José Araujo de Souza

I was sitting in the living room watching the morning news on TV when I heard the sound of someone entering the kitchen door. “Ah,” I thought, “Jovina is coming and I’m going to be able to read the newspaper. Good!” But the voice I heard from whoever was entering the room was not Jovina’s voice. “Wow, where are the people in that shack? Hasn’t anyone woken up yet?” It was her daughter Vanessa that I saw there, in front of me, smiling at me, with her hands placed on her waist, in a challenging position. “I thought there was no one awake. The greatest silence and the door open … I went in.” I got up, went over to her and hugged her “Good to see you. Welcome. Where’s your mom?” “My mom had to do some things today and asked me to come and take care of her old people” she replied smiling. “Can I do it?” she asked. “Of course it will work,” I replied, adding, “You can start by making a delicious latte. I was waiting for your mom to come and make it. Ligia already had hers earlier.” “Okay, then. I’m just going to change clothes,” she replied as she headed for the bathroom. I went back to the couch and started to read the newspaper she had brought. A few minutes later I smelled the delicious coffee coming from the kitchen and went over there. Upon entering, a surprise awaited me. Vanessa was on her back just finishing straining the coffee on the sink stool. She wore a flowery dress, thin, loose, that fit her body and reached just above her knees. Her vision was just wonderful. Gorgeous. Magnificent. As he didn’t notice me coming, I stood there at the door for a few seconds, standing, dizzy, delighting with what I was seeing. “My God, you look really hot, Vanessa” I told him. “Oh, what a scare you gave me” she said to me, turning to me and making a little gesture, sticking out her tongue and smiling “Goodness of yours. It’s your eyes. Come see if the coffee is the way you like it. I don’t I can make coffee like my mother’s “. I helped myself, took a sip and confirmed “It’s very good”. “I’m going to take a look at Dona Lídia, see if she is already awake” she said leaving the kitchen. I went back to my newspaper. It didn’t take long to get back from Lidia’s room and sit on the couch next to me. “Mom left lunch practically ready. Just warm it up. So you can take a look at the zap. I almost don’t have time to see you at home.” Lowering the newspaper she was reading, she said quietly “You really look very tired”. “I really am. In the bagasse,” she said. I got up, took a chair from the table in front and put it near the sofa and said “Come here, Vanessa. Sit here. Let me give you a massage to relax”. She sat down “It took a while. I really need it” she told me. I positioned myself on her back and started to massage her shoulders. “You are very tense. Let’s relax those muscles,” I told him as she ran her fingers over her shoulders, rubbing lightly, with firm movements. Little by little I was feeling her muscles giving themselves up to the vigor of the massage while a pleasant heat from her skin was taking over my hands and going up my body. In a few minutes I was completely overcome by an intense lust and I felt that my dick was getting harder and harder. The massage continued and my fingers ran across your skin, going millimeter by millimeter, going from your shoulders to your neck, reaching the base of the back of your neck, to your face and back and shoulders, down your arms to your elbows. It was no longer just a massage. They were more and more affectionate caresses. At a certain point, feeling that she was completely relaxed, I told her “If it is not good, Vanessa, just say that I stop”. “No, are you crazy?” she said. It’s delicious. Only if you want to stop. For me, it’s great. “” So can I continue? “I asked.” Yes, no. It should “she said to me smiling.” You know what, Vanessa? “I told her.” What “she asked.” My dick is so hard that I’m going to have to jerk off “I said.” I didn’t do anything “she he said smiling. “Go to the bathroom. Go deep. “” Lend me your hand, Vanessa. Help me get my cum out. I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time “I told her putting me next to her. She gave me a dirty look and said” Okay. I knew “she took my dick, took it out of the shorts I was wearing and started hitting me with a wank that was getting better and better than all the wankers I had ever dreamed of hitting her on my dick, until not taking it anymore, I enjoyed a huge amount of cum that I had been accumulating in me, just waiting for your soft, thin, warm and delicious hands.

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CONSENOR – Uma Utopia Poética

CONSENOR – A Poetic Utopia

THEIR (Erotic fiction of their sexual memories)

FROM THEM (Erotic fiction of sexual memories from them)


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