Cheating My Husband With The Housekeeper From The Farm

My husband had bought a farm, and he ended up inheriting some employees. A caretaker, Chico, a tall, very strong mulatto and two pawns, José a tall, thin black man, and Carlos Moreno, short, paunchy, and a maid, Dona Maria, a married but old lady. It was in this scenario that I discovered the whore in me. On a long holiday we traveled there to rest, my husband, me and my daughters. On Sunday morning I got up early and went for a walk, asked one of the pedestrians to prepare a horse. Getting close to a stream I got off the animal, I walked along the river bank, when I heard a strange neighing of a mare and some moaning and howling. I thought it was very strange, I went into the middle of the forest and was so scared that I almost fell on my back … I was in shock. Chico, the caretaker on top of a termite eating the mare. Frightened by the fright, I stepped back and ducked in the middle of the bush so as not to be discovered. His mouth was open, even short of breath, watching that bizarre fuck. Chico held the animal’s hip and stuck it out mercilessly. He howled, said that the mare was a whore of him and other obscenities. Suddenly he started calling her by my name. He called me a hot girl, a bitch, who was crazy to fuck me, who was going to make me loose, who was going to break my ass … to be his bitch. That made me indignant, I thought about going straight to my husband to tell him, I hesitated for a moment when I saw that the caretaker accelerated the attacks on the animal … I realized that he was enjoying it. He stuck his body close to the mare’s. He gave a shout that could be heard in the distance. Then he broke free from the animal. In the position he was in, my vision was of him almost from the back, he descended from the termite and turned around. That was when I got even more scared. I couldn’t believe there was a man with a stick like that. From the distance it was, I couldn’t describe it properly, it was huge. I was quiet so he wouldn’t see me. He went into the river and washed himself. Seeing his cock in a limp state, it was huge. He put on his clothes, straddled his mare, who also looked sated with sex, and left. When I saw that he was out of sight, I left the bush and sat on a rock. I felt my pussy all luscious. I couldn’t understand my reaction. I was excited about that bizarre scene, with his big cock. The image of his dick does not leave my mind … I understood why he had sex with mares. To put up with a donkey like that, just a mare! I went back to the farm, I didn’t say anything to anyone. It kept raging in my head all day. The next day, in the morning, I was agitated, something told me to go to the stream again to see if the caretaker would be there with his animal lover. The urge to revisit that bizarre scene, a big cock, moved my head. I went… arriving at the place, I walked to the same place, but the caretaker was not there. I was wondering, what was I doing! I was waiting for about 5 minutes, I was standing behind some branches, when I felt a body touch behind mine… I got a huge scare. It was the caretaker, I went white as a sheet of paper. I lost my voice. – The boss was looking for me ?? Still without a voice, I tried to take a step back, but I was caught by the arm. – The mistress must have liked what she saw, to come back here again. He took the stick out, put one of my hands on it. Paralyzed by the situation, I didn’t even have the courage to face him, much less look down. I felt his cock grow in my hand, I threatened to run again, but I was stopped. He took my other hand and put it on his big cock. He turned me over and pressed against a tree, put his stick in the middle of my legs. I was wearing shorts, I could feel that hot body separating my thighs. Then he whispered in my ear. – Tomorrow morning I will be at the house at the top of the hill … it appears there … that you will see how I as a mare of the boss .. He released me and left. I was terrified. I went to the stream, I wet my face, I kept thinking about what I would do. If I should tell my husband, forget about it and leave the place and never come back. I returned home. At night my husband came to me. During the sex with him only that dick of Chico came to mind. I ended up coming fast. The next morning, I woke up agitated, that invitation from Chico moved my head. I could tell my husband everything. Then he sent Chico away. But on second thought, I should have told you the first time I saw the mare. My marriage was even good, my daughters over there on the porch playing. I was not managing to control my desires. I was obsessed with his big cock. He was gifted to the extreme. But Chico was a rustic man, his hands and skin punished by work and sun. I always had the best clothes, beauty salons. And a well-defined body, I am dark-haired with brown eyes and hair, 1.68 in height. Medium breasts and my butt is medium to large. Anyway, everything up for my age. Certainly a lot of sand for that caretaker. I promised myself that I would go there just to talk. Give him some advice to stop harassing the farm animals. I went to look for my husband, I was told he had gone to a nearby village. Better this way, I thought. I took a horse and went to that house on the hill. By the way far away. Arriving, I got off the animal and took courage, I entered. I was sweating cold. The house was small, two rooms. There was an old bed in a corner, I called the caretaker. He came out of the house and went inside. I got scared … he was naked !!! Chico closed the door. – I knew the boss would come !!! – That, wear a suit for the love of God. I came here just to talk to you. I told him. – I think the boss is really wanting to see my big cock! I got cold … I tried to talk it out, it was useless. He approached, took my two hands and put it on his dick, I tried to pull my arm, but he held them on his dick. That big cock soon grew. Now he could really see its true size up close. It was black, full of veins. The head was a little thinner than the body. It was huge … I couldn’t believe what I was getting. It was getting thicker and at the end it should have been the thickness of an average soda bottle. I felt the heat of the stick in my hands, throbbing. With both hands on top of him, one in front of the other, there was still stick left, much more stick than my husband’s. I tried to argue that I didn’t want to cheat … without listening to me, he pushed me onto the bed. I went into despair. I could scream, but no one would hear me there. Running he caught me, because he was big and strong. Faced with the situation that seemed to have no return, I tried to negotiate with him. I would just do an oral, then he would let me go and we would forget all that. He accepted, but he forced me to be naked. I was reluctant and said I would only do that in my underwear. I wanted to get this over with. I was afraid!! Chico sat on the bed, took off my shirt and shorts. I crouched in the middle of his legs and held that big cock. Arriving with my face close, I felt that it gave off a strong smell. I remembered the mare. I was a little disgusted. Realizing my delay, Chico held my head and forced me. I started licking my head. I tried to put it in my mouth, but it only fit the head. My hand did not close from half to the base of his dick. That situation, I was there … in the middle of his legs, trying to stick what was in his mouth … caressing the head of his big cock with my tongue, his taste. It ascended my body … I felt my pussy burning. He couldn’t see … Chico moaned in my mouth. He called me a hot girl, a whore, from other lowlands. That heat went up through my body. I was already sucking it with lust… I was really sucking… when without warning I felt my mouth filling with milk. He spurted a lot, I almost drowned in his cum … he smeared my whole face, fell on my body. I got up, I almost threw up !! Chico got up too, took a cloth and cleaned himself. I asked if he could go. He, to my surprise, said no. That he had changed his mind. I tried to run, but he held me from behind, I felt one of his fingers invade my pussy, I screamed. He noticed that my cunt was all drooling. In a sudden gesture, he tore off my panties, pressed me against the wall, I saw that his dick was hard again. He put his big cock in the middle of my legs, started rubbing it on my pussy. I felt the heat and the lust invade my body… his dick in that position crossed between my legs and came out in front of my groin, he crouched down and started to suck me, I spread my ass, what a hot tongue! It passed my pussy and my ass. I realized that there was no way to get out of there without satisfying him. And deep down … I wanted to know if I could handle that big cock too. I wanted to be his whore … to be the mare. He got up, and pulled me … he lay on the bed and told me to sit. I said I was afraid of getting hurt, I didn’t know if I could handle it. He said he would go slow and if it hurt it would stop. I asked to put on a condom. He took one out from under the mattress … before putting it on, I climbed on the bed and suckled some more. The condom did not enter. It was small, and after forcing it to burst, he said he only had that one. He took me by the waist, leaned his head against the entrance to the cave. At that time I let go of the condom… I asked him to go slow. He pushed, and I climbed up. Until he held me tighter and was pulling me. With difficulty, his head went in… I screamed. He was moving slowly, pulling me… it came about 20 cm… then it didn’t pass, his dick in that part was thicker. I already felt open at most. I felt pain when he forced it. I tried to help him by stirring too. I asked to stop, I couldn’t take it. He got up from the bed on a bookshelf and picked up a jar of rince cream. He said he used to masturbate. He ordered to stay on all fours … he filled his hand with cream and smeared my pussy, passed over his cock too. He came from behind and tried again, I pulled myself up as far as I could to penetrate. It went… as far as his bludgeon had gone it was easy… he got into it, and only those 20 cm that had entered it already gave me an indescribable pleasure. He moaned madly. Realizing that I was enjoying the fuck, he started to punch harder and harder … and I accepted these thrusts, moaned and asked for more, asked him to make me a mare … a whore. That was when he held me tight by the waist… I realized what he was going to do… he was going to shove more into me. Said and done… he came strong, with everything, violent… I screamed, I growled loudly, my pussy gave way and his big cock ended up invading her. I don’t know what I felt … if it was pain, pleasure … everything came together … I came, I had an intense orgasm … I felt totally filled, my uterus touched, my pussy truly broken. No one had ever gone so far. I recovered from that great orgasm. Chico moved inside me … I couldn’t believe it … I put my hand behind … I realized that Chico was holding the base of his Pau to limit it. I couldn’t take that big cock in its dimension … Chico cursed me, called me a little girl, a bitch … a bitch … I got lost in jokes. He lay down and asked me to sit. In that position, he could control what entered. Pau already moved more easily. I tugged on that big cock. Chico said he was going to come … I got very horny to make that male come with all his abundance inside me … feel a fucking truck spurt inside me. I came with him. We screamed, we groaned in that moment of ecstasy … we lost heart and we were stuck. I felt his cock soften inside me. I felt fulfilled. I remembered I was without a condom, but now it was too late. Chico took his dick … even the mole was huge. I felt my pussy burn…. I took a small mirror, admired the damage it had done. When I got up the cum went down in abundance along with a little blood. It looked like he had lost his virginity again. Then I came to myself … I was ashamed of the situation. It had been 2 hours since I left the site, I needed to go. Chico said he would eat me every day while I was at the farm. I didn’t say anything to him. I got dressed and left… I passed a stream and washed myself to get the strong smell out of that male. Later on the farm, I couldn’t sit down, I was burned. Chico had finished with me. At night I told my husband that I had a headache and went to sleep. The other day Chico sent a note telling me to go back there, only I didn’t show up. I wouldn’t go anymore … and my cunt hadn’t recovered either. The other day he sent another note, threatening me if I didn’t show up there, I would tell my husband. That went up … I went there to get satisfaction. Arriving there was also José and Carlos, the other two pedestrians who looked at me with a cynical face, as if they knew what had happened. The two had watched everything. I learned that it was a bet made by them. The three blackmailed me… I was taken by surprise, I didn’t know what to do… I had to give in to the whim of the three at that moment. The sticks of the two pawns didn’t come close to Chico’s, but Carlos’s was bigger than my husband’s and José was thicker. I was forced to suck the three of them. Kneeling, with them around me. Initially only Carlos and José ate me… while I sucked one, another ate me… they switched positions. Until they decided to eat me both at the same time … I begged, cried, tried to run away … but it was in vain. I sat on José’s cock, which was thick… Carlos came from behind, pushed me against José’s chest and prepared my ass with his fingers. Then he got into it … I couldn’t resist anymore, I used to have anal sex with my husband. Being possessed by two at the same time was a sensation that gave me enormous pleasure. While it was eaten by the two, Chico approached and told me to suck it. I, a woman who had never had spicy sexual adventures, was there for three. The two came at me … I saw that I would have to satisfy Chico who was still with his big cock in bullet point. Chico came from behind … he leaned his head against my pussy and with a shove he entered at once. I almost fainted… I cursed, complained that he was hurting… that he had hurt my uterus. He took his dick out of my vagina and touched my ass … – Oh no! I told him. – If you can’t give a cunt, you’ll have to pay with your ass !!! Shut up and take it… I tried to dodge it, but his friends came and held me… I begged. My ass was already lubricated with fucking Carlos… Chico passed the rince cream on his dick… I saw that there was no way to run… I tried to relax and I spread my ass to the maximum so I wouldn’t get hurt too much. He pressed his head in my ass. I didn’t go in, and with the pressure, he pushed me forward. He told me to hold on better. I heard him say “now go with everything, I’m going to fuck you for real” and I felt it coming. I felt like opening up in the middle… it hurt a lot, my legs went limp, I almost passed out. I looked back, crying and begging him to stop it. “Calm down, bitch, just came in a little bit, now it will hurt”.

I felt that the thicker part was coming … this time I didn’t have any pity … it entered at once. I screamed in pain…. the two held me tighter, Chico stopped… let my ass get used to the diameter. He was hurting a lot, and while he waited, he slapped me on the ass. Until he started to get in, slowly … he pulled a little and went deeper with each punch. That’s when I felt his bag touch my pussy … he went out and stuck it in again, pulling me and making me feel again his bag hit my pussy. He started to get stronger and stronger, and that beating… made me feel pleasure despite the pain… Chico got bogged down… I started screaming… I went into heat. I asked him to fuck me and come in my ass. This time, he had taken it all … in the ass. The two pedestrians were appalled by that situation… they released me. They had a hard-on. Chico came quickly for my happiness and I also … I came with that stick stuck in the ass. As soon as we came, I asked him to take his dick out of me… the other two came in my face… I got up and ran to the bathroom. I was in severe pain… I had diarrhea with a little blood… I thought he blew me up. I put on my clothes and left … I felt a lot of pain that day, I was worried. I took pain medication. The next day I felt better. But I couldn’t even sit up straight. My husband started to get angry with me for refusing him, I made up an excuse. But there was no way … I was all sore. Three days later I get another ticket. De Chico telling me to go back there because the three of them wanted to eat me. I needed a way to go. As long as he was there, he would be in their hands, and he would have to satisfy them. I called my sister and asked her to call my husband and tell him that he was sick and that he needed me. It worked, in the morning I packed my suitcase, my husband took me away. I drove by in front of the three who made an angry face … I breathed a sigh of relief. If a month passed, my husband insisted that he go to the farm, but he always made up an excuse. After a while, the three left due to a problem of cattle theft in a neighboring place … I was relieved. Despite the damage that Chico did to me, I was never able to forget that big cock … and I started to let go of the whore that appeared inside me.
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