José Araujo de Souza

When our family arrived in the small town where we live today, here in Brazil, coming from Kufstein, Austria, we were seen by our new neighbors as if we were a new local attraction. We became, for a while, the center of everyone’s attention.
At first we could perceive a certain fear in the attitude towards us, a certain reservation, measured gestures, although we realized that they made a great effort to understand us. But, little by little, we became ordinary people and became very popular, ceasing to be seen as foreigners or as if we were aliens.
Our family consists of five people: Andreas and Alina, our parents, me, my name is Emma, ​​Katharina and Clemens, my brothers. My father is a fat, strong man who laughs at anything. At first, our neighbors thought his name was strange and different and laughed when he carefully pronounced “as”. He said “Andreaass”. Alina, our mother, is tall and had red hair that is always hidden under a scarf that she wears on her head.
Katharina and I, since our arrival, we belong to a group of young people with whom we are, always.
Clemens, for liking football and being good at the ball, quickly became part of a football team and can be seen every day playing ball in the streets. Even though we are Austrians, we quickly found a way to maintain communication with everyone in the city. We learned some words in Portuguese, they learn some words in German and, in the end, we managed to make ourselves understood.
Katharina and I shared the school space with the girls of our age and it was a real contrast. Although we were beautiful, we were both very blond and very white, with very red cheeks, as if we were always very ashamed of something, while the others were all brown, with almost dark skin. Of course, this difference between us soon made some guys want to date us.
I realized that one of them, Edward, was always agitated when I was around and I even felt that he seemed to be excited by my presence. I also noticed that Katharina, at this point, only had eyes for a boy named Alexandre, Alê and soon they started to engage in a courtship.
Without requiring any combination, Edward began to create situations in which he could be alone with me. On these occasions, the two of us would turn around to understand each other, with words or gestures. I taught him some words in German and at the same time I learned some words in Portuguese with him.
One night, when we were in the garden of the square, I saw a huge cross in the distance, all lit up with different lights. I had seen that landscape before, but I hadn’t paid much attention. Edward told me that it was Morro do Cruzeiro and that that cross had been carried from the city to there, on the shoulders of the faithful of the Catholic Church, as a tribute to the Crucified Christ and that from there one could see the whole city, below. I made him promise to take me there.
The next day we went to Morro do Cruzeiro right after lunch. As soon as we left the city, walking, Edward held my hand and we went hand in hand the rest of the walk.
From the top of Morro do Cruzeiro, the whole city was revealed below us. The view was stunning. Wonderful. I was enchanted with such beauty. I don’t know what came over me, I hugged Edward and we kissed. So embraced, with my small tits squeezed against his body, I felt that he was getting a hard-on, that I could feel like he wanted to stick me. Without moving away, I lowered my hand and touched it over my pants. It was like a mast rising to me. I picked it up and squeezed it. Without any fear, with safe gestures, I bent down and unzipped his pants and made that hard, wonderful cock come out, seeming to be a great treat. I was slowly introducing it in my mouth and I was sucking, licking and sucking, for a while, taking it out and making it enter my mouth again. Big, thick, warm, delicious. I was sucking while hitting him with a wank. Before he came, I removed the mouth of his cock, took off my panties and leaned against my pussy and started rubbing myself against him. I realized that Edward was almost crazy with lust and that when I touched his cock to my pussy, he made movements as if he wanted to penetrate me, stick that tough cock in me. Then he turned me on his back, hugged me from behind and started to run his fingers over my pussy, very lightly, until I couldn’t take it anymore and started to roll around, rummage, with my pussy all wet, Crazed, I asked to I don’t even know how to talk. I mixed everything up on the spot, while he was sticking my dick deeper and deeper, tastier and tastier.

As I was feeling his cock touching me and going in until it disappeared inside me, I was shaking my ass, rearing and moving it for him to stick more and more. I don’t even know how I put up with it. He screamed and moaned. He moaned and screamed as he grabbed me on that huge cruise to steady me and be able to move more so that stick doesn’t come out of me. I can’t take it anymore Ich halte es nicht mehr aus me come Iss mich now jetzt my God meine Güte my love meine liebe not to continue nicht zu Geht weiter delights freuden. When he finally came, I had come a huge number of times. Countless times.
This was the first time that Edward and I fucked From that day on we always found a more favorable time and place where we could fuck more and more. I never cared what I said while he fucked me up. I only worried about moaning, After all, I only know how to moan like that, in my tongue.

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CONSENOR – A Poetic Utopia


CONSENOR – A Poetic Utopia


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