José Araujo de Souza
Since we had bought the site, we spent there every weekend, holy days and holidays. During the week the farm was left to a caretaker, whom we totally trusted and to whom we gave autonomy and authority to resolve all matters, as if it were the owner. So, when we went there it was to really enjoy it, and we did it as if we were guests and not owners. That way we could have fun without any other worries. And rest from the chores of the week, in the city. Everything went according to my husband and Aderaldo, we had planned, until then. Then, one day, the unexpected happened.
Aderaldo had to make an unexpected and unscheduled trip to resolve some issues at the bank where he worked and would only return a week later. He traveled on a Friday morning and. that same night I went to the farm. It would be my first experience alone, there.
I woke up early the next morning, as I always did when I was at the farm, made a coffee, served myself a heavy snack and started walking towards the lake, sitting on one of the wooden logs that we had strategically placed there, from where we could observe the beauty of the calm waters and the surrounding nature.
Absorbed in my thoughts, I only realized that I was not alone when I heard a sound like someone clearing their throat. I got quite a scare and got up quickly. When I turned around, I came across Josemar, the caretaker, who was watching me discreetly. “Oh, that scared Josemar. I didn’t hear you coming,” I said… “I’m sorry, Dona Flor. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he replied. “I didn’t know you were here today, Josemar”. Then he told me that Aderaldo, worried about not being able to accompany me, had called him saying he was going to travel and asking him to give me all the assistance I needed, since he would be alone that weekend. “Do you need anything?” I told you no. “If you need to, just call. I’m going to clean the pool and then I should be cleaning up the garden.” I thanked him, he left and continued to enjoy the sun by the lake.
As I don’t like to eat my own meals, when I returned from the lake I went to Josemar and invited him and asked him if he would like to join me for lunch. He agreed, adding “It will be a pleasure, but I will only accept it if you let me help you in the kitchen”. “Since we are going to cook together, I think it’s enough of calling me mistress and lady. Just call me Flor, okay?” And there we went.
I left Josemar in the kitchen and told him I was going to change clothes and that he could put more wood on the wood stove that I had already lit up in the morning, to make coffee, before going out to the lake.
When I came back, I wore minimal shorts, like those that are punched in the canopy dividing the ass in half, so tight that it highlights the forehead of the pussy and a transparent blouse, showing a bra that was so small that it almost didn’t cover anything. my boobs. I felt infinitely sex. And attractive. La Femme Fatale.
It turns out that I had had some weird dreams at night and woke up that morning, with a huge lust, which was why I had gone to the lake to calm my body. And I was doing it until Josemar showed up. Then everything went downhill. The lust doubled and I felt like I wanted to give it to him. I wanted to, no. I had to give it to him.
During the preparation of lunch, Josemar did not disguise his interest in me and already ate with his eyes. Just seeing and feeling how much he wanted me, I already had my pussy all wet and about to come there, in front of you, leaning against the stove. I felt like I wasn’t going to last long. We knew we were going to fuck and that there was very little to happen. That’s when I went in front of you to get something from the fridge. He held me by the waist, from behind, and held me close to his body. I almost passed out when his dick, very hard, squeezed my ass, right in the middle of it, as if he wanted to enter me at that moment, with clothes and everything.
He turned me around, kissed me, ran his hand over my tits saying they were beautiful, squeezed my ass and bit my neck. I dropped my hand and felt how hard his dick was. I took it out, took it in my hand, and smoothed it out, squeezed it, jerking it slowly and rhythmically. He put his hand inside my shorts and started to run his fingers over my pussy, lightly, making a caress that was driving me crazy. When I found out, he was fucking me with his fingers in such a delicious way that I rolled and squeezed him trying to keep up with the movements of his fingers inside my pussy, going in and out, from side to side, the palm hand tightening between my legs as I opened myself more and more to him. I came several times.

With my legs completely wobbly, I took his hand and led him into the bedroom. We took off our clothes, hugged and he started to suck and bite my titties. I bent down and started sucking on that hard, drooling cock of his. His dick looked like it was going to explode. He asked me to sit on his lap in front of him, I kept going up and down on that cock, sitting really nice, feeling every inch of that cock going deep into my pussy. He couldn’t take any more lust, filled my pussy with cum. When I felt that hot jet flood me, I started to come on that delicious cock. I lay on his body and when his dick came out of me I felt the cum running down my legs and my ass. Very quickly I put your dick in my mouth and started to suck. I trembled with every drop that came out of his cock and only stopped sucking when I felt I had left him soft and clean.
Satisfied, we took a shower together and went back to the kitchen where lunch was yet to finish.


FROM THEM (Erotic fiction of sexual memories from them)

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