Coração, Vermelho, Corda, Lealdade, Amor

There is, in my body,
a remnant of its sweetened perfume,
and a gentle pressure on my skin
remembering the attention of your lips.
There’s in my heart
a slight squeeze, a mismatch
in the beat rhythm, which was dictated
for your heartbeat.
there is in my eyes
your perfect image
depicted with the colors
of my love.
in my life,
in my life
so well lived,
only you
it’s real.


Beijo, Príncipe Sapo, Misterioso

On a sunny day,
on the beach sand,
a wave, stirring, broke up
your foam and played
at my feet.
In the blue sky,
a seagull, slight,
cut the morning and
shouted its cry.
There was no sadness,
and no pain marked the day.
In some garden,
a flower would reflect, because it was spring.
A couple of lovers, in love,
smile and caress each other in their
love world.
Cars rushed down the avenue
sea shore,
they kept their horns silent.
There was no sound louder than the
It was a sunny day,
and on the beach sand,
a wave, happy,
and played, wetting my feet.
Lying down, smiling,
I was homesick,
from you.


Aeta Crianças, Nativos Filipinos

  the word be blessed
that, coming out of the mouth,
the heart comforts,
worthy of faith
and hopes.
be blessed forever
the outstretched hand
that serving as a guide
and mainstay,
waving, silences longing.
Forever be blessed
the salt of tears
that fell from the eyes
feed the love
Blessed be,
the children
because in them lies the certainty
the birth of a new world
that forever,
in U.S,
will be praised.


Silhueta, Homem, Pessoa, Pessoas

When I wanted
make a souvenir album
collect in order of importance
memories that I had
in happy insomnia,
your image, your dearest,
of the love that I have loved all my life,
was no longer focused
as I saw it, many years ago.
When I tried
record the words spoken in your mind
between laughs that did me good,
which he liked
in the happy moments we had,
there were always those strange sounds,
murmurs that I no longer understand,
without the beauty of the voice
that brought me peace.
And the crazy will to rebuild
of the beautiful past that I lived,
I only had the certainty, in this sad present,
to seek his image, which no longer exists
and wanting to hear your voice
in vain.


Triste, Chorar, Lágrima, Emoção, Humor

What good is it to dream,
if my soul is sad
and if this pain insists
in staying?
What good is it to smile,
if my soul is sad
and if a forced smile
is lying?
What is worth living for,
if my soul is sad
and life what is there
is suffering?
If my soul is sad,
if the beauty is over,
I just miss you
of a happy moment,
that passed.


Bela, Close Up, Olho, Sobrancelhas

It all started as if by a charm. There was an exchange of glances, restraints, unsuspecting conversations, and common words, of which people say, every day.
Little by little, the presence of one became necessary, always, to the other, and it was easy to become impossible to live alone. Thus, in the middle of a banal phrase, a look was always born, which to the other said more than any jumble of words.
As time passed uncontrollably, it was no longer necessary to speak, to understand each other. One look was enough, and there it was, everything was said.
And so, in that way, he knew she loved him, and she knew she had him, love.
It all started as if by a charm.
Then, little by little, he made the two of us one!


Astronomia, Brilhante, Constelação

Into the night
alone, sleepless,
without dreams, without thinking,
without someone to talk to
or listen.

What to do?

Nothing but looking at the sky,
count stars and hear the sounds of the night,
which is now mine alone.

Into the night alone,
no dreams, no sleep
without someone to talk to
or listen.

Today, I won the night,
with your peace.
What else can I want?


Sereia, Fantasia, Siren, Subaquática

On a distant beach,
lost in love,
a sad heart
it’s all pain.

What happened,
so strong,
to the heart felt?

Lost loves?
Who knows, even pain
of a defeated heart?

On a distant beach,
between the sea and the sand,
died, in that instant,
in a heart,
the mermaid.


Bruxa, Feminino, Mulher, Jovem, Beleza

It’s my life.
My dreams are yours, my smiles,
my hunger for love,
my pain and my being.
It’s yours, my life,
following what you take,
indifferent to the cries of love
that I send you.
As long as there is
a light breath of strength, in me,
physical or mental,
my life will be yours, yours alone.
In return, I don’t ask you for anything,
nothing at all, even if it keeps me warm,
in your loving arms,
even if you give me your speech.
I want you, and I live on this,
since I feel in my desire,
dedicating to you what I have
in me, and in my world.
It’s yours, my life,
and nothing else matters to me,
if in the silence of the night that you are,
I can love you, smiling, more and more,
like food and peace,
it’s like a dream.


Alkoghol, Narkomaniia

Along the paths
stones, sand and grass
where my feet went
carrying my drama
made of meat and weft
will be shuffled
  that lady’s eyes
that never again in this life
will warm your skin
in the softness of my bed.
On the way back
after so much tiredness
having head hung
lost out of space
and my empty arms
alone without a hug
venting my eyes
dripping drops of dew
and the whole body covered
and these callused hand hands
from searching for nothing
  screaming for a fairy
making love gestures
where will my goddess be
who doesn’t notice my pain?