I had sex with my boss to increase my salary


Hello, my name is Leticia, I am almost 1.80 meters tall, with natural blond hair and very light brown eyes. I am thin and shapely. If it weren’t for age, I would definitely invest in a modeling career, but I woke up too late. I have to be satisfied with the conditions available. I work in a large accounting firm, I am 36 years old, I can say that I am an attractive woman and I have had many erotic relationships in my life. Until 2 years ago, my salary was 1,400.00. Little money for the life I wanted to have, after all I just wanted to go out and have fun. Fortunately, most of the times in the nightclubs I go to, I rarely pay thanks to my beauty and one of my partners in the company loves me very much, despite being married and I enjoy it. When he started to get very pressured by my beauty, he invested daily in teas to try to win me over, I was an idiot, despite being a charming gentleman in his 49s, I was always attracted to more young people. One day, he couldn’t resist my charm and said to me smiling: “What will happen to you? How difficult will you be? Am I that ugly? I want you”. I told him that when he broke up, we would go out to dinner. One day there were some cuts in the company. He jokingly told me that if I had dinner with him, I wouldn’t be on the redundancy list. I needed the money and accepted the proposal. I asked him about his wife and he told me that she would be absent for 9 days, as she was traveling abroad, asking me to have dinner at her house so that no one would see him with me. I went to his house, without having a plan in mind. We eat and talk about a variety of subjects, but mostly about our personal lives. He told me that he cheats on his wife for not having good sex with her. At some point, he put on a song and asked me to dance like a young girl. I didn’t hesitate and danced with him. The dance brought moments of passion and after a few hours of conversation and a bottle of wine, he started to kiss me. After minutes of intense kisses, he put his hand gently under my skirt, touched my butt and touched me to provoke the best of my orgasms. We went to bed as a couple, he possessed me like no one else had ever done, he sucked my pussy like no other sucked, he sucked my nipples so much that I lost count of the orgasms he gave me that intense night. When we finished intercourse, I was so satisfied that there was no room to feel sorry, much less to think about the consequences of what I had just done. After all, he was married and that could compromise or not my professional life, due to his prestige as an employer in the company. The next day, at the office, he treated me kindly and as if we had nothing. Two days later, he called me in the parking lot to “take me home” and I went to bed with him again. This time it was even better than the previous one. He knew how to treat a whore like me, put his 21 cm big cock as I like it in my ass and I moaned a lot of pleasure and raved about lust. I drank all his milk and he demonstrated that I would be the lover he always dreamed of, hit me in the face, slapped my butt and put me as his obedient whore and that excited me more and more. The other day, I go to the office and they tell me that my duties have increased and there has been an increase of 500 reais in my salary. They even told me it was another director’s decision. I never discussed it with him, after all our desires were purely sexual. The other month, I received a bonus of R $ 3,500, which would become monthly, for being very productive and all this time that I have had a relationship with my boss, I had two parallel relationships. I have nothing to complain about, extra money on the account and total sexual pleasure!
In: https://www.xvideosincesto.com/fiz-sexo-com-meu-chefe-para-aumentar-meu-salario/

Hello, friends.
My name is José Araujo de Souza, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, creator of the websites http://www.professorpoeta.com.br and http://www.contos de sacanagem.com.br and I publish in ENGLISH. I make myself available to everyone, through my websites or by email josearaujodesouza@yahoo.com.br for suggestions, criticisms and opinions that can serve as a basis for the improvement of my work. The websites http://www.professorpoeta.com.br and http://www.contosdesacanagem.com.br are not sponsored and therefore do not earn me any money. Help me to keep them clean like this, donating any amount for their maintenance, through the account 43.725-5 Banco 3608-0 of Banco do Brasil or buy my e-books at:
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Thank you, from the heart.

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