The fastest shag of my entire life.

Married Curious

Hello everyone! My name is Giselle, I am 30 years old, I am married, I have a 10 year old daughter and a very wonderful husband, with whom I have very good sex. Since our courtship, I had never been unfaithful to my husband, and that idea never crossed my mind.
A few months ago I went on vacation with my husband. We lived in Curitiba and spent a few days in São Luís do Maranhão, since we wanted to exchange the cold for the heat. My mother volunteered to stay with our daughter, so that I could be more relaxed with Vinicíus, my husband.
Before we traveled I tried to find out a little more about the culture of the people of São Luís, and of Maranhão in general. I was struck by the fact that there are many blacks, several of them very beautiful by the way. I was also excited about Reggae, and told my husband that I wanted to dance a lot when we got there.
We finally traveled, and I was enjoying the beaches, the places, the people. Wow! I was fascinated. We had the opportunity to make several friends, and it was just one of these friends who indicated a Reggae show that was going to take place on one of the beaches near our hotel.
I insisted on my husband and he finally agreed to take me. We watched the show and danced a lot. The men looked at me with much desire, since I was a white girl in the middle of that immensity of men and brunette women. It was enough for my husband to get away from me and a naughty black man would approach me and take a cone.
I was just in a bikini, very tiny, and a crochet beach skirt, dancing very provocatively, and that was enough for silly hands to squeeze my ass all the time. I had already lost count of how many fingerprints I had taken in my pussy. And, oddly enough, I was loving it.
Of course, when my husband was by my side, the guys were more attentive and kept some distance from me. It was about 8:00 pm when I invited my husband to go to a closed place that caught my attention.
I realized that the place was a kind of nightclub, very closed, dark and people came and went all the time, almost all dressed as we were, that is, bikinis, shorts and other short and provocative clothes.
I went in with my husband and soon we were looking for a table to sit on. We spent a while drinking, talking and watching a Reggae band that performed. The place was really dark, with only a little lighting on the stage and in the bar.
The dance floor was very crowded, and it didn’t take long for a guy to come up and invite me to dance with him. My husband made a face on the spot, but the boy smiled and asked him if I could go. I looked at my husband and he understood that I wanted it too.
With my husband’s permission I went to dance with the boy. My husband is not jealous or suspicious of me, but I think he was afraid of the encoxadas that I was going to take in the middle of that world of dancing people.
We started to dance and I soon realized that the boy was all sweaty, but he smelled, with a very exciting perfume. He was black, like most other men, no more than seventeen or eighteen, and strong, with well-muscled arms and legs.
At first we were dancing right there, next to my husband. But, after a few minutes the boy was pulling me and we mixed with the others. I looked at my husband and he was focused on watching the band play. The boy also noticed, because he started to press me against his body.
Wow !! The sound of the music, the sweat of that scented boy, the way he held me around the waist, his member growing in his shorts and touching me. All of this was driving me crazy. It didn’t take long and he put his mouth to my ear, asking my name.
I said my name and he said his. Then he kissed my neck, very close to the back of my neck.

  • Hey !! … were you crazy? … my husband can see! – I said, showing a certain fear.
    He just smiled and held me even closer to him. The naughty guy already had an erection that seemed to want to rip his thin fabric shorts. I know that boys at that age are really horny, but he was awesome. We had been dancing for only two minutes and that dick was getting harder and harder.
    The people around us didn’t even seem to care, and my husband drank quietly, looking hypnotized as he watched the band play. The whole situation started to look fun, and I decided to “play” a little more with that naughty and horny boy.
    I am a pediatrician, and my life has always been monotonous at work, and without many new things in my marriage and family life. So, the idea of ​​having a little fun there in that dark club seemed very good to me. My husband was distracted, drinking his beer. Why not?

The boy dragged me a little further to the bottom of the club and pressed me against the wall. The darkness and that sea of ​​people dancing and laughing contributed so that no one cared about what we were doing. He really grabbed me, making my hip and little crack look right at the height of his cock.

  • Guri … my husband is going to kill you, you know? – I said smiling in his ear. The kid’s cock was as hard as an iron rod. I started to moan uncontrollably as he held me tight by the waist and kissed my neck. I hugged him, with my arms around his neck.
  • You are very hot, lady … !! he whispered in my ear. I was wearing a bikini whose bottom was really small, barely covering my entire shaved pussy. I lifted my skirt and placed my pelvis right on top of his cock, and we were moving slowly. My intention was to make him even more horny. – Ohhhhh … we can’t do that … !! – I groaned and tried to speak. But it was too late. His hands were already on my ass, squeezing my buttocks and making me shudder, I was so horny. I felt the bikini’s panties being pulled upwards, getting into the crack of my ass.

I couldn’t say any more. While one of his hands squeezed my ass, the other caused his cock to come out of the leg of his thin fabric shorts. “Good heavens! I can’t do this!”, I thought, terrified. But my pussy was all luscious, and I can’t reason well in these situations.

  • Deusssss boy … don’t do thatooooo … !! – I said, trying to fight my wishes. He didn’t even care, just gave me a kiss on the mouth and I felt his fingers pulled my bikini panties to the side. There, standing and facing him, squeezed against the wall of that dark club, I relented. I opened my legs and it happened.

His dick slid between the wet lips of my pussy, and I opened my legs more and more.- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh … forgive me, amorrrrrrrr … !!! – I spoke softly when the boy’s stick found the door of my little cave and sank into me.

Wow !! The cock came in all the way, making my legs tremble. I rolled over, trying to fit in even more. I looked for his mouth, and we kissed deliciously, while he hugged me tightly and started a paced and steady back and forth, increasing the rhythm with each mess.

  • Waitaaaaa … w-w-need … w-w-see my m-m-husband … !! – I managed to speak and pushed him a little bit, making his cock come out of my pussy and be swinging between my legs. He noticed my despair and stuck his dick in his shorts again, while I straightened my bikini panties.
  • You come back? – he asked.
  • Y-y-yeah … my deussss … how crazy … yeah … I’ll be back … !! – I said and laughed completely embarrassed. I got a little dizzy in the middle of that sea of ​​people dancing and having fun. When I got close to my husband I saw that he was talking to two girls who were trying to sell him something.
    “There’ll be time!”, I thought and ran back to where the boy was. I leaned against the wall and he hugged me again. We stood face to face, holding on. Immediately he pulled the stick out again and I pulled the bikini panties to the side myself.
  • Meteeeeeee, my queridoooooo … put it very tasty in that pussyaaaa … !! – I groaned and said, while the boy’s cock made way for the pussy. I had never had sex standing up like that, facing each other. I opened my legs and threw my hips forward to allow a very deep penetration.
    This time the boy really got into me, stronger, harder. My crack was open as wide as I could, because no one had ever stuck a big, thick stick like that. Furthermore, until that day I had only had sex with my husband.
    A fire came over me. I put my hands on the boy’s buttocks and pulled him against me.
  • Fodeeeeee … yummy yo … fodeeeee … faster … by favorrrrr … faster … !! – I said and groaned loudly. The music covered my moans, and the people around didn’t even care what was going on.
    The naughty guy was perverted, and his pelvis was beating hard against my belly.
  • Ohhhhhhhh … my deussssss … I’m cumming … I’m cumming … !! I shouted and hugged him tightly. I was having one of the most delicious orgasms of my life.
  • Nooooooo … noooooooo … please … !! – I tried to stop him. But I was enjoying it so good that I couldn’t stop it when he tore off the top of my bikini and fell over my breasts. Wow !! The boy sucked my breasts in such a way that a new orgasm hit me, leaving me with weak legs.
    The nipples of my breasts are large and pink, and the boy suckled on them, alternating between them. In the meantime, the dick was going in and out of my pussy, without giving me time to breathe. That standing and facing position, and leaning against the wall, made it easier for his penis to touch my “G-spot”, because I started having orgasm one after another.

The pleasure was so great that I started to cry and felt an uncontrollable urge to pee. I felt an abundant liquid coming out of my pussy, very different from normal orgasm. I know that when a woman’s “G-spot” is stimulated, she literally “ejaculates” like a man.

  • It’s already good … p-p-I need to go back to my m-m-husband … please … !!! – I said and tried to get rid of the boy. At that time he grabbed me even tighter and, biting my ear, gave me stronger bombs, from the bottom up. He was going to come! He was going to come inside me!
    “I’m in my fertile days … I’m not taking anything … I’m going to get pregnant !!!”, I thought desperately.
  • Tiraaaaaaa … tiraaaaaa … don’t come inside … will get me pregnant … god in heaven … tiraaaaa !! – I said and the bastard didn’t even listen, and he kept getting into it.
    I had no alternative, and I did something that hurt my soul. I put my hand on his belly and pushed him back. Then I took his cock with the other hand and jerked it off quickly. What madness !!! It only took about five whacks and his dick spat cum all over the place, hitting my crack, my thighs and my stomach.
    I quickly fixed my bikini (both the top and bottom) and my skirt off the beach. I almost ran to the bathroom. With the help of a girl I found a bathroom in the back that had a shower.
    I washed quickly, removing any trace of the boy’s cum on my body. Then I went over to my husband.
  • Hey … were you hot? he asked me with a smile.
  • Yes … really hot, love! … but it’s over! – I said and hugged him, giving him a long kiss on the mouth.
    This was the first and only time that I cheated on my husband, and only for about eight minutes at most. Even today I am dying to repeat the dose. I have had many opportunities, but reason spoke louder than emotion. Who knows on our next trip to Maranhão?


Hi my site loves. I’m a little girl and decided to participate. I live with my husband in the neighborhood of Prazeres and we have a simple life. I am currently unemployed and he works as a Microbus Driver. I saw the photos and reports of two married friends who are frustrated. Although different from them, I feel a little like that. I’m only 24 years old and a lot of fire in my ass. I always gave my ass. Even for my father’s brother who fucked my very tasty ass. Since young I give the ass. But my husband doesn’t like it either. I also thought that this was going to change with the wedding, I know I’m even pretty I love taking care of my hair and I know that my butt gets the attention of males. With my husband I wear very normal shorts. When I go shopping or at the bakery I pull on shorts and panties to get right inside my ass and then start my fetishes I like to tease my married neighbors as well as the males in the public market nearby. I know they are crazy when I have my panties and shorts all pounded so I do it seriously but whoever sees a woman on the street like that already knows that she is a married whore. I give my ass a lot, I have two fixed lovers but I also gave it to a pizza and water delivery man when I answer them so I know they can’t resist. Despite being fast they love to fuck my ass in the bed of the same horn. Of course I’m afraid my husband will suddenly arrive, his schedule is a little crazy. But I am very naughty and horned and give my ass willingly. I get broken into like the horn doesn’t reach my ass I don’t even worry about them suspecting it. He always knew that I gave my ass and liked it and I will not stop taking a stick in my ass at all.


Mayara Nascimento

Sempre que meu filho levantava de manhã eu percebia que ele estava de pau duro, ele sempre usava umas calças de moletom, e com certeza não usava cueca pois ficava um volume bem grande, e bem nítido delineando o formato do seu membro quando ele ficava de pau duro, o que parecia não ser nada pequeno e nem fino. Eu estava viúva a vários anos e nesse tempo, apesar da vontade nunca tive outro homem, e vendo meu filho levantar cedo todo dia daquele jeito, fez minha xaninha despertar depois de vários anos de hibernação. Foi olhando praquele volume que um fogo abrasador foi queimando dentro de mim, me despertando o tesão e o desejo de experimentar um pau de novo, e porque não o do meu filho. Pensando nisso, e para despertar o desejo dele por mim, já que ele percebia meu olhar pro seu membro, toda vez que ele aparecia de manha na minha frente com aquele volume como que pra me provocar, decidi entrar no jogo dele, se é que era jogo, e passei a usar roupas mais provocantes. Saias mais curtas, vestidos com decotes mais generosos que bastava me curvar um pouquinho pra deixar meus seios à mostra pra ele, shorts pequenos e enfiados na bunda, e aqueles de malha que eu usava sem calcinha só pra deixar minha buceta bem marcada e dividida no meio, mostrando pro meu filho o quanto sua mãe ainda era gostosa, capaz de despertar o tesão e o desejo dos homens. Queria mostrar pro meu filho que eu desejava ser uma puta pra ele, e iria me vestir como tal. Foi agindo assim que eu comecei a ficar com muito tesão, comecei a provocar pra ver se ele criava coragem, tomava a iniciativa de avançar sobre mim e me pegar de jeito, estava disposta a permitir que ele me tocasse e até me encoxasse. Minha buceta ficava molhada e derretendo só de imaginar meu filho me agarrando, me beijando, me subjugando e me dominando completamente, eu seria dele e deixaria ele fazer o que quisesse comigo, queria me entregar de corpo e alma, e sentir o delicioso prazer de ter o meu filho me possuindo. Ver meu filho daquele jeito todos os dias passou a ser uma verdadeira tortura pra mim, eu já não estava me aguentando de tanto tesão, certo dia estava me preparando pra sair, vesti um vestido longo sem nada por baixo, estava no banheiro escovando os dentes quando ele entrou só de cueca, percebi pelo espelho que seu pau estava duríssimo, dentro de uma cueca branca quase transparente que delineava perfeitamente o tamanho e o formato daquele cacete, foquei na mesma posição olhando pelo espelho sem tirar os olhos do seu pau. Percebi que ele também não tirava os olhos da minha bunda, me inclinei mais um pouco pra que ela ficasse mais em evidencia ainda, meu filho passou por traz de mim, roçando seu pau na minha bunda, não demonstrei qualquer reação, ele voltou passando da mesma forma e dessa vez fazendo uma leve pressão com seu pau em minha bunda, fiquei na mesma, e talvez pra se certificar de que eu não o rejeitaria, ele voltou uma terceira vez e desta vez parou atrás de mim pressionando seu pau na minha bunda, fazendo ele pulsar mexendo e cutucando meu cu. Dei uma forçadinha pra traz e uma leve reboladinha naquele pau delicioso, foi o suficiente pra ele ter certeza de que podia prosseguir, me agarrou e beijou minha nuca, levou a mão em meus peitos e apertou meus biquinhos já duros de tesão, me arrepiei e soltei um gemido de prazer, meu filho estava fazendo o que eu mais queria, que ele me encoxasse e me fizesse sentir aquele pau duro na minha bunda. O pau dele ficou tão duro, que parecia que ia entrar no meu cu, e assim ficamos, eu quase gozando com aquela sensação gostosa, gemendo baixinho, e desejando que aquele pau me penetrasse naquele momento. Ele murmurava baixinho dizendo: Ai mãe como você é gostosa!!! Eu cheia de tesão rebolava enquanto ele continuava agarrado em mim e com seu pinto se esfregando no meu cu. Estava tão bom aquela sensação que eu continuava, esfregava minha bunda bem durinha e arrebitada no pau duro dele, não desejava que ele parasse mas ao mesmo tempo queria aquilo tudo dentro do meu cu, e meu tesão só aumentava, levei a mão pra traz e meu filho já estava com seu pau pra fora da cueca. Pra evitar que ele gozasse e sujasse meu vestido, levantei ele até a altura da cintura, abri mais as pernas e me inclinei mais ainda, permitindo que ele me penetrasse. Ele meteu sua pica bem fundo na minha buceta deixando ela bem melada e encostou na portinha do meu cu, procurei relaxar pra facilitar a entrada, meu cuzinho estava piscando, todo alegre desejando aquela vara, ele deu uma forçadinha e a cabeça passou, mais uma forçada e o resto foi entrando sem nenhuma resistência de tanto tesão que eu estava, e vontade de ter aquela pica no meu cu. Ele me segurava firme pela cintura e socava sem do, cada socada que até me levantava, que virilidade tinha meu garoto, de repente senti seu pau engrossando e alargando cada vez mais o meu cu, meu filho acelerou o seu vai e vem esfolando meu cu e urrando despejou um rio de porra quentinha no meu reto, eu rebolei gostoso na pica do meu filho me sentindo uma verdadeira adolescente, e com uma mão na minha buceta esfregando meu grelo durinho, acabei gozando junto com ele. Desse dia em diante, eu não parei mais, agora ele sabia como sua mãe gostava de tomar no cu e na buceta e estava sempre com disposição pra uma boa foda, agora eu me visto cada vez mais puta só pra ele, que apesar de comer minha buceta varias vezes, viciou mesmo foi no meu cu, virou especialista, e eu sinto um prazer enorme tendo aquela vara grossa me invadindo, quase todos os dias, deslizando lá pra dentro, até me fazer sentir uma leve dorzinha lá no fundo, e depois ele jorrar aquele monte de esperma bem lá no findo, adoro dormir com meu cuzinho recheado da porra do meu garoto. Dar para um filho é uma experiência única e muito prazerosa, toda mãe deveria experimentar, tenho certeza que não iriam se arrepender, pelo contrário iriam sempre querer mais, repetir a dose.

Confession, a real story


A girl who does not want to reveal her name, I will call her ”Ana”, a fantasy name, told me her story in the chat. At first she fell in love with a colleague’s dick and then …
I was twenty-eight years old, and five years earlier I left my hometown to find a job in a large metropolis in Brazil. I found work as head of the department for contacts abroad with a large automotive company. My partner Francisco, an engineering graduate, enlisted in the Brazilian army, with the rank of lieutenant. So he was often transferred from one part of the country to the other and I lived most of the time alone, dispersed in that great city.
Since I was hired, five long years have passed, the facts of weekly and sometimes fortnightly meetings with Francisco. He arrived on Saturday morning and left on Sunday afternoon.
Within that space of time, we had our romantic relationships, in a very agitated manner, with the reciprocal intention of making up for lost time. Of course, during the week, I was abstinently sexual and received calls from several friends and colleagues who, knowing that I was alone, wanted to take advantage of the situation and take me to bed.
So, maybe it was written on my face, as of Tuesday I was really excited and had a crazy desire to fuck! This exhausting and frustrating torture lasted five years, until finally Francisco managed to leave the army without paying the heavy fines provided for those who asked to leave ahead of time and for that reason shortly afterwards he got an important job in Goiás, our state of origin, I quit my job and after due notification, I left with my love for our native state.
Now, however, I would like to start the story five years earlier. As I wrote earlier, I was hired by this company and the first day of work, I showed up at the firm and one of the owners took me to my office. With me was a tall girl, a little chubby, nice and friendly. Me, my name is Ana and I am physically thin, but with the shapes in the right place, blonde with short hair, a beautiful ass and beautiful legs too. Light eyes and a very feminine face.
During my first day on the job, I was introduced to almost every other employee. One of them was “S… o” he, in the middle of the morning, came down from the first floor, I saw in front of me a man of about forty years old, bald, over six feet tall, healed, a handsome, smiling face and very youthful too. So, you can consider me a freak, horny, but from that man the first thing I noticed was the size of his dick. He was wearing jeans that turned almost white at that point.
As time went on, talking to the girls in the warehouse and in the workshops, I realized that they were all curious to know if that overpowering bulge was simply padding or if it was really an unusual-sized cock. Some studied a plan and assigned one of them the mission of “touching” the colleague in the middle of the legs, perhaps due to an accidental cause, pretending something completely unintentional and accidental.
It happened then that a busty girl named “D… a” when she saw our man coming, pretended to trip and put her hand on S… o’s penis. Of course she apologized immediately, but unfortunately, the contact was very quick and she had no way of knowing whether it was a real penis or not. Then, one afternoon, a woman, already quite old with the name “A… .a” told us that she would solve the problem. When I saw her leave her “S… o” office, I ran to the stockroom to watch the scene. He, who was responsible for the purchases, came to talk to her for work reasons and she, without any reason, touched his cock – pinching it between thumb, index and middle finger – right on the tip. He looked at her curiously, incredibly surprised, asked her what the hell she was doing and she smiled and said she was just kidding. In short, that thing they saw in their jeans was not padding but it was definitely a big dick!
I have some memories of what I, in those years, had been up to to provoke him, to see him stick hard in his pants, and I have to say that sometimes I did it.
For example, once I had to do a job on the first floor, I sat at the table in front of him and then at the table with the PC. The table had a separator and he couldn’t see anything, but the PC table was discreetly open and so, I, who always wore light and very short dresses, pretending not to know that he could see me, stood with my legs open showing my very small panties that barely hid my sweet intimacy.

Also on that occasion, I teased him more by dropping, apparently distractedly, a hand between my thighs touching my pussy, spreading the loincloth a little, so that he could see it.
I saw him get up, the cylinder that expanded to his right, an incredible stick, oh how I wanted that time to follow him to the bathroom, where he, certainly excited, was going to masturbate.
However, a strong bond of true and loyal friendship was born between us. He liked me and I, because of his great exuberance, liked him, but unfortunately, almost to the end, he considered me just and always a great friend and colleague.
With the birth of friendship, I often talked to him about the various problems, including those related to the couple formed by me and Francisco. I told him about the distance, the lack of sex, the size of my partner’s chopstick, about many things also very intimate and personal. Together with my friend and colleague, I spent unforgettable days and nights, especially during exhibitions abroad, where friendship reigned. I remember that once, in Paris, on Boulevard Sebastopol, he took off his jacket and sheltered me from the cold, hugged me and we walked for a long time hugging each other. So there was no shortage of opportunities, and while I was away from Francesco and he was away from his wife, we could have had sex a lot of times. I tried to make him understand something, quite explicitly I let him know that I wanted to have sex with him, but he, confessing his admiration, perhaps to respect friendship, never wanted to try anything other than a tight hug or an accomplice wink. .
So my penultimate day of work arrived, I took cakes for lunch, soft drinks and sparkling wine, colleagues gave me a gift and everyone toasted together wishing me good luck for my future work experiences. I greeted each other one by one and left my friend and colleague “S… o” as the last. I said in front of everyone that “last but not least” was going to greet the big “S… o”. I hugged him very tightly, and he greeted me in his powerful, equally loving arms. Even tears came and we held each other for a long time. When we separated from the hug, the cafeteria was now empty. The next day, I would have to work until noon, then with the owners’ permission I would leave it for my new experience.
I remember that, at nine o’clock in the morning, I went to the first floor, in his office to make some photocopies. I was wearing a red dress, as always, very short, I was turning my back on “S… o”, he was sitting at his desk, the first copy was wrong and I crumpled it up and threw what was next to the copy machine. I was actually a really bad basketball player and the paper ball fell out of the trash. After throwing the paper and making a mistake, I want to show that I did it on purpose, I bent my outstretched legs to get the crumpled paper, aware that the dress would have climbed over my buttocks.
I stayed in that position for a few seconds longer than I should have, and when I got up I noticed his presence behind me. He hugged me from behind, grabbing my breasts with strong hands. Trapped by that male hug, I just turned my face and found his lips that rested excited and feverish on mine. I opened my mouth, while he left me momentarily free, I turned and he again held me against him, he was feeling his masculinity against his stomach, we kissed again, and then he took me by the hand and literally dragged me into the meeting room, closed the door behind us and got me up, making me sit at the table, took off my panties bringing my pussy to the edge of the table, with one hand unzipped it, then loosened the belt, dropped the pants on the floor and made out his magnificent cannon, that huge stick that he had wanted so much. He touched the giant head of his cock in my little hole, he entered me and started to fuck me very tasty.
My God! What a difference between Francisco’s little toothpick and the giant “S… u” stick, I didn’t understand anything since the first second, he whispered to me that it was too tight, I told him I was dying, that I was enjoying it too much, said him never to stop, I made him an oath that he would follow me to the ends of the world. He made me come a couple of times, then a moment before filling my pussy with his sperm, he asked me for a confirmation of what I had known for a long time, he wanted to know if I was always taking the pill, I answered with a yes long and he filled me with a river of hot cum. When he took the stick from me, he put his hand up to prevent the descent of his sperm from staining the table.
He helped me clean up and cleaned his dick, so I hugged him and kissed me hard, told me to love me forever and that’s when I told him that I loved him from day one.

I saw that he was wearing his pants, I quickly went down and grabbed him in my mouth, while I felt that someone was looking for him in his office. I didn’t care and started a nice blowjob, trying to use all the methods and techniques to make him come more. He, at one point, grabbed me by the hair and made me get up, then turned me around like I was a branch and made me put my breasts on the table, patted my ass, right after that I felt that powerful stick leaning against the tiny hole in my ass, with his fingers he dipped saliva in and out of the ass and then pushed the cock in.
I was already giving my boyfriend’s ass, but my sphincter was not used to this huge cucumber. He struggled painfully until he overcame my anus ring, pushed again and started to fuck me hard in the ass. he spoke softly to me, words of fire, that I had a wonderful ass, that he was opening, penetrating, that would have filled my intestines with cum. At that moment I understood why his punching was getting faster and faster, that he was about to come, so I took my hands back to open my buttocks better and he stuck it inside me until the balls.
I felt that suddenly he took the stick out of me, took me by the hair, made me go back and squat: his dick that now had a strange bitter taste was in my mouth again. He came in my mouth, I felt hot cum flood my palate. Soon afterwards he took the cock out of my mouth and masturbated and splashed sperm on my face, which I eagerly licked. He made me sit at the table again, lifted my legs in the air and insinuated his mouth on my ass and my wet tree frog. Then I started to lick my clitoris, my G spot, I was not able to resist it for a long time and it was my turn to wet his mouth and face profusely.
We left the meeting room one by one. I turned directly to the bathroom while he went straight to his room that was next to the room of our sin.
At noon, I went up to greet him and, unfortunately, he was with the director, I hugged him warmly anyway and left. In the street, before getting in the car, I looked towards his window, he was there to greet me with his hand.
The moral of the story is: Better late than never! Of course, if it had happened before ………… ..


Brunette Gyn

I want to share with you this fact that happened to me a few years ago. Well, I’m going to use the fictitious name Ana for myself, because today I have a family and I want this fact to remain a secret for my family and friends.
I am 37 years old, 1.59cm, about 46 kg, I am what they call fake skinny with shapely legs, stiff butt, big breasts that modesty aside look great with my bikini marks, I have long black curly hair even though I brush and it almost never stays like that with the constant request of my husband who likes him curly.
I live in Goiânia and I was previously married for eight years and from this marriage I had a beautiful son and I thought I had a happy family and that was my perfect world, but I found out that my ex-husband cheated on me with the maid who worked in our home on the days when I was traveling for work, as I started working at a very young age and when I was 10 years old I already worked at a family home and worked until I managed to get into a government program for young people in a company that provided services for the state and then after finishing high school I took the public exam and became effective of the state and traveled to earn extra hours and give more comfort to my family, but after this betrayal I also discovered that he had given me a blow and stolen everything that we we had, from the car, the motorcycle, the money in the joint account and even the furniture in the house he took, leaving only the things of our son and moved to the state of Mato Grosso, I was living on favor and receiving help from friends and family for a long time until I managed to pay the debts left by him on the credit card and loans consigned to my payroll where the salary entered and was already blocked to pay the various loans made in my name.
I spent eight years discredited in love and not having any relationship, so I spent more often going to work trips under the state government program and I had the privilege of visiting several cities in my state and I learned again to have pleasure, to live, to go out dancing, have a beer and chat with co-workers after hours. On one of these trips I met my ex-boyfriend who I will call him George, he was 38 at the time, an engineer and had a stable financial life, but despite being a good person he drank a lot and this affected his professional and social interaction, considering that he always liked to go to those very simple bars and live with humble people there and have them as friends, but he was fun and I had spent so much time alone that I clung blindly to this passion, we started going out almost every night to bars together with his inseparable friends who did not leave him, since, George always paid for everything and there is no shortage of friends wanting to take advantage.
After some time of dating I found it strange that he hardly came to me for sex, although we were together almost every night on weekdays, and on the weekend he didn’t go out with me and said he went to football with friends and there he was place for women.
One weekend I was going to my mother’s house, which was in Conjunto Itatiaia, which is a neighborhood where I lived. As I did every Saturday, I went to the aesthetic center where I do tanning and did my desired bikini marks and waxing, then at a friend’s salon where I paid a month I brushed my hair, nails, eyebrows and such .. So I went on to arrange dinner and accommodate my son at my mother’s house as I always did on the nights I went out dancing with two long-time inseparable business friends, since I wouldn’t have my boyfriend as usual on the weekends.
The girl in the salon took a long time to brush my hair and it was getting dark so I had to hurry up.

I went home to take a shower and get ready that from there I would go to the appointment, when I finished and left the house I realized how long it had taken me getting ready and the night had already arrived, it was quite dark, I kept walking down the dark street lit only by the few lights of the posts that were not burned, listening only to the sound of crickets in the distance and the heels of my sandals on the asphalt, the night was hot, I looked at the sky and it was black with few stars, the moon was rising and I plunged into my thoughts about how I would finish dancing all night and that delicious shrimp serving that served there and made my mouth water to think … and that as I had cut my hair this afternoon it should grow even more despite not believing in these things of lunar phase, it made time pass while i walked down that street without a soul beyond my life, my jeans were glued to the outside barriquinha with a black bodice that left my back showing min There are little marks on the back and the low waistband of my pants, with my hair down and well done, I was beautiful modesty aside. But to cut a path I passed a pasture that separated the neighborhood Jardim Pompéia where I lived and Conjunto Itatiaia where I grew up and my mother lived as usual and everyone did, and after entering and following the trail and only then I realized how much weeds were tall, much taller than me. I felt a chill in my stomach, but I kept going, after all I lived in that neighborhood since I was a child and everyone knew me nothing bad could happen to me there … my mistake!
I heard footsteps on the same path I was following and tried to walk faster to get to the other side, but the sound was fast approaching, I looked back trying to see who it was and saw nothing in the dark made me want to run, but how run with that 15 feet jump ?! I tried to walk even faster, I felt my heart race when I heard the sound of the grass swaying next to me and then I saw the figure in the dark and a man quickly passed me and I gave a startled scream and he gave an ironic smile without stopping or looking for me passing quickly by me and his arm brushed my shoulder on the narrow path and I felt a strong mixture of alcohol and dirt so he followed the path and disappeared into the darkness.
My legs were shaking with fright and my heart was racing, I kept walking more slowly now trying to calm down and wanting to get out of there, looking at the headlights of the cars on the road on the other side of the pasture, I was halfway there when I saw that someone was crossing the trail again and as I had already gone through the scare I imagined to be someone who just like that man and I was cutting the path, as he got closer I realized that it was the same man who was returning with a lit cigarette and how he was walking very fast and there was a bar near the other end of the pasture, I imagined that I had bought cigarettes and was returning and I just got closer to the side, so that he would not touch me again when he passed, because his fullness was terrible, it seemed that he did not bathe for days. He came over and I walked away for him to pass and he passed without looking at me and I scratched his nose in an involuntary act by the smell and at that moment I felt his arms holding me from behind, I screamed and he covered my mouth and pulled me back on the trail I tried to go out struggling while he pulled me into the bush and then I saw the glow of something and I felt it put on my neck, it was a knife like that used in the butcher shop on the white handle and touched the blade cold in my neck and tell me to keep silent or I would cut my throat.
I smelled the strong smell of alcohol and cigarettes with him holding me from behind and his face glued to mine talking in my ear. I scared him a lot and I asked him not to kill me because I had a son, I asked him to leave, I felt my legs go wobbly and I didn’t move and I couldn’t even cry. Up to that moment, the fix of what was happening had not yet fallen,
He sent me to accompany him with one hand holding the bow on my neck and with the other arm going around my waist holding my arm and holding the other by my wrist, I felt his body all glued to mine as we walked on a narrow distance from the avenue of cars and so we went into the bush to a place where the bush was already crushed looking like someone had been there before, at this moment I realized I would be raped at least there and I started to cry and ask, please, to let me go , but I received a slap on the face in an order to shut up and seeing it changed and afraid of what might happen I obeyed.

He started to run his hand over my body, palpating my ass, my breasts and seemed to try to stick his fingers in my pussy over the pants which made the seam of the pants hurt me and I pranced my butt in an involuntary act and he smiled behind me with the knife blade around my neck enjoying watching me force my ass against him in an urge to try to get rid of his hand on my pussy. I felt his dick rubbing my ass over his pants while he squeezed my cunt even more just to see me squirm and force my ass back trying to remove his hand and how I was without panties, because all my panties were small and how I would dance they kept getting in the butt and it bothered me so when I went out to dance I didn’t wear panties and the seam of the pants caught right on top of her and it hurt a lot when he tightened it ..
He started trying to remove my bodice, but it was braided and he couldn’t let go and he got nervous started to force the knife in my neck in an attempt to pull the bodice to loosen it I felt he was cutting me and I asked to help remove the bodice , he accepted, but first he warned me that if I tried to escape he would cut my throat and since he was not from there nobody would know who it was or his whereabouts. I agreed to be quiet, because I knew I couldn’t run faster than him, because he was much bigger and stronger and I had seen how quickly he passed me, so I started to open the bodice, but he was very excited and badly I had time to open the half and already pulled the bowl down and started to suck my breasts, and say they were big and call me a hot cow and say I was in the right place, because the cow was climbing in the pasture. He squeezed my breasts as if he had never seen one and gave hickeys to their nipples that I thought would rip them off and controlled me not to cry out in pain with each hickey he won.
He tried to put his hand in my pants, but it was too tight, he didn’t go in and told me to open her buttons, I started asking again to let me go and I got another slap in the face, but this time with a lot of force and fell on the floor and he told me to get up and open the buttons on my pants, which I did without questioning anything else. I felt my face burn with the slap and I couldn’t believe it was happening a lot of things in my mind in flash of seconds so I felt my face go numb then with another slap and an order to lower my pants, and I realized there was got out of my mind in a few moments.
That was when he saw the tanning marks and the whole shaved pussy went crazy with lust and put me standing with my legs open with my breasts sore and out of so many hickeys and my pants lowered on my ankles and started to run my fingers over my clitoris and the nail caught him and it felt bad and I felt like taking his hand away and by preservation instinct I held his hand and got another slap on the face, but this time lighter and he told me to put my hands back and not disturb or I would be beaten for real. My eyes were already getting used to the darkness and I could see where I was and see it better. He must have been 1.78 in height and about 80 kilos. He looked young at about 25 years old, but well punished by life and he was not handsome, besides having a bad smell and a breath of drink mixed with horrible cigarette dressed in those dirty jeans and that one. shirt that was once white, it looked like it was a month that was dressed in the same clothes.
He continued to touch my cunt and I with my hands behind me as he ordered and with my legs spread wide open he knelt in front of me and started to lick my groin, I felt disgust at that wet tongue drooling on me and licking me like a dog, until he started to suck my cunt, my legs disappeared for an instant and I almost fell on top of him, I tried to disguise him and he noticed and told me to put his hands on his shoulders, who was kneeling between my legs using the my pussy like a feast, but I didn’t want to and I stood there with my arms behind my legs spread without being able to react to the hickeys on my clit and the tongues that it looked like he would swallow my pussy by sucking it.
As much as I tried to fight that feeling, because I thought I could not feel pleasure in forced sex, my body said the opposite, I tried to control myself and my mind said it was wrong to feel pleasure in it and it was disgusting, but my body was shaking all over and no longer obeyed me, I felt my wet pussy run and not just from the licks that disgusting tongue gave her.

I tried to control my breathing so he wouldn’t notice and focused my thoughts on something else in an attempt to not feel pleasure, but I couldn’t, and a very strong spasm came when he started rubbing his tongue over my sprout and it disappeared in front of me when I saw it I was cumming in his mouth and trying to disguise it for fear of being beaten if he noticed then I heard his voice in the middle of my legs saying: Come on, slut, I want to see you cum, you bitch!
He opened my pussy with one hand and sucked my sprout, sucking it and I felt like I had swallowed my sprout with that disgusting mouth and I couldn’t take it anymore and I came in his mouth standing there and my whole body was shaking and he kept sucking me , I felt all the muscles in my legs trembling, jumping, I tried to balance myself standing up, but I couldn’t do it and I fell back into the crushed bush without force. For a moment I felt my body relax, and I looked at that dark starless sky and the fear was gone, I was in a kind of trance, I hadn’t enjoyed it in a long time, and I had never reached such a strong orgasm with a man, only on lonely nights when I touched myself in the bathroom or in bed fantasizing various situations unimaginable for a respectable woman, even a rape had sometimes fantasized about thinking of a beautiful coworker she had seen that day or even a stranger, but never I imagined really going through a situation like this, I had already won a few bucks on the bus always packed on the way home from work and sometimes I even made it easier for them to sniff and me and even masturbated when I got home reminding them of rubbing their dick on my ass over my pants while riding the bus or trying to smooth my breasts with my arms at every turn the bus made, but it had never been more than that.
When that feeling of stasis passed after the orgasm, I saw that he remained kneeling in front of me looking at me with his legs spread open, exhausted and sweaty and he stayed there for a few minutes, I even thought I had finished using me.
My mistake … he unzipped his pants and took his dick out, so I saw that it had only started and I tried not to look but I realized that he was masturbating looking at me lying there with his legs open,
He moved in the bush and I looked at him in the reflection because of the noise and I saw his dick, it was very thick and well compared compared to the two that I knew was my ex-husband and George’s, my eyes couldn’t stop to look as much as I tried, I found it huge and the more he masturbated the bigger he got and was scared so he started rubbing my body again while he masturbated with the other hand and pressed the nipples of my breasts and went down to mine cunt and rubbing it, but I had already come and felt nothing else, so he stuck two fingers in it and I screamed because it was already dry considering that I had come a few minutes ago and dodged the body on the floor coming back a little , he stopped masturbating for a moment and took the knife that was on the floor next to him and put the tip of it on my belly and he pulled my pants off and I was naked from the waist down, with my breasts outside the bodice. He told me to spread my legs wide and I was afraid of the knife leaning on my belly knowing that he would skin my pussy, it didn’t take long for me to finish thinking and he already stuck both fingers inside me until the end without mercy with that hand rough as a pawn, I felt everything burn and I controlled myself not to scream as he made a back and forth movement with those big, dirty fingers inside me, so he went one by one of the fingers until he put the four fingers inside of me, I felt his hand opening me all and it hurt a lot, he left the knife next to him on the floor several times while feeling and sucking my breasts and licking me like a dog licking a bone and despite the disgust he felt, that was turning me on and I felt my pussy betray me again getting wet and the more it wetted more intense was the back and forth movement that he did with the four fingers inside.

It hurt a lot and I felt like he was breaking into my little pussy that had never entered more than two fingers inside. I tried not to come and instinctively closed my legs in an involuntary act, but he told me to open them again calling me a whore and saying a lot of bad words in my ear while licking my ear and my neck holding my head by the hair forcing me to kiss him sticking that filthy tongue into my mouth, I was never a whore, but hearing that excited me and always wanted to have sex by listening to pornography in my ear, but not like that, but yes, with my boyfriend and I was ashamed to ask and seem vulgar. That got me bigger and when I saw it I was cumming again in the hand of that stinky pervert, and this time I didn’t hold it and groaned loudly and with his hand tucked up to my fingers inside my pussy and running my cum down my groin up my ass and licking his hand with my joy and when he saw that I was coming he put his hand in more violence and making the movements come and go stronger and faster and I squirmed all lying on the floor with my legs spread with my arms back like he had told me to give myself totally to the abuses of that pervert, and the only thing I could do was give myself to enjoyment and I did, but he continued to masturbate with his fingers inside even after I came and I was already without legs, out of breath, without any strength and even then he wouldn’t stop until my pussy once again betrayed me and surrendered to the new orgasm and I came again and even more intense, I felt my whole body tremble endlessly, until my voice didn’t come out and despite everything I liked it, it was a sensation that I had never felt before, not even when I masturbated alone and reached several orgasms that I thought was the maximum that there could be, I didn’t feel anything anymore, my pussy was numb from coming so much and just felt that she was swollen and should be skinned, but she was no longer in pain. I lay there with my legs open, totally surrendered to whatever he wanted to do without being able to show any reaction, while he licked me like a dog and kissed me hard on the mouth, although at that time of events I didn’t even fight to avoid his. bitter kiss of cigarette despite the disgust he felt and it was then that he realized the disgust that I was in kissing him, or rather, let him stick his tongue in my mouth wanted and screwed and rubbed my dirty hand of my pleasure in my face and while licking my ear and face again, he started rubbing my lips and putting his fingers in my mouth as if masturbating my mouth and said in my ear that I was supposed to suck his dick, because I had the face of a bitch and wanted to see that little mouth to suck rolls licking his dick like a popsicle.
I felt very disgusted, because if he smelled like that, imagine his dick as it should be ?! I asked him to masturbate and said that he had never done that and was disgusted, despite having already sucked my ex-husband and George, I lied in an attempt to move him and not do that, but he didn’t even want to know and put the knife again in my belly he pulled me by the hair making me sit in the bush and told me to open my mouth and said that if I bit him he would kill me and started rubbing the dick on my face, calling me a mouthpiece and telling me to suck on his dick and forcing the chick’s head on my lips until I open my mouth and he shoves that stinky, thick chick inside.
It was huge and the head almost didn’t fit in my mouth, but it didn’t matter and I held my head by the hair and stuck it tightly in my mouth making me swallow halfway, I felt it touch my throat and made me retch, I didn’t I could breathe and suffocate with him inside so when he saw that I had already lost my breath I would take it out for a few moments and barely give myself time to breathe and put the cock in my mouth again, did it for about ten minutes and I almost passed out without a few times with him literally fucking my mouth and making my mouth a cunt.

When I was no longer able to suck it, he took the dick out of my mouth and pushed me into the bush again, then he sat between my legs and put his fingers inside me again and removed it at once, I felt like my uterus was going to go out with his fingers, I didn’t have the strength or even to scream and I only helped my cunt by rubbing it in an attempt to minimize the pain and I realized that it was very swollen and flayed, much more than I imagined that his hand it had hurt my cunt a lot.
He lowered his pants and was dressed only on one leg and took off his shirt, he had a very nice body, he was strong and sunburned as if he worked in a manual service during the day and I even thought he was a mechanic, or a tire repairman. of the several truck tire shops in the neighborhood, considering that the neighborhood was between two highways and the traffic of truckers and wanderers looking for a ride there was constant.
I asked him again to put on a condom at least and he smirked and said he didn’t use it.
He lay on top of me, and tried to stick his dick inside my pussy at once, but he didn’t go in and he forced that huge head I tried to pull away and he lying on top of me holding me by the neck forcing the dick against mine until my head passed and went tearing everything up until I felt it hit my uterus and he kept pushing in trying to push it in more and it had entered just over half, I felt my pussy all filled by that huge dick, each taken and placed on him the leather of my cunt as he said go out with his dick and come in again, I was quiet in an attempt to hurt less, because the more I moved the more it hurt and it felt like I was tearing the lips of my pussy, it was so thick that it was almost not going straight in and as I was already skinned it hurt even more the cuts and punches with violence that I received from him without any mercy, on the contrary he seemed to like to see me feel pain and was even more excited with my suffering.
I didn’t see when he came and put an end to my suffering and I asked him to stop that he wouldn’t tell anyone and that I couldn’t take it anymore and it hurt a lot, but when I said it was hurting him more, he punched me and said that it didn’t matter if I talked to someone, because nobody knew him there and the chain for him was a hotel and it had been a while since he had eaten a chain butt.
I don’t even know how long he was eating me there, lying around playing and taking the dick and forcing it in an attempt to stick it all in my pussy, but it was too big to get his head in my uterus I think, I just know it hurt a lot where it touched. I felt his sweat running down my body and on my breasts as he rubbed his body on them in the coming and going punching my cunt leaving me impregnated with that horrible smell of sweat and dirt, my sweat mixed with his that hot night and my bodice everything was all wet with embarrassed sweat wrapped around my waist, my hair stuck to my sweaty back, and my breath that I could no longer control and made no effort to try in vain. I felt that animal breathing hard in my ear as I punched my aching pussy mercilessly and felt my breasts and in that I came two or three more times with him on top of me using me as I wanted.
I was completely surrendered to him despite the fear I had of getting some disease, considering that even to use a toilet I didn’t sit on it, even the one in my house that was rented and I didn’t know who had been using it before me, so I asked again for him to put on a condom at least to use me and he smirked and said that he liked to feel the leather of the dick brushing the pussy of the sluts and the little ring of the goats and forced the entrance of my ass with his finger and it hurt because his nail it was a little big, I gave an involuntary moan and he liked it and continued to play with my ass to see me moan, he said he was very horny to eat me on all fours.

At that time I froze, because if I was literally breaking into my pussy, I was already used to taking dick from the two men I went to bed with, imagine in my almost virgin ass that I only had dick once with my ex-husband and even then I didn’t I managed to go to the end!
I thought and shouted to see if anyone who happened to be passing by in the pasture or even in the bar on the avenue heard me, but the music was loud there and they certainly couldn’t hear me, especially since the bar was even more distant from the place to where that pervert took me and I could only hear the music that played far away. I was indignant, because in that pasture there were people crossing all the time, but just when I needed it most, no one came and I did not hear if they wanted voices or footsteps of a living soul passing through the trails and it seemed even agreed.
I felt my cunt drain every time he took the dick at once and put it back inside me hard, but I didn’t know if it was blood or something else that came out of it.
He put me on all fours helping me to get up and turn around, because my legs no longer obeyed me and I leaned my head on the floor on my arms, he started to lick my cunt and I felt a relief with his tongue passing through it moistening it and I was quiet so as not to stop, because it was refreshing after so long taking a hand and a giant cock inside it, it was very tasty I confess and I even started to get wet again with him calling me a little dog and licking my skinned pussy with affection.
I was almost cumming again when he smoothed my grelinha with the dick’s head and started to stick it in and said that this is how you eat bitches, I felt that dick fill my whole pussy and hit my uterus with every punch that he gave, but he no longer felt pain, he was anesthetized and swollen. He told me to prick his ass and I did it and he put it in me with such force that I felt his bag hit my pussy, so I realized that he had stuck all the dick inside me and I thought he had torn me all up, and we stayed like that for a long time with him eating me on all fours and sometimes pulling me back and putting me on my knees with him on my knees.
We were both sticky wet with sweat and that strong grip he gave me and the virility he had in sex and that neither of the two men I was with had ever had, having sex with them for a maximum of fifteen minutes and a few minutes later I was already asleep and I was frustrated in bed as I did several times.
I was feeling pleasure, it would be hypocritical to say that I was not enjoying it like I had never before with that strong sex that left me groundless with every orgasm I had, although it was not the ideal sex for my concepts, but that I got excited feeling those strong thrusts in my little pussy, with her hands sometimes feeling my breasts as if they were the last in the world, sometimes holding me by the hip and pulling me back while eating me with strong punches in my skinned pussy and my sweat dripping from mine. neck down the coast, my hair nailed in the sweat on my back with the brush I had done hours ago and it was all spoiled, but it didn’t matter at that moment I felt wanted by a man and this was new to me, because there was never felt it before.
He ate me like this for long minutes until I came on all fours and I felt my pleasure drain and melt my ankles with me on all fours and he sated his tare in my foursome, all delivered to him, continued to punch her against his body my ass hard every time I stuck the whole dick inside me pushing me forward until I couldn’t stand it and I lay in the bush with my back to him and he continued to eat me lying down, I felt the bush stick on my sweaty body as he he kept coming and going inside me until I came again so weak that I think he didn’t even notice, because I couldn’t show any reaction, a few minutes later he punched me very hard that he dragged me into the forest and let out a I howl like an animal and then I felt the hot spurt of cum inside my pussy that was and he gave me some more strong punches and I felt that hot goo run down my groin.

He took the dick out of me and lay next to me, I didn’t have the strength for anything and I couldn’t sit down, imagine getting up. Then I felt his arm pulling me close to him and hugging me, placing my head on his chest.
We stayed there for about fifteen minutes without saying anything just listening to the silence with a country music from the bar far away and some car horn on the avenue on the other side of the field with him stroking my hair.
I thought about asking why he did this to women, but he had a serene face and didn’t want to break that peace, even because I didn’t know what he would do to me afterwards. Then he broke the silence and asked me my name and said that he had seen me several times, including walking with my son and thought I was hot and said he would not hurt me and that I could leave whenever I wanted. I told him I would stay there a little longer if he didn’t mind, both because I thought it was his bluff and because I couldn’t get my pants on so weak that I was and needed some time to compose myself. He hugged me, gave me a kiss on the head and we continued in the same position as we were with his head on his chest, I no longer smelled the bad smell I felt at first, maybe because my nose had already gotten used to that horrible smell nausea, or maybe for now I also have that fullness impregnated in my body, but I stayed there with him smoothing my hair and my back for some time, so I asked if he would help me put on my pants, because I was too weak to that and he helped me carefully and untied my bodice and he tied it back, I got up with his help and I heard a noise from my pussy and I felt it drain, then I realized that he had come inside me like a horse and I was full of fucking him and it kept running down my legs, but I was very relaxed and a little zen, I think that after all that stress I went through and so many orgasms I was half past I tried to take some jumping steps, but it was hard to walk r straight on that narrow dark trail and almost falls, but he held me, I took off my sandals and he pulled me to him again and gave me a hug and a kiss on the mouth, it was so fast that there was no time to think or frighten anything , I kissed back, because I wanted to get out of there right before he changed his mind and wanted to kill me and he left with my sandal in his hand, following the path trying to transmit tranquility while I distanced myself from him and as I walked I heard my pussy making a noise and then jets of cum out of it and run down my legs, I was afraid my pants are wet, but I tried to hide it and didn’t look, even because it was too dark and you can’t see anything there on that trail.
I didn’t look back and I don’t know if he stayed there looking at me or where he went, I just know that I went on my way towards my house again, because I didn’t know what time it was and I couldn’t go see my son, sweaty and dirty from sex , while I walked I felt my pussy all swollen rubbing against my pants, my legs were very shaky and I felt like I was walking with my legs open and I felt his sperm run down my legs inside my pants, but luckily there was no one in the street and wondered what time it could be for this deserted street. Several times I thought about stopping and sitting on a sidewalk for a while to rest, because it was difficult to walk, but I wanted to get home and take a shower and tried not to think about what had just happened to me, I only knew one thing, no one from my family and friends would ever know what happened tonight, I just walked with difficulty towards my house and it seemed that it was more distant than usual.
When I got there, I was afraid to go in, because he said he already knew and it was a big lot all walled and I lived in a shed that was at the bottom of the lot and to get there there were some trees and it was very dark, but I was like that even looking everywhere, even seeing nothing in the dark. I went into the house quickly and already undressed and got under the shower, I knew that if I wanted to report the rape I would not be able to take a shower, but I just wanted to scratch that page of my life and I would be ashamed if someone in my family or someone friend knew, and I would be known for the raped. Never ever!

I turned on the shower and stayed under it for a long time just letting the water fall on me without thinking about anything, just cleaning myself, I started to put the soap on me and saw the hickeys on my breasts and the nipple of a cracked ache with the hot water I put soap on it and it hurt even more, but nothing compared when the soap water ran down my pussy, it burned a lot and I almost sat on the floor in pain. I ran my fingers and saw the size of the hole he had left in me, the guy had literally broken me in and was very swollen, even more than I had imagined and very red irritated, but even so I insisted and put soap on it trying to clean that fuck and remove all traces of that disgusting dick from her, I think I spent almost an hour in the bathroom soaping myself and cleaning what was impregnated in me, but the smell was etched in my mind and it didn’t come out even though I washed myself. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to bed, looked at the clock radio and thought he was wrong, because it was past two in the morning and I had left the house it wasn’t eight at night yet, and I realized that I spent more than five hours in the hands of that pervert.
As much as I tried not to think about it, the scenes, his voice, the smell, I couldn’t get out of my head and I could even feel his movements eating me on all fours from behind, not to mention my pussy that hurt a lot, so I remembered that I had a vaginal ointment in the clothes closet drawer and I passed it, I felt a huge relief refreshing myself and blacked out.
I woke up the other day that was Sunday and for a few moments I thought it was a nightmare I had, but when I moved on the bed to get up I felt my pussy hurt and I had the lucidity that was real, I went to the bathroom and almost cried with pain when I urinated and it burned everything, but as I was in a great urge to urinate I continued and put in my mind that I would not stop my life or stop doing anything for that fact, I opened my legs and forced myself, because I was experiencing pain and pissed with desire despite the In pain, I got up, dried my pussy, put on my panties and went on with my life

I released the pussy for the country hick

My name is Daisy, I am 35 years old, 1.70 light brown, 70 kg well distributed, body, shapely legs … black and long wavy hair and brown eyes.
I went to live in the countryside, a small town, sometimes I helped the house staff to harvest vegetables on the farm and noticed that the caretaker kept looking at me and honestly did not go with his face at all, he was an ordinary man, without any attribute that interest me, he was married to a woman who was very careless about her appearance.
When the housekeepers traveled, the caretaker appeared in the fields and started to help me pick vegetables and offered me chocolate. I accepted and noticed the volume in his pants, it wasn’t a WOW volume, (I like a well-endowed man …) but it was to see that he was hard, I was not excited about that tribute… I went down to the house and went to take a shower, turned off the shower and heard the sound of footprints on the floor and crackles of dry leaves…. I went to the room and got ready, I applied moisturizer all over my body, I got a good smell, every time I shower I get horny and masturbate with a delicious siririca and I remembered the homemade with a hard cock, I started fantasizing about him pussy, those rustic hands squeezing me all over, it was when they honked at the gate and I went to answer it and when I came back to the house I passed by the back and that was when I saw the bathroom window screen, I went to see it up close and it was spurted… the hick had jerking off while I took a shower… I entered the house without believing it, went back to the room and took off all my clothes and naked and touched my horny luscious pussy, sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs open, penetrating me with my middle finger and then just a little bit of it and his thumb spinning nonstop on my stiff grelinho… all this when he saw that he was being desired by a country hick.
It was dark and I went to call my cat to come in and nothing came up, that’s when I knocked on the caretaker’s door and asked if he had seen my cat, he said no and if he thought he would take her to me… .the strange thing is that I looked in the caretaker’s eyes and felt my sprout throbbing… .thank you and I came back home it was totally dark and after a while the caretaker calls me at the door and hands me my cat.
I thanked him again and he offered me peaches and I asked him to put it on the dinner table. I was wearing a little dress and my thighs were well shaped and the caretaker wouldn’t take his eyes off them … and said “hide it, Mrs. Daisy” and I asked: hide what? He replied: here in the country we are not used to seeing such a beautiful leg and I replied: “Do you like it? Do you want to touch them? ” He said yes and was grabbing me and leaning on the table, squeezing me and running his hand on my thigh, and he went up and I without panties and he immediately put a finger in my pussy and opened his eyes and told me “wow but already ok? All meladinha… how horny ”and lifted my dress and started to suck and bite my breasts and I was shaking with a crazy tesao we turned to the wall and I love to kiss on the mouth, but I was afraid of him having bad breath, but at the time it was so much fire I took a chance and wow what a delicious kiss, what a delicious tongue, and while I kissed I tried to reach his dick and I couldn’t find it… Although we had almost the same height we couldn’t fit on our feet… that’s when we went to the bedroom he laid me on the bed and then he sucked my pussy, sucked and licked and I squirmed, he sucked hard and I moaned in pain and stiffness and he said: what a sensitive pussy you have… one is smelling and it doesn’t smell…. to put perfume on the pussy… pussy has to smell natural… lol) that’s when I touched his dick and to my disappointment it was small… I stayed on top of him, kissing over and over that tasty body that I never imagined he had… and I started to run my tongue over the head of the wood eve and brushing my lips and jerking, I drooled in my hand so that it slid very tasty and I started to rotate my tongue without stopping, jerking up and down with my mouth and sucking that cock hard and to my surprise the hick was all shaved… humm I love to suck… the hick pushed me under him and at once just penetrated me, it was a small dick, but he penetrated forcing my pussy in a way that I started to moan with pure crazy lust… and staying for on top of him crouched with his legs open for him to see my pussy devouring his dick… and he said what a tasty pussy I had and I started to squeeze very tasty while riding (I do pompoirism lol) and the hick said his pussy is tight like a girl new…. I got back on my knees riding a lot… I don’t take long to come, but as it was a small stick it took, but to my surprise I managed to release a very hot and hot cachoeirinha (I have female ejaculation or squirt) is the hillbilly don’t believe dictated what he was seeing … He spread my joy over his belly with his hand … on his chest and licking his fingers … I turned on all fours he started to put my nipple nonstop and came quickly … I wanted more … I lay on my back with my legs open and he stuck his finger in my pussy asking me to squeeze and I squeezed and he said he was pushing and kissing me over and over … Then he gave him a sleep and he slept with his finger inside my pussy, for a while … after that day we had sex in the bush with a fetish that I had and realized … a delight, then we had sex at the waterfall too ..


On one of the weekends of the Alcântara * family, Sonia *, Eduardo *’s wife, announced that the following weekend the family would go on a trip and as they would take their 6-year-old son Arthur *, I would have to go along. I couldn’t say no, after all I was recently hired and needed to show that I was available at any time.
We left on Friday night, the destination was the neighboring city. According to Sonia, they were traveling to do business – the family owns a Resort on a beach – but we would take advantage of the trip to enjoy the region. We arrived at the destination at dawn on Saturday. Sonia asked her to take care of Arthur, that she and Eduardo needed to leave. With the help of Mario *, the driver, I went up and accommodated Arthur and left the bags to unpack when I woke up.
I woke up shortly after 6 am. I unpacked and got the boy ready. We went down to the pool, stayed for about 2 hours, when Sonia arrived without Eduardo. He asked Arthur to arrange that his mother was coming to pick him up. Sonia warned that the boy would go to a party with his grandmother and that I don’t worry and enjoy the hours off I would have until Arthur’s return.
Staying at the family resort in the room next to the couple, I started making plans for the night, when the phone rings. It was Eduardo, until then he had not appeared. He warned that we would have dinner later in the evening:
-Juliana, it’s me, Eduardo. Tonight we go out. A dinner. Nothing formal, casual. Please get ready and be in the hall at 20:00, Mario will stop by to pick you up. All right?
Without thinking much, I replied: Okay, I’ll be there at 20:00. – I had dinner and didn’t know what to wear. To make matters worse, I started to think who would be at that dinner and what I could expect from such a dinner. Eduardo did not give me details and was so direct that I could not suppose anything, other than a simple dinner. And Sonia, will you be there? I need to get dressed. What to wear?
I ran to the suitcase and started to take everything out of it, when I was already without hope, behold, a black, well-behaved and sensual dress appears. It was already 18:00, I needed to run. Eduardo would be there at 20:00. Dress, heels, discreet makeup, perfume and a sigh followed by “not bad for a nanny”. I went down to the hall and waited. The car appeared, but the driver was not Mario, it was Eduardo. I was surprised, but got into the car without saying anything. We drove on in silence until he stopped the car. At that moment my heart accelerated. Eduardo is a tall man, with gray hair, a deep black look, his voice is firm and leaves any woman hypnotized, at that moment, he didn’t know where to look, noticing my nervousness he said: – Calm down, let’s go now.
Two taps on the car window, the door is opened and Sonia appears behind us.
I thought they wouldn’t come – Sonia said, in an unbelieving tone.
We delayed because of Juliana, she was a little late – Eduardo said, looking at me with a very provocative look.
I heard everything without saying a word, swallowed when Sonia fired: Okay, we’re here. We will?
Eduardo started the car – Where are we going? I asked, suspicious.
Sonia smiled – let’s enjoy the night – he said.
Eduardo suggested a sale, asked if I would accept. I said I would only do this if nothing bad happened to me. He promised that they would do nothing against my will and that if I preferred we would just have dinner, but he guaranteed that if he agreed to put the sale on, we would go to a much better place than a restaurant. I accepted.
Blindfolded, I heard when a man said – Good night Dr., everything is the way you asked. If you need anything else, I’m available. My heart sped up. What was the way he asked?
When I got out of the car, still with the blindfold on, Sonia advised me to take the jump because we were going to walk on the beach. I took them out and put them in the car. Sonia did the same.
We were on the sand when we stopped and Sonia took my blindfold. When I opened my eyes I came across a tent, with rugs and pillows and a table with food and drinks.
Eduardo served me and Sonia wine glasses. We drink and eat. They talked about various things while I just watched and thought about how lucky I was that night. Noticing my Silencio Eduardo sat down next to me and asked if he was enjoying it, I said yes when I felt his warm hand touch my back over the dress. At this moment I looked for Sonia and did not see her. Wanting to get out of that situation before Sonia arrived, Eduardo spoke, before I found a way out – don’t worry, Sonia won’t come back now – Still wanting to leave, but already feeling the effect of the drink, I just walked away and remained seated and incredulous – Like a man like Eduardo, my boss, would be implying to me, a nanny? – I thought.
That was when Eduardo started – You know, Juliana, I always thought you were a woman show – his hands caressed my chin.

I avoided his eyes but he brought my face close to his – You have a delicious body, full of curves, your legs move your ass in a hot rhythm – His hand was on my leg. I wanted to avoid contact, but it was difficult to resist Eduardo’s charms. So I let his hand go up to reach my groin and while he whispered the wishes he felt for me, his other hand opened the dress. When I realized, I had my hand over my pants, caressing his dick. With back and forth movements, I felt Eduardo’s cock wanting to explode with lust. With one hand he held and squeezed my chest and with his tongue caressed the nipple, I shivered from the tailbone to the nape of the neck. My pussy was throbbing with desire. The adrenaline and the fear of being caught by Sonia made me moan softly. Eduardo took off my dress, tore off my panties, spread my legs and crouched in front of me. With kisses, licks and nibbles on my pussy, I held on to keep from coming. At that point I just wanted to be fucked.

On all fours, I cocked my ass and he sucked some more on my pussy and licked my ass. Eduardo lowered his pants and what I saw was a beautiful, tasty and very hard cock wanting to fuck me. Burning with pleasure, I swallowed that cock with my pussy. As I slowly entered and left I heard Eduardo’s moans. And the more I asked, he fucked hard, making me even wetter. At that rate, we continue to explore our bodies. Sucks, bites and excitement. My nipples were stroked while I received that fuck. With my eyes closed I felt all the virility located in Eduardo’s delicious member entering and leaving my pink pussy. Sighs and I opened my eyes. A pair of legs spread out in front of me, it was Sonia masturbating while watching her husband fucking his son’s drool.
Want more, want more? Then ask go! – whispered Eduardo in my ear, while I asked him to skin me and Sonia approached to start sucking my chest. Eduardo pulled my hair while he fucked me hard. In a move, Eduardo pushed my head and I fell on Sonia’s mouth. While I received the stick from Eduardo Sonia, I received my tongue.
We left that position and put Eduardo’s cock all over his mouth, licked his head from the base. Sonia joined me, while one sucked the dick and the other licked the bag. Eduardo couldn’t stand it and came in our face, his enjoyment was delicious. Sonia and I kissed each other in gala. We were kissing until we started to suck, Sonia with her hard clit of so much desire grabbed my wet pussy and it was not enough for us to reach an unforgettable orgasm. Eduardo watched everything caressing the stick, when we fell or his side in a mix of hangover and enjoyment.
I stopped being Arthur’s drool and turned into the main dish of Sonia and Eduardo’s fags.


Black hair, full breasts, wide hips, thin waist, a fleshy mouth, 22 years old and desire for a good fuck, a lot of pleasure, my name is Soraia.
Leaving college, at the bus stop, I always come across the figure of a mysterious guy, who always lived with a cigarette between his fingers. Oh really. Enigmatic. Bearded. Exciting. It was like seeing manhood personified.
Just by looking, Rubens, that perversion pit, got me excited. And to improve the situation, when he passed me, he stopped in front of me and looked at me with a deep look. I returned the look, with an air of provocation. The bus of the line that I took arrived, it went up after me.
I sat down and immediately after that body full of warmth settled down next to me. My name is Rubens, all right? I have always watched you while traveling and would like to make a request. Can? – Said Rubens, reproducing the same look of the bus stop. – Okay. Of course you can – I replied, smiling.
Will you agree to go out with me tomorrow? – Asked Of course I accept- I replied. I couldn’t believe it, he asked me out – Can you tell me where we’re going? – I asked, intrigued. Only if you tell me your name, ”he replied. Soraia – I said, when he got up and went to the bus door. See you tomorrow, Soraia – he said goodbye smiling.
Open-mouthed with the whole scene, I just smiled. When I got home, I concluded that Rubens made me more excited than I could have imagined. That was when I started to believe that the mystery about this meeting would bring me strong feelings.
Not knowing how to proceed to the meeting, I just did the usual. I followed the path that made me find Rubens: The bus stop. Rubens was there, and he surprised me with a package in his hand. Hello, Soraia. From your presence, I suppose that our meeting is up. So, believing you would come, I brought you this – He handed me the package and asked that it only open when he indicated the moment. Yes, it’s still standing. Where are we going? – I asked. The bus is coming, shall we? – he said, referring to the bus we always took.
Intrigued, I just shook my head and got on the bus with him. I was tense, the bus, the package, everything made me anxious in the same intensity as the figure of Rubens. He put his hand on my leg, where the skirt did not cover my thighs, and asked me to relax, at that moment I just thought about going to bed with him.
At the same stop as always, Rubens got up and called me. We went down and he took me down one or two streets. In one, a stop. Kisses and silly hands. That’s when Rubens fired – I’ll be very direct. I’ve been watching you for a while now and I came to the following conclusion: You are just a little bitch who likes to take a stick, who likes to give her pussy – he said whispering in my ear, leaning his mouth on my ear and making my clitoris increase the size of so much lust.
In response I took his stick hard, we walked for another 100m and we arrived at a building, it was his apartment. We passed the doorman and waited for the elevator. The lift arrived and we got on it. That was when he pushed me hard on the elevator wall, kissed me and squeezed my neck almost leaving me breathless. He held my hands, leaving me as prey. I gave in to all the stimuli, giving myself to him.
The elevator reached the floor and we left without unhooking. Once inside the apartment, he turned me on his back and held my arms, leaving me once again vulnerable to his attacks, pulling my hair and licking the back of my neck, he said quietly – the bitch loves coitus, right? Loves to take a hard one, in that pussy! So come here, let me see that chest – in a quick movement, he turned me around and tore off my shirt, tore off my bra and grabbed my chest and with my hand held the other tight. At that moment I was all wet, I felt like I was going to explode with desire.
The more he sucked the more I pulled his head to my chest, he sucked tasty and stimulated my nipple making my whole body shiver. He threw me on the sofa in the living room and continued with kisses to my navel, he kissed my belly and squeezed my arms leaving me immobile, I moaned wanting more.
The package opens, delicious! – reigned, Rubens. I took the package from the bag, quickly opened it, inside was a thong. Red. Lace in the front and just a thread in the back. – put it on! Said Rubens. It didn’t take long, I changed my panties without taking off my skirt.
He took off his clothes and just kept his underwear in front of me, I sat on the couch and started to massage that cock, the underwear was already wet like the red dental floss he bought in the certainty that I would be there with him.
I couldn’t take it and put that stick all over my mouth. – suck, go! Suck, delicious! – he said while holding my chest and pulling my head.

He pushed me back on the couch and sat on top of me placing the stick between my chest, we made a delicious Spanish. He squeezed my neck and brushed the stick between my breasts – Your little Santa face never deceived me. Little bitch type Santa, my favorite type. He loves a stick, ”he said, squeezing me harder and harder until I was almost breathless.

  • Hit me in the face! – I said with hidden eyes and eager for a roll. He patted me on the face and called me a dog. I smiled and asked to be fucked – Fuck me now, go. Fucks me well. Punch this stick all over my pussy! He put me on my back, took me by the neck, and led me into the kitchen.
    There he lifted my skirt. He leaned me on the table, gave me two slaps on the ass and with my torso and one of the legs on the table, he held my arms, knelt, pulled my panties aside and started licking my smooth pussy. I moaned loudly, moaned through the pores, I wanted to explode with so much excitement. He put his fingers on my pussy and when I threatened to come, he punched that stick and stopped for about 10 seconds.
    Feeling all of Rubens’ cock in my pussy was fantastic. He was so hot when the carnal atmosphere of that apartment – Fuck me! – I said, I can’t bear to wait another second. I was climbing up the walls when he started with the entry and exit movements. Very slowly, making me delirious.
    One of Rubens’ hands held my arms behind my back, and the other hand alternated between slaps on my ass and tight around my waist. – Fuck me, fuck. Fucks me really hot. So, very tasty, go! – I said looking into your eyes. Rubens’ sweat was running down his abdomen, seeing that was delicious.
    Releasing my arms, he turned me around and started to suck me. My hand held yours, asking him to squeeze my chest – Oh, it’s delicious. It’s tasty, like this. Very tasty – I said, involuntarily. Once again Rubens changed his tongue for his unyielding member. – Punch it all up, it’ll taste good. Soca Tudinho in this pussy. Finish her whore, go.
  • The little bitch likes cock, right, so come here. Mama here, go- said Rubens, taking the stick out of my pussy, pulling me by the neck and punching the stick in my mouth. I sucked that stick, very tasty until Rubens announced the enjoyment. He pulled my head through his hair and spilled the whole gala on me. He smeared me all over and hit me in the face with the club.
    Being fucked by Rubens was the best that could have happened that night. And that was the first of many meetings I had with him.


I’m Maisa, I’m 1.53 tall, with small breasts, fleshy ass, black and wavy hair. I was invited by 2 friends; Cristiana and Emanuelle, to go to a party, but we didn’t stay because the party was not good. We went out talking when we arrived at the street of the house of one of them, there were 3 boys, Rodolfo, Ricardo, Juvenal talking outside we stayed in front of Cris’s house, they approached us and we invited them to enter the house their. We went to Cris cismada and said he wasn’t going to enter. Manu and I stayed and entered the house. We had wine, beer Rodolfo suggested truth or consequence. We started playing I was the first to answer Ricardo asked if I wanted to kiss any of them and in the first question I ended up taking off the shirt I preferred the consequence, I was ashamed to say that I was interested in Rodolfo. Breasts show it because I was in a blue tank top with thin straps and no bra; another question came if I played siririca? What a shame, I didn’t want to answer. I took off my pants, I was just wearing panties. Meanwhile, Manu had already “gone to bed” with Juvenal falling drunk. I also asked questions that led them to take their clothes off, we were also the 3 in the room. Me, Ricardo and Rodolfo. and the two were asking difficult questions to answer, I took off my panties. With that Ricardo asked who I allowed to suck my breasts, I said it was Rodolfo and the game ended there because he came and touched my breasts and gave me a very nice kiss on the mouth he went down with his mouth I lay down and he sucked my breasts with a lot of affection and desire, i couldn’t stand it, i opened my legs and he penetrated me i made love to him there in the living room lying on a mat on the floor and with his friend looking at us while he jerked off. I was on all fours for Rodolfo emotionally and physically. But he had a girlfriend he had revealed during the game after we came, he got off me and Ricardo came and asked for a blowjob, I sucked his cock so much and with such desire that he couldn’t take it held my head and came in my mouth. After a while talking about our game they wanted again how good it is to be penetrated by 2 and what a delight it is. Ricardo wanted to put me in 4 for him while he put in my pussy I sucked Rodolfo’s cock, they called me a bitch, hot, rabuda, putinha, Ricardão shook a noise and said I came and took the stick out of my pussy sat down and said the whore is all yours Rodolfo and he asked me to lie on my side when I realized he was pressing my anus I said he was a virgin of the ass he said he had no problem he was going to be the first to get my peck out of my ass and I was going love it, he put it in his pussy to get his dick wet, I thought he had given up on putting it in my ass and when I least expected it I got a fright he shoved it at once; I screamed, he held me as if I were a mare, he put me on 4, he punched him, punched his thick cock in my ass until he came, Ricardo didn’t let it go so Rodolfo took his dick out of my ass he came took my arms pulled back and put his cock in my ass we also spent the night like that. I rode in the hands and spikes of the two friends. When morning came, Rodolfo gave me a kiss and left. Manu was still out of the cachaça she took then Juvenal came and asked if I could give him too. That he wanted to put me in too. I was tired with my ass burning but I agreed to win milk from him also in my pussy and in my ass. After being fucked by the 3 I took a shower, woke up Emanuelle passed out and went home happy. We became friends and I went to visit them often, I was their wife for a whole year. After that time Rodolfo got engaged, Ricardo and Juvenal got another rental in a distant city, we ended up losing contact, but the memories of my loving friends and all the times I rotated with them remained.


My daughter was one of those chubby girls who has a big ass and a hairy camel toe and my son is one of those boys who spend the whole day jacking off.
Jessica used to wear these glued soft fabric trousers that made the cut of her xereca very visible. Her titties were pointed and pointed upwards, almost piercing her blouse. At the time this episode occurred, he was 12 and she was 16. She used to ask to see her pornographic magazines while stuffing a Perdigão bologna sausage in the xereca. He knew this because he had already seen her taking one to the bedroom. I also always missed one in the fridge and then came back washed.
At the time, there was no internet and no VCR. Whoever wanted to see whoring that went to the cinema. There were so many slutty things in the bathrooms that you can’t even imagine. Whenever someone went there, there was a big fag carrying a butt in the ass, another sucking on a dick and five more of his pants down and on his back, waiting for someone to appear in the ass. And I didn’t need to say anything, it was to put the fag against the wall, tell him to open his ass, and put it in the pussy.
Anyway, she locked herself in the room and kept beating siririca and stuffing the sausage, while she looked at those thick-headed, thick-headed logs sperm on the faces of the whores …
I used to sunbathe with dental floss all stuck in my backyard. Ricardinho used to go all the time in the kitchen, which gave access to the backyard with only art to spy on his little sister’s ass, all smeared with oil and shining in the sun. When it was put in front, there was that fleshy pussy with the thong just covering the tear of that big pussy.
In a certain way, when she got out of the bath, after a while, Ricardo, my son and brother of Jessica went to her room thinking that she had already dressed, and to her surprise she was still wearing panties and without bra. She looked at him with a frown as if she didn’t like it, lifted her leg and put her on the bed purposefully so that he could see the volume of her pussy drawn and divided into the panties that divided their juicy bands. The little boy was hallucinated.
Jessica did not shave the pussy, and the hairs were already coming out from the sides, in addition to giving that volume to fill the eyes.
After that day her handjobs on her intention intensified and on purpose she always knocked on the bathroom door and said: “I know what you are doing there. Is that what you were looking for in the bedroom? ” This excited him even more and he was soapy that he purposely made that noise on the thaco thaco roll that we all know and that he knew she liked to hear.
Now I couldn’t imagine just the size of her ass. That sight of your hairy pussy has never left your mind until today …
They lived with my grandmother, my mother. The crown had hearing problems so they fought without caring.
Ricardo became obsessed with incest and knowing that his grandmother had already been a prostitute in a brega here in Salvador, it was there that she met my father and father of my brother, their uncle, who is also a character in this story. My mother was one of those crazy people who live talking about putarias, and besides being already 60 years old, she still preserved that size of tail that made so many men delight and enjoy abundantly. He always said, still with that face of a dirty and brusque whore of someone who has already sucked a lot, that sex is the best thing in life, while shamelessly smoothing it. the bucetão maliciously leaving Ricardinho excited and with the hard cock.
One day when she took a strong medicine to sleep, Ricardo went to the bedroom, lifted the nightgown, spread his legs, and licked her pussy.

Which, by the way, was quite enlarged with so much rôla that it was in the brega. Then he rubbed his baby dove on her full lips, forced a little in and managed to get her to open her mouth. He put only the little head and slowly introduced it. After a few come and go, take it off and put it on, went back to the sprout and penetrated it deep until it hit the egg berries. He realized that she was pretending to be asleep because she could feel her vaginal lips suck on his penis and that tightened his cock and held him like glue, in addition to the vagina broth running and her breathing to be breathing. She tried to control herself, but he noticed slight faces that she made on her face and a little smirk in the corner of her mouth. The “old woman” was enjoying it. But she pretended to be sleeping soundly so that he could continue to fuck her. But she couldn’t help herself, and she moaned loudly, spreading her legs wide. My son was happy to be making my dear mother, his grandmother, enjoy tasty.
She began to rummage in the bed, her hips went up and down, as she did inside the houses of prostitution in which she made a lot of money and lived a life of plenty today. That was when Ricardinho did not control himself and dropped the candy on my mother’s mouthpiece. A spectacular and abundant cumshot that my boy gave in the grandmother’s xerecão.
Then she gave him a tender kiss on the tongue. She had a slight angelic smile on her lips.
We all realized miraculously in the days that followed his rapid recovery. Being fucked with love by the grandchild did him a great good.
Returning to my little bitch, after she learned that Ricardinho saw her in her panties and that she was jerking off at her intention, when she was going to cut her hair, she started rubbing herself with her thighs on her arm, standing in front of her with the xereca so close to her. his face with that splinter divided in his cool pants that just needed to be rubbed in his face. He could even smell it coming from his mouth. I know that she was very excited to see that he was enjoying it and knew that soon, he would soon end up in trouble. His xoxotão was luscious and greasy, so he gave off that smell of raw fish. He was crazy for her to lower her shorts, hold her head tightly and “force” her to suck it.
Her 13 cm chopstick (that was the size at the time) was stiff, but he disguised it by covering it with his arm (as he was ashamed to know that she saw in his magazines those thick, big-headed, horny chips.
Today his source of pleasure measures 16 centimeters by 12. It is within the average of Brazilians and does not cause any discomfort, nor does his wife complain. It always gives her three consecutive cum shots … That’s why it’s fine, even though I wanted to take my brother, his uncle and have a bigger and thicker cock.
Once my brother, one of them, and who was born in a brothel, had arrived from Ceará as always. He was very playful and knew that Ricardo was jerking himself straight, because my daughter’s naughty told him everything. While Jessica was washing clothes in front of the bathroom door, he masturbated. With her there so close, he sat on the floor right in front of the door and could see her butt with her shorts jammed through the cracks with her hard cock and full of “badness”. But on this day suddenly my bastard brother forced the handle and opened it. He was caught by both of them in the act with the hard rock in his hand. Due to the unexpected and because he was about to come, a wave of uncontrolled pleasure took over his body, the picca began to undermine the gala and flow like a waterfall … He closed and squeezed his eyes, his face made a face and his body contorted . He came compulsively and the spur jumped and spouted almost a meter away, the Gulfs of gala were five in a row. They burst out laughing. Needless to say, my little boy was very upset and ashamed …

From that day on, whenever they fought, she said that he had a small peck and that he shouldn’t even tickle and that my brother and their uncle’s was much bigger than yours. That was when he learned that Astolfo, (40 years old), when he went there, put the wheel in it.
And it was true, my brother had the volume of a very thick cock in his shorts. It must have been because he was black and of African descent. My mother told me that he looked like his father, a Negão who went there in the brega to make her scream in his thick, big head. He was quite tall, he must have been six feet tall and his skin was so black that it glowed bluish because it was so black.
He wore a lot of those lycra shorts that were in fashion at the time and when it was white, you could even see the design of the veins that were stuffed and altered, and he just sat with his legs open to show his package and the volume of his balls. This naughty mommy who talks to you has already fucked my brother. But that’s another story. That was why when he went home my daughter was happier and started to wear smaller shorts to further highlight her butt and her beetle hood.
Ricardo soon suspected that this was the cause of him always asking him to go there and buy something on the street. When he came back they both had the cleanest face in the world and she was all disheveled and sweaty. That was also why when she knew he was going there, he tanned that ass. If my brother ever put that big cock in my little girl’s fury, his niece, as he already did with me, I don’t know. I believe so. He would need to sperm inside that asshole, because in the mouth he could get her pregnant. So it had to be right in the ass and with a big ass like those who would resist not taking her on all fours and getting bogged down in the face of that bitch? The first time her pleats must have hurt, bled, stung, molten and smeared that nigger’s dick all of her fury’s blood. As it happened to me. I was pretty chipped and fucked. I believe that I should wash it in the rectum to make it taste better and maybe she will also receive some licks and flips inside that delicious cave, which, because it is very white, should have a pinkish furious.
In revenge for what they did to them, Ricardo waited for him to ask him to go buy something. As I knew it was for them to climb, he said it would take him on the street, but he didn’t go and stayed at home hidden in the ceiling (there was a ladder in the yard that gave access). Wow! That was when he saw everything. He had difficulty, due to his angle of vision, to see at first the size of Astolfo’s black stick. Every man has this curiosity and Ricardo was one of those. It looked like a horse’s wheel. The guy was a donkey. The red color of the big head contrasted with the rest of the black club. My daughter took after the mother. For those who like cock, the longer, thicker and the better the better. He was sitting naked and she was kneeling at his feet in front of him. He even drooled in front of that stiff pole. The bikini mark, being thong, started from inside the groove and the line went to the middle of her back. She wore those bikinis well cavaded leaving the ass scandalously out of envy Watermelon Woman.
Too bad at that time there were no cell phones with cameras. I would post here for you to see what a blowjob is. Then he held her head and she fell killing that cock and the back and forth and also because she was choking, the log splinter should go down to the depths of her throat.

My daughter kneeling at her feet between her open thighs, grabbed his cock, sucked, drooled, licked and bit her balls. Then he asked her saying: “niece stops or I make fun”. She answered nothing because she had a full mouth and was so thirsty and maddened that she didn’t want to stop and started to suck him even more eagerly. Because of this he pulled her head back by the hair in fury and asked her if she wanted him to come in her mouth or fill her face with cum… That was when she took one hand off her xibata and with the other took the bucêta and began to siriricar with force and he gushed like a waterfall what appeared to be a liter of thick and white sperm resembling cremogema porridge. While she received the sperm gushes in her face, she hit the siririca with brutality, creaking like a demon from the depths of darkness. His bucêta made a noise similar to that when people wave their hands in the water, the size of the juice that poured from their cave was so big. As she tilted her face up because he pulled her hair hard, my son could see her face melting all over, opening her mouth, licking her lips and making a devilish face. His eyes were rolled up and there was only the white of the eyeball in his eyes, while he also came and I could hear the sound of the broth spreading on the floor of the room and forming almost a lake. He could also see the red head of the hard pike gushing freely through that huge crack like that of an echú at the Satanic crossroads.
Then she lost her angle of vision again, but she could tell by the sound that came out of my little girl’s mouth that she was licking all the cum that ran down her black uncle’s balls while her bag rocked from side to side and hit her breasts. For you to have an idea of ​​how heavy and low his bag was. The strong smell of greasy rôla together with the scents of my Jessica’s honeyed mouthwash rose up to my son’s nostrils, who were spying on everything fascinated by the stick pissing in gzo. She ran her tongue over her balls, sucked on her head and went down again to the egg sac. That noise of suck, suck, lick, lick, drool, never left your ears and still echo in your imagination today. His dick was softening as she licked, licked and licked. She stopped for a few moments and stood there motionless with her face all smeared and with her soft uncle’s cock in her mouth, which was still swollen and still pulsed with gusto.
Then he pretended that he came back from the street and didn’t let them suspect anything so he could have other opportunities.
They tried to disguise it but could not hide the tired face of that cumshot. His eyes were red as embers and the smell of cum mixed with the broth of that cum plagued the whole environment.
I was proud to have a daughter who, like her mother, knew how to suck a chunk like that and with mastery.
Too bad he couldn’t help himself and came right there. I wanted Ricardinho to witness her on all fours, wiggling, fidgeting and moaning on that black horse whip, to then tell me and I could tell you about it. My son told me about this event while I jerked him with him sitting on my lap and forcing him to tell the whole truth under pain of squeezing their eggs. After concluding, as a reward, I let him come inside my mouth.

Later he also told her that he had seen everything and to her surprise she said that he also ate with me, who was their mother and sister of his uncle.
From there they became more intimate and because they knew that our family was incestuous, the two started to be without clothes at home and Ricardo no longer needed to lock himself in the bathroom to masturbate. The two of them did this in the middle of the room in front of each other without any modesty. Sometimes he would hit her with a siririca while she poked him, sometimes with his hands, sometimes with his mouth. Also, at his request, he put on that dental floss and rolled it in front of him. She started to enjoy that ass daily and she became addicted to taking it in the ass by her little brother. The erotic love of depraved, indecent and immoral brothers has increased dramatically.
My black brother found out through me and now he came to our house every weekend. Jessica told him how horny she was for her little brother’s dove, which, despite being small, fascinated him and he confessed that he felt the desire to eat it together with his nephew and her brother and that I had also ripped myself, that mommy here, on his extraordinary log of nerves.
And the fudelança started in the morning and changed into dawn. They spent the afternoons in a 69 of pure and ecstatic sucking. He really enjoyed the mouth of his sister who drank all the milk from her little brother while her big uncle buried him in her ass. And Ricardinho was very satisfied with that broth. The erotic love of depraved brothers increased dramatically. And so the family remained together.
Those were days of orgies and surubas and I don’t need to tell you the bagasse that left Astolfo’s thick log of nerves and how many hot spurs Jessica took on her ass and face…
What a happy ending. But it doesn’t end there.
Jessica not long after she was converted and became a believer and decided to be baptized. She married a pastor of the Baptist Church here in Salvador, which she had already been attending.
Those people who go to church when they decide to fuck do it desperately like it’s the last time. Put a rôla in an evangelical believer so you can see what a demonic and satanic fuck is, and she will scream at the womb calling for God. Lock yourself in a room with a fervent evangelical that he will make you kneel in front of him and accept Jesus on the log.
Today my daughter and her pastor husband live happily with their six children, three boys and three young girls, who were even born one after the other. My daughter must fuck a lot with her priest husband.
Amazingly, she gives this testimony every Sunday in the church and adds everything they did for the enjoyment of the brothers in Christ. And they say to them: “The precious blood of Christ covers all the sins of the flesh, brothers. May each of you live your truth and it will set you free and you will truly be free ”.
His Congregation is called: The Holy Enjoyed of the Last Days.
Every Sunday when she finishes witnessing what they were doing, at the time of prayer the men refuse to stand up to hide the hard dick under their pants and the young people run almost enjoying themselves to the church bathroom and inside it rolls type of whoring and slutty. Women wear long petticoat skirts to disguise the broth that runs down their thighs and hide the mini thongs tucked under their tails underneath, while imagining that they are receiving Astolfo’s log …
From then on, the church was filled to capacity with believers every Sunday. This is an exciting testimony.
My daughter Jessica just can’t explain to her husband why five of her children are black and only one is white like the pastor …
Do you suspect anything?