Do you know that partner you don’t believe you could find in life? I found it! My husband is a horny man, together we are life partners and whoring, because we like it very much lol
We are swingers and love the experiences.
As we always talk about everything without fear of judgment. In one of these conversations I spoke of my desire to fuck him in a whorehouse, in the bed of a real prostitute. And he, of course, agreed on the spot. He keeps saying how much I am his little bitch and nothing is more fair than him eating me in the bitch. After many conversations to decide how and where it would be, the day finally came.
We took a trip to Belo Horizonte to visit a place called SOBE E DESCE, an area in the center of BH where there are some buildings that rent rooms for prostitutes to work. First we went there to recognize the environment. And what an environment !!! Several men going up and down stairs, women half naked at the doors of the rooms offering their services and very horny in the air. We loved it all and decided it would be our adventure there. My husband went to work out the details with the person in charge of the establishment. We paid more for the room to have the right to do a few more things.
The next day we left the hotel in the direction of SOBE E DESCENT with everything outlined. Me with tight pants breaking my pussy in half and a discreet blouse, after all the bitching is only inside lol.
When we arrived my husband went to get the room key from the person in charge, I was already sick at the thought of everything we would do in that room. What my husband didn’t know is that I would be a little bitch for a day, but for a single client, him. When we entered the building I was already knotting the blouse and lowering the neckline to leave my big breasts and stiff ass well exposed when going up the stairs towards our room. On the way up, I was eaten by the eyes of the most diverse men who were already eager to pick me up for a program and I only replied that I was already with a client.
My husband, who loves to show off her little bitch, was already hard to see the situation.
When we entered the room, I went crazy, I couldn’t believe I was there to fulfill my fantasy and best of all, I was with my husband.
With the door really open, we made some good snogging but no undressing because I really wanted to make my man crazy
I asked him to leave and closed the door.
Then came the real transformation of an ordinary woman from day to day to a sex worker, for whom I have a lot of respect. First I put a short that was only a thread on the bottom that goes from ass to pussy. My tail was very tasty in those shorts. I put on a white T-shirt to show my huge breasts with a pout all pointed with so much lust. I put a ring in my ear, a red lipstick in my mouth and last but not least a stiletto heel to highlight my legs.
Fuck!!! I was feeling wonderful and I confirmed it in my husband’s horny look when he saw me that way, in that place.
He couldn’t take it, he took me by the hair and chipped a kiss that left me out of orbit. Then we laughed at the situation and started playing. He stayed at the door talking to me and taking the stick, when a man approached him he took me and made me take a walk to show all my attributes. I let the guys run my hand over my ass and I lowered the shirt so they could enjoy my breasts. The guys went crazy and my naughty husband just said he had paid a lot for that dirty little bitch that was there.
In that, I kept asking at the door of the room, drawing the attention of whoever was passing by.
Everyone realized that I was not from that place, because I was doing things that other girls would never do. There are rules and I broke all of them.
I was thinking the bitch of whores lol. To improve, we left the door open and went to bed. I sat on the edge, pulled my man around the waist, pulled his pants down and put my mouth on that huge cock with the broth coming out. Mamei tasty and willing, which is nothing new, because he knows how much I am horny in him.
And in this feeding I was more and more excited by the moans coming from the rooms next door. What a delight, what a wonderful feeling, me sucking my man to the sound of moans of other whores.
At that door of our room, men passing by stopped to see that scene. We had some surprises, a couple of guys stopped and jerked off right there, just watching. Then I helped them to enjoy it. I got up and turned my tail for them I was slowly lowering my shorts to show my ass little by little. I laid my husband on the bed and went with my pussy right to his face, making back and forth movements, making his tongue slide from pussy to ass and vice versa.
The guys howled with lust. Seeing that the fuck was going to come out of those guys, I sat on the edge of the bed and opened all my pussy for them, beating a very hot siririca. There ready !!!! The guys came at the time lol.
But our game always has much more. After he showed me all the way to several guys, we closed the door, then yes it caught fire. He gave my pussy a tongue bath that made me come right away. I think I was the only whore who was moaning and really enjoying it lol.
After sucking all my broth he put that cock all at once in my pussy. I squirmed with lust in a frantic back and forth. I asked to stop, I got on all fours and asked for a stick. He promptly answered me. I tossed him hot and he kept talking to me: uta, man. ordinary little bitch, take a stick, isn’t that what you want? I just answered yes, it gets tasty naughty.
We couldn’t take anything else, we enjoyed it tasty. Now there were two bodies, sweaty and enjoyed, thrown on a zone bed.
We love our experience and are ready for many others.


You know, I was engaged and I loved myself, I was crazy about football, often leaving me to watch ships, while I went to have fun watching football games in the stadiums. He liked to watch games in general, he said it was more exciting, despite the discomfort. I was curious to see what a game was like in general, but I still didn’t have the courage, except that I was very needy, climbing the walls and I managed to invite my fiancé to go with him to the stadium to watch a classic our football, even though I’m not rooting for the same club as him. And so it happened. In a classic I prepared myself psychologically to go with my fiancé to the field, to see the long awaited soccer match. I prepared myself as if I were going to a gala. I woke up excited and masturbated a lot in hopes of putting out the fire, but I got even more lit. I shaved my pink pussy, with a protruding, stiff grelinha, then I went to get a bronze from the pool, I wanted to be very horny, drawing attention even when I went to the stadium. I wore one of my smaller bikinis, like a curtain thong, leaving that small mark of my bronze on my breasts, pussy and butt. Then I took a long shower and put a lot of moisturizing cream on my body to refresh and smell good. I put on a tight top with a neckline and a pink lace bra that highlighted my breasts and a loose envelope type skirt, with a strategic opening at the back and a tiny lace panties, like a thong, all buried in the butt, I looked in the mirror and I got goosebumps, so horny I felt. I knew I was going to provoke a lot of men in the stadium and that excited me a lot. I was waiting for my fiancé who was coming to pay me to have lunch together and then go to the stadium to see the much talked about game.
When he arrived and saw me he said that I was beautiful, it looked like he wasn’t even going to a stadium and I disguised him as saying that it was produced for him, it was a tribute for him to take me to the stadium to see the game. We were going to have lunch at his house and on the way I tried to tease him, smoothing his thighs and I went up to his dick, I squeezed, waiting for him to smooth my thighs and my wet pussy, but he said be careful , because he was driving and could cause an accident. Me dying of lust and he thinking of an accident, what a fiance this !!! He stopped at a gas station to refuel and calibrate the tire and while he went to pass the card I took the opportunity to provoke the gas station attendant who filled the car and then calibrated the tires, I opened the door and took the opportunity to also open my legs and let him see my thighs and my panties, I noticed that he had a hard cock and even came to throw a water on the windshield just to get a closer look and I took advantage and opened my legs more for him and showed my white lace panties, tucked in my smooth pussy and my fiance’s horn, watching newspapers and magazines in the gas station convenience store. When he came towards the car I pulled myself together and waited, the attendant still smiled and winked at me, who responded.
We arrived at his house and went to lunch, they were already waiting for us. I received compliments from people present, how beautiful I was. And he was full of legs and said he was going to take me to the stadium to see the game. At lunch we have a few beers. He was already getting a little excited, not much to drink. After lunch we lay down for a while and I was crazy to give him the pussy, to feel a dick filling me and he swims, I couldn’t take it anymore. We lay down for a while and the dreamed moment of going to the stadium arrives, I went to the bathroom, touched up my makeup, perfumed myself and before I went I still had two little bottles of ice type drink, which made me very excited. On the way I still smoothed his thighs and his dick and he only smoothed my legs and thighs a little, they were all goose bumps from being so horny. The crowd was already gathering in the vicinity of the stadium, I noticed some looks that undressed me, ate me with my eyes and that made me all wet and he didn’t even care about anything.
We entered the stadium and went towards the general, which was already very crowded, we looked for a place, which in a short time was very tight, people were very close to each other. The game starts and he is all excited, watching the game and listening on a radio with a headset, he didn’t even look at me anymore. When it started, I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck and ear, which made me shiver. Suddenly I start to feel something more, something hard against my ass. But it didn’t last long that I thought it was my imagination. But my heart was racing. Suddenly I feel an athletic body clinging to my body, much bigger than mine. He leaned against me and I could feel a hard cock leaning against my butt. He stuck and then walked away.

I looked to the side and my fiance was not there with anything, nor did I suspect that his little fiancée was starting to be very tasty. I confess that I was very excited about everything, with the fact that it is there in a stadium full of people, with my fiancé on the side, being trapped, all this only made my pussy soaked. He touched it again and I took the opportunity to rub myself, I rolled my butt, feeling that club pulse against my butt, I was on tiptoe and then went down, fitting the club in my butt, it was very tasty. I felt a hand running over my butt over the skirt, until he dared more insinuated himself through the opening of my skirt and stuck his hand that seemed to be very experienced and went up and down caressing my legs and thighs and then my butt, running my panties buried in my butt. My heart felt like it was going to come out of my mouth, it was a lot of adrenaline. I felt his hand pulling away my panties, I opened my legs and stood on my tiptoes and felt his fingers running through my little ridge, which blinked and touched my luscious pussy, soaked by my honey, it was so horny. The nipples of my breasts looked like I was going to pierce my boyfriend’s blouse and horn even with me. He massaged my little grelinha, and stuck a finger in my pussy, I tossed it tasty, pranced my butt, up and down, bit my lips and felt all those magic fingers filling me. He took advantage and stuck a finger in my ass, I saw stars, and I almost moaned loudly, so horny. And so feeling his cock trembling with joy in my ass and fingers in my ass, pussy and grelinha, I reached a delicious orgasm, where I flooded his fingers with my honey and had one of the best orgasms of my life, next to of my little fiancé who watched his team from the heart and didn’t even suspect that his bitchy little fiancée was being polished and encoxado by a stranger. The stranger moved away a little, I was ashamed to look back to see who it was, but when I looked I couldn’t tell who the stranger was who made me come.
I pulled myself together a little, but I was still trapped during the game by a horny teenager, who was rubbing himself on my butt. What a delight to play football.
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Fucking my past

My name is Jade. I am dark, small and thin. I don’t have an exaggerated body, but I am extremely attractive so to speak. I have a skin color that if it were to characterize the color of sin, it would be mine, and a look from the most poisonous snake. I was dating Jackson, but due to many disappointments, I ended up moving away from him, and getting close to Isaque, whom I was passionately in love with in 2017 and who I almost dated. For me he was, and is, the only man capable of making me feel complete. He is black, strong and short, has a serious and adult face, which makes me lose my breath. Conversation comes and conversation goes, I found out he was dating! My world had even stopped spinning! But you see, it was for a little girl from another city, and from what he said, he didn’t seem to be satisfied. Even so, I stayed behind. We made an appointment to go out on the Avenue to talk and kill the nostalgia, why yes, despite everything there was always an understanding and affection between us … but at the last moment he changed his mind and asked me to go to his house! That his mother was traveling! I froze, thought about the thousand things that could happen, and I’m not going to lie: I ran to shave and not leave a single hair on my pussy. I wore a pair of very tight, light coss pants, a black lace bra that is in fashion and I threw a jacket over it. He was waiting for me at the point, wonderful with a glued shirt that fits him quite well. We kept up to date until we got to his house, where he packed up some things and then went to take a shower, telling me to feel at home. Oops! I lay on my stomach, so that when he came out of the bathroom he had a better view of my ass, which I know he loves so much. I wanted him to see what he was missing. He passed me with the towel and went to his room, in front of the room where I was lying, put on sweatpants, and sat there on the bed just looking at me. I was ashamed, a little shy, of course, I’m in love with him. I got up and went to his room where we chose a movie, if I’m not mistaken, it was Strips 2. I lay on a rug on the floor to watch and he in bed. For me that was right, since he was dating, he couldn’t give me that much intimacy. But I got sick in my heart. After a while, he asked if I needed more pillows to support me, and I agreed. He got up and went to the room to get more, came back with 3 and to my great surprise and amazement, he lay down beside me. He became uneasy, then sat down, and I was also sitting hugging his legs. Every moment he turned to look at me, but not at me, but under my crossed legs. Then he pulled my foot, and placed it on his lap, praised and caressed it. I silly as I am and stay close to him, I removed my foot at the time saying that he was looking for a defect in bad nails, but he just laughed and pulled back, saying that he was actually admiring how delicate he is. Really, I was ashamed just for not having my nails done. I continued watching the movie, trying to ignore those strong hands on me, but I couldn’t, I traced my legs on his trunk and pulled him onto my lap, he leaned his head against my breasts and it was my turn to exchange affection on him, gently touching his face and when I got sick of the position, I took his arms off me so we could change places, and it was there that unintentionally (really unintentionally) my hands brushed his dick. It was hard as stone. I pretended I didn’t see it, hoping that he wasn’t ashamed. I went to him to receive all his affection, his touches on my skin, on my hair …
Minutes later our movie stopped at a scene I had already seen and that’s why I started telling the story, we laughed a lot and at some point our eyes crossed and spontaneously kissed! We kissed slowly and long, delighting every second, with his thick hands going around my waist, pushing her back and forth as I rolled in his lap.
-Your kiss is very tasty. – He whispered.
He took my ass and squeezed it tightly while he put his face between my breasts trying to grab them, all greedy for his brunette. Your real brunette. And I kept rolling around in his lap, bouncing and spoiling myself until I went crazy, I was already. He took off my shirt and we got up, he was naked, and I was just wearing panties, a red lace, which he took with his mouth while lying down, and sucked every little bit of me, licked every inch and stuck his tongue inside my vagina. . For the first time in my life I enjoyed oral sex, and I didn’t want it to stop, but just for me to reciprocate. He didn’t expect it, he already wanted to get in, but I wanted to! He lay down on the bed and I knelt out of it and started to suck that cock enormously thick and crooked. I had never seen anything so plump and delicious. I barely noticed when he had risen a little, until he felt his fingers bombarding me; I couldn’t wait any longer, I got up and sat on top of him, ready to accept all that dick! Centimeter by centimeter entered me, occupying each space, it seemed the perfect size, and I repeat again: No one will ever complete me like this. Each sitting was accompanied by a pumping of it, which could not stand. And I moaned like crazy, happy, feeling the most desired person in the world. In less than 5 minutes he came. He lifted me off his lap, and came in the corner of the mattress. I remember that I felt awful. It was so fast! I was just getting up to put on my clothes when he asked me what I was going to do. Isaac made me stay where he was, and hugged me and kissed me again and we did it again, this time it was he who commanded it, and it was when he put me on all fours that I came and screamed with pleasure for the whole neighborhood to hear. The bastard had the courage to come on my ass, and still stood there, looking at me just as if I were something beautiful and rare. We were then talking, random things, things in our life, series, people … And laughing and kissing hand in hand. We just got up to take a shower, which was actually just an excuse for him to eat me and see my ass in the mirror while punching me. By coincidence he started playing our music, as he had put random songs on YouTube to get rid of my groans. Played Oasis-Wonderwall. Which is the music of our history, of our mismatches, and of our stays. After two weeks and a few days, I received word from him that I had broken up with the girl from the other city. But what now that I got back with Jackson, who begged for a chance and I gave it?



I’ll tell you how the father of a little friend of mine made me a real whore.
First I’m going to introduce myself, my name is Amanda, I live in Santa Catarina, I am blonde, short, I have big, very firm breasts, a flat stomach due to my years in the gym, a beautiful, round, well-rounded and stiff butt, that butt to stop the trade, and today I am 29 years old.
Now let’s get to it, it all started when I was 11 years old, at that time I was still a virgin, but I wasn’t silly, I already knew a lot. And there was a little friend called Bruna, she lived in a very beautiful house, with a swimming pool, several rooms, a hot tub. And as here in the state, summer is a real hell, I went to Bruna’s house every weekend, even slept there, she lived with her parents and an older brother who at the time should have been about 13, as he always was her mother who was going to pick me up at home, I had never seen her father, until one day we were playing hide and seek, and I accidentally went into one of the rooms in the house and came across a scene that would never come out from my mind, I saw a gentleman, who later discovered he was Bruna’s father, playing a nice hand job, I couldn’t get out of there at the time, I was mesmerized by the scene, and soon I felt something different in my pussy, of course he He saw me there, and even then he didn’t stop, and he continued masturbating and looking at me, until I heard Bruna calling me and ran out and I didn’t tell anyone what I saw.
Soon the night when I went to sleep in one of the guest rooms of the house, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw, and in that, again my pussy was wet, it was a good feeling that I felt, I was wearing only a sweater and panties , and after a while I heard the door open, closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, and felt a big hand passing over my legs and thigh, even at the age of 11 I already had a well developed body, with breasts and very big ass, I soon felt the hand on my ass lifting my nightgown up to my waist, and that hand was caressing me and my pussy getting more and more wet, which I could already see through my panties, and I saw that that hand belonged to Bruna, Uncle Otávio, that’s when he saw that I was sleeping, that’s what he thought, and decided to take my panties off, and started to stick his finger in my pussy revealing that I was loving that situation, I heard him saying quietly, that I was a little bitch, and deserved it that, after strumming a lot, I started to feel something very strange and wonderful happening to my body, I started to shake and moan, I felt very strange chills, and soon after my whole body went limp, he made me have an orgasm for the first time, he made me cum in his hand, he started to play a wank and came in the pussy entrance, put my panties back on and left the room. and I was amazed at all that and ended up sleeping.
On the other morning I saw that he was there having coffee, I also noticed that Bruna’s mother was not there, so they said she had to go to work, that as she was a doctor, that Sunday she was on duty, Bruna’s brother, went to pass Sunday at the house of some cousins, so there was only me, Bruna and her father Otávio at home. As we woke up late and had a nice coffee, we soon went to the pool and her father went with us, and whenever he could he grabbed me, took my breasts, rubbed my pussy and ass, rubbed my dick, it even made me take your dick, that I could feel how hard it was, and I didn’t even avoid it, my pussy was already showing signs that I wanted more.
We spent the afternoon at the pool, and when we left he decided to give us a bath, took us to the bathtub, and gave Bruna a bath and I sat there looking, then when Bruna was ready, she went to his room got dressed and ended up sleeping, then it would be my turn, that was when it all started, he picked me up and put me inside the bathtub, and he was saying, now get ready, bitch, because you are mine, at the time it scared me , but the lust was much greater, and I let it go, because I was loving that situation, and he kissed me, saying you think I believed you were sleeping yesterday, I didn’t say anything just let out a few moans, he took off the top of my bikini and started to suck on my teats, I just closed my eyes and I wanted it to never end, and as he was good at sucking, he bit my pussies, sucked willingly, and he stayed for a while, until he went down , and kiss, my tummy, and reach my pussy, he didn’t even want to put his fingers the ones in it, as much as I asked, he just answered me, calm my bitch, I have something much better, he put me on top of the marble in the bathtub, spread my legs wide, leaving my pussy fully exposed, he released my bikini by the strings, leaving me naked, that’s when he started the best blowjob

that I had until today, he sucked, bit my clitoris, and again I felt that sensation that I had last night, and I was there trying one enjoyment after the other, there were several, I just know that in the end I couldn’t even stand, and in that he took it out without a stick, and I could see it up close, and it was love at first sight, since that moment I fell in love with sticks, Uncle Otávio’s stick was not very big, it must have been about 16cm, but it was beautiful, perfect and fragrant, at the moment in an impulse that I don’t know where it came from, I picked it up, started jerking and put my little mouth on it, then it made him moan, I did what he asked, licked everything, sucked it to the bottom, even on the balls, and also sucked the bag, and we stayed there for about 10 minutes until he said, now little bitch is going to take my milk, and she can’t drop anything out, and so I did, like a real whore, I swallowed everything. then he told me that it was not over yet, as I was already given to pleasure, I left everything, in that as I was already lying down, he just put my legs up, as his dick was already hard again and he stuck it all in in my pussy, all at once, I who until then was a virgin, at the time I gave a very loud cry, because at that moment I had lost my gourd, but it didn’t stop, and I started pumping faster and stronger, then the pain passed and I started to moan loudly, that hot male was delivered, and I came again, and he told me he was going to come and I felt that cock inside me, getting thicker, and throbbing and in that I felt a jet of cum invading my uterus , he took the stick and I sucked it again until it was hard, leaving it very clean, when it was already hard again, I continue that wonderful blowjob and my male said that I was born to be a blow job, that my pussy was very hot, and I wanted know how my ass was, then he put me on all fours, and brush the stick in my ass always praises, saying that I had a delicious ass, a tail that asked for a stick, in that he put some conditioner on the stick and in the entrance of my ass, and did as he had done with the pussy, and stuffed everything at once, at that moment I started to cry, and scream a lot, but he didn’t stop, he punched hard in the ass, my pleats didn’t even exist anymore, my ass burned, he my male wouldn’t stop, after about 5 minutes , of him fucking me, the pain passed, and I started to feel pleasure, and again I came, and he also filling my ass with cum. My male took the withered stick, told me to clean it again, with a blowjob, and so I did. in that he took a shower and me too, that’s when I could see the damage to my pussy and my ass, both were bleeding and burning, then we got out of the shower, and went to lie together in bed, where he fucked me one more time time, with more love, he came in my pussy, and in that Bruna woke up, ended up getting us lying together, but she was silly did not notice anything, I put my clothes on and he sent me home like that, with his fucking running between my legs, he and Bruna took me home, coming home almost could not even sit, I took a shower, and from that day on, a siririca played always remembering everything we lived. Of course, we had other meetings, but these are other stories.
More thanks to my male Uncle Otávio, I just like sex hard, I don’t like that melation, I like a good fuck, I don’t make love, I fuck.


Maria Fernanda

I am brunette, with brown eyes and hair, I am tall, with 1.77 m, I have wide hips, big ass, my breasts are big and bulky. My thighs are thick and my pussy forms a camel’s paw that
draws a lot of attention.
I am a professional nurse with a university degree, I work in a large private hospital in the west of São Paulo. I live in my own apartment. I am 49 years old, I am divorced, no children.
On the weekend of the Capital’s Birthday Holiday, I took time off for Saturday and Sunday, a rare thing in my profession. As I always do I went to a Resort on the Riviera de São Lourenço in Bertioga, on Friday night.
Saturday dawned beautiful and sunny, I put on a yellow bikini and after breakfast I went straight to the beach. The Resort provides guests with an umbrella, chairs, sun loungers, table etc.
On the umbrella next to mine was a couple. She was about 50 and he was about 60 years old. Just listening to their conversation, I learned that her name was Elza and he was Orlando.
The Orlando guy didn’t take his eyes off my breasts and especially my big camel’s paw. The bastard, very discreetly, ran his hand over the roll under the swimming trunks looking at my legs.
At one point when I came back from a dip in the sea for the parasol, Orlando hardly blinked looking at my camel’s paw under his wet bikini. The son of a bitch kept looking and put his hand on the dick.
When that Elza went to cool off in the sea, Orlando stood up and, turning to my side, showed that he was hard under his shorts.
I pretended I didn’t see it and it lasted until I went to lunch.
On Sunday, I put on a white swimsuit, almost transparent, and went to the beach. Again the couple was in the same place. Orlando almost drooled when he saw me in the swimsuit. The pervert didn’t leave his chair all morning just
look at me.
After lunch, I decided to scare the Orlando guy. I called the concierge and asked for someone to call in his suite, asking him to come to my suite.
Minutes later the doorbell rang. I was just wearing a T-shirt, no bra and white panties. Knowing it was Orlando, I opened the door and sent him in. He opened his eyes wide when he saw me.
I looked like a few friends and said: Orlando, my name is Maria Fernanda and I didn’t like your behavior on the beach. Have you ever wondered if I tell your wife that you get excited seeing another woman on the beach. Or even worse, if I call security to report their bad behavior? Maybe I should call the police to do a Bulletin.
He was very scared. I just said that I thought I was very beautiful. But I want to apologize to you for my bad behavior.
I can excuse you. But you have to do what I say. do you agree? I do agree, ma’am, he replied. Very well.
I want to see your dick, take off your shorts, your T-shirt and get naked in front of me. He complied and showed him a big, thick cock. Hit me up to see. He began to smooth that roll that soon became very hard. I sat on the bed and spread my legs and started to smooth my pussy under the white panties. The scene moved him. The cock soon became huge and with a delicious head. I took off my panties and told him to suck my pussy.
The pervert knew how to suck a pussy and a hard clit very well. I got all wet.
That’s it, you son of a bitch, suck that camel’s paw,
you kid. put that tongue in that pussy, fuck tasty,
lick tasty put your finger in my pussy lick my ass,
fuck with that hard tongue suck more i’ll cum on
your mouth you want to feel my enjoyment, I’m going to come, damn it, damn it I’m enjoying it, I’m enjoying it, fuck what a hot cumshot.

Here you bastard, I want to suck this thick cock.
I started jerking off on that thick, hard, heady cock.
he moaned with lust. I put that head in my mouth and sucked
with pleasure. The cock went rock hard. Went crazy
horny and climbed on that hard mast. With the soaked pussy the cock came in whole, even the balls.
Sitting on that roll, I was in charge of the actions.
It went up until almost the roll leaves the pussy and then it went down until
feel it whole inside me. You didn’t want to eat me,
you son of a bitch, you weren’t horny you kid,
now get in, fuck like a man, you pervert.
Upon hearing my words he immediately reacted and started
fucking me crazy to come and fill me with hot cum.
Fuck it, fuck it more, I want your hot cum in my pussy.
He went crazy and started to fuck harder and harder
fast. I will cum in your pussy, your whore, your bitch,
fucking pussy, I’m going to cum in that pussy.
He moaned and came tasty. I felt like four jets of cum
in the pussy. I don’t think he fucked a pussy in a long time.
As soon as he came I told him to leave and not behave badly
again. He quickly left my suite.

Slutty with my little brother at the cinema

This story occurred between me and my brother when we were younger. It was an indescribable day, but I will try to contain my temptations to tell about. Whenever I think about this story, I get wet and start to touch myself. Today I am married and close to my 40s, in addition to having a child. I had never told anyone this story about my brother and me.
I had, Luísa (this is my real name), about thirteen to fourteen years old, she was a girl half overweight, half “chubby”, as they said, but with small breasts and a very proportional ass. That provoked glances from my brother, as I had noticed several times, although I didn’t show it. Carlos, my little brother, as I affectionately called him, was about two years older than me. He was a thin boy, of medium height, a little shy – I thought so – compared to schoolmates. Sometimes, when we sat on the floor to listen to music on the old record player (remember I’m talking about more than twenty years ago), Carlos stood with his legs kind of ajar, so that I, from my corner, could see the stick, appearing between the folds of the “short”. I don’t know if he did it on purpose or not. Besides, other times, when I was going to put a painting on the wall, for example, Carlos would approach from behind, and touch his member, kind of numb (I felt …) on my ass. Everything very delicately, very “by chance”, if you know what I mean… I used to sneak a peek out of the corner of my eye, and let him lean over a little, then step back, without saying anything.
Well (and the reader must already be kind of impatient, wanting to know what motivated this report). One day, Carlos invited me to go to a movie in a cinema in a neighboring neighborhood, because where we lived there was neither a cinema nor a bar. I found the invitation somewhat unusual, as we had rarely gone to the cinema together, and even then with mutual friends. Ah, if I knew what to expect!
I accept the invitation – it was a Sunday, four o’clock session – we took a bus and went there, talking about amenities, family things, nothing very important. If I’m not mistaken, we arrived a little late, the session had already started. We sat down towards the end of the projection room, in two seats, in which there was no one around, as the cinema was not full, there were many empty seats.
Well, after about fifteen minutes, without why or why, Carlos put his arm over the back of my chair, lightly touching his right shoulder. I didn’t think anything was too much, and I continued to pay attention to the tape, which was about a bunch of teenagers lost in a forest, with good looking guys and hot girls, like cheerleaders, characters typical of these American films made for the “teen” audience. . As the film went on, my brother began to slowly lower his hand over my breast, very “unintentionally, wanting”. I found it strange, but a feeling of mistrust and fear, but very pleasant, took hold of me. I dared not make a move. Carlos was still staring at the screen, as if nothing was happening. He settled himself a little in the chair and, as if by chance, his hand slid to the nipple of my breast. And slowly began to caress him. I was invaded by a delicious sensation, and half nipples (both, of course!) Swelled. None of us said anything, we pretended that we were paying close attention to what was going on on the screen, and yet… what was going to happen was much better than any slutty movie!
Noting my silence – whoever is silent agrees, don’t they say? – Carlos (did I mention that I thought he was shy?) He went a little further and started to massage my nipple, gently rotating the nipple back and forth. (When I think about it, I start to feel horny …). I was already beginning to feel myself wetting my panties. I made a slight movement with the body, pretending that I was getting better in the chair, to disguise it. Taking advantage of this, Carlos spread his hand over my chest, now without any subtlety. I sighed, it was inevitable.
Noticing my barely concealed embarrassment, my brother guided my left hand over his pants, next to his member, which – I could feel it with a mixture of satisfaction and surprise – was hard. He slid my hand over his dick, over his pants, and I could tell that he was not very long, but thick. At the time of the events, I was already all wet, and I felt my brother’s member pulse between my fingers. He started to move my hand in slow back and forth movements, as if touching a hand. But, I was wanking him! And I was enjoying it, and a lot!
I did not make any movement that was not led by Carlos. He, already more daring (at first, I noticed a certain nervousness), did not hesitate to stick his hand under my shirt, and began to caress my breasts – now both – and I was not always wearing a bra (I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I have not too big breasts). He squeezed my breasts with his right hand, squeezed them, while with his left he unbuttoned his “jeans” fly and tucked my left hand under his underwear. I noticed that he was already a little luscious, and when he made me hold his cock and move it in a series of back and forth movements, from the root to the glans, swollen, throbbing, I could feel that he was about to come!
Then, the inevitable happened. We couldn’t pretend anymore that nothing was happening. Carlos left me wanking him – of course I didn’t take my hand away! – and with his free left hand he tucked it under my skirt, slowly running down my thigh and forcing my way into my pussy, which, by now, I could already feel swollen, and if I know myself well, a little reddish!
Needless to say, at thirteen, I was still a virgin! Well, Carlos started to insert his index finger at the entrance to my crack, without sticking it too deep, otherwise he would untangle me right there (this would happen some time later, but it is another story). Then she also stuck her middle finger in, but always carefully, and began to massage my small lips… I was already completely wet, and I made an involuntary move forward so that it would penetrate my fingers more. What a delight, I can remember, when, one or two minutes after that massage, I came two or three times (it must have been such multiple orgasms), as I never had before when I masturbated in the bathroom.
My brother, with his cock out of his pants, and with my hand caressing him, would come to enjoy it abundantly a few seconds later. I felt that slimy fuck run through my fingers, and wet the cinema carpet…
A few minutes later, already satisfied, and without saying a word, he kissed me with his tongue, tenderly, as if to thank the gift I had given him. But I was delirious, wanting to give myself to him right there, give him everything, lose my gourd with him!
Finally, we left the cinema, coincidentally with the end of the film (to which I had not paid any attention), together with the other spectators, as if nothing had happened.
We don’t exchange a word until we get home, and everyone goes to do something in their room. Nobody knew anything, of course.
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Slutty with My Neighbor

I was on vacation and woke up early. I decided to take a run. I put on a micro short and a top. I took the elevator. And when he was on the fifth floor, the elevator stopped. And the most beautiful man I have ever seen came in. He was wearing a suit and a folder in his hand, and a cell phone over his ear. He didn’t even notice me in the elevator. When the elevator stopped I went out and he bumped me and I fell on all fours on the floor. I have already felt two strong and agile hands holding my waist…
-Sorry I didn’t see her …
I stood up and looked at him. He gave a perfect smile.
-Did you get hurt? (He said worriedly…)
-Just a scratch on the leg …
When I looked at my leg that trickling blood. And I felt dizzy and passed out.
-Hey, girl wake up!
I opened my eyes slowly and was in an unknown place. I was startled and soon the boy appeared in front of me.
-I brought you to my apartment to make a dressing.
-Okay … I have to go running …
When I got up from the couch, my leg burned.
-Wow how it hurts …
-It’s normal because I used an antiseptic … It will be fine soon, not that you are not.
-KKKK was that a teaser?
-Who knows, pleasure Lucas …

  • It’s all mine, Danne. And did you have a meeting or something like that in a suit?
    -I had more canceled when I dropped you.
    -Hmm, do you live in this building?
    -Moro, but I hardly stay at home … Busy life you know?
    -I don’t know, I’m only 16, I don’t have a busy life …
    -I thought I was about 18 … For the big body healed …
    -I love exercises … mallet.
    -Hum, if you want to know I’m 29 years old.
    -Hmm interesting.
    That beautiful man in front of me in just his sweatpants with a cup of hot chocolate. Looking at me like I’m a tasty fruit.
    -I made it for you … I hope you like hot chocolate is my specialty.
    We started to talk. He told me that he was the manager of a large multinational, that lived in meetings and cocktails …
    And I said I was in the second year of high school, that I lived with my father who is always working, and that my life had no adventure.
    -Do you want a Danne adventure?
    -It depends on what it is….
    He came closer to my face and kissed my lips. And went for the neck that was my weak point. I wasn’t too strong to resist … So I let him take care of me.
    -Danne… I had seen you before, when you left for school early in the morning in that uniform… that miniskirt with the long boots, the hair in a loose knot and the blouse showing the navel piercing, I wish you very girl …
    -Wow …
    He took off my top and picked me up. I felt my breasts touching his skin, and my body shivered. He pulled my shorts down and threw me on the couch. Fell mouth biting and sucking my pussy. It was already delivered. He made me delirious like never before. We did a perfect 69, I sucked it so much that it came in my mouth. Then he put me on the kitchen counter and stuck that huge stick in me. I screamed at the fire I felt. And blood ran down my legs …
    -Danne, were you still a virgin?
    -Yes, but I was ashamed to speak …
    He looked into my eyes and kissed me passionately.
    -Danne, I’m sorry …
    I pulled him on top of me… and said:
    -Teach me everything, I want to learn from you… Come on, you won’t let me suck you right Lucas?
    He winked at me and started to slow down… And I liked the feeling. I soon felt myself in the clouds and came for the first time. He started getting stronger and I was enjoying it. Soon I was asking for more and more …
    Fuck me, fuck, this is very good … FUCK ME!
    -Are you losing your shame? Naughty…
    He gave me every stick that tears tears from my eyes. When he felt like he was going to come, he put me on his knee and came on my titties. And we went to the hydro there, yes it was awesome, with the wet stick he got in a lot more I cried in pain. Even being cautious, he tore me up inside… We had sex all morning. And it was wonderful. We took some pictures and had a lot of fun. He made lunch and after that we took a nap. When we wake up we have sex again… Now it’s like this every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday I go to his apartment… For him to teach me everything… Beard, Hair and Mustache and he is very good at what he does.

Giving a delicious quickie in the elevator

I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend. He was my age (18) and was not very experienced. And that had a spectacular side, we were determined to do everything and everywhere together.
One time we went to my cousins’ building, where we would later go to the beach. This building is old, from the 1970s. Among the characteristics of its time, there was the elevator, which stopped between floors and had an emergency button on the panel.
Sex in the elevator was something that was at the beginning of our “check list”, because it is difficult to do without being interrupted and because of the adrenaline for the possibility of being surprised.
We went to the beach with my cousins, we enjoyed the sun, the sea, the food and the chat. The day passed and I was already devising an excuse to return earlier than the others.
As I wanted to surprise him, I didn’t agree with him, which made the lie much more complex.
I said that the sun was leaving me with a migraine and that I needed to get out of there (in fact I have very strong migraines), which convinced everyone.
He was very careful with me, gave me his sunglasses and we were walking to the building. Until we got into the elevator, he had his hand on his temple, making a face of pain.
I pressed the button on the fifth floor and waited in agony for that door to close just before someone else came.
The elevator started to rise and when I saw that it was between two floors, I pressed the emergency button.
He looked at me with a frightened face, because he didn’t understand why I had done that and how my expression had changed so quickly.
Instead of a look of pain, she looked at him with malice. I think he only understood what I was up to when I approached him and gave him an intense kiss.
In that he already started to take off my bikini, while I lowered his swim trunks. I kissed his entire body, from top to bottom, until I was on my knees.
I wanked that dick in my mouth and heard him moan with lust. It always excited me to feel a stick growing, hardening and pulsing in my mouth.
When I felt it the way I wanted it, I got up and bent toward the elevator door.
He got the message right away. I immediately felt the head of his cock in my pussy.
I was dying to feel it all inside me and the bastard was teasing me. He leaned his head against my clitoris and kept wanking.
It made me more and more crazy with desire. I hit him and the provocation didn’t end.
I didn’t control myself and with an impulse in my arms, I pushed my body against his.
I felt him enter me all at once.
In retaliation for my initiative, he grabbed me by the hip and was getting stronger and stronger.
He moaned madly. If anyone was waiting for the elevator on any floor, they knew exactly why it was stopped.
With each lunge he gave me, I felt him deeper and arched my body more and more. When he saw me all reared up, he kept on getting strong and now he played with my ass.
I felt his finger, luscious from his saliva, go around and squeeze my ass. It drove them both crazy. We can’t take much and enjoy together.
This quickie was so intense that my legs were shaking. I got up, got dressed and he did the same.
I took a deep breath and hit the emergency button again. When we saw the elevator go up, we looked at each other and laughed in satisfaction.
We entered the apartment and immediately went to take a shower. In less than 5 minutes my cousins ​​arrived and asked for me.

  • she’s in the bath.
  • Still?
  • You know when she has a migraine, she takes a bath for an hour, right?
    I got out of the shower with a happy face and nobody understood anything. I had completely forgotten about the lie!
  • Wow, that bath did you good huh?
  • It was, all I needed was to be under water.
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Hello Friends, we are a normal couple, or almost lol, but freaked out by sex and exhibitionism, we have some adventures already published here and this one happened on a Train.
We have always heard reports of people on trains and buses who were harassed by men hitting them and rubbing hands with people, we know that this practically occurs, because we can see how they are always full, and I have always had the lust to feel it personally.
It was a hot afternoon and I already had in mind to do a little exercise on my little horn, I called him that we were going out that night, he told me where we were going and I said surprise, it was already 17 o’clock I went to take a delicious shower and get ready with lots of sensuality, but without being vulgar, I put on a very loose blouse and no bra, I put on a very loose skirt like those of transparent gypsies a little over the knees with a very small thong, and a high-heeled sandal.
When my horn came and saw me like this he said;
Where are we going all hot like that, I said surprise baby, today you’re going to be my bodyguard, he insisted on knowing where we were going and I said take a quick shower and let’s go, because this time is ideal.
He went and in 5 minutes he was ready, we took the car and said let’s go to Luz station, he kind of didn’t know how to get there until we arrived around 6:30 pm, I told him to put the car in a parking lot, because we would go for a walk by train;
He said that this is crazy, you know how the trains are now, they are overcrowded, and I said that’s what I want, he said he won’t do what I’m thinking, right, then I said yes and you will love it, he shook his head and said you’re crazy.
Well, we parked and went to the station, in fact it was packed I ordered the ticket and we went to the platform, we got on the train in the last car, kind of pushed there were some places to sit because we were at the beginning of the stretch, so I said in his ear sit that I’m going to stand by his side, he said okay, when I sat down I got my xaninha right at his shoulder, well it started to get in more and more people and it didn’t take long I saw three men behind me, the train started walking and according to his swing I already felt a little squeezed on my back, I surreptitiously leaned well on the shoulder of my corninho and as it was a little dark due to some lights that didn’t turn on and crowded, no one noticed much that was going to happen.
One of the men who was behind me, shaking me, put his hand under my skirt and started to smooth my legs, the guy behind me, a tall, strong and friendly brunette stepped forward and I felt his member already half hard on my ass, then I gave a little push and he realized that I released the crunch and he came forward, I could feel that pause growing in my ass and he was already in a way that I almost lay on my back, that delight to feel that rolona in the bootie and suddenly he began to pass my hand with my bootie with mastery he put it right in the middle of my chaninha that was already wet, seeing that I didn’t react he went crazy and started to fingering it, suddenly he took it his hand and I felt his member that was big and thick in the middle of my legs, I thought he was daring and then I realized that what they said was true, he was slutty and big on the train.
I slightly interlaced my legs and felt him knock on the door of my pussy, I reared the bootie to facilitate the game thinking that he would be alone in that he lowered and pulled my panties aside, as he was very hard and she was wet and with the swing of the train he started to get in I tried to avoid it but as it was crowded I couldn’t even move, I felt him entering gradually and I became more and more immobile and horny and with the movements of the train it was facilitating the entrance, I didn’t even need to move just with the swing of the train did everything I was crazy with lust and felt all that in my pussy he pushed more and more.
My little horn sometimes looked at me and put his hand on my legs, and little by little he went up and felt that roll inside me, looked at me in amazement and then he realized that the guy was cumming inside me, he felt his sperm run down the troughs and that dick coming out of me, at that time I had already enjoyed it 2 times, and controlling myself not to let out screams of lust, when I took it out, I asked my corninho to get up because we would go next season , we kind of pushed off and told him how horny I need to go to the bathroom, I cleaned myself and returned;
He told me you are crazy, right, you hot bitch, I said you don’t want different emotions, so I’m giving you, now let’s go back, we went to another platform that was not very full, I sat on the bench and noticed a boy with his 24 years cute looking at me, noticing his looks I opened his legs a little and the position he was in could see looking at me, noticing his looks, I opened my legs a little and from the position in which he was able to see my panties, when the train arrived we entered and as it was full we stood up and I was facing my little corn and it didn’t take long for that kitten came after me and I felt him crouching I winked at my little horn he shook his head and I realized that he said everything okay.
With the swing of the train he approached even more and a few seconds was already glued to me, I noticed his member grew and the volume was also well served, as there was no room for anything he started to rub my ass, I felt my skirt get up and he put his hand on my ass going towards the pussy, seeing that he didn’t react he touched more and whispered in my ear;
His hot little slut wants a roll, right, so there will be, when he took his cock out I felt it was really thick but not so big but really thick, I whispered to my little horn, it was going to break me in, he went down and I reared my ass, wow it was thick it looked like a 600 ml bottle of soda, he pulled my panties aside and I felt that thick roll tearing me and forcing him in, I opened my legs a little more and he buried everything, wow, he pumped delicately as the train’s swing he put his hand on my waist and pulled it back, as the train was too crowded no one noticed the movements just my little horn that saw my horny face and my eyes half open, then I took my little corn’s hand and I put it in the middle of my legs, then he can feel the thickness of the dick that was breaking me, he was pumping for about 15 minutes, when I was close to the station I felt him accelerate the movement more and that spurt inside me warm and dripping between my legs, after taking it off he gave me a little pinch on my ass and we said, my legs were limp, we went back to the parking lot and said I killed my will to train bitch lol, let’s go my little horn.
We got home and he was very horny, passing his hand over my pussy, all wet with milk and broken into it, as I always threw him on the bed, I knelt on his face and made him suck her with milk in the cup.

Lost and naked in the waterfall


Guys, my name is Paula, I’m 27 years old, married, 1 son, I live in Brasília and I’m going to report here a true case that happened to me when I was 14 years old. I have been reading tales for a long time and now I took the courage to tell them, even my husband doesn’t know that.
I lived in the interior of MG and almost every Sunday my 16 year old cousin and I went to the waterfall that was about 10 km from the city. It was about 9 in the morning when she stopped by the house and asked me to go, I looked at the sky and said: Renata is a little cloudy, we better not go! She insisted, I already put on a bikini, pack, pack and let’s go. At her insistence, we went… We spent the day as usual, swam, tanned, played, ate sandwiches, etc. In the late afternoon, we went to take the last shower very quickly, to clean the sand to leave because it started raining, and leaving the waterfall we saw that our tires were flat, and our clothes and towels were gone, we were desperate because on foot we would have to leave and we would only arrive at night and in a bikini! We were terrified because there should have been some pervert who had done this !! In addition, I bought my bikini when I was 12 and had a lot of pain after that, it was very indecent, my ass and breasts barely fit in it!
We walked a little and arrived at a shed and saw 4 boys eating barbecue and drinking beer. They were the same boys who went to the waterfall around noon and watched us. My cousin said to me that they should have come back and stolen our clothes and withered the tires, but without a choice we asked for help.
My cousin knew one Pedro who was the oldest about 20 years old and the son of the owner of the store she worked for. He was the only one with a car, he was dark, with straight black hair, about 175 tall, very strong, he was doing weight training, he was beautiful, playboy style. She hitchhiked him, all embarrassed in a bikini, with the other 3 eating us with their eyes. Pedro said that they were leaving only tomorrow, that we could sleep there looking naughty. We told him it was going to be bad, we were going to be badly spoken in the city, which was very small. We begged him to give us a ride. He gave each of us a glass of beer and called Renata to speak to him inside the house. I stayed out and Marcos, who was dating my roommate and was 17, said to me: you look beautiful in that bikini, I was red with embarrassment, but I said thanks, I drank all beer, I had never drunk before. I was very embarrassed, I covered my groin with my hands because my hair appeared in the white dental floss. I turned around and realized that the other 2 boys were not taking their eyes off my ass. Thank God Renata came back and pulled me over and said: Paula, we have a problem: Pedro said he takes us, but just by giving it to them! I told her terrified, you’re crazy, you know I’m a virgin, you know I did anal a few months ago with my boyfriend so I wouldn’t lose my virginity, you’re crazy. I asked her if he knew she was not a virgin and she said that he already knew because her ex had told him. She said that she had already explained that I was a virgin with a “pussy” and he said that it was okay, they wouldn’t even touch my pursuit and that was it or we would have to sleep there with them and the whole city would know.
Deep down, I was a little excited about the situation and Marcos’s previous praise. With that Peter comes and talks and then decided? Renata said, yes, let’s go, but nobody can know, he said: be calm Linda and pulled her arm hard to the shed and the other three entered with him. I was immobilized, after about 10 minutes, I looked through the crack in the door and I saw Pedro eating her on all fours and the other three laughing, putting the stick in her mouth, I don’t remember, I was terrified and at the same time horny! Unfortunately, the door made a noise and Pedro said: come Paulinha, I ran to the corral in fear, Pedro came after me and said: Paula was almost coming and you and hindered me, shall we go in? I said I was ashamed of the boys, he took the luscious stick out and said: suck here a little beautiful, just a little and took off my bra and started sucking my breasts greedily … Oh, as he was very affectionate, I started to suck his dick with desire, his was much bigger and thicker than my boyfriend from school who was 15 years old. After a minute he said, ok now take us, he pulled my hair, pulled the lace on my panties and said suck more beautiful, I was completely naked, I sucked again and the bastard came in my mouth, I spit and almost threw up on by the time he was on the floor on all fours almost vomiting. Worse than I realized that Marcos was on the side seeing everything, he said: now suck for me, he said that he wasn’t vomiting with his sperm, the bastard didn’t even wait for me to get up and stuffed it in my anus, that’s when Renata and the other two arrived , all naked, there was that bacchanal, they lined up to eat us, my ass burned from being so stung, I sucked a lot too !! It was a mixture of fear, lust, excitement! When it was about 9 pm, they took us to the city. Pedro came to me several times after that, we had a flirt, I continued with my boyfriend, but I couldn’t help going out with Pedro, he took me to his father’s store, after a few months, I left my boyfriend and lost my virginity to him. After that, the rumor started to spread throughout the city, we think that for the other three boys, then I started missing school and missed the year, we never told that, nor does my husband know, thank God I moved out of the city shortly after! I remembered that now because we went to this city on vacation, I have relatives there and the owner of the Pizzeria there is Pedro, we had dinner there and I realized that he never took his eyes off me, he looked at me a little jealously, he must have thought he married a rich man from Brasilia and did well! my husband doesn’t even suspect what I did.