I am a teacher and I teach mainly in technical schools, public and private, where students are between 16 and 19 years old, on average. I am 26 years old and I am one of the youngest teachers in virtually all schools. And at this age, as we know, students are discovering their sexuality, so never strange when issues of this nature are raised during class, whether in a serious way or through jokes and jokes. I have always taken the teaching profession very seriously, and I understand that it is part of my job to guide them in everything that is important for them to make informed and informed decisions.
Because of my style, which involves interest in modern bands, cinema and the arts in general, the classes for which I teach always understand me as the coolest teacher, and therefore in line with many subjects that interest them. It is natural, I never made an effort to establish these relationships.

In between, I rarely go to the teachers’ room. I prefer to go to the canteen, keep talking and observing their behavior, seeing how their personalities develop. Obviously I notice the most beautiful girls, but I am married and I always thought that, in a way, it would be a little cowardly on my part to try something with students.

Almost all the “tribes” come to talk to me: from rockers to evangelicals. In particular, I prefer to talk to the more politicized, or those a little more mature, who can already think about other subjects than the typically teenagers.

On a certain day in June this year the school was a little empty as many students were participating in school games in another unit. Isabela, one of the girls I always talked to, was alone, without her class. She is short, certainly less than six feet. He is 18 years old, with very light and pink skin on his face, dark hair, wavy and cut at the shoulders, has big brown eyes, decorated by glasses with black and relatively thick frames, a big and really beautiful mouth, with lips that seem drawn. Isabela has a medium and very round ass, almost always covered by mesh pants with the school logo. But what makes men fall for Isabela is above the waist. Her breasts are big, much bigger than her colleagues, and her waist is very thin, which makes her body disproportionate in the best possible way. I had never seen Isabela with a cleavage, as it was forbidden at school. But even under t-shirts you could tell they were incredible.

That day I was passing through the corridor and she was going in the opposite direction. He stopped to greet me (as he always did) and gave me a kiss on the cheek, something I had never done, which left me a little disconcerted. I had never smelled it either, and I realized that it wore a very sweet and sweet perfume. She started chatting nicely, about what she had done over the weekend. She told a little about her boyfriend, a moment when she was less euphoric and with a downcast look. To my surprise, she ended the conversation by saying “bye, teacher kitten”, gave me another kiss on the cheek and entered the classroom.

The following week, Isabela retweeted something that I had posted, and then she sent me a DM to talk about it, which was just an amenity, something about a movie being shown, I don’t even remember. But the conversation soon became her boyfriend, who I didn’t know and was a little older than she was. She started to complain, but in a very general way, and I tried to guide her as much as possible. She realized that I had some experience and was in the mood for conversation. At that moment Isabela started to give intimate details of the relationship.

  • He’s very nice to me, but he seems a little distracted when having sex. I like him very much, but I wanted him to give me more attention, sexually speaking.
  • Explain better. What he does? What does he not do?
  • He doesn’t like to suck me very much. In fact, it seems that he doesn’t like it even if I do it, it’s strange. He just likes to have normal sex, and he comes quickly.
  • But do you?
  • I don’t know, I mean, I think so. But I think little, I always want
    more. I masturbate every now and then, but I’m not sure how to do it, or I’m not motivated enough. Do not know. It’s frustrating.

I didn’t know if her talk was really true, or if she was interested in me and using it to get closer. Anyway, I kept talking to try to help you.

  • And your teacher wife, does she enjoy?
  • A lot, and in all possible ways.
    This answer of mine generated a silence. His response, which was always instantaneous, took a few minutes to come.
  • She’s lucky.

This time it was me who took a long time to answer. I didn’t actually answer until the next day, during class, when she met me at break.

  • Hi, how are you? – she asked. She was wearing a white blouse that marked her breasts and bra a lot. I couldn’t help looking for a few seconds.
  • Sure, everything. And with you?
  • I’m still the same … Any tips?
    I laughed at the situation and so did she. In the meantime, I was thinking of an answer.
  • Do it like this: invite him to go to the motel. Suddenly there he loosens more …
  • I tried, he doesn’t want to. He says he thinks it’s kind of disgusting, that he heard disgusting stories from dirty rooms …
  • Ah, but it depends on the motel, right?
  • I know, but he doesn’t like it. Can you believe it? I have been 18 for 8 months and have never been to a motel! All my friends are gone … I die of desire!
    She barely finished her sentence and the bell rang. We said goodbye and the day went normal. On the way home, I decided to send a DM to her, in a joke tone.
  • I’ll take you to the motel, that’s it, problem solved!
    The answer was immediate:
  • Hey! When?
  • Whenever you want – I replied, with a smile with a wink.
  • Tomorrow at 9?

It was a Saturday and my wife was traveling. Perfect.

  • Combined.

The hours were slow to pass, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Isabela’s body was so incredible that it was worth it. If I could see your breasts, I would be happy already.

We went in my car, and Isabela just looked at me and smiled, with that fleshy and beautiful mouth. She was wearing a loose, not too short, strapless dress, and had a light neckline. Seeing her like this was already a novelty, because at school they did not wear this type of clothing.
We entered the room and she was very happy to be there. He moved the lights, the sound, went to look at the bathtub. He found a package with condoms and lubricants and came running to show me.

  • Thank you for bringing me here. It’s fun. And now?
  • Now we have to use every inch of that space – said that and pulled her close to me. Her mouth touched mine and I soon felt her tongue searching for space in my mouth. We kissed standing for a long time. His kiss was wet and his big mouth made him want to bite.

It is somewhat curious, because Isabela alternated moments when he seemed very experienced with others who were completely clumsy, but still maintained a certain grace. For example, when you bent down to take my pants off and did it looking into my eyes and with a tomboy face, but licking your lip. However, when my dick came out, she didn’t know what to do right. Sometimes he licked his head quickly, sometimes he jerked in the wrong way, moving the stick on the side and not vertically.

I said, “What are you doing?” She replied, laughing, that she didn’t know very well, but she wanted to learn. I was obsessed with seeing her naked, so I said I would later teach. She tried to kiss me but I lifted my head dodging just to tease her a little, and it was then that she jumped a little and crossed her legs around my waist to reach my mouth. Since she was small and light, I had no problem staying in that position, which left her breasts at an optimal height. The right handle was already half fallen, so it was not difficult to lower it for good. Finally, I was able to see her breasts. They were a foot from me, and they were really huge and soft. The halos were big, pink, almost white, and I stared at them for a few seconds before they filled my mouth. Isabela let out moans, and I confess that I lost track of time. It made my wish come true. I sucked on Isabela’s breasts as if there was no tomorrow. Obviously they didn’t fit in my mouth, so I alternated licking my nipples with more nervous kisses on the top. She kept her head on my shoulder, breathing hard and trying to kiss me when I took short breaks.

Her short dress was already waist-high, so it was easy to put her hand on her panties. I felt the heat coming from the region, and I took the opportunity to move her clitoris with my finger, still slowly. Isabela, who at school was a talkative and uninhibited girl, now responded with short sentences and spoke little.

“Today you’re going to come, and you’re going to come a lot,” I said.
“Finally,” she replied, with a beautiful smile on her face, before kissing me again.

I asked her, still with her legs crossed behind my back, to take off her dress. She did, looking into my eyes, and I finished taking off her bra. Okay, she was just in her panties, although I couldn’t see well. I laid her down on the bed, very well, and saw that her panties were of the short, white, cotton type and not very close to the body, which matched her style a lot. And there was a moisture mark near the clitoris. I kissed and sucked over her panties, she laughed and said she was tickling. I took off my panties slowly and together came out a pasty liquid thread that connected her panties to her pussy. Which, by the way, was not shaved, but her hair was thin and a little lighter than her hair color. Her pussy was small and chubby on the lips, which in turn were tightly closed. I was delighted. My cock was already very hard, so I took off my clothes and in an instinctive gesture I approached my cock to the entrance, made a slight force and stopped.

To torture myself a little more, I started to suck my student’s cunt, now totally delivered: lying down and naked. I am not a gentleman with extreme experience, but I have always made my partners achieve enjoyment with oral sex.

I started licking my lips, feeling every inch with my tongue. Isabela, at that moment, seemed a little nervous. He stopped breathing heavily and stared at me, head bowed forward and body tense. I drew back, kissed the inside of her thighs, went up to her belly until I reached the nipple of her breasts. I gave a tender kiss and kissed his mouth as well.

  • What’s it? You look tense. Don’t you like to be sucked?
  • I don’t know, I never was.

I just smiled and said nothing. Then I went down her belly again until it stopped at the clitoris, where I licked and made some circular movements. First slowly, then alternating between fast and medium licks. This must have lasted about two minutes, until she let her head fall on the pillow, closed her eyes and started to moan. His moans started to become rhythmic, according to the movements of my mouth. I realized that she was happy and satisfied. That girl, beautiful and with an unbelievable body, was all mine. I licked her clit quickly, until I stopped and just pressed it with my tongue. A light pressure, which soon became heavy. Isabela closed her legs, pinned my head and started to squirm. I kept pressing my clitoris with my tongue. She took a deep breath and said something that I didn’t understand. Her moans stopped and she let out a muffled cry.

I continued to lick, now more slowly, her soaked pussy. There is no better taste than the pussy you just came. She ran her hand through my hair, and stayed for a while with her eyes closed and almost passed out. We stayed in this position for a long time. I would stay there forever.

Until she started to recover and moan again, still stroking my head. I lifted my body up, put my cock again in the mouth of her pussy and let my body fall on yours, slowly but firmly, without stopping. My dick came in all at once, and I started to get in, holding her breasts. She finally opened her eyes until the end, smiled and said: thank you. I just smiled back and continued. After everything that happened, I knew that if I got in quickly, I would soon come, so I slowed down. She stroked my back, and gradually I noticed that her breathing was becoming more labored again. I took her hand to her pussy and she quickly learned where to put her finger.

I noticed that she was making quick circular motions, and then squeezing for a while, just as I had done with my tongue minutes before. It didn’t take long and she came hard again, only now biting her lips, squeezing her breast with one hand and looking me in the eyes. I couldn’t take another second, I took my cock out of her pussy and pointed it at her breasts, she looked scared, but she soon understood what was happening and with both hands she joined her breasts. I don’t think it was the first time someone had enjoyed them. I let the first jet go straight into Isabela’s breasts, but the second and third got a little out of control and hit her neck, the side of her face and some of her hair. She laughed and looked at me a little embarrassed.

I didn’t say anything, I just watched and recovered. She ran her finger over the fucking face, feeling for how far it had gone. To my absolute surprise, Isabela put her finger to her mouth and sucked, like someone who sucks condensed milk from a can. She laughed again and said: it’s sweet and sour!

We went to the shower, where she again said that she loved the taste of my cum. I said: seriously? And she replied: why, can’t you? You seemed to like the taste of my enjoyment.
Hearing that made my dick hard right away. She saw it and bent down to suck. This time I was teaching her, telling her to lick the balls too, run my tongue over the base and everything. She did exactly as I ordered, and I soon told her I was going to come. She remained sucking, and I filled that delicious mouth with my cum. I asked her to continue sucking, licking, but more calmly and less forcefully, and so she did, until she cleaned my dick. First with her mouth, then she made sure to wash it with soap and dry it with a towel.

We stayed at the motel for another three hours, and we did what we agreed on arrival: we had sex in every possible corner.


It was a slightly rainy afternoon in my city… Ana called me saying that we would finally go out to go to a motel… Ana is a steel woman, she is 27 years old, 1.68 more or less and she is not the perfect woman, but she has a pretty body sensual, normal body and clean, smooth, fragrant skin…
A delicious mouth and an ass that until then had only been fucked by a penis once (which she didn’t like).
All agitated by the idea of ​​having the woman I was trying to win over for months, I even found it strange that she called me “wanting to leave ..”
Well, I agreed to see you at a very quiet bar and then we went to a very nice hotel in the region. Seeming to be punishment, we agreed at 5:30 pm, but the rain only allowed it to arrive at 7:00 pm; and that, had already made me a little impatient.
When I received your message saying it was coming, quickly, the volume in my pants soon grew and my heart raced…
I went to meet her, and on the opportunity, I could see the cleavage she wore to show her full breasts. I was greeted with a delicious tongue kiss, and she already told me:

  • Let’s go straight there because today you will be mine.
    We get into a taxi, and in five minutes we reach the hotel. I asked if it was daily or overnight for the receptionist, and Ana was already saying:
  • Leave the time open, when we leave you close the account … And I loved the idea. We took the key and went up to the first floor where from the hall. As I went up the stairs, my hands were already intruding on his pants and touching that sweet little pussy. Upon reaching the room. long tongue kisses (what a mouth that woman has), and I, not taking it anymore, ran her hand over my dick, which looked more like a piece of wood under her jeans.
    She held on tight and said:
  • I’m almost enjoying it already… I didn’t waste any time telling her to let him go and she said “I was ashamed”… I still smell the soap, because I had just taken a shower when I left the house, I pulled the piece out of the zipper of wood that would be used that night.
    She looked admired. Then I took her by the hair and forced her mouth slightly towards him. She didn’t want to go down so I pulled a little harder, and I said in her ear:
  • “Suck, because you’ll be mine today” and running his tongue over her ear and neck that made her goose bumps and goosebumps. He lowered his head and grabbed my dick. what a delicious mouth. It looked like a pussy. Warm, moist and soft. I almost came just with this snap. After the fright with my attitude she suckled and sucked my dick for more than 5 minutes without taking it out of her mouth and said:
  • I’m about to come … come and eat me please ..
    I put her on her feet, took off all her clothes so tightly and quickly that I almost ripped her off. And I was finally able to appreciate that shave all shaved and all wet with a transparent and fragrant honey. I punched my tongue deep and heard his first groan…
    I turned her to stay on all fours after removing all my clothes and I passed the body of my member between her pussy and her pink ass. She moaned and blinked. It was the cue that I wanted .. I quickly left this position and punched my hot tongue in that pink ass but not sucking but kissing with my tongue interacting with the horny red pussy that dripped her honey…
    I licked, touched my tongue very hard and forced it with my little finger. She moaned and asked to be eaten because she was going to come, but the torture continued … I took her by the hair and pulled her out of bed .. I did it with a crouch and had my cock sucked while I walked with my back to the closet .. She went walking and punching until my balls hit your lips … How I moaned deliciously when I felt all my cock in that mouth, and with that soft and hot tongue licking my balls ….
    Ana sat on the edge of the bath with one of her legs in the water, grinning with that pussy in front of me. I pulled lightly and left her with the vulva and the ring of the apparent ass. xana and I was again forcing my little finger in. I finally managed to introduce him … It was already over an hour in these preliminaries and I was already losing count of how many times she had come. My dick really hurt… It throbbed and I wanted to leave my milk inside it, invade its insides… I couldn’t take it, I took my finger off that ass and the tongue of my pussy and touched the head of my dick. She moaned and asked:
  • Please, not to put on without a condom. I told you that I was just trying to provoke you. I mentioned several times that I would punch at once … I got out of the bath like a rocket and went to the bedroom, grabbed a grape condom and came back with it already open in my hand. I caught her masturbating and it made me crazy ..
    I asked him why he was using his fingers?
    And she said: –
    I don’t want to miss a moment of this sensation, now come and eat me … I want to enjoy more …
    I did not comply with your request. I just lowered my head and started sucking on her pussy, she closed her eyes, moaned and squirmed (with her eyes closed).

I took advantage of that and put the condom on the stick .. Out of nowhere, without warning, I pulled it forward, and crouched down, at once, I punched the whole cock in that cunt… she moaned: “aiiiiiiiiiiii son of a bitch, eat me, fuck and fucks like that, makes me come again… I was already crazy about your cock, my male… ”I held my dick there at the bottom of that pussy for almost a minute, forcing it in as if there was still more to come. As if my groin could fuck her too … And she wanted to move … boiling … Moaning and cursing me … I took all my cock and saw the white of her cum around my cock. I could not resist. I took it out of the bathtub, took it to the bed and again invested in that pink ass, and so hard to be invaded by my little finger ..
She said:

  • “Son of a bitch, my ass you won’t eat, I tried it once and it hurts a lot, I don’t want that …” I told her to shut up and said she didn’t like it because the bum who ate her ass wasn’t me. He didn’t know how to make a woman come out of every pore.
  • Didn’t I make you enjoy being inside you? Didn’t I make you come without moving my dick… just entering? Trust and leave the rest to me … I gave Isis a kiss in that ass and I felt him blinking, begging to be invaded. after about 20 minutes of sucking, licking and fingering … I managed to insert two fingers in that ass and I couldn’t resist putting the head of my cock in that ass. she moaned, and wanted to leave .. I asked her to just relax.
    I got her to her knees very close to the headboard. I told you to hold on to the headboard and rear your ass. I was licking it, making it damp and forcing my head. For almost ten minutes I was tenderizing that meat, and I punched the head of my dick in that ass. She moaned and wanted to leave, but she had nowhere to run. she softened and wanted to be 4 but there was little space … I left her there on her knees with her head on my dick vibrating on her ass and I was kissing her back, body leaning against hers, boiling. I kissed the back of my ears, I went down the column to my limit and she shivered and moaned .. But she said it hurt… And I said that I would only push more when I felt I was relaxed. Lie! I was almost all inside that tail .. I couldn’t take it, missing just over 2 centimeters at once and I saw Ana fall unconscious. I held her kissed holding those full and delicious breasts in my hands and pulled towards me ..
    I felt my butt touch my pelvis The back of my chest, I felt that delicious smell of her hair and her racing heart and I said:
  • Now I want to come ..
    And she said,
  • Please punch me right away and enjoy it because I’m going to pass out, I can’t tell if it’s pleasure or pain, but I’m soft with no sense of the world and I don’t seem to have a floor. Fuck me son of a bitch, fill me with cum .. Eat my ass like only you know. I pumped it slowly initially. Holding firmly by the bones of your pelvis. I was invaded by that indescribable sensation of orgasm. I put it until I touched the balls, slowly, and took it out, until it was just the tip of my head very quickly, then I punched it slowly. She stirred, moaned, screamed rascals. About five minutes like this and I couldn’t stand it … I let a howl come out of my lips, even though I didn’t want to, I came and I came and I came until I shuddered … and fell with her lying next to me …
    My testicles hurt so much that I came, but I stayed inside feeling his tail bite my cock deliciously. She saying that she hated me because I broke her ass, but that she loved me because I ate her ass and made her come …
    I didn’t believe it and ran my hand over her pussy. I was all soaked, not with honey, but with enjoyment, pure white fragrant milk that I passed on my tongue, and in your mouth …
    I took my dick out of that nice ass, to close it, as if it had never been fucked before. I was admiring it closing and said:
  • That from then on that ass would be mine alone … She said she didn’t want it anymore because she thought I’m married and it couldn’t be hers alone … But how my hard dick felt I shouldn’t dare let it go limp without fucking your pussy just like I did in the ass.
    I slowly took my throbbing cock out of that ass. Surprise: the condom had no sign of dirt!
    I took off the condom and let the cum trickle down her face, breasts and belly. I laid her on her front, sucked the honey from her pussy for a while and got up, put on another condom and we were fucking there, on all fours, standing, on her back, facing and sitting at the head of the bed, until I couldn’t stand it I took the dick out of that pussy, I tore the condom and let a jet of cum come out of my dick, spouting about 30 centimeters, hitting his face.

She wasted no time feeling the hot milk on her face and already snapped my cock, sucking it, wanking it and sucking it tasty. I came to the point of screaming, howling and softening my legs… Ana is sensational, she makes me more than a man, makes me complete in bed. He made fun of me for times we lost count. Already softened, she asked me to leave because she needed to go to work. It was 22 o’clock and we stayed there for almost three hours in this naughtiness to fuck, suck and come.
But it was one of the best shagging of my life .. its smell invaded me .. Its beautiful and clean, smelling pussy. her hot lips, her hot ass .. She wants to go out with me more often, and this month, we will have that chance …


The account I am going to tell you about happened two months after my daughter Sofia had become unruly.
All names are fictitious so that people’s intimate lives are preserved. Luiza was a classmate from Sofia who, after classes started, started to visit our apartment almost daily. It had a little body that already outlined how much it would make men sigh. Blonde, 1.58 cm, green eyes, round and upturned ass, thin waist, small breasts, a pair of beautiful thighs and a beautiful little foot. Anyway, a nymphet that made my mouth water. She was the early daughter of a couple from Paraná. Because she was an only child, she had all her wishes taken care of by her parents. Still, she was very shy about the opposite sex. Well, let’s go to the point. One day I received a call from Alceu, Luiza’s father, asking if she could spend a week in our company, justifying her request by saying that he and his wife would have to travel to their home city to sign some documents regarding the sale of his lands and as Luiza could not travel due to classes, he saw no alternative but to count on our collaboration. That request was like a gift, since I had planned to taste Luiza for a long time. I replied that I had no problem, since Sofia would keep her friend company for as long as she was at our home. That said, Alceu said that that same night he would leave Luiza with us. During lunch, I told the news to my wife Lídia, who after having participated in several messages with our daughter, already anticipating what could happen, looked with a mischievous smile and asked how long it would take to start Luiza in sexual pleasures. I replied that it depended on her degree of interest, but maybe being alone with me for a couple of days … Lídia just gave me a smile and said she was going to come up with something. Around seven o’clock, Alceu arrived with his daughter and Cláudia his wife, who by the way was very beautiful, despite the age that I later learned was 42 years old. Alceu made the usual recommendations to his daughter and said goodbye, left our apartment. Sofia very happy, took Luiza’s suitcase and called her to her room, where I had already placed a camp bed. During dinner, we talked about several things, but always Luiza answering questions in monosyllables. Then I invited everyone to watch a movie, only Luiza saying she was a little tired, excused herself and went to the bedroom to take a shower before going to sleep. Sofia, watching my eyes for her little friend, said that she was a virgin, but that she had already asked him some questions about sex. I winked at her, got up and headed for her room. When I got there, I heard the shower and not resisting, I looked over the stall. Luiza was washing her hair and with that she had closed her eyes, so she couldn’t see me. She was facing me and I could see her almost hairless pussy, with the protruding clitoris. My cock by now was about to burst into my shorts. I left the room and upon arriving in the living room, both Lydia and Sofia realized how excited I was. Lídia, giving me a big smile, said she would take a shower and wait for me in bed. Sofia with a sly look, said: Daddy eat mommy very tasty, because I’m going to take Luiza to see them fucking. Those words made me even more horny. Arriving at the room, Lídia was already lying on her stomach and only with a thong buried in her ass. I opened the closet door that has a mirror and positioned it so that I could see who was looking out the door. I took off my clothes and immediately licked those soft meats. I pushed the tanguinha aside and started to lick her wet pussy. I went up to the ass and put my tongue in that delicious and blinking little hole. Lídia moaned and asked: go, my male licks, puts his tongue in my ass, lubricates well because I want to take rolls until I can’t take it anymore. At this moment, I saw Sofia through the door. He winked at me and pulled Luiza to his side so she could watch us. Lídia also saw it and arching her ass, she asked: love comes, get me tasty, break me in with this tasty cock. I did not pretend and lubricate the stick with its vaginal juice, I slowly stuck my dick in it, looking at Luiza, who with her mouth open, saw a naked man for the first time. Sofia very smart, started to rub her friend’s back, who was perplexed by the scene, did not show the opposite reaction. After having stuffed all my cock in Lídia’s ass, I started making rhythmic back-and-forth movements, while squeezing her nipples and touching a siririca in her pussy. It tastes good, it breaks me down, it fucks me, it tears me up that I’m enjoying it, it fills me with cum and I accelerate the thrusts, hitting my bag in her pussy and finally I poured a good amount of cum in Lídia.

I took the stick and purposely turned towards the door with my eyes closed and asked Lídia to complete it with a blow job in my cock. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see the girls at the door anymore and lying next to Lídia, she said it had been a wonderful fuck, which Lídia agreed. We slept both naked. I woke up an hour later to a shout from Sofia’s room. I got up and tiptoed to see what it was. The light was on. I looked through the lock and saw Sofia sucking Luiza’s pussy. Beautiful bastard my daughter, was faster than me. Luiza was faint, certainly due to Sofia’s orgasm. As if she knew, my daughter looked at the lock and gave me a beautiful smile. I returned to the bedroom and went back to sleep. The next day during breakfast, Lídia said she would visit her aunt who was recovering from the surgery she had done and would only return the next day at night and as the girls had class they could not accompany her, asking me to take care of things until your return. I agreed and said I would call the office, saying that I would not be working that day. Sofia occasionally looked at Luiza and blinked, causing her to blush, but responded to the signal. Luiza left the table and went to the bedroom, while I asked Sofia if she had said anything about us. Sofia laughed and said that Luiza had asked if it was common for her to watch me and her hand fuck. He said yes and that he had no problem and that he had already participated in the transactions. I asked what was the reaction? Luiza said that she got so excited that she started to masturbate and it was at this moment that she asked to suck her, making her come and scream. I smiled at my daughter and asked the afternoon to find a way to make Luiza sleep and then leave. Sofia sapeca as it is, she agreed only with the first part, because she wanted to see me tear off her friend’s gourd. As there was no other way I agreed. In the afternoon, around three o’clock, I was in my room sleeping, when I feel Sofia lying on me and kissing me on the mouth. He got up and said it was time and pulled me into his room. Upon entering, I almost collapsed, Luiza is sleeping naked in Sofia’s bed, her tiny pussy, with a few blond hairs, left me with a hard-on. Sofia went into the closet and was hidden there. I approached Luiza, took off my shorts, sat on the bed and slowly started to run my hands over her ass, started to kiss her back and neck. Luiza was a heavy sleeper. Open your buttocks and I admired that pink, virgin and perfumed ass. I flicked my tongue, pausing at the entrance, and stuck out the tip of my tongue. At this moment Luiza moaned and woke up, turned around and was amazed by my presence. He asked about Sofia and I replied that she had gone out to buy some things for our dinner and it would take about an hour. Luiza kept looking at my dick. She asked me not to do anything with her, as she was a virgin. I replied that I would not do anything that she did not want or hurt, but I would like to be able to touch her pussy and give her the same pleasure that Sofia had given her and even more. Realizing that I had seen everything, she lowered her head and spread her legs, in silent consent. I started kissing her on the neck, on the cheek, on the forehead and gave her a kiss on the mouth with a lot of affection, and she responded by sticking her tongue in my mouth. I squeezed the bristling peaks of her titties, licked, nibbled and put all the right in my mouth, sucking; one hour lightly another hard, which took disconnected words and groans of pain and pleasure from his mouth. I went down my tongue to his flat belly, passing through the navel and reaching his crack completely wet. I opened her legs wide and started to lick her small and big lips, licked the swollen grelinha and made her reach her first orgasm and making circular movements with her pelvis, she melted my whole face with her delicious, virgin woman’s pleasure. In his ear, I told him that I would now show him another form of pleasure. It would hurt only in the beginning but soon it would taste good. She looked at me and just asked me to do it fondly. I lifted her legs, putting her in the position of roasted chicken, lubricated my cock with her juice and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I kept going until I felt the resistance of the man and I lashed out, pulling out a cry from Luiza and feeling that the gourd had broken. Luiza cried and said it hurt. I told him that the worst was over and now it would be just pleasure and kissing his mouth, I kept stuffing the rest of my cock in that tight little grotto, which contracted to the point of having the feeling that at any moment I was going to twist my dick. When I felt my bag touch your ass, I stopped for a few minutes, removed my mouth from yours and started sucking your tits. Luiza began to sigh heavily and once again came by contracting the xaninha’s muscles. I started to make slow movements, taking and putting the stick in her pussy. Luiza said: how good it is, how good it is, if I knew it would be like this, I would have fucked you longer, eat me, eat me like you ate Sofia. Listening to those words, I started to fuck her harder and faster, and when I was about to come, I took the dick out of her pussy watching the blood from her gourd leave, and, pulling her head said, now, fluffy, you will swallow my milk todinho and put my dick in her little mouth, enjoying a huge amount and she swallowing what she gave, finally I took it out of her mouth and gave the last ejaculations in her titties. Tired, Luiza collapsed on the bed. At this moment, Sofia came out of the closet and smiling, approached Luiza and licked all the cum that was on her breasts, going to end up kissing the girl and sucking the fucking Luiza’s mouth. Then he lay down on the bed and spread his legs saying: Daddy thinks he is finished, he is badly mistaken, he sucks me tasty, he makes me enjoy that I am very horny. As I do everything my little girl wants, I started to suck her. I put a finger in her wet pussy and then I stuck it in her ass, taking it out and putting it on, until she came. By this time my cock was already hard again and Sofia seeing him like that, called Luiza close and started sucking him together. When my dick was all sloppy, he said: now Luiza is on all fours just like me. Luiza without understanding right obeyed. Knowing what Sofia wanted, I went behind the two and positioned myself to eat Sofia’s ass. I stuck it all in and started a crazy ride, looking at Luiza’s little hole. Sofia with the strong thrusts and the siririca in her pussy, came and dropped in bed. I took the stick, which was already lubricated, and placed my log at Luiza’s entrance, held it by the waist and the desire was so great, that I didn’t hold it and stuck it in her tail. Luiza shouted and asked me to take it out. I did not listen and went on getting more and more and watching his ass being broken into. Luiza cried and moaned at the same time. Sofia started doing siririca on her and she started to relax. I started to move faster in that tight little ass, now and then the thrusts were so strong that they literally lifted Luiza out of bed. Sofia said: fuck daddy, eat this little bitch’s ass, break it with her pleats, fill that ass gala she is enjoying. Not taking it anymore, I came inside Luiza, as I never had in a woman. I took out the stick and could see the hole that was gradually closing. I asked: Luiza everything was fine, did you like it? Yes, I liked it now I can say that I am a woman, but just let me recover that I want more. I smiled at Sofia and remembered Lídia, and in my thoughts, I imagined eating all three soon.
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I’m Lucas, I’m 18 years old and I’m going to tell you how I lost my virginity at the end of last year. I had finished the third year of high school, particularly I was an excluded student who suffered a lot of bullying and was persecuted, the end of school for me meant leaving hell. I had finished school and was on vacation, but there was a farewell party at the country house of one of the students, I did not intend to go but the most beautiful girl in the room called me and I liked her, so I accepted. After all I was a loser, a loser and helpless, but I was a handsome, thin guy with green eyes and short hair, maybe I would have a chance with her. The party would start in the afternoon and go until dawn, I noticed only two women who were not in the class and did not remember them at school, appeared to be in their 20s. When it was about 4 pm, a guy who always screwed and made me miserable at school, called Douglas, arrived with a group of friends and took me to the middle of everyone, they asked me to fold my arms and put it inside my shirt sleeve . I didn’t want to, but they started to pin my arm by the sleeve of my shirt, and when they did, they put me standing in the middle of a coffee table. It was all very fast, Douglas called everyone and said I had something to show, so he pulled my pants down with his underwear in front of everyone.
I was unresponsive, I just felt my clothes running down my legs and when I looked down I saw my berries, it was a second of silence until the world burst out laughing and screaming. I looked everywhere and saw the girls who studied with me laughing until they couldn’t stand it, cell phones pointed at me and everyone’s mocking look. It fits here a description of my genitals, I have a big, thick and heady penis, it is one of those that even big is soft and grows little when it hardens (erect measures 18cm) and my bag is big, withered and hanging, that explains the wow some when they saw it. But having good genitals did not relieve me of the shame of showing them to my school class, it was shameful, embarrassing and humiliating. Before I left, I had shaved the entire intimate area completely, as I usually do, but I missed the pubic hair to cover at least a little. With my arms stuck, the only thing I could do is stand still showing, but it all got worse when my virility and masculinity ended: they turned me on my back and opened my ass buttocks to expose my ass. They got me out of there, took my shirt and pants and underwear off my feet, I didn’t think to use my hand to cover my parts, I went to fight with Douglas but they held me: one held an arm, another came and held the other arm, the same legs, and so I was lying in the air held by them, and they spread my legs as wide as possible.
After the nude show, they went up with me to a room and locked the door, those two unknown girls were there, a blonde and a brunette. Douglas just said I should thank him and told them to start, and then they started to undress, my dick involuntarily started to harden when the brunette’s breasts were left out, when they finished my dick was hard as a mast. They were both beautiful and very tasty, they had big tits, thick thighs and big, spotted and perky asses, except that I couldn’t stop looking at their pussy. I lost my shame, they let me go and I went to them, I ran my hand over them all and they took my dick and my bag, the brunette got on her knees and paid for a quick blowjob while I sucked or the blonde’s big tits.
And I was a virgin, it was the first time that I felt a mouth sucking my cock, her tongue passing … and she rolled, sometimes licked my balls and sometimes sucked my dick. Blowjob is the best thing there is. I lay on the bed, and the blonde sat with her xerecona in my mouth, I could smell the pussy on my nose, I sucked her with everything while the brunette jerked me in a much better way than myself and licked her head. my dick. Well, a virgin guy experiencing all of this at once and without waiting it didn’t happen again, I let go of a cum shot and kept coming, until today I dream about that cum. It was so fucking hot that it came out that the guys were impressed, I subjected the face of the hot brunette. There was that good feeling of relief while the stick softened, and on the other hand I heard jokes about having come without getting in, but one thing they made very clear to me: they were paid whores and it was all for me to have sex, and I would only have my clothes back and I could only leave after I put them on and came inside. They filmed everything and put it on TV for everyone to see.

Only now I was different, I went to where everyone was, naked and at ease, as if I were alone at home. The hole in the cock’s head was still dripping semen, I heard some teasing but everything was fine, as they had already seen everything, there was no more shouting and laughter, just giggles every now and then, I even made a pirocopter for women. Two hours later I decided I was going to have sex with the whores, but not in the bedroom and behind closed doors, but in the middle of the room and in front of everyone. They took off their clothes and I asked the blonde to masturbate while I fingered her pussy and sucked the brunette’s pussy, and when we got properly excited we went for sex. Now everyone looked surprised and curious, they seemed to be excited by the scene, the room was silent. I left the brunette in the roast chicken position, with her legs spread and put the head of the stick. I was slowly entering and feeling that warm vagina swallowing my cock, what a delicious feeling … while I put it in I sucked the crack of the blonde who was standing almost sitting in my mouth. I started getting in really slowly and it took a little while for the bitch to start moaning softly, then the speed increased, until when I finished eating her I was at full power, riding on her. But I didn’t come, I still had it for blonde too. I sat down and put her on my lap and made her bounce, with her I started a little faster, and my mouth stuck to her nipple in the meantime, I sucked on those big tits with ease. So I put her on all fours and continued to punish her big pussy, getting in hard, and out of curiosity I opened her ass to see her pink ass. As I had come and long before, it took me to come this time, considering both I was about forty minutes just getting in, but anyway I could feel the jets of cum coming out, and I came inside, as they had asked.
After sex I was handed the clothes but it didn’t make any difference to me or anyone there, so I sat there enjoying post-sex relaxation before getting dressed. After this fuck I had earned respect where there was no dignity anymore, many guys congratulated me and I didn’t know if I was going to go inside Douglas and his gang or thank him. I ended up doing nothing, I went to sleep to leave the next morning, I still got a goodbye blowjob.


Ksal menage
I’m back to tell you a surprise I made for Cintia on her birthday, last year (March, Cintia’s birthday fell on a Wednesday. On that day she left the company early, I kept the normal schedule That morning I asked her to get ready that we were going to have dinner to celebrate her birthday.
I got home around 7:30 pm, she was “almost ready”, gave that basic rush (if not dinner would turn into breakfast). I finished my bath and started to get ready (Shirt, underwear, pants and shoes, on average 20 min.). Anyway, she was ready, she was beautiful as always, she had bought a new dress, very beautiful (without knowing anything, she ended up hitting the outfit). We went to a canteen she loves, in the Bexiga neighborhood. As always, wonderful food.
We left the canteen around 11 pm. When we got in the car, I said to her, “I have a surprise for you, I hope you like it.” She laughed and replied: – Coming from you, my love, it can only be a good thing.

  • I called Marcio (a guy we met at the Club swing we go to, stripper, very good people) – I told her.
  • Oh really?! Do you mean that after a dinner like this, I’m still going to win two dicks ?! What else do I want from life ?! You are wonderful! – She said with her eyes shining.
    I went to Marcio’s apartment, which is close to where we were (for those who know Sampa, from Bexiga to Consolação – Praça Roosevelt – it’s a short walk). I parked the car in a parking lot in front of the building and we went to the concierge. When I said my name to the doorman, I was already allowed to go up. The apartment door was open, Marcio was waiting for us at the door.
  • There she is!! Congratulations!! Beautiful as always!! Beautiful and delicious !!
    Turning to me he said: – And you my dear, how are you ?! Princess birthday !! I’m the lucky one, she has a birthday and I’m the one who gets the gift. Being with you is always very pleasant! Come in, you already know the house.
    Marcio wore a black robe, we could smell the soap, his short hair was still wet.
  • Do you want to drink something? He asked us. We refuse.
    Cintia didn’t waste a minute if she wants to: – I want to!
    What do you want princess? Asked Marcio.
  • I want my gift! This delicious roll that is still hidden! – She said, stretching her arms towards Marcio’s rolls.
    He approached her, who was sitting on the sofa. She opened the bottom of the robe, which was tied at the waist, leaving his cock to the sample.
  • Look how delicious rolls! – She said, holding the club and leading it towards her little mouth.
    Marcio’s cock was still soft, she put the whole cock in her mouth, sucking the whole dick. In a few seconds his dick would no longer fit in her mouth. She sucked hard, sucked like a hungry puppy. He sucked and jerked off the cock in his mouth. He took the roll out of his mouth and squeezed it, making the milk at the tip undermine, licked and swallowed again. He released the cock and held it by the ass, sucked the cock holding it with his mouth only (which aside modesty, it does wonderfully well).
  • Princess, the surprise isn’t over yet. – He said, holding her by the hands and making her get up. Holding Cintia by the hands and walking backwards, he went towards the room. He opened the door, the room was dark. – Close your eyes. He said. She didn’t question, she did what he asked. We entered the room and he closed the door. – Calm. It doesn’t open yet. Wait. – He said.
    Suddenly she hears: – congratulations to you … She opened her eyes and came across 3 more friends of ours (all strippers in the house and we already played around) Marcos, Renato and Alex.
  • I do not believe!! You are here too !! – She said smiling like a child who gets her first puppy. He came towards me, hugged me and kissed me (I know that some will say: – Look … sucked dick on a fuck table, it’s part of the bitching).
  • Love you are amazing. You surprise me when I think you can’t surprise me anymore. – She said, still clinging to my neck.
  • Princess, go play with your gifts, go. Enjoy. – I told her, giving her a very wet kiss.
    Everyone was naked and with a hard cock. She had 4 turtledoves to have fun and handle. I would play in libero, giving support to anyone who needed to leave for technical time.
    Cintia squatted, the boys made a circle around her. She suckled everyone, taking turns roll by roll. Laughing and having fun. The conversation was running rampant along with laughter. Alex was the darkest.
  • Cintia; won’t bite my dick! – Said Marcos.
  • If she bites and cuts, we cut off a piece of Alex’s roll and tweak it. – Marcio said. (Alex was the biggest dick in the class.
  • It will be beautiful. Rajadinho! – Renato replied.
    The jokes ran amok between them and her. Lots of freedom. Cintia took a little bite here and there.

Alex lay on the floor and snuggled under her and started sucking on her pussy. She was still wearing clothes. Her little dress was raised to the waist, her panties had been put aside. Marcio bent and pulled the dress up. Marcos unbuttoned his bra and let it fall to the floor. She sucked hard and hard, the 3 bludgers around her. Alex sucked on her pussy, his hands reached for her titties and massaged them. Marcio pulled Cintia to his feet. Alex took advantage and held her panties down, down to her little feet. Cintia, now, was just wearing her heels, she was beautiful, high heels and completely naked, her butt was high, her waist was even thinner.
Marcio went towards the mattress (there was no bed, the mattress was on the floor), reached out and grabbed a condom and put on the turtleneck. He gently brought Cintia on top of the mattress and maneuvered her little body, leaving her at 4. The boys knelt in front of her (one beside the other). Marcio entered her.

  • Holy shit! What a hot roll! – She said when Marcio pushed the cock in her pussy.
    Marcio started in vain. Her little body followed his movements. The other boys kept the doves for her to nurse. Marcos lay across the mattress and started to suck on her breasts. Her hand went to her pussy and playing with her clitoris. Cintia moaned muffled with a roll in her mouth. Marcio put tasty in the pussy of my wife.
  • Fuck Cintia, how do you let it get hot in your pussy! – Marcio said while fucking Cintia. Renato got up and sat next to me, on a sofa in the corner.
  • Face; it’s very tasty! Holy shit! Look how beautiful! It’s a delight to see her getting into it! She gets very tasty! – He said. He continued – I understand you here, just admiring, she is wonderful! Look at that belt! What a beautiful ass! It looks like a guitar! – Renato was ecstatic to see that little body being possessed by his friends.
    Marcio, held her by the waist and stuck the whole cock in her pussy. Her knees came out of the mattress, Marcio pulled Cintia hard back and exploded inside her.
  • fuck!!!! that delights pussy !!! – He said as his cum poured from his mast.
    Marcio got up and came towards the bathroom, taking the condom off as he passed me, said – Fuck! Hot as hell! Holy shit!
    Marcos got out from under her and grabbed a condom, put on the turtleneck and lay on his back, bringing her to straddle him. She went without hesitation. Marcos lined up the cock at the entrance to Cintia’s pussy, she released the body and made the cock penetrate her.
    My naughty little wife was very slutty, her hips moved back and forth, alternately rising and falling. Alex went to them, pulled her buttocks apart and gave her several Greek kisses. His tongue moved in circles in her little hole. He put on a condom and knelt down to hers, rubbing the cock in her ass. She reached back and stopped the boy. She turned to him and said: – You can’t go in there, there is no lack of desire, but your cock is very thick, only in the pussy. He laughed and understood perfectly, returning to kiss her ass.
    Marcos followed the movements of her little body, getting firmly into Cintia’s pussy.
  • I will come, Cintia! – Marcos gushed in her pussy. She sat willingly, swallowing his cock entirely with her pussy. Marcos got up and headed towards the bathroom (Marcio was sitting next to me, on the arm of the sofa, watching the performance.
    It was Alex’s turn, who turned Cintia with a tummy upwards, bent her knees and rested them on her shoulders, arranged the cock in her pussy and released her hip.
  • Fuck Alex! That rolls thick! Filled my pussy with rolls! – She said hugging him by the neck.
    I got up and went to them. Renato also came with me. We lay beside her, me on the left, he on the right. While Alex fucked her pussy, we took turns with her mouth and titties. We ran our hands over the smooth skin of his legs. I went to her clitoris and started to caress him, I could feel Alex’s cock going in and out of her pussy. Alex fucked, stuffing the entire billet inside her. She moaned hot, inside my mouth or, inside Renato’s mouth. His little hands played with Renato’s cock and mine.
  • Wanna fuck !? Would you like?! Alex asked.
  • Enjoy! Come inside me! Enjoy! – She replied.
    Alex pushed the cock into it and gushed. The ritual was the same; finished, get out and open the vacancy
    I whispered in her ear. She agreed.
    I got up and picked up a condom and put on the dick. I lay on my back on the mattress and pulled her on top of me. She held my cock at the entrance to the pussy and swallowed it, her pussy was hot and wet. We started to fuck. Renato kissed her back and ran a hand over her little body. I grabbed her ass and pulled her buttocks apart.
    Renato, already with the jacketed cock, came quickly behind her, bent down and kissed her beautiful ass. I heard Alex’s voice echoing through the room: – I need to tune my cock, only I don’t eat ass in the surubas. Nobody took it, until the people who were fucking stopped to laugh. But, we didn’t lose focus, mine was eating Cintia’s pussy, Renato focused on eating her ass, she, well, she focused on getting ready to take another roll, this time in the ass.
    Someone moved around the room (afterwards I understood what happened). I felt Renato’s cock slowly entering Cintia’s ass. His cock entering made her pussy tighter. It was difficult for him to penetrate her back, I made his life easier. I took my dick out of the pussy, leaving the ass more free, she moaned and pulled the air between her teeth. His hips moved in a circular, slow, continuous roll.
  • Okay, come in, put it in my pussy! – She asked. I went back to penetrate your pussy.
    Renato was an experienced guy with couples, turtled in and out with synchronized movements (when one enters, the other has to leave). While we were lying on her, her hips continued to move, facilitating the movement of the doves inside her, especially Renato’s, which was in her ass.
  • Holy shit! Delicious! I’m stuffed with rolls! What the fuck is that !? I’ll come! I’ll come! – She said, moaning deliciously.
    We had no doubts, we went deep, Renato with more delicacy. We enjoyed the three together.
    The turtledoves throbbed inside her, her pussy tightened on my spasms, Renato told her: – Yes! Flash that delicious ass with my cock inside! Fuck! Holy shit! What a fucking hot bitch!
    Renato finished cumming, gently took the stick out of Cintia’s ass and, fulfilled the ritual, went to the bathroom. She fell on her side, I didn’t know why, but, following the ritual, I went to the bathroom. She was the last to get up. Marcio asked her: – Do you want to take a shower, princess. She replied that no, she would just clean up (after we finished playing, we didn’t stay long, it’s time to clean up and go on our way).
    We stayed in the room waiting for her to come back. Ah! Yes! The ritual! I asked Marcio: – Why then does everyone go to the bathroom?
  • Dude, this is my mattress, if someone gets soft and falls on it, I’m fucked. – He replied. (Is the ritual explained?).
    Cintia returned dressed and ready to go. He kissed everyone.
  • Boys! You are wonderful. Especially my husband, who gave me a wonderful celebration.
    We headed home. Thursday was difficult, but we were there, firm and strong, serving our customers with all dedication and professionalism.
    Yes, how it all happened. She had mentioned to me that she had a fantasy of participating in a gang bang.


I am not experienced in stories, I will tell you a real fact, maybe you like it. My name is João, I am dark and tall, I am married 7 years old, with no children, my wife has an older sister, tall white marta with long black hair, beautiful in body and face, fake skinny, married to Erick white, they have two children, a couple.
I had a doubt that I was charging my brother-in-law Erick a long time ago, and he always made excuses for me, that he would settle the debt, that he was tight because he crashed the car and was at a loss, he always agreed on a date and nothing came on time.
So I was upset because my name was already dirty because of him, I went to talk to his wife, my sister-in-law Marta on the subject, she worked in an office and earned even more than he did.
She was surprised because she didn’t know he hadn’t paid:
– Wow João Erick hasn’t paid that debt yet ?!
– Me: No Marta, that sucks because it got my name dirty.
– Her: I’ll fix it, you can leave it …
– I said, okay.
After a while, I again receive several billing calls. Again I went to talk to my sister-in-law, as I had already charged my brother-in-law many times, without success.
– Marta still haven’t managed to pay the debt, right?
– She: Then, João, I’m sorry, we couldn’t do it, you know what it is, we have some doubts too late, so we stopped paying the agreement again, but I’ll resolve it, a thousand apologies, I’m very ashamed!
– Me: I understand, so I will see if I pay, because I need a clean name to finance my work and finish my house.
– Her: There, brother-in-law, I’m sorry !, if I could help you with something. I replied, on instinct, seeing my sister-in-law in front of me, with a face in the morning and with a short shorts enjoying this one at home.
– I replied: I will make an indecent proposal for you rss.
– She: It’s crazy boy, look!
– Me: Calm sister-in-law joke, joke.
– My sister-in-law: um, I know. He replied a little suspiciously.
– I replied: But if you want to talk about it, you can call me on the phone, it is just between us.
I thought ready, now I get slapped in the face, or she will tell my wife everything, it didn’t even pass a needle !, but oddly enough it was different, she replied:
– João you are very naughty, but I don’t have the courage to do any of this, go away, Erick will arrive with the children.
I was really relieved, I left.
About a month and a half passed more or less, one fine day my sister-in-law sends me a message:
– Are you at home João ?, I answered – – yes.
I work at night so I stay at home all day.
She sent another: – – I’ll go over there with Elaine, get a pot. Elaine is my niece, 11, her face.
– I said, okay, just let me take a shower, I’ll call you.
– Her: Okay.
I took a shower, put on a samba song only, without a shirt, I usually stay well at home, and I answer them.
My sister-in-law had ponytail hair, she looks like a cat, and she wore legging pants glued to kill, she has a nice body, without much perfection because she has children, but what an ass she has! My niece was wearing a skirt.
– Hi João, I came to get a tapewere here that stayed with my sister.
– My niece: Hi uncle! Mine gave me a kiss on the cheek, can I use the bathroom?
– Me: Okay, okay Marta, I think this is it.
– My sister-in-law: Wow, don’t you have clothes ?! Chuckling.
– Me: mol heat man.
That was about 15:00
I felt her looking this way and that and seeing where my niece was, and spoke softly:
– Remember that subject?
– Me: What ?! For a while.
– Her: That proposal, was it serious ?! Talking low.
Me: – yes.
Marta: – I want to, but with one condition, it is totally secret between us! I’ve never done that before.
– I shivered a little at the time, held the table, I thought: man I’m going to eat my hot sister-in-law !! Soon I answered seriously, – Okay, of course, just stay between us, total secrecy, talking quietly.
She looking into my eyes said:
– Okay, I’ll send you a message later, I’m with Elaine today, tomorrow I’ll be free in the afternoon, we’ll talk. And he went out beating his hair and rolling around a little. Oooo hot sister-in-law.
The other day … My sister-in-law sent me a message: Hi brother-in-law, how are you? Me: Everything.
Her: Is that agreement still on?
Me: Yes, of course, with one condition!
Her: Condition? What condition boy ?!
Me: I would like you to come here at home, with hair tied like a ponytail that you wear, in a loose skirt, short and with nothing underneath and, in high heels, how are you?
Her: Hmm, everything, let me see …
Her: I have a skirt like João when I used to go to church, but it’s short on me, if I bend down a bit to see almost everything!
Me: No problem, this is it!
Her: Look at that bastard! Okay, I’ll put it, I’ll be there in a little while… we lived close by.
I was anxious waiting for her, it had been half an hour and nothing from my sister-in-law, when the doorbell rings …
And I open the door …
– Hi João, how are you? Is that good?

And I see the vision of paradise, that delightful woman in front of me, long black hair tied, black blouse with low neckline, short skirt, thin fabric, half red, flowery, high-heeled sandals.
Me: Give me a walk …
She turned … and turned quickly, holding the skirt on the part of her legs, showing that butt volume, marking the entire butt, she was without panties, what a view …
I closed the door and could not stand it, I immediately grabbed her, giving her the biggest kiss on the tongue, pushing her against the sink, squeezing her tasty breasts, she: – Calm down, cry out brother, go tear my clothes! Me: Deuculpa, is that you drive me crazy, then I squeezed that big ass of her without panties and I continued to kiss and suck her breasts.
She: -Oh brother-in-law, there.
I pulled back a little and told her, now suck me!
She looked at me, then knelt in the kitchen and said: I never put my mouth on another man and took my dick.
It started a wonderful blowjob, what a hot mouth !, me holding her ponytail hair and she sucking me very slowly, a little embarrassed.
After a while I told her: – Get up now, stay on your back, lean on the sink and lift your ass, I’ll eat you all now! She looked at me, then stood up, leaned against the kitchen sink and asked: – Like this ?! Me: -That!
I lifted that thin skirt, leaned on with those thighs and a nice white ass, I fit in and penetrated that beautiful pussy of my sister-in-law and pushed it slowly, she already moaned: There João
I was pumping and pumping after her and looking at her with that face of pleasure and morning with a closed eye … She just moaned:
– There, there, there, there brother-in-law
– Oh, there, there
– I said in my ear: I’m going to fuck you all very tasty cunhadinha.
She: There, there, there, eat me brother-in-law, there, there, there, there, eat me like a bitch, there, there, brother-in-law, there, there.
I was already crazy with lust: I will eat you dog, you are my female, you are my wife now! and punched deeper and deeper.
She: – There, there, I am, there, there, there, brother-in-law, what a hard dick, there, there, there… I’m going to come, there, there…
Me: I will fill you up, I will come inside you!
She: -Oh, no, there, there, there, there.
I held her by the arms, prancing up to me with that hot ass with a little sun mark and I punched deep, roaring like a bear: Take a dog, take it !!! And I enjoyed it very much, very tasty, until the end …
What a hot woman.
She sighed and pulled away a little, pulling up her skirt.
Then he said: – It was just this time, okay, João, I needed it.
After that we look at each other, and we kiss.
She went to the bathroom, then came back and said: -If you tell someone I will kill you!
I said: Just stay between us, slapping that hot ass.
Her: There !! Naughty.
And he left, giving only a discreet goodbye with a smile and shaking his ass.


Zé Carlos / SP

We were Tânia, my wife, on a paradisiacal beach in the south of Bahia where we went to spend the weekend. She is a beautiful brunette (woman, according to her other admirers), 32 years old, but with a body of 20, all proportional, full and firm breasts, perfect butt, plump legs, radiating joy and wearing a tiny bikini that further enhanced her beauty. , and it provoked torticollis in the men when it passed all around. We walked a good part until we reached a stone wall that invaded the sea. I proposed to her that we pass the stones because surely there would be no one on the other side and we could be totally at ease (Exhibitionist, she loves to be naked, with or without an audience). Accepted proposal we climbed the stones and on the other side we settled down and took off our clothes, staying like Adam and Eve in Paradise. Since I am an amateur photographer, I had not forgotten my equipment and I started to do a test that I would not owe anything to those who leave at Ele Ela; my cat was stunning and excited about the adventure, and it didn’t take long for us to touch each other more and more boldly until we mated, with my entire cock inside her hot pussy until it exploded with joy. Relaxed, we ran to the sea where we washed, played and, returning, we lay in the sun to brown our skins. We slept right there and I woke up with a noise coming from the stones: they were metallic voices and noises that I couldn’t decipher; without giving time for anything, four athletic guys appeared, one after another, dressed in colorful cyclist outfits carrying their incremental bikes. When faced with the spectacle of my wife’s nudity, who was still sleeping face down, showing her beautiful ass and sideways the hairs that cover her soft vulva, could not hide her satisfaction. The boys, who were visibly tired from crossing the rocks, had one more good reason to stop and rest. And that’s what made . There, less than ten meters from where we were, the four started to strip their colorful clothes, leaving only their trunks. At this point, I woke up my wife, saying that we were no longer alone, to see if she covered herself, as they gave signs that they would not be leaving anytime soon. Our clothes were in a bag on the rocks and to reach them we would have to pass by them. Tânia then turned and, raising her knees, exposed herself completely to our spectators; her wet sex was an invitation to sin and her breasts with hard nipples reflected what was going on inside. Suddenly she got up and said with the greatest tranquility: “I’m going to take a dip, are you coming?” to which I replied, disconcerted: “No, I will take care of our things”. And there she went waddling, naked, smiling as she passed among the four stallions that by now had their tents armed, but they still weren’t excited to take any initiative. Returning from the sea Tânia, with the most dirty face in the world, had a coffee at the nearest one and said “Aren’t you cute?” and taking a towel he went to lie a little away from where I was, lying on his stomach and with his legs ajar. It seems that it was a combined password because the four stood up and walked towards him already taking off their swimwear leaving the display of four powerful clubs fully erect. Without realizing what I was doing, I ran to get the camcorder for a historical record: the first gang-bang live and with my little protagonist wife. Tânia was already surrounded by the eight hands and four mouths that touched and kissed her in a wild and indecent way. She struggled to take care of everyone, sometimes sucking another cock and having all her holes filled, first by fingers (many) and then by four cocks in an erotic symphony, a pornographic ballet in which they rotated permanently, each one going in and out of the cunt to the mouth from there to the ass and again in the cunt, always jerking off what was unoccupied until, one by one, everyone came copiously over her who struggled to get the most cum by licking each dick as if it were the last. They left her prostrate in the sand smiling lasciviously at me, with the fucking four running down her face and body and went for a swim! I hadn’t missed a shot filming every detail with incredible close-ups, but I wasn’t done yet! The four athletes returned from the sea and lifted Tânia as a trophy and carried her to the sea where I could see her being bathed by the eight hands and again penetrated the ass and cunt successively by each one of them, while the other three held her with legs open to maintain balance in the waves. Only after everyone came, this time inside their broken holes, did they bring her back, languid, almost faint from coming so much.

With wobbly legs that could barely walk, they thanked the orgy, took their things, got dressed and, riding on their bikes, went on their way. I kissed my wife with affection and lust as she was facing a real Female and we returned home with another adventure to tell and a movie to relive her.

Intern was a brother-in-law from the past

I am 33 years old, 90 kg, 1.72 tall, white skinned, a normal guy married to 8 years, who does not have the same sex with his wife, I always missed the adventures he did with my wife, but with time she got cold and I kept my desires saved, but all that changed when I work in an office alone, I participated in a program here in my city where each MEI would hire a helper or a secretary, it would be a 3-month rotation program , the costs would be paid by the city hall and every 3 months there would be an exchange for a total of 2 years so we could try out different types of profiles and we could hire if it was the case at any time.
The CVs came, however, as most of the MEIs in my city are motorbike taxis and mechanics, most of them took boys and left me with some boys and girls, as my job is to answer the phone, take notes, send and receive -mail, I didn’t have a lot of restrictions on who to hire, I immediately took the CV of a girl with less qualifications, because I soon thought that she would be a person who wouldn’t have many opportunities with other employers.
Milene was a girl with 17 springs, different from the photo on the curriculum, she had straight black hair, white skin, light brown eyes, 1.50 in height and should have, must have, about 45kg, shapely, she was familiar but as in a city of 40,000, everyone looks familiar.
The Girl was very helpful and very curious and attentive, she learned to do the basic things, I like to teach as long as the person is willing to learn, in a week she would do her chores alone, I was very satisfied, to spend two weeks and we started talking, i found out she was the sister of a girl i dated for about 4 months, at the time she was 8 years old, i was happy and as i already knew where she lived i started picking her up and taking a ride, we talked about her sister who went abroad and that was the reason we broke up, she said that Mariane (her sister) cried a lot when their mother sent her to Australia, that she always said she liked me, that for my ego was very good.
Inevitably she saw my conversations with my wife and saw that the relationship was not an affectionate thing, she was a very observant girl, one day she commented that she was going to a party and giving me a big scoop I asked where her boyfriend worked, she said that no, I still joked that she would be wasting time because her youth passes quickly, she countered by saying that boys are silly, I said that I was an age when I was a boy, so she said something that the spine froze.
-As I remember well, it wasn’t silly, the quarter of the sister was glued to mine, I listened to everything and even more when you were going to say goodbye and I could see you on the wall, I always saw the mana laughing from ear to ear, and then I heard her telling Priscila everything (she was her sister’s trusted friend).
I froze right away, it was a mixture of pleasure and shame, but it was more pleasure than shame, I spent the rest of the day just talking necessary, I went home and once again I didn’t have sex and that night I was about to be shot.
The other day in the morning Milene immediately got in the car, looked at me, said good morning and said:
-No need to be embarrassed with what I said yesterday, you should be happy after all it was a compliment.
I said it was okay, I invited her over for coffee and we went to the office, I started to notice her in more detail, what a beautiful, shapely, well-behaved girl but the style of a woman who goes crazy in bed, I started to remember the let her sister, by the way, do an oral with a deep throat and swallow all the milk, not to mention that she loved anal sex, as much as vaginal and as at the time she did not take medicine and we were always looking for a place to have sex , you know how we are perverted in adolescence, we ended up doing more anal and oral, and she never complained.
I already had the devil on my shoulder and imagining nonsense, I brought up a subject that believe me, I was at my desk on one pc and she was at the front desk on the other, we talked on WhatsApp.
Me: So you saw and heard and then listened to everything that happened between me and your sister?
Milene: Ahem,
Milene: It won’t be embarrassed.
Me: No, now it’s over but the scare was great, and thinking that you said the boys are silly and I was not a fool, I think that was a good thing!
Milene: Of course you are a fool, I think you would be my brother-in-law if the mother had not forced her sister to move in with her father.
Me: Well, I miss you, good times, it’s been 8 years, and after she left I became a father and got married.
Milene: Don’t talk like that, you are married and you seem to be happy.
Me: I just seem, I am in most aspects.
Milene: What do you mean?

We were interrupted by calls and I had even regretted having brought up the subject, but soon she called me on the App and what turned me on the most was that she came to my room and talked about the call, sent the email and we worked for some 30 minutes and we didn’t talk about it, it felt like a secret.
Milene: What part are you not happy with?
I did not answer for 7 minutes
Milene: Do not want to talk, okay
Me: Let’s say that what you heard, it doesn’t happen anymore.
Milene: What do you mean? that’s what I understood.
Me: Calm down, let’s say that with your sister I had an entire menu to enjoy on a free steak and today I only have rice and beans and when I want a straw potato to improve the dish, I am accused of strangling, you know.
She laughed and followed.
Milene: What man can handle eating only rice and beans and which woman only cooks a poor rice and beans for her husband?
Me: Well this is my world.
That day we just stayed there and started talking in the same way where we didn’t touch the subject in person, only on the virtual one, I’m not going to count the little conversations we had over the week. I’m going to skip to the part where the ringing started, go wearing tight and daring clothes as much as possible without seeming vulgar.
She was standing in front of me and I was reviewing some papers for her to scan, then she kind of sat on the table in front of me, leaving her legs still thicker, she had tight pants and a blouse, I kept looking, and I stopped for a few seconds.
Milene: What happened? (but knowing that I was looking at her)
Me: (already decided that I wanted to taste that body but I didn’t want to ruin everything) I’m a guy who lives on a diet and I’m looking at a buffet of delicious sweets and snacks.
Milene: But if it’s a buffet, just serve it even more, it should be free.
Me: (I knew she was going to give me a positive answer, but not that aggressive) Free, is it? Hehehe
Milene: I think the owner of the buffet knows this well because she knows the customer’s hunger well and what he likes to eat.
When she spoke those words, I heard her say that she knew that I would want anal, and oral always beyond vaginal, after all she knew everything that happened between her sister and me.
Without wasting time, I went after her, she said that we had to close the door.

I closed it and as our service was virtual and telephone, I didn’t even bother to leave the door locked. we went to the kitchen and started and undressed her and left her only in her panties, she is a little girl, you know, what a delight, she looked at me and said she wanted me naked, when she went down to take off my pants and sucked me so good and so long ago that I came in less than 2 minutes, she didn’t take it out of her mouth and continued sucking, what a suck of delight, and she sucked until I came for the second time, of course it was interspersed between a blowjob and a handjob but I was enjoying it for the second time in half an hour, my dick is still hard, but of course it has softened a little.
I then put her lying on the sink and sucked her, my lust was the heights because her pussy was and still is scented today, I was so horny that I already had a hard cock, I couldn’t believe I already had the cock at 100% but I knew that this could be the only time I would have that woman for me and I made sure she screamed with so much lust she came 4 times that she even sobbed:
Milene: I had never come in someone’s mouth, how good and strong it is.
She turned from the shore and leaned against the sink and said.
Milene: Go on but go slowly, I only let you in once, but I always come with my finger on my ass.
Me: (giving a good guy and open mouth) what do you mean, really?
Milene: Of course, or do you think I have a condom here, I’m in the (fertile) period so to not come baby, you’ll have to do as I did with my little sister, you bastard, I know all that too.
Look at her very tight and I felt that she came in very tight, but she had a fire, because I touched the prick’s head in the ass and gave a little pressure and I was hitting a handjob and she went crazy and started to roll and push her ass back, but with each push she gave a sob and said it over and over.
Milene: Pain, there, but the pain is good, there is pain, good, push, there, pain, it is good, it is good.
What a wonderful fuck, God for about 3 minutes I came but I kept him inside her, she took a while but came hard, she gave a little scream and rolled like a tchã dance.
I left there and went to wash myself in the sink, but it wasn’t dirty (you know what I’m talking about) on the way back she said she wanted to suck him some more, she pulled me into the bathroom and sucked him for about 20 minutes I didn’t come but she had a hard time, she still said it was a pity that she didn’t have a condom.
After we left there, we talked about the service and we didn’t talk about it, it made me more horny, the other day before I got her I bought a condom, and when we arrived at the service I said that she had brought a condom, she talked about it, I didn’t I understood, until she called me:
Milene: There is a condom, I brought it too …

I Go to a Motel:
Milene: I want here, as it was with my sister, she would give anywhere and I am no longer a virgin, we left the motel for another day, I’m going to the bathroom and close the door.
I locked the door and there she was in the bathroom wearing panties and nothing else, still looking at me and said:
Milene: I know you like to fuck women like that.
She put me sitting on the toilet, and rolled it in a way that each rolled her ass chewed my balls, after she came twice she still got up took off her condom and put it on her ass and rode in front of me, saying that my milk would never it would go away, it would always be in the ass, in the mouth that at most in her face, but that would never go down the drain.
What a delight, I can’t believe what I was hearing.
My days are summed up in this, she is perverted just like me, sometimes I think she reads my thoughts, in the morning she gets in the car and sucks me without me asking, other times she disappears and just sends me a message saying she wants milk ass in the bathroom and there she is.


Lately, I have avoided staying at home on weekends and looking for an event that catches my attention in São Paulo. The variety of things here, paid or not, is very large and I always choose something that doesn’t have a lot of noise or is very agitated (I think I’m getting old!). I recently discovered something to distract myself and have used it as a therapy: cooking. Cooking has done me a lot of good and I have tried to improve and do things that are more and more complex and that need more attention, that way, I can disconnect from some of the many problems that take my energy!
In an Internet search, I saw a gastronomy event that would take place in the Barra Funda region that caught my attention and the best … FREE! I would have the participation of some chefs who would teach some techniques and even though I thought I was a reasonable cook, I decided to go and maybe learn something new. I marked that I was interested in the event and after a while I received a private message on Facebook with just a “Hi”! The profile photo was familiar, of someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and from what I remembered, the last time I saw it, I was living outside the country!
I studied with her in high school and we had already stayed a few times, whoever reads my short stories must know that in that period I was quite different from what I am today in several aspects. I answered the message and we started a normal and unpretentious conversation that even I found strange, because I always try to take it to the whoring side and get a good fuck, however, we stayed for hours talking and remembering the school period and the crazy stories of the time ! At one point, she said that she had called me because she was also going to the event and that she had opened a restaurant, so seeing that I was interested, she asked me not to go alone!
We met at Barra Funda Metro station and I only recognized her when she came to me and I realized how good the weather is for some people … she had become a delicious woman, a little shorter than me, with a thin waist and an ass well reared which was in evidence because of the black dress she wore up to the middle of her thighs. At that very moment, my lack of interest in her disappeared and I was already thinking somehow of a way to squeeze that delicious ass! We greet each other with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, we walk together talking about the event and watch the work and tips from some chefs. At that time I could no longer concentrate on what was being said and just looked at that delicious tail in front of me, looked as if I wanted to devour it and certainly she noticed (I can’t hide it … it’s horrible!). We stopped to eat something after the event in the early evening and the tone of the conversation was already quite different, even more after a few beers:
– And that look there, huh? What are you thinking about? – She told me with a smile sitting in front of me!
– What look?

– This one, all naughty! I don’t remember you had it!
– Some things change! And the way of looking was just one of the things!
– Really? Show me… – He spoke, bringing his face close to mine, as if in defiance!
Before she even took off her teasing smile and pulled her face away from me, I grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her, biting and pulling her lips with my teeth! At first, I felt that it was a surprise, but then I was carried away by the kiss and I don’t even know how long we stayed that way. We left the cafeteria where we were and practically stopped at each dark and empty corner or on the poles to hold on to each other and things were getting hotter and hotter! I beat and squeezed her ass, going down to the thigh and lifting it at my hip, my cock brushed her pussy behind that short thin dress and made her sigh and moan with her eyes closed, she lifted her neck to me and I bit her , kissed and whispered in his ear that he was crazy to show everything he had!
We decided to go to his apartment in the Republic region using a taxi to get there faster, in the back seat, we kept devouring ourselves and marking our bodies with scratches and squeezes (the taxi driver must have loved the scene!), We ran into the building and while she tried to open the door, I would snuggle her up by lifting her dress and let the delicious tail that was lusting all day long expose me! He squeezed and pounded making her moan and sigh with lust!
We went in and we were already pulling out our clothes leaving a trail to her room, I laid her face down on the bed opening her legs and holding her thighs tightly, digging my fingers into her mouth, I sucked with pleasure! The moans were sometimes muffled when he bit the pillow and his hands gripped the sheet.

I swirled and threw her ass against my face and I went deeper and deeper, I lifted my tongue up to her ass and with my fingers I started to penetrate her little cave that dripped a surprising amount of honey, opened and closed inside it, rotated, hit your pussy and I can’t say for sure how many times I felt that delicious broth smear my hand!
In that same position, I put a pillow under her abdomen, straddled her thighs and brushed my dick at the entrance to her pussy, opened her ass with both hands and slowly pushed it in while massaging her little ring! She put her hands back, squeezing my wrists as she moaned with her face on the mattress, each time she squeezed I fucked harder to make her moan and scream even louder. My thumb was already in and out of your ass easily and she would hold and squeeze it inside it! I took off her pussy already completely lubricated by her honey and fitted it on her tail:
– Go slow, I haven’t let you play there for a long time!
– Does that mean he’s mine now? – I said smiling naughty and pushing his head to enter at once!
– Son of a bitch! – He spoke after a cry of pain and lust!
She squeezed my cock in her ass as she entered, wiggling and moaning, screaming, cursing and barely she knew that all of this is what drives me the most! I was increasing the speed and going deeper when I felt I was getting more relaxed, now I only heard her moans and she rolled and pressed my cock even harder in her tail, threw her body against mine and asked her to fuck her harder and so I did. Without taking my dick out of it, I turned on the bed and made her ride. She held and dug her nails into my thighs and sat at a crazy pace leaving only her head inside and then swallowing it whole again! I was maddened by the scene and with his moans growing louder and the movements of his hips faster and I ended up cumming inside her! When I felt the first jet of cum she sat down at once and squeezed it inside her, making an incredible pressure that almost made me lose my senses, she lay down placing her back on my chest and gradually relaxing her ass and leaving my dick slip out along with all the cum that had poured into it! He turned and straddled me and kissed me slowly:
– What a change huh? Do you have more to show me?
– I have a few more things! – I replied breathless and exhausted as I rarely get.
It was already late and unfortunately I had to go home, we said goodbye and I was already inside the subway when I put my hands in my pocket and felt something different! A business card from a restaurant and the message on the back:
“I wait for you for a special dinner, Vi! The next class will be with me! ”
Well… I think I already have an upcoming gastronomy event….

Delicious night of love with lots of slutty

I came home with a lot of bad intentions, I went to the pharmacy, I bought a water-based lubricating gel, I went to the market and I bought a good quality wine and imported beers.
I took a good shower and went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks to wait for Fernanda to arrive. Kind of going against it, they usually do it for us men.
While waiting for Fernanda to come home from work, I prepared a bath with smelling bath salts. As soon as she entered the door, I gave a very nice kiss and took off her clothes while still in the living room, she wanted to go to the kitchen to see the mess, but I didn’t let her lead her to the bedroom so she could relax a little. I put scented candles in the bath, all with soft perfumes.
As soon as she sat in the bathtub with her smooth pussy, I took off my bathrobe and was already naked and with a very hard cock, I started a massage on her shoulders and she wanted to start a work subject, I interrupted her with a tongue kiss and from then on she he realized that the thing was heating up. She pulled me by the stick and approached her mouth, took a mouthful and started sucking on her head and with her eyes closed I saw that she was in the mood.
She sucked sometimes the balls and now the little head, making me delirious with lust. We played for a while in the bathroom and went to our bed, I laid her on the bed and covered her face with the towel, spread her legs wide and started flicking from bottom to top in the middle of her legs and she opened herself more and more to feel the whole length of my tongue on your body. She held her legs wide open and I got the message by dedicating myself to flicking her pinkish ass out with moans and disconnected words.

I put two fingers in her pussy already soaked with joy and I did an intense coming and going while licking her ass. She came a lot and came to tremble as in a multiple orgasm. As soon as my fingers were very wet with her enjoyment, I put a finger in her ass making it to enter easily, she was very soft and relaxed. I stuck one more finger and she took it easy, while sucking on her clit putting her mouth as if she were kissing her mouth. Fernanda wiggled a lot and I stuck my fingers deeper in that pink ass, as soon as I realized that she was going to come, I put the third finger that came in easy and she came taking my head from her pussy so that I would stop sucking her grelinho. I took my fingers off her ass very slowly and left her lying on the soft bed.
I went to the kitchen and opened the bottle of wine and came back with the snacks, a glass for her and a beer for me. I put the tray on the bed and lit an aromatic candle in the room and left the lights off, remaining only in the light of the candle and its aroma. As soon as we drank and drank our drinks, she came over to me to get back to the bastard. She started sucking my dick in the meantime, I took the lubricant that was on the servant and she as a good little bitch who understood the message and turned her tail so I could lubricate it. I spent a little lubricant on her ass and I was playing with her ass and she sucked my dick with her very wet mouth.
-Stick your little finger, love.
-So take your little bitch, do you want to suck a cock while taking it in the ass?
-Yes I do, I love to suck and give my ass, put two fingers in it, break me in very tasty, go horny.
I poked two fingers without mercy and she moaned and suckled like a bitch in heat, moaning and wiggling.
Put her on the side and fit with your help in her ass and I put it slowly, as soon as the head went all in, she threw her hips back, fitting everything in the ass and was moving slowly while I caressed her pussy.
-Put two fingers go love, put it in my pussy too, go …
-You like to have pussy and ass broken into together is dirty.
-Huhum, I love it, don’t stop, put it hard on the two that I want to enjoy.
I messed up and she came like never before.
We gave her time to recover and I took a tube of deodorant from these aerosol and put two condoms on it and she was a little apprehensive about it and I told her it was the same size as my dick and that she was used to it and it would be no different, even a little apprehensive she let it roll to see where it would go.
I put her on the side again and put it in her ass, as it was broken, it got in easy. I put the tube in her pussy and slowly put it in until halfway in, she moaned loudly.
-Wow, it’s tearing me up….
-You want me to stop love?
-No, it’s very tasty, put it faster.
I increased the pace and spoke beasts in his ear.
-So now you have two cocks getting into you, aren’t you dirty?
-Yes, both are delicious, break my naughty ass, that’s how you like it, enjoy it, come. Put it in my pussy too, it’s a delight to have two dicks at the same time, wow, because I haven’t tasted it before, it’s delicious.
-So take it dirty, come on my cock and I’ll fill your ass with warm cum.
Fernanda wiggled so much that I came and got no action and she sat on my fattening cock and continued pounding the tube in the pussy until she came again and fell soft on my side with the tube still inside the pussy.
She took it out very slowly and gave me a kiss thanking her for the night she said was perfect.
Our bed was sweaty and fucking sweaty everywhere.
We rested a little more and as soon as she got herself together and me too, she was on all fours in bed and just said, choose where you want to go, I’m all yours, my hot male. I am at your disposal, eat me however you want. In this, my cock hardened and I got up on the bed and ordered her to open her ass and I positioned it behind her and put it in her pussy, which was well broken, since it had not yet returned to normal state, it was very dilated, I put it in her ass. and pumped until I almost came and put her sitting on the bed and I standing in front of her, I enjoyed her little angelic face and she licked the cum that fell on her little mouth.
We went back to the bathtub and fell asleep there until the water cooled a little and woke us up. We slept and the next morning I received a nice coffee in bed and the naughty came only in a little apron, nuazinha in “pelo”, she shaves everything, lisinha. We went back to bed and another sex section.