To groan, any language will do.

José Araujo de Souza

When the family arrived in my city, “directly from Austria” as we said when referring to them, they became a kind of attraction, attracting everyone’s attention, wherever they went.
At first we could perceive a certain fear in their attitudes, a certain reservation in measured gestures, a great effort to understand what we were talking about and make themselves understood, in turn. But, little by little they became common and popular people in our environment. They are no longer seen as foreigners. Or aliens, as they seemed to some.
It was a family of five: Andreas and Alina, father and mother of Clemens, Emma and Katharina. Andreas a huge, fat and strong man who laughed at anything and we laughed whenever he said his name, because he was a woman’s name. He worked on “as”. It said “Andreaass.” Alina was a tall woman, with red hair that was almost always hidden under a scarf she wore on her head. of our group.
Clemens was good at ball and always participated in our street soccer and soon he started training with us in the Sports field. As the language of football is universal, composed of dribbling and dribbling, strollers, killed in the chest and kicks to the goal, being Austrian and not being able to speak Portuguese was not a problem in our communications.
With Emma and Katharina we shared the school space, at the Municipal School. They were beautiful, girls. Very blond, both, very white, with very reddish cheeks, as if they were always ashamed of something they had done. They soon became friends with our friends and could be seen, always together, each day at one of their homes, learning local customs.
Because they are very beautiful, it didn’t take long for them to be desired by us, as women.
I felt excited every time I saw Emma around. And I started to realize that she was looking at me, with more intensity and a certain audacity, when she looked me directly in the eye, and smiling, unlike Katharina, who only had eyes for Alexandre, Alê, whom she called Alexander. Alê and Katharina engaged in a quick relationship.
Without any combination, Emma and I began to see each other more often, on occasions favorable to us being alone. In those moments, we would turn around to have a conversation, most of the time more through mime than through words. I took the opportunity to try to teach her how to pronounce herself in Portuguese. She struggled to understand me, but we both realized that we wanted each other.
One night, we were sitting in the garden of the square when Emma pointed in the direction of Morro do Cruzeiro, which was on the path that led to the exit of the city. From where we were, it was possible to identify a large cross, formed by multicolored lights. She wanted to know what it was and made me understand that she wanted to go there. I promised I would take it.
The next day, right after lunch, we went to the cruise. As soon as we left the city I took her hand and went hand in hand throughout the walk.
From the top of Morro do Cruzeiro, the whole city was revealed below us. The view was stunning. Wonderful. And Emma seemed enchanted by such beauty. She hugged me and we kissed. Hugging her, feeling her body close to mine and her tight little tits pressed against my chest, my cock hardened and she, feeling that moment, pressed herself against me. Without moving away, she lowered her hand and touched my dick over her pants and squeezed it. Then, with safe gestures, she opened my pants, bent down, took my dick and started licking it, running her tongue all over it and gently swallowing it until it disappeared completely. She sucked and at the same time, with one hand, massaged my bag while with the other she was wanking me. Before I came, she pulled down the jeans she was wearing, just wearing panties and hugging me, spread her legs and started rubbing herself on my dick while we kissed. I turned her on her back, held her from behind, and took off her panties while she squeezed her tits. She did not resist or object. On the contrary, she was better able to keep her legs open and her butt high, both hands propped up on the cruise. With one hand I started to smooth her pussy, running my fingers over it. I felt that she was getting wet. I put my dick in her opening and slowly pushed it. She was following the entry of my cock in her pussy, forcing her ass up, until the entire cock entered entirely. She started to speak words that I did not understand and to moan as I was pumping deeper and harder my dick in that increasingly hot and wet pussy. When I came, she had come many times before me.

That was the first time that Emma and I fucked. From that day on we always found a time and a place where we could fuck more and more. I never cared what she said when she was coming. I just worried about making her moan. After all, to groan, any language will do.

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