, my tongue walked around her grill, went down around the lips, up to the grill and down through the pussy, oh how she dripped some delicious honey, dripped, I was all drooling, rubbed my mouth a little on her thighs pausing, and she moaned louder and told me to come back and stick your tongue in it, ahhh … how you suck yummy … I want it every day, she said … I stopped at the door, went in a little, and went down to your ass. Ahhh, the first lick I gave to that little ring made her jump on the bed, now her hands were trying to pull my mouth away, but I grabbed her by the ass and didn’t take the tongue out of her ass, she got in more and more, she started screaming … what a thing … .Paaaaaaaara… .so naaaoo… naaao in the ass… they never did that… naaaaoo… ..paaaaaaaraaa… .for favoooorr …… .naaaao paaaara I’m going to enjoy it…. .ahhhhhh …… .meat that tongue in my ass… ..vaiiiii meeeete ……… ahhhhhh… She contracted and stretched her legs, I sucked and licked her ass until the grill, then she stopped moving, I was even worried … Passed out?… No, I was just ecstatic… she pulled me up, kissing me, this time lightly, calmly, and feeling my cock that was still stiff and that even hurt, asked how I wanted to get in. On all fours I said. That woman had taken a whore’s course, but that sexy, stripper-like whore that drives the guy crazy just because of the way she moves, because the way she turned, passed one leg over me, upturned her ass with a triangular sun mark and those little blond hairs around the gullet, by the butt and covering the legs, he spread his knees, propped his elbows on the bed, tossed his hair on one side and turned his head on the other side looking at me and saying: come my hot, my male, fuck my pussy, put it without mercy, punch this hard stick, fill me with this dick, go put it, fuck it do what you want, I’m yours. I didn’t believe it was there. She had a sculptural body, blonde, tanned, bikini marks, hair, blonde hair, and she was a real whore in bed, she teased me anyway, with what she said, the way she moved, how she looked at me, how she moved the mouth, everything was very perfect. She wanted to be my lover, she sucked very well, she was my friend, she was beautiful and hot. Nothing was missing. She noticed my amazement and said: fuck you or do I have to call another male huh? I answered with a slap on her ass, grabbed her around the waist, fitted the tip of my cock in her little hole and punched it all at once, until I felt the bag was crushed against her ass, I held it in there, I didn’t take it, she gave a howl, aiiii… .yummy… I needed this…… go strip and poe, start punching me… fuck me tasty… I stood there feeling her pussy chewing on my dick, it was very tight, hot, totally wet, I held her tighter to let her start coming and going, I wanted to stay there for a while, she got mad, she got mad, she tried to let go, she tried to get away, but I held on tight, she screamed… move your kid…. and poe… .so I can’t take it… my cock pulsed tight inside her and finally I removed it all and I was brushing the lips of her pussy, rubbing the grill and putting only the head inside, skirt and brush again, I had to let go because I couldn’t take it anymore, she tried with all her strength to go with my body backwards to punch my whole dick to inside again and when I released it I let it move at will.

She would roll her ass, [she would go forward until she felt that her head was going to escape, then she would move away and swallow all over again, she started to accelerate, she punched tasty, she wiggled a lot, until I held her again and I started punching and getting deep that horny pussy. I pumped about 5 minutes or more, with her asking me to fuck harder, moaning and looking at myself, biting my lips, I slowed down to lean over and kiss her, she bit my lips and told me to punch my dick more. We came together, I told her I couldn’t take it, she told me to flood her pussy with cum and in the first jet she started to come, she squeezed my cock so tightly that it hurt, she was lying down, I lay over her holding a little mine weight, without taking the stick out of it and we rest for a few minutes. We were wet with sweat, I kissed her on the back of the neck, I kissed her back, I turned and finally kissed and bit her breasts, she took one hand to her pussy and started to masturbate, I watched her run her fingers over her pussy and lick it, massage the grill, stick two whole fingers in the pussy, with the other hand started to jerk me off, my cock was already awake and it was a little sore, I kissed your mouth, your tireless tongue rubbed against mine, how horny we were both… come on up, eat me daddy mommy, she asked. I settled in between her legs, I looked at her, we kept our eyes fixed on each other, while she fixed my dick in her cave, I started a slow movement, I was feeling every inch of her pussy, as soon as she came in, I came back halfway and put it all on again… .this, at this rate… my taste doesn’t change… I continued like that, our hips tightened, the breath deep, she came in 30 seconds, this time in silence looking at me, kissing me slowly, her arms squeezing me in a nice hug. A bed partnership that would last until today, 20 years later, was sealed with an intensity, quality and friendship that I could not even dream of at that time. We went to take a shower, I met and washed every millimeter of her body, and she was mine, we were in no hurry, that was the time to exchange looks and kisses tighter, we hugged, went back to bed and talked for 2 hours, made love and we had a good time 2 more times, we tried about 15 positions, something like 20 years old… heheh… we took another shower and left. This had been the beginning of a union between almost eternal lovers. It was our option to soften and erase the horny out of control that we felt in equal intensity. It was a union between friends who got along really well in bed. We concluded together that the best thing would be to never date each other because it would jeopardize the friendship and this skin thing and the mutual lust that had started and that should last forever. After all, we were still dating other people, and we didn’t want to break up with them. I would still be with my girlfriend for another year, and she with her boyfriend for another 2 years, but never again would the two of us go more than a week without meeting and enjoying what we do very well together. This has been going on for almost 20 years.

My sister and my friend are so naughty !?

When I was just two, our parents enrolled us in a club, me, my older sister and them. The club where we joined was very cool, away from the city, courts for playing almost all sports, there were pools, a lake, fountains, trails, mazes and was surrounded by trees. In this club my sister, Luana, met a girl, her age called Mariana while we were playing in the children’s pool. Luana became friends with Mariana and became best friends.
After a few years, when I was 4 and they were 8, Luana, my sister, she has brown hair, hazel eyes, white, smooth and delicate skin, a little thin and tall, Mariana, my sister’s friend, is brunette Long, straight hair, brown eyes, smooth and delicate skin, full lips, thick thighs, she was not thin, but she was certainly not fat and she is also a little shorter than my sister. They began to visit each other, each going to the other’s house, to sleep or just to visit. I really liked Mariana as a friend, because she always played with me. A few years later, when they were 11 and I was 7, our parents started to leave the house more, leaving us a lot of time alone, so they started to feel more comfortable. The two began to bathe together and started walking around the house wearing nothing but panties and bra, even though I saw, they didn’t care! They sat beside me half-naked, as if nothing was happening, hugged me, it was always like this: Mariana came to our house, the two went to my sister’s room, took off their clothes and were just wearing their underwear. I thought that they only did this here and that our parents didn’t know, but I was wrong, in relation to both things, they did this at Mariana’s house too and my parents knew that they bathed together and were half naked around the house. I never called, either, until I got used to it.
Years later, when they were 15. Luana, ‘’ ‘won’ ’a very big ass and medium breasts, even so tasty, Mariana, on the contrary, she‘ ‘won’ ’, big breasts and medium ass. And with that, I started looking at Luana, with a look of ‘’ desire ’’ and Mari, too. Whenever they passed me, half-naked, my penis became hard as stone and I tried to hide it so that they wouldn’t notice, Luana and Mariana liked me to lie on their laps while watching TV, I liked it too, they kept doing it affection in my hair, they put a hand on my shirt and once Mariana put her hand and my ass, I took it off, but after a while I started to leave it without problems. Imagine my excitement at that time, kkk. Whenever they got out of the bath or were in the room, I would sneak up to the lock and keep looking, I couldn’t look straight, because the lock on the door was tight and only gave sight at the side of the bed, every time I saw them. Sometimes, when I heard the shower being turned off, I knew they were drying themselves to get dressed in the room, so I would run to my room (which was next to my sister’s room), close the door and listen until hear the door of their room close, then I would run, without making a sound until the lock of her room and once in a while I was lucky enough to see them naked and when they left my field of vision I would run to the bathroom and hit a .
Two years passed, they were 17 years old, I was getting tired of the same ” routine ” to see them naked, so I thought in my room a way to get to see them ” better ” and the only solution that What I found was: In Luana’s room there was an old wardrobe, which my parents would sell and buy another one. There was nothing inside, Luana already took his clothes out of him and put them in separate piles on the side of his bed, I could go inside, I was very small, it was also very spacious inside, there was a huge gap, so I could have almost full view of the room, but I didn’t have the courage, let them find me inside, what would I do !? I spent a few days thinking about it, but I couldn’t find the courage, even though I knew that she no longer touches the wardrobe.
So one day, when they were taking a shower, my parents were not at home and I was stiff, walking back and forth in front of the bathroom door, where they were taking a shower, trying to build up courage, until, when i was passing in front of the door i heard a moan. In fact, I heard several groans in a row, loud and very ‘’ ’wet’ ’, I froze right away, I felt a shiver all over my body, my breathing increased and then I thought‘ OK, OK I’M GOING! ’’

I went to my sister’s room, a very clean little room, Smelling, you could only see pink and white, there was a double bed in the middle, a mirror with some makeup around, underneath there were drawers, there were some shelves hanging on the wall with some books, there was a carpet that took up almost the entire floor, the piles of clothes and etc …, I entered the room nervously, so I opened the wardrobe door, found a perfect space for me and went inside. I made as little noise as possible, took a stand, and sat on top of it and soon it was extremely comfortable inside, with a great view to the room, I just had to wait for the ‘’ show ’’.
I was waiting in the wardrobe for a few minutes, very nervous. Suddenly I heard the bedroom door open hard and hit the wall, so I saw Mariana enter a little nervous inside the room, she went towards the bed, took off the towel, threw it against the wall and threw herself on the bed. belly. In this, I already had a hard-on, seeing that smooth ass and a little bit of her breasts, but something was different, where’s Luana and why did she look nervous ?! A few seconds later I saw Luana enter, she closed the door slowly so as not to make a noise, took off the towel and for the first time she took her room key and locked the door. She had never done that, well only once when we were younger and she locked me up, but except that never, not even when she was going to change clothes with Mari! I was nervous, I noticed that my leg was shaking, so I controlled myself not to make a noise. Luana walked slowly to her bed, sat on the edge, started to pat Mariana’s back and as she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and from the waist upwards to pat Mari, she had her legs spread, right on MY FRONT, I could see her shaved pussy, her beautiful, thick legs and her breasts. I noticed that I had my hand on my underwear, stroking my dick, wanting to hit one, but I couldn’t, the wardrobe is a little old and it would certainly make a noise, so I went back to pay attention. Luana was stroking Mari’s hair, so Mariana turned on her side, allowing me to see her big tits and her xaninha very well, I was biting my lip, sweating and with wide eyes. Mariana looked at Luana and said:

  • I don’t know if I want to do this, Lu – She said in a shaky voice
  • Why not? – Luana asked – It will be really fun
  • You are my friend, we don’t … – His voice broke – We shouldn’t.
  • No problem, nothing is wrong, many women do this – Luana said, while stroking Mari’s hair with her hand resting on Mari’s chest – If we like it, I can say without problems to my family that I’m a lesbian.
  • It’s-It’s wrong! – She stammered
    Luana lay on her side, turning to Mari and leaving that butt exposed for me, that beautiful fleshy ass that made me want to get out of the wardrobe and tighten it – Mari, shall we make a deal?
    Mariana looked at her with her brown eyes making an expression of fear and said – Which one?
  • If you don’t like it, we never do it again and we go back to the normal routine, as if nothing had happened – She winked.
  • Promise? – Said Mariana – And your brother, what if he hears anything?
  • Promise! – Said Luana – I make up any excuse, he believes in everything, that cap!
    My heartbeat was racing, I noticed that I already had shorts on my feet, underwear on my knee and making light movements on my cock. I was feeling a little guilty, because one side of me said that I shouldn’t be watching that, I shouldn’t be in the mood to have sex with my sister, but I couldn’t resist.
    Luana gave Mariana a little push, making her fall backwards onto the mattress. Luana said ‘‘ Now I’m a doctor, and I’ll take care of you ’’, she was next to Mari, stroking her hair, so slowly, she moved closer until her lips met. The two kissed each other willingly, you could see that Luana’s tongue was in Mari’s mouth, and Mari’s in Luana’s. Luana was already on top of Mari’s belly, both were already very wet, Luana’s right hand was behind Mari’s head and her left hand was stroking her hair. Mari was already rubbing her hand on Luana’s ass. Luana started to lower her mouth, sucking on her neck, then reached her breasts, Luana sucked them hard, spit on them, licked them, and her hands had also already descended on Mari’s breasts. Mariana was moaning softly and often. Luana got off Mari and went to her feet, she examined them, caressing them and licking them making Mari crazy (And I also kk), Luana bit all her toes and drooled all over the bed. Luana stopped playing with mari’s feet and started stroking the coaches, very close to her ass and then she said ‘’ You know? I as a doctor, I want to do a complete review! ’’ She opened Mari’s legs slowly and went between them, she put her nose almost inside Mari’s pussy and took a long breath. With her tongue she started to lick around the xaninha, while Mariana was moaning like a puppy and loudly, a little while passed and Mari was holding the mattress tightly and saying “Para Para PARAA !!”, Luana he smiled and put his tongue hard in Mari’s pussy and it wasn’t long before she gave a cry of pleasure and came in Luana’s tongue.
    They were both tired, so Luana gave her time to catch her breath, but it was only a few seconds. She climbed on top of Mari again, but this time on the contrary, the two were making a 69. Mari didn’t look like she was going to come again, Luana was about to, a few minutes later I saw Luana close her eyes tightly and stop lick Mari’s xaninha, then she put her hands on the sides of Mari’s ass and squeezed tightly and soon I heard a ” AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh ”, so I just saw Luana’s pleasure running down Mari’s neck. Luana still had her eyes closed, so I noticed that she was trying to get out of there, because Mari was holding Mari by the legs and continued to lick her pussy. I only heard ‘’ Para, PARA, PLEASE !! ”and then an‘ ’AAAAAAAAAAAhh’ ’, and a jet of enjoyment, that’s about 7 times. Mari was soaked through. I then noticed that Mari lost her strength and released her and also dropped her head on the mattress.

The two stayed on top of each other for a few minutes catching their breath, then Luana fell to the side and said ‘’ For those who didn’t want, she made me come like a whore, huh? ’’ And Mari laughed. Luana said ‘’ I said I wanted to do an overhaul of you, and that’s what I’m going to do! ’’. She turned mari on her back, exposing her ass, she got on her knees beside Mari and kept stroking her back, legs and ass. She took the index finger of her right hand and put it in front of Mari’s face and without needing to say anything, Mari gave a blowjob of about 30 seconds leaving him very wet. Mari closed her eyes, grabbed the mattress again, then Luana with her left hand ‘’ opened a path ’’ to Mari’s ass and stuck her finger in. She started slowly, but soon she was putting it on and taking it off. I believe that the two were virgins at that time, I don’t know why but it seemed that they were. Then, Luana took her finger off and gave Mari sucks, while Mari sucked Luana said ‘’ Everything is in order ’’, then she gave Mari a long kiss on the ass.
Afterwards, Luana sat on the edge of the bed and asked Mari to sit on her lap, Mari nodded. Soon Mari was on Luana’s lap, the two hugging each other, Mariana with her head on Luana’s neck and the two of them still Naked. Finally Luana asked:

  • Liked?
  • Loved it – Said to Mari- But, what now?
  • As well? – Asked Luana.
  • I want more!
  • Ui, naughty- Luana looked at the window- It’s already getting dark, my parents will be here soon …
    -We can go to the house, today my parents made an appointment to go to the restaurant and the cinema, to celebrate my mother’s birthday and as the movie is for adults we will be alone at home all the night, baby!
  • I loved it!
    Then the two put on clothes, combed themselves, Luana hid the wet bed sheet in her chest, changed sheets, finally, Luana got a backpack to sleep at Mari’s house. The two gave each other a peck, Mari said ‘’ Let’s take a shower together ’’. So they left the room, Luana gave a shout saying ‘’ Matheus (My name =]), today I’m going to sleep at Mariana’s house, see you later, tell our parents! ’’ And then they went. I waited a few minutes after hearing the door slam, and I threw myself against the wardrobe door, fell on the carpet, sweating, totally naked from the waist down and panting. Of course, I hit it well, I went to Luana’s trunk and I sniffed the sheet and left it there.
    A few days later they removed the wardrobe from there, but then I had the idea of ​​leaving my cell phone recording everything, which was great. Two years ago, I formatted the PC and forgot to save the videos (Damn it), so I don’t have any more.
    When they were 19, they assumed for our family that they were lesbians, at first a shock, of course! But then it became normal, with 23 they got married. Today I’m 23 and they’re 27, I’m thinking of telling Luana that I saw everything, what happened, what do you think?


  • When I was 10 and they were 14, we were watching an action movie, I was in the middle of them, and then there was a part of sex and Mariana said ” I always wanted to touch a stick, you know, just to feel like it is’ ‘and my sister said she could touch mine, I was embarrassed and said no. After about 30 minutes trying to convince me (You know, I didn’t care about Luana seeing or touching him, because she is my sister, she already did that -.- ‘, but the problem is Mariana), I accepted, not because of the threats that Luana had done it for me, but because she gave me 20 reais and Mariana said “Please, for our friendship”. She seemed a little upset at the time, probably because she lost 20 k reais. Luana, kneeled on the carpet, in front of me and took off my shorts and underwear, took Mari’s hand that was shaking and put it on my dick. She played with him, until it was hard, she seemed to like it a little, she jerked a little too. But this was not the only time, there were 4 more, but in those other times, only when we were alone.
  • Two weeks after the day they took the wardrobe out, I was 13, I was at my colleague’s house, after school, doing my homework and there was only one question left to finish the homework so I decided to arrive in home and ask Luana for help to play video games soon. But when I got there in the evening, I ran to her room and when I got there, I opened it without knocking on the door and saw her sucking Mari’s pussy, but when they saw me it was too late. Mari could not hold back the pleasure and gave a cry of pleasure and I just saw that jet of pleasure and Luana looked at me nervously, not knowing what to do, she left the room. Luana went after me naked and took me to their bed, Mari was curling up on me like I was a strip pole, Luana explained everything to me (As if I didn’t already know), I played innocent and I did several questions, so she gave me a complete sex class ” LOL ” (as if I didn’t already know kk).


I want to tell you the wildest story of my life, I ate my friend’s girlfriend!
That’s right, I ate and she gave me just to prove that she was right, I’ll explain.
José my friend has been dating Luciana for 3 years, Luciana is very hot, blonde, 1.60 M brown eyes and a very nice body.
I live alone, and in a weekend we decided to roast meat and drink, me José and some friends.
Around 9:00 pm the staff started to leave, leaving only me, José and Luciana.
At that time, José was very drunk, that’s when he wondered if he would have the courage to eat his girlfriend?
I was startled by the question until he explained himself.
He said that Luciana had told him that all his friends wanted to eat her, that he actually had no friend, because a friend who is a friend does not eat the other’s girlfriend.
Then I laughed and asked the question, it was then that he asked again, to satisfy him he said no, he wouldn’t eat his girlfriend.
He looks at Luciana and says, you see, he doesn’t want to eat you, Lucia disguised and said:
Let’s go, José, you drank too much, and he was really too drunk, I helped you get him in the car and she took him home.
I kept that in mind, Luciana is very nice, and if I had a chance I don’t think I would forgive, I thought!
It was when there was a knock on the door, I went to answer it and it was Luciana, she had left Joseph at her house and I came back saying she wanted to talk to me.
He asked to enter, sat on the sofa, ordered a drink. I opened one, the beer and we started talking.
She told me that José was not jealous of her, that it bothered her, it was then that she asked me:
Don’t you think I’m beautiful?
I said yes, since it was true, so she came over and said to me, would you eat me?
I was left with no answer, so she asked again and kissed me.
So we started kissing and taking each other’s clothes off, she had a shaved pussy with a beautiful mustache!
I stuck my tongue in that pussy.
Suddenly she started to suck me, lay her down and I buried my dick in her pussy, a very tight pussy, she moaned softly and asked me to start it.
After a while she went out and turned on her back, took my dick and fixed it well in her ass, my cock entered with great difficulty, if the pussy was tight, the ass was twice as much.
When the head passed she let out a cry, I held her by the waist and buried her, she screamed and moaned, said it was very tasty, asked her to punch faster, until she came!
Then she took my dick out of her ass and started to ride me.
It was too much, she had a beautiful body, she rode like no one else, seeing and feeling all that, I couldn’t stand it and I came, I filled her shit with cum.
She got up and the cum ran down her legs.
He dressed with a smile on his lips and said:
See how right I was, you and all of José’s friends want to eat me!
He opened the door and left.
She just wanted to prove that she was right, and I proved how hot she is.
I hope she wants to try it again!


My cousin and I have always been interested in sharing our story with totally unknown people, so we decided to post in parts and we will tell about our beginning.
It all started 5 years ago, I was 18 (today I am 23 and my cousin 35) when I went to spend the holidays at the beach house with her family (mother and younger sister) and she had just left a dating 2 years.
She kept saying she was needy and that if I wasn’t her cousin she would wait a few more years to fall on top of me, I was a bit of a rascal and I said that since she was my cousin I could fall at that time, she laughed and thought that was for fun.
But that night before we slept (we slept in the same room) I heard her commenting to her sister that she would see what I was capable of and would start to provoke me, I was crazy because I always thought my cousin was very hot, blonde, skinny but with a big ass, loves a gym since I met him.
The other day we went to the beach and she put on a very sexy bikini, she couldn’t hold me and she always got into the games she played, so she saw that I was crazy to fuck that skinny girl.
Then night came, her mother had gone to sleep and it was already very early in the morning until her sister told me that her little sister was crazy to see what my kiss was like and asked if she had ever kissed, said that she only tried to see .
Then she gave me a tongue kiss, what a marvel it was, my dick went hard like a stone and she noticed, so she put her hand and I couldn’t resist and I also put mine inside the yellow shorts she was wearing, I felt her pussy already I was a little wet and then I said to stop because we could wake up my aunt, her sister said she was going to sleep, we would have total freedom to stay there on the couch.
We were unable to contain ourselves and we fell into the temptation of desire, she lowered my shorts and started sucking my cock and said it was big and that she wanted me to suck it, so nothing more fair than helping me, I lowered those panties and started to sucked right there on the couch.
She said: “suck my grelinho, I never imagined that my cousin sucked so tasty”.
And then she asked: “I want to see this big cock in Minha Bucetinha, let’s see if it’s not good only in the preliminaries”

I pulled her leg and we started to fuck there on the couch, (that couch makes me miss our cocks) she moaned softly so as not to wake my aunt.
“Fuck me, yummy! Show your little cousin what a man can do, you are so young but you can already be my male. ”
She didn’t hold back and came hot on my dick, we had sex in a few more positions until I felt like I was going to come and I warned her, because she was without a condom and she said:
“Come inside, because I’m taking a pill, I love feeling a very hot fuck inside me”
I couldn’t hold it anymore and I enjoyed everything inside that naughty and hot,
I stayed a few more days at the beach house with her.
I even got to see your sister (I couldn’t eat yet) masturbating watching us fuck, since we started to have sex in our bed the other days.
Today we are still having sex and I intend to tell other tales like this, our families didn’t like it very much, but we didn’t care, we traveled together and everything, we live like 2 boyfriends.

The chef

The chef

Lately, I have avoided staying at home on the weekend and looking for some event that catches my attention in Sao Paulo. The variety of things we have here, paid or is not very big and always choose something that has a lot of noise that is very busy (I guess I’m getting old!). I recently discovered something to distract myself and have used it as therapy: cooking. Cooking has done me a lot of good and I have tried to improve and do things that are more and more complex and that need more attention, that way, I can disconnect from some of the many problems that take my energy away!
In an Internet search, I saw a gastronomy event that would take place in the Barra Funda region that caught my attention and the best … FREE! Would have the participation of some chefs who teach some techniques and even finding myself a decent cook, I decided to go and maybe learn something new. I marked that I was interested in the event and after a while I received a private message on Facebook with just a “Hi”! The profile picture was familiar, from someone who had not seen a long time and so I remembered the last time he had seen, was living outside the country!
I studied with her in high school and we had already stayed a few times, whoever reads my stories must know that in that period I was quite different from what I am today in several aspects. I answered the message and we started a normal and unpretentious conversation that even I found strange, because I always try to take it to the whoring side and get a good fuck, however, we stayed for hours talking and remembering the school period and the crazy stories of the time ! At one point, she said that she had called me because she was also going to the event and that she had opened a restaurant, so seeing that I was interested, she asked me not to go alone!
We met at Barra Funda Metro station and I only recognized her when she came to me and I realized how good the weather is for some people … she had become a delicious woman, a little shorter than me, with a thin waist and an ass well sheer that was in evidence because of the black dress up wearing the middle of her thighs. At that very moment, my lack of interest in her disappeared and I was already thinking somehow of a way to squeeze that delicious ass! We greet each other with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, we walk together talking through the event and watch the work and tips from some chefs. At that time I could no longer concentrate on what was being said and just looked at that delicious tail in front of me, looked as if I wanted to devour it and certainly she noticed (I can’t hide it … it’s horrible!). We stopped to eat something after the event in the early evening and the tone of the conversation was already quite different, even more after a few beers:

  • And that look there, huh? What are you thinking about? – She told me with a smile sitting in front of me!
  • What look?
  • This one, all naughty! I don’t remember you had it!
  • Some things change! And the way of looking was just one of the things!
  • Really? Show me… – He spoke, bringing his face close to mine, as if in defiance!
    Before she take the teasing smile and away from the near face from me, I held his neck and kissed her, biting and pulling her lips with teeth! At first, I felt that it was a surprise, but then I was carried away by the kiss and I don’t even know how long we stayed that way. We left the cafeteria where we were and practically stopped at each dark and empty corner or on the poles to hold on to each other and it was getting hotter and hotter! I beat and squeezed her ass, going down to her thigh and raising it at my hip, my dick brushed her pussy behind that short thin dress and made her sigh and moan with her eyes closed, she lifted her neck to me and I bit her , kissed and whispered in his ear that he was crazy to show everything he had!
    We decided to go to his apartment in the region of the Republic using a taxi to get there faster, in the back seat, we continued to devour ourselves and mark our bodies with scratches and squeezes (the taxi driver must have loved the scene!), We rushed into the building and while she tried to open the door, i would snuggle her up by lifting her dress and let the delicious tail that was lusting all day long expose me! He shook and beat making her moan and give horny gasps!
    We went in and we were already pulling off our clothes leaving a trail to her room, I laid her face down on the bed, opening her legs and holding her thighs tight, digging my fingers into her mouth, I sucked with pleasure! The moans were sometimes muffled when he bit the pillow and his hands gripped the sheet.

I swirled and threw her ass against my face and I went deeper and deeper, I lifted my tongue up to her ass and with my fingers I started to penetrate her little cave that dripped a surprising amount of honey, opened and closed inside it, rotated, hit your pussy and I can’t say for sure how many times I felt that delicious broth smear my hand!
In that same position, I put a pillow under her abdomen, straddled her thighs and brushed my dick at the entrance to her pussy, opened her ass with both hands and slowly pushed it in while massaging her little ring! She put her hands back, squeezing my wrists as she moaned with her face on the mattress, each time she squeezed I fucked harder to make her moan and scream even louder. My thumb was already in and out of your ass easily and she would hold it and squeeze it inside it! I took off her pussy already completely lubricated by her honey and fitted it on her tail:

  • Go slowly, I haven’t let you play there for a long time!
  • Does that mean he’s mine now? – I said smiling naughty and pushing his head to enter at once!
  • Son of a bitch! – He spoke after a cry of pain and lust!
    She squeezed my cock in her ass as she entered, wiggling and moaning, screaming, cursing and barely she knew that all of this is what drives me the most! I was increasing the speed and going deeper when I felt I was getting more relaxed, now I only heard her moans and she rolled and pressed my cock even harder in her tail, threw her body against mine and asked her to fuck her harder and so I did. Without taking my dick out of it, I turned on the bed and made her ride. She held and dug her nails into my thighs and sat at a crazy pace leaving only her head inside and then swallowing it whole again! I was maddened by the scene and its moans louder and the movements of its hips faster and I ended up cumming inside it! When I felt the first jet of cum she sat down at once and squeezed it inside her, making an incredible pressure that almost made me lose my senses, she lay down putting her back on my chest and slowly relaxing her ass and leaving my dick slip out along with all the cum that had poured into it! He turned and straddled me and kissed me slowly:
  • What a change huh? Do you have more to show me?
  • I have a few more things! – I replied breathless and exhausted as I rarely do.
    It was already late and unfortunately I had to go home, we said goodbye and I was already inside the subway when I put my hands in my pocket and felt something different! A business card from a restaurant and on the back the pen the message:
    “I wait for you for a special dinner, Vi! The next class will be with me! ”
    Well… I think I already have an upcoming gastronom


It was the end of the semester at the university. With the results of the classes already defined, I and other teachers were preparing for the always unwanted period, especially by the students, of final exams.
In my case, I was happy that, exceptionally that semester, approvals and disapprovals would take place directly, without the need for finals. It was another week that I would take time off from school break, mainly because I live more than 100kM from the city where I teach.
At the closing of the results, however, I received an unexpected message from a student asking me to fail her for absences instead of doing it for her performance in the evaluations.
As the profile pictures of the student who wrote to me always caught my attention in the group created for the discipline, I decided to do more than comply with his request: I offered him the possibility of taking the final exam.
In fact, that student only attended a class after I took the course, disappearing for the rest of the semester. And the reason for my curiosity about that profile is that the photos she used were a mixture of enigmatic and provocative.
His face never appeared in detail, unlike other parts of his body, especially his stiff and stubby tail, something crazy!

Under the pretext of informing her about the test subjects and giving other general guidelines, I started an exchange of messages in private, I confess that even in an unpretentious way. In one of them, I implied that he was a very benevolent teacher and that he took no pleasure in failing or massacring students in my discipline.
I said that I was pleased with other things, which was actually bait to test her reaction. Luckily for me, she wanted to know what other things were what gave me pleasure. At that moment, I realized that we had common interests and that it would be worth exploring until we saw where this would lead.
Initially, in a ciphered way, we were revealing to each other our desires, preferences and fantasies in sex. Then, when we no longer had any doubts about what was going on there, we became more explicit.
I found out, for example, that she loved to be fucked on all fours and replied that from the profile pictures it was not difficult to imagine her in that position, which made her excited. She also stated that the semester had been very tiring and stressful and that a final exam would not be the best way to conclude it. After all, there were other things that she mastered very well and that could be evaluated by me.
At that moment, I defined what his evaluation would be like and was already looking forward to checking his performance! I suggested that we meet the next week at her house, a kind of republic. As the other residents had not yet left the city, we decided to book at a hotel where I would be staying.
I arrived in the city the night before the agreed day. Despite my insistence that she go to the hotel that same night, she was so horny and eager to eat her, she said she would only go the morning of the other day.
We spent the night exchanging spicy messages, which included videos and photos, and she was showing herself more and more dirty and fiery. In the end, I said I was hitting a siririca in my intention and ended by sending a photo of the result: that unmistakable meladinho between the fingers!
We said goodbye and tried to sleep, despite the whirlwind of thoughts and sensations that stirred me at that moment. The other day, after breakfast, I went to the university to resolve some issues.
When I was leaving, I received a message from her, saying that I had already arrived at the hotel and would be waiting for me in the room. She also told me that she was nervous and a little embarrassed that she had never done this before.

I tried to reassure her that it would be an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience. An end of semester that she would never forget! In the taxi on the way to the hotel I even tried to make small talk, talking about the time in the city that morning, but my thoughts were already in that hotel room, imagining my tongue, fingers and cock playing between those turned legs, that delicious ass and the pussy that by now you should be drowning in your panties!
I arrived at the hotel and went straight to the room by the elevator. When I opened the door, I came across her sitting on the bed, leaning on the pillows, legs crossed forward and with her hands touching the screen of the cell phone. She wore a T-shirt and jeans, which gave her that typical student look and excited me even more about the situation.
Like her, it would be the first time that I would do something like that too. I asked if she wanted to take or eat something, as earlier she had separated some fruits, breads and cakes that were served for breakfast.

But our appetite at that moment was something else. To break the mood of shyness at first, I started to undress, taking off my shoes and my shirt. She turned and sat on the edge of the bed.
I approached her and offered to help her take her shirt off, which she accepted. She was wearing a lacy blue bra that covered her delicious titties, revealed to me in one of the videos from the previous night.
I joked that one of the items in the evaluation could be her ability to undress in a sensual and provocative way, to see if there was a kind of streap when she took off her pants! But as she was still tense, she refused my proposal and asked for help to remove her pants as well.
Given your big butt, the back came out with a little more difficulty, with my fingers having to brush your beautiful and tough ass when it comes to lowering my pants, which I loved!
She was wearing black panties, which although she was not g-string, was mostly tucked away, revealing her provocative curves. We kissed with her still sitting on the bed and I asked her to lie on her stomach, because I wanted to massage her to relieve all that tension.
With her already lying down, I asked her to get up just a little bit so I could take off her bra and she could be more comfortable. I started the massage on the shoulders and back and went down slowly, always asking if it was hot or if I wasn’t putting too much pressure on her, so she would warn me of any discomfort.
Reaching the butt, I started to squeeze it with both hands, forcing them up a little. At that moment, you could see her ass and the contours of her pussy covered only by a small strip of panties.
As I realized that his breathing had changed and his eyes were closing in an unmistakable expression of pleasure, I continued for a little more time massaging that tasty tail. With the pussy already all wet, during the massage movements I started to hear that little noise of her opening, making a kind of click due to the lubrication.
I couldn’t resist and put the panties aside, smearing myself in that honey, sucking and licking her clitoris, pussy and rising with my tongue to the ass. She gave a little moan and lifted her body back a little while I sucked it, a wonderful sight!
At that time, my cock was barely contained in the underwear. I started to apply pressure with him still in his underwear against the region of her butt and her pussy, which by this point was already biting her lower lip and lifting her left leg flexed up to the knee, to better feel my hard cock brushing her body.
That shy and somewhat caught student from the beginning was no more, giving way to the naughty that had provoked me to almost make me come the night before. With her like this, already completely delivered and saying how delicious that massage was, I decided to take off her panties and asked her to lie on her back (actually, what a beautiful tummy she had!).

Without delay, I started to do an oral on her, willingly sucking on that hot pussy and all the honey of the first enjoyment that she ended up confessing to me afterwards. Her clit was hard and firm, making it easier for my tongue to lick it frantically.
At the same time, her hand was already caressing my cock inside the underwear, skillfully handling the completely hard and lubricated head, such was the desire to penetrate it! In this exchange of caresses, he masturbated me with such competence that I ended up not avoiding my first enjoyment.
I jumped behind the bed trying to hold on, but it was too late. It came like strong, rhythmic jets, filling the bedroom floor with my thick, hot cum. But despite that, I still felt very excited and she was still there, lying with her legs spread on the bed, her body in a kind of plea to make her come.
I started sucking on her pussy again and only stopped when I felt her coming in my mouth, delicious! She then tried to return the oral, even as a way of getting my dick ready to eat it. I lay down on the bed and she lowered herself on all fours between my legs, prancing that wonderful ass while sucking and staring with a look that completely delivered her desire to feel my cock willingly entering her pussy!
However, my first enjoyment had been very strong and I was not able to recover quickly. We decided to take a break and meanwhile we lay there in bed, completely naked and talking about sex, relationships and even the routine of classes at graduation, amused by the attitude of some teachers and the completely useless character of certain classes!
Shortly afterwards, perhaps moved by a sudden wave of embarrassment at being naked, but without having sex, we decided to dress again. Before, however, I went to take a shower to relax.
It was useless to say that the water was delicious, as she only agreed to go into the bathroom unaccompanied afterwards, which I respected without question (it seems that the shy girl had returned). But not for long, for my happiness! After refusing a second time to drink or eat anything, she sat on the bed and reminded me that we still had enough time until the hotel night was due.

Without hesitating, I was already approaching and helping him to undress again. When I undressed, I took her foot and passed it over the underwear, so that she could feel the volume that had just formed in her intention.
She lay down, took off her panties and I, already without underwear, started to suck her tits. As I sucked them, I started rubbing the head of my cock on her clitoris, using it as if it were a finger to masturbate her.
At the same time, I stuck my middle finger in her hot and totally drenched pussy, without ceasing to stimulate the clitoris with the head of my cock and sucking her beautiful tits with desire.
It didn’t take long before I felt her come again, with her pussy looking like she wanted to swallow my finger! Then I asked her to stay on all fours and I started getting into her pussy non-stop. He said that eating her like that was very tasty, to which she replied that I was the one who tasted better, which made me even more horny, increasing the frequency of getting in!
Shortly thereafter, she exploded into another orgasm, the room that morning! In fact, she had already warned me the night before that she used to come many times in sex and that I shouldn’t worry if it looked like she was crazy at those times!
I just couldn’t imagine that there would be so many joys like that! After eating it on all fours, I asked her to stay on the side, to eat her pussy feeling and seeing that ass from another angle. I started to get into it and she clung to the pillows while my hand squeezed her titties. After a while, she said the fatal phrase: “enjoy it like this”!
I accelerated the cocktails and without much difficulty I came inside that pussy, feeling its delicious tail pressing my pubic region. It was the end of the evaluation and it was approved with praise! We said goodbye later, and even without saying anything about it, we couldn’t wait for the beginning of the next semester…
by maribeto69


Four years ago, I decided to move to a small city in Minas with the objective of studying law and becoming a federal delegate. I decided to live in a cheap condominium in the city, because after all, university students are all poor and you cannot have a luxury life, where the houses were relatively close to each other and this made it possible for people to see what was happening in their house. .
My neighbors were a family that had a daughter whose name was Tai. She was 1.61 tall, with medium breasts and ass because of her stature, short hair and dyed red and was 18 years old. For a girl in that conservative city, she had a very open mind and that made a big impression on those close to her.
His mother was a lady, a professor at the university I studied. She knew me and always tried to help me with things. I was very close to her family and consequently I was very close to Tai. Talking about everything and more with her, helping her with human exercises and even playing video games with her.
In the condo where I lived, people were very supportive of each other. Turn and move I asked the neighbors for sugar and the neighbors asked for rice for me. I was a very lonely young man for whom I was studying at a university. He didn’t enjoy the parties that took place in the region very much and he had almost no friends.
He thought it was absurd and did not believe the stories that told about sexual cases involving young girls in the city. And it was impressive how the city, even though it was very conservative and very religious, let itself be overwhelmed by these lies. Teachers and colleagues who were older than me, always warned me of the dangerous
And it’s not that they were right.
One day I was in the bathroom taking a shower at my house, when I felt a chill on my spine. When I went to close the window, I realized that the bathroom at Tai’s house was opposite mine and that today she was taking a shower. I froze at one point, but I couldn’t help but pay attention to her.
When I was able to see her, Tai was shaving the hair on her vagina. At that moment, I froze and was unable to shower. My cock went straight and I started to masturbate. After that, she started to lather up and watching her putting her soap on her body made me very horny. I was really ecstatic when I saw that she was masturbating in the bath.
From that day on, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I started to want to have sex with her. I started masturbating more often and couldn’t sleep properly. When I slept, I dreamed that I was enjoying the body of that young woman. I was a good student at the university, but since that day my performance has dropped, leaving teachers worried.
One Sunday, I had just taken a shower and gone to my room to change, I could see her naked in her bed masturbating. When I saw that, I froze and couldn’t do anything other than look at her. My penis was erect and I started to masturbate too. Only she saw me and instead of being ashamed or angry, she looked at me with a horny look, biting her lips, which made me crazy.
One day, your mother asked me to dinner at your home. I politely accepted your invitation and went there. Tai was wearing a short dress, where I could see her red panties. And she was behaving differently, several times she rubbed my ass and even reached the point of rubbing my penis. In my ear, she said she knew she was spying.
I left for my house earlier, because the next day it was a test day.
Tai’s parents left and went to a conference in the United States and left their daughter alone at home. She was very open-minded and managed to do well on her own. Tai’s mother had great confidence in her daughter and knew that she could be at peace about it. And really, the times his parents had to leave, Tai had a lot more responsibility than many of my classmates.
After a week that his parents left the house, Tai knocked on my door asking for sugar. I was making a plate of pasta and sausage and decided to open it. Everything went well so far, I gave her the sugar and invited her to lunch with me. She accepted. When suddenly again a cold spine passed down my back. That’s when things started to get out of hand.
It was from then on that I acted on impulse. I put my hand on her dress, underneath her panties, caressing her clitoris. Instead of looking at me with a frightened face or asking to stop, she started looking maliciously, biting her lips and asking not to stop. I felt his body squirm and that was driving me more and more crazy.

She got up from the table and crouched in front of me. He took off my shorts and started licking my penis. Tai made a point of licking every part of my penis, which made me come on his face. It was in the bathroom to clean up, but then he sucked my penis to come inside my mouth. She swallowed my cum.

After that, I took your shirt off and started kissing your body. When I got to her breasts, I started to lick him, kiss him, nibble lightly and tug on his nipples. Then I started licking her clit, massaging it with my tongue. I felt her body tremble and she was moaning loudly, telling me not to stop. I did it for five minutes. Then she asked me to penetrate her. I turned her on her back and penetrated her anus. She was thirsty for lust and asked me to go faster and penetrate my entire penis into her. That was when she started to roll over him making me come. Finally, she wanted to come and I penetrated her vagina, making her squirm and come.
We said goodbye. She kissed me on the cheek and said she wanted more.
Every year the college had a costume party, where students and young people from the city could let their imagination run free and go as they pleased. Although I didn’t feel like it, they convinced me to go to the party and then I dressed up as a cowboy. I confess that it was very ridiculous, but I decided to join the game since the costume was mandatory.
In the middle of the party, I met Tai. She was wearing a Eva costume, or in other words, she was undressed and seductively biting an apple. It was the feeling of the party, everyone wanted to take a little cone off that young girl. When she saw me, she came towards me and was very happy to have gone and then invited me to dance.
She started dancing, rubbing herself against my body, passing the cowboy whip I brought in her vagina.
In college there was a little corner of pleasure, where students had sex there and that not even the security guards of the colleges and much less of the rectory knew of his existence. That was when I felt a cold in my spine and she and I went to the place.
Once there, I sat Tai on a table and started to kiss her body, licking her breasts, biting her so much, licking her nipples. It was obvious that she was very horny. I went down to her vagina, licking her clitoris, while she pushed my head into her body.
Then we went to the woods in the corner of pleasure, she took off my pants and started licking my penis while masturbating. I came on her face and in response she giggled. Then she sucked my penis, saying that she was very greedy and demonstrated it at the speed at which she sucked me.
Then she sat on my lap and I started having anal sex on her, licking her breasts. You could feel her squirming with lust. Finally, I put her on a table and penetrated her vagina, cumming on her belly. She asked me to penetrate again and I did. She said at the end that she was in love and wanted to date me, I accepted, even though it would be a forbidden romance.
I took my jacket and covered it. We were clinging to my home. Once there, we had sex again…
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She was a very naughty girl. Of these restless girls, who are never satisfied with anything. Inconsequent, she was always ready to challenge the most different situations, as long as the result was contrary to what was normal. I like to break paradigms “, he was always saying. I’m not sure if she had a perfect idea of ​​what it would be like to break paradigms. Able to hold interesting debates on various subjects. And he liked to talk to me. And to contradict me, almost always, challenging me. The most important thing, however, was the respectful way in which we treated each other. young, she behaved, when she was with me, as if we were the same age. As for me, whenever we were together, she treated her in the same way, but we knew that there was a silent dispute between us for space and power.
Our conversations were constant and always took place in the evenings, almost daily, on the square’s benches, where, always accompanied by a group of friends, we exchanged ideas, always ending matters by expressing our opinions. That when they resulted in someone’s most serious disagreement, it would be discussed the next night.
It was customary that we were the last to leave the group, every night. This is because we lived a block from the square and spent no more than a few minutes to get to our homes. My house was right in front of yours. I lived alone and she lived with her mother, since her father had passed away.
One night, when the last of our friends said goodbye, going home, before I got up from the bench, she said to me “Don’t you think it’s too early for us to leave?” and added “If you want, we can talk for a while. Or as long as you want”. I asked him “Wow, won’t your mother be worried, waiting for you?” Then she told me no, that her mother had traveled to deal with some matter in the Capital and that she would stay there for three days. So, she could come home anytime she wanted. “Oh, I had an idea. How cold it is, why don’t we go home and keep talking there? I’m really sleepy. What do you think? Topa?” And finished “When you can’t stand to stay up anymore, you can go to bed, sleep. I don’t know how to spend the night, even “. I got up from the bench, bowed, indicating that she could take the lead, and we headed for our street. When we arrived in front of our houses, I asked “Yours or mine?” and I laughed. She turned and walked over to my house, standing at the door and waiting for me to open it.
The clock on the wall in the living room said fifteen minutes to eleven at night.
While we were talking, I made a hot chocolate, put some goodies on the table, sat down and ate lunch and then went to the living room. Sitting on the couch, we watched the television.
Without saying anything, she lay down on the sofa, resting her head on my lap. “Do you mind?” I told him no, that I could be at ease and feel more comfortable. Then she lifted her head, put her hand on the back of her neck, and straightened up. It was when his hand was resting on my cock, that he immediately reacted, hardening. I felt it when she shivered. Eyes closed, he moved the hand that held the back of the neck and turned it over to hold my dick in it, which had nowhere else to get hard. He raised his other hand, pulled my head and we kissed. Greedily. Madly. Ardently. Tongue with tongue. Tongue versus tongue. One mouth wanting to swallow the other, tightened, crushed into a deep kiss. A crazy, endless kiss, while mouths caress.
We got up from the couch and I took her to the room where we undressed. We hugged and she, spreading her legs slightly, placed my cock between her. We kissed, one body pressed to the other as if they wanted to merge. With one hand I caress your small, hard, while with the other I squeeze your ass, running my fingers lightly over your ass. She rolls very slowly, hugging me, as if dancing to music that only she could hear.
I lay on the bed on my stomach forever, the hardened cock pointing high. She eagerly snatched it up and sucked with all her will, with rhythmic movements, sometimes taking and licking her head, going down to the sack, now sticking it to the bottom of her throat. When he felt like he couldn’t take any more lust, he sat on my cock and let it into her pussy inch by inch, until his ass rested on my bag. He was poking up and down, moving his body as if he couldn’t balance and was going to fall. I let her control it and she commanded the fuck as she pleased. Quickly, without cutting the lust, she lifted her ass, held my dick in her hand and put it in her ass, sitting up so that he could get in first, with a groan. I was pumping him until a wave of pleasure invaded me and I felt a jet of cum squirting, hot and strong. She received my cum in her ass with a moan and a shudder.
The sun was about to rise in the sky when she went to her home. I simply turned to the corner, adjusted the pillow and slept. That night I had tapped the slap.


When the doorbell rang, I went to answer the door and there was my neighbor Carolina all smiling. “Hello, good morning. One of these days I passed by your door and heard a noise that seemed to be from a treadmill. Do you exercise at home?” I told him yes, that I actually walked on a treadmill every morning. She asked me if I could see the mat and I invited her in and took her to the living room, where the mat was placed. He was surprised to see, on the other side of the room, an exercise bike. “My God. You have a real gym here.” Then, she told me that she was a personal trainer and that, with the crisis we were living in, she was without clients and just staying at home, without exercising properly, due to lack of space and equipment. And that she was starting to feel out of shape, which was not a good thing because it would be a complication if someone wanted to hire her. So, I had found the courage to talk to me to find out if I could rent my treadmill for her to exercise. Anytime I thought it was best, since she had the whole day off. I told her that I could use the treadmill and also the bicycle at will, that I wouldn’t charge her anything because only I used it, really, and it wasn’t even every day and that, as I only worked in the afternoon, she could do it your exercises in the morning. And I added “If you want, you can start now,” She smiled, thanked me and told me it would start the next day.
At seven-thirty in the morning, Carol, as she asked me to call her, started working out on the treadmill. I asked her if I could stay there, in the living room, reading the newspaper and watching sitting on the couch and she allowed it.
Carol was a blonde of average height and a spectacular body, a true example of what a personal trainer should look like. Very spotted. He wore black shorts, a little too wide, a reinforced top, socks and sneakers. She started walking slowly, grading the treadmill until she reached a very high speed.
From the couch, where I was, I appreciated her movements and, from time to time, she looked at me smiling.
After the first hour, she got off the treadmill, got on the bike and started cycling. Until completing another hour.
When she was finished, she was covered in sweat. After much insistence I managed to get her to accept using the shower in the suite for a shower. “It’s not cool for you to go out all sweaty like that to bathe in your apartment. Pretend you were working out at the gym. Take a shower while your body is still warm. I left a clean towel there for you.” While she was bathing, I stepped onto the mat and did my morning exercises. After she was gone, I took a nice shower and hit a nice wank wondering what I would do with her, one of these days.
The other day Carol, as she wanted me to call her, introduced herself to exercise in short white shorts, so close to her body that it looked like her own skin. I could tell I was without panties. Thus, when sweat began to run down her body, the volume of her pussy started to stand out between her legs, as if she were naked. From the couch, I looked at her with such intensity that I could no longer contain my desire and my cock hardened and she, when she saw it, smiled at me saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to embarrass you. It’s just that at home I’m used to making my own exercises naked. So, I came like this, but I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. I thought I wouldn’t even notice. Forgive me? ” “There’s nothing to forgive you for” I said almost without a voice. “I’m not embarrassed. It’s just that I hadn’t realized how hot you are, Carol. My God. If you want, you can work out naked. I don’t care at all.” ” Oh yes?” she replied by getting off the mat and taking off her top and shorts, leaving only socks and sneakers. “I’m glad you don’t mind. I’ll enjoy it as I like it.”
There was no other, I kissed her and took her to the bedroom. She pretended to resist but soon she was slowly spreading her legs and letting me take her pussy, which was already all wet. I took off my clothes and she could feel that my dick was already very hard and hot, held in her hand.
As I could see before, when she was on the treadmill, she had a very smooth pussy and I was delighted to suck it very tasty, running my tongue across her swollen grelinha, nibbling her fleshy lips while squeezing her ass, pinching hard and passing my fingers lightly over your ass. She bucked like crazy and moaned like she was crying. I laid her down, went over to her and started to stick my cock in her pussy. She spread her legs as far as possible, letting him in well, deeper and deeper. We switched positions and she sat on me up and down on the stick, leaving me to the point of coming. And I got her up and down, saying, “I want to fill your mouth with cum.”

Capriciously she sucked me and when she felt I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped sucking, turned on all fours and told me “come in my ass, come.” As she had a sticky ass, it was just to put my dick in her ass and push it lightly that he got stuck all at once. She started to roll around and started talking, go, go, go, I’m open for you to fuck, eat me tasty, fill my ass with cum, go, don’t stop, don’t stop, come greedy, eat my ass, now come come, come with me “I felt it when a hot jet of cum came out of my cock and ran into your ass. We came together madly.
Carol and I took a nice shower together, she went to her house and I started to prepare to go to work, as I did every day. Routine, you know, routine.