José Araujo de Souza

She showed up at the diner at least three times, every day. She ate in the morning, always had lunch at noon and ate in the afternoon. And it was always me who answered it, at the counter. Either because she was waiting for me to place her order, when the counter was full, or because I found a way to be available to her when I saw her coming. After being served, she always sat at a table where we used to see each other.
We hardly talked because, always, one of us was always in a hurry, very busy. Me, running down the aisles of the mall delivering orders over the phone and she serving customers in the store where she worked.
When I could, I stopped by to see her. In those moments, I would lean against the window and we would talk nonsense. But always for a short time and rarely alone. The store was always full or the owner was there.
I knew she was engaged. She had a visible ring on her finger. But I couldn’t deny that we had been flirting for some time. Our eyes were right and each found the other very fast. She instigated me. I love a woman who stares, looks in the eyes, doesn’t hesitate or flees from an insistent look. She stared. She looked in the eyes. She never left my eyes. Yes, she is a cheeky woman. Very sure of you. Although she proved to be the exact opposite of most of the girls who worked at the mall. She was serious, she was always kind but left no room for them to be funny with her. And, whenever necessary, it made her alliance perceived by the person with whom she spoke. I was, of course, the only one there who played and joked with her, but always without exceeding a certain limit, in gestures and words. But our eyes were always looking beyond all borders. There was no limit for them.
One morning I went to make a delivery and passed in front of the store, and when she saw me, she made a sign and went to meet me in the hall. She reached out and handed me an envelope asking me to give it to my boss. She explained that it was her wedding invitation, which would be in twenty days. I said I would gladly deliver it and she turned and went back to the store. I don’t know what she gave me at the time. I just went after her and asked her, suddenly, looking into her eyes “Have you ever kissed on the stairs?” She looked at me seriously, and replied, “I have, yes. But here, never.” We both laughed and I went to deliver it.
On the way back I stopped at the store and waited for her to serve a customer. Finally, when we were alone, I said, “I’ll wait for you there,” I turned my back and left. I stopped at a point on the stairs and waited for her to appear.
It was not long before I saw her walking slowly up the steps, but decidedly, without looking sideways, without any hesitation, without appearing insecure or afraid. When she approached where she was, I opened a door that I was leaning against and motioned for her to enter. We were in a small room that was used as a deposit for the cafeteria and from which I had the key. Inside, we could hear people going up or down the stairs. Then, we silently hug and kiss. In the beginning it was a light kiss, of recognition, of approach. But quickly our tongues started a battle in our mouths, curling, pushing, each wanting to swallow the other. We squeezed to the point of almost crushing ourselves. My dick was getting so hard that it was impossible for her not to feel that he was compressing her legs. Very slowly she took it in her hand and, while we kissed, she played with it, squeezing, pulling. I unzipped my pants and she took my cock, bent down and started sucking, licking and swallowing with avidity and a lot of category. I stroked her breasts, which I had already pulled out of my bra and ran my hand over her ass. I stuck my hand inside her shorts and smoothed her pussy, playing with it, letting my finger caress her fleshy lips, squeezing her clitoris lightly. Without being able to even moan, she squeezed me, closed her eyes, shivered, squirmed with pleasure. Without saying anything, she took off her shorts and panties, leaned against a crate on all fours, spread her legs and, taking my dick, touched her pussy. I tucked it in pleasantly and fucked it with rhythmic movements while she rolled, pushed and reared her ass and made my cock come and go. Until we came. Nobody saw us leave. She told me that she had never been fucked except by her fiance.
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