How I met Mel

Today I will tell you how I met Mel!
My name is Rodolfo, at the time I was married to another woman, still in her 30s but already in her late 40s. She worked hard and lived a quiet life from home to work and from work to home. A failed marriage with no motivation for sex, to do new things.
He was a very calm guy, with no fetishes, no sexual desires defined in my thoughts, it was then that one day I decided to install a flirting app and meet someone who could bring me this joy of living that was missing in my life.
Something very strange happened, because I don’t think I’m a handsome guy, it was only a few minutes in the app and the most beautiful woman I liked also liked my photo.
We exchanged Whatsapp and talked for a few days until we met in person, but it finally happened. She was in front of a cafe, a light dress, her hair down, blonde, light eyes and the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life. We went for a beer, we ordered some pastries and the night passed very quickly, but I managed to take a chip and give good kisses in that perfect mouth of hers and then we said goodbye, we went to our house and we continued talking by whatsapp wanting a reunion, but in the next day we went to lunch together again, and again the pastry was present on our table, also the beer. Lots of talk, lots of discoveries, lots of laughter and wet kisses, but without realizing it with sex.
On our third date, we went to lunch again, however, this time from lunch we went straight to a motel, I was fantasizing about her for the last 3 days in my baths, her smell was wonderful, the kiss too, but I didn’t know how Mel would be into bed.
Arriving in the room I helped her undress and she was wearing an incredibly beautiful wine-colored lingerie, her tigress look wishing me and her incredible smell mesmerized me, I can say that our first time marked as much as any other amazing sex that we had, it wasn’t that silly sex, it was sex with the right to the second half and the third half. But let’s talk about the first half ..
I was kissing her and enjoying her wonderful lingerie, I put my hands on her thigh, a fleshy thigh lady, I put her lingerie down and sucked on her left breast, very clear, small and hard breasts, pear style. So I took the rest of her clothes off and laid her on the bed, spread her legs and sucked, sucked that wet pink pussy a lot. While I sucked her, I thought “Wow, she is what I want for the rest of my life”. I couldn’t take the lust, I pulled my pants down and made a simple dad and mom, then I held her thighs and made a wonderful roasted chicken, but the best was yet to come. She asked me to lie down and started to ride on me, it was the best swing I’ve ever seen in my life. So I decided to hold her beautiful and huge ass while she rode me, it made me more horny. I looked at her eyes, she was fascinating, beautiful, smelling, with a dirty face, it looked like she had become a sex goddess, it wasn’t the same angel-looking girl that enchanted me when I first looked at the cafe, but it was so beautiful, but in a completely different way.
Gentlemen, I can tell you, a man knows what the perfect pussy is, that certainly was my perfect pussy, I speak properly, because it is the pussy that I eat every day when I wake up and when I sleep, because after that sex, it was In a matter of time, I divorced my old wife and married Mel.

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