3 hours of sex on birthday

In my early twenties I had had sex with many men, several times in the car on the street, in motels and even on the highway. I loved sex, wild sex to tell the truth.
B. was one of the guys I gave the pussy to. He only called me when he wanted to fuck. One day, on his birthday, he called me, picked me up and took me to his apartment, as usual. He had a problem with coming, so we got to spend three hours getting into it.
On that birthday, he was very naughty. He threw me on the bed, started doing a nice oral. He put his tongue deep in my pussy. Then I made him suck on his cock for long minutes without letting me breathe.
Then he would spread my legs up and penetrate hot. This position always hurts for me, but with him it was very nice. It went deep inside my vagina and got into it very fast and strong. She moaned like a whore.
Then he put me on all fours for him, I wiggled for him to shove that hot cock with everything. He got in without fear, strong and fast. I loved to moan at him, always praising my screams, which made me even more horny.
Then I sat on the hard stick, rode a lot, then sat with my back to him. He softened my ass. Delight and delight. As the sex lasted 3 hours, we were creating all kinds of positions.
He would pull my hair, put me aside, put it in and take it out slowly, then stuff it all the way to the bottom of the pussy and put it in my mouth for me to taste it.
He would slap me on the face and ass. I love to be beaten. Even he hit me with a very strong strap, which I spent days with my ass all red. Not to mention the neck, all red. In fact, that was a characteristic of our sex, it always came back red, chest, butt, face, from being beaten up.
He liked me to swallow all his cum. Normally, he came in my mouth for me to swallow everything. But that day, he came in my face, but he came so much that it went to the breasts and I took the cum with my finger and put it in my mouth.
Ah if I could get back to having sex with him. One of my best deals.

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