José Araujo de Souza
When I woke up that Saturday, the sun was so strong that it was almost unbearable. As it was my custom to do almost every morning on Saturdays, I decided to go to the waterfall for a swim. An advantage I had over my friends was that the river, with a waterfall, passed right at the bottom of the yard of the house where I lived.
When I was getting ready to enter the river, I noticed someone lying on the rock that jutted out right in the middle, where a rapids started and exactly where I liked to lie down to look at the sky while tanning in the sun.
Upon hearing the noise I made when I reached the river’s edge, the person raised his head and turned. I recognized Clarindo, from the rental company. “Is it too cold?” I asked raising my voice so he could hear me. “Not. It looks good ”he replied also raising his voice. There was an almost absolute silence in the river, I heard when he said clearly, softly, in a whisper “just like you”.
I dived into the water and with strong, safe strokes I swam close to where he was, climbing on the rock to stay beside him.
Clarindo was a white guy with black hair and a handsome face. Up close he looked much taller than he did when seen from a distance. He had a well-made body. We already knew each other and had even exchanged a few looks, but we were never together, alone. Now it was as if that whole river, with that waterfall, was ours alone. His and mine. “Have you been here a long time?” I asked. “No. I arrived just now. It’s very good that you came. I don’t like being alone in the water,” he told me. “I don’t like it either,” I said, adding, “I’m wondering if anything happens, there’s no one to help. people. “” Really, “he agreed. He went into the water, standing up and held out his hand” Come on. The stone is starting to get cold. “I took his hand and reached his side. Where we were, the water reached the height of your chest and up to my shoulders. Still holding your hand, I sunk my head in the water and when I pulled it out my body was very close to it. “I heard what you said” I said smiling looking into his eyes. that I told?” he asked a little embarrassed “I didn’t say anything.” “That the water was just like me. It doesn’t have to be red, no. I liked hearing it.” I realized he was embarrassed and unresponsive. “Do you know what I think?” before he replied, I added, “You look very tasty, too. We are tied” and laughed out loud. “I bet you’re already hard.”
Without saying anything he pulled me, pressed his body to mine and we started kissing. Our fire was heating up and while he was passing a hand on my breast, which had already taken out of the bikini, I was squeezing his dick in my hand, which could not get any harder and was throbbing in the water .
I discreetly went down the hand, reached for rolls and started playing, hitting him with a tasty handjob. He couldn’t take it, picked me up, leaned me against the rock we were sitting on and started to put his fingers in my pussy in a nice way. I was so horny that I spread my legs even more for him that he went crazy, he shivered, his heart was racing and his cock was throbbing.
Gluttonously he sucked my titties with delicious movements of the tongue, nibbling on his pouting while he squeezed my ass, making me moan softly while saying “Eat me. Fuck me hot. Oh, I can’t take it anymore. I want cock. Stick that fucking cock in me. He turned me on his back and rubbed his cock over my ass. I held him in my hand, pulled the bikini away, leaned his cock against my thin, hairy black pussy, and made him come in very slowly, very tasty, until there was nothing left out of it. I moaned as he looked at me in a very naughty way talking in my ear that he was going to eat me very tasty and that I wanted to feel all his cum running down my cunt. The more he stuck it in and out, the more bullshit he was talking about. “Oh, how hot your cunt is, I want to get you hard, damn it, I’m going to shove it all in, oh my hottest little bitch, I’m going to fill you with cum, I’m going to shower you all, oh, oh, oh, I’m going to come. Come and enjoy with me. ” As he shivered and stretched, squeezing my body, coming, I felt a jet of cum coming out of his cock and I came too intensely.
We lay on the rock to rest and we stayed there, side by side, until we heard my mother calling “Ô Denise, come, daughter, have lunch”. I turned to him, kissed his mouth in a nice kiss and plunged into the cold water, swimming back to the other bank, to my backyard.
As if nothing had happened.

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CONSENOR – A Poetic Utopia

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