José Araujo de Souza

In December 2009 I went to Brasilia on business, staying, as I had done on other occasions, at the Hotel Nacional, in Asa Sul, chosen due to its proximity to the Central Bank, where I had problems to solve. I had planned to stay in the Federal Capital all week.
I took the first day at the hotel to organize the documents I would need to take with me to meetings at the Central Bank. So I stayed in my room on the first floor most of the time. In order not to waste time, I asked for my meals to be served in the room and this was done. After lunch, I dedicated myself entirely to work on the notebook, concerned only with fulfilling my mission.
Without any other concern, I didn’t even give faith to the time that was passing. Until I heard a light knock on the door and a female voice “Hello, I’m the maid, can I come in? From the table where I was standing, I could observe her. She was light brown, short, skinny with a beautiful body, small and juicy breasts, a uniform that highlighted all your sensuality. I said yes, that I could come in and be comfortable and I continued what I was doing. “Oh, I see you’re busy. Do I get in the way? “I said no, that it didn’t get in the way and added” Do you need me to leave the room? “She smiled” No, it’s not necessary, you don’t get in the way. But if you prefer, I can leave it to do the cleaning later. ” I told her I could do her job while I continued to do mine. She proved to be very efficient and finished everything she needed to do in a few minutes and left. I worked the rest of the day and a good part of the night.
I spent the whole morning at the Central Bank, returned to the hotel still for lunch and went to my room. As I wouldn’t have any more meetings in the afternoon, I decided to take a shower and take a nap.
I heard a knock at the door. Then I got out of the bath, wrapped in a towel and when I opened the door I saw that it was the same maid from the previous day.
She then smiled at me and asked, “Good afternoon, sir, will you want to tidy up your room today?” I said yes and asked to apologize for being half naked and she laughed and told me not to worry, that I was used to taking guests out of the bath and that I should be sorry for that. We laughed at each other, I told her to come in and she passed me by going straight to the bathroom. Standing at the bathroom door, I started talking. “How long have you been working at the hotel here? I don’t remember seeing you here the other times I came.” She told me it was only ten months since she was working at the hotel. I asked if she was enjoying it and she said yes.
Finishing cleaning the bathroom, she passed me and went to the bedroom and started making the bed. I followed her. At a certain moment she bent down to pick up something not on the floor, her dress lifted and I could see that she wore white panties, tucked in the bottom of her ass. I felt my cock grow, puffing out the towel. I wanted her to see me with a hard cock. Do me a favor? Can you give me that shorts on top of the bed? “. She said yes, picked up the shorts and turned to hand me over. I dropped the towel at my feet and was completely naked, with a hard-on, in front of her. Then her eyes hit my dick straight, she looked at him for a few seconds and looked away. I walked over to the fridge and poured myself a glass of water. I filled another one and took it to where she was making the bed and I took it without taking my eyes off my dick. Then I started to wank. Without saying anything I stopped the wank and held out my hands to her. She came over to me and I hugged her. we did not part it was a kiss on the mouth, wet, with tongue, with a few bites on the lips … sucks, squeezes … I lifted her dress and I could see what beautiful panties! I knelt and fell over her mouth, shaved, just one little thread of fur, a delicious grelinho I took off my clothes. She knelt down, opened my pants and fell on my mouth a stick that, at that point, was already super hard, sucking eagerly and willingly for about three minutes. She stayed on all fours in bed “Come, fuck me hot, put this cock in my pussy, put everything inside, make me moan with pleasure, shove it”. I put my dick in that beautiful and delicious pussy and with the sight of that ass blinking … she just moaned and said, “fuck, fuck …. I love being eaten on all fours like a bitch, I love”, I took the dick from her pussy, I brushed her in the ass …. she liked it, she took my dick, she lifted her ass and she was shoving it in her ass until she had nothing else to come in, moaning and saying “go, put it, go …. wow how nice. Fuck in that ass, with him all over, over and over “until we both come at the same time.
My stay at the Hotel Nacional was wonderful. My business with the Central Bank was successful. I came back very happy to Belo Horizonte.

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