José Araujo de Souza

Here in the countryside, in small towns like the one where I was born and live, we place a lot of importance on things that don’t mean much in big cities. For us, who live in the fields, there is a smell of green grass, of colonial grass, of wet soil when it rains and even of trees that we watch grow, from the seed that we carelessly drop on the soil until becoming an adult, when it bears fruit. It was like that with the big mango tree placed on the edge of Estrada do Cupim, leafy, sovereign, wonderful. Huge. Really big.
I still have a special affection for the big hose of Estrada do Cupim. Ah, if I have!
I remember that it was late February and, by the amount of trees blooming on all sides that you could look at, you could predict that autumn was coming that year with promise of abundant fruit. Especially mangoes, which in our region was the fruit that we saw most. Mainly sword sleeve, rose, ubá, coquinha, ox heart and pacifier, among many others. Delicious.
That night the heat was horrible and I was coming home when, when passing by the little square, I noticed something different on the sidewalk of Seu Sebastião and Dona Jovelina’s house. There were more people sitting on the bench where usually only they sat. Curious, I approached and came face to face with Carlos, who I hadn’t seen in a long time, since his grandfather’s death. When I saw that he recognized me, I just waved, smiled and continued walking towards my house. But inside me, my heart jumped, it shot and I had to take a deep breath to control myself. During the rest of the journey, it was impossible not to imagine going back to the past, with Carlos and the big hose on Estrada do Cupim.
There, by the side of the road, where we were, we could hear the water running in the stream on the other side of the fence, just below the tree. It was so big, the hose seemed to hide with its trunk that stream of clear water that only appeared to our eyes as soon as we went up the ravine beside the road to pass the barbed wire fence. For this to be possible, it was necessary for one of us to hold one of the wire strands and lift it up to make a belly, leaving enough space for the passage to the other side. It was common, occasionally, for someone to bump and scratch the body. wire splinters.
That afternoon, Carlos and I made a peaceful crossing, without any accident, and headed for the stream. We sat on its bank and spent some time enjoying the beautiful landscape that opened in front of us. On the other side, on the other bank, there was an open space that could not be seen from the road because of the ravine. There, you could see a wide variety of trees with their branches curved so full of fruit that they almost touched the ground. From where we were, we saw a wonderful orchard. Callos, seeing me so amazed by that vision, promised me that one day we would both go there.
. From where we were, we could hear cars passing on the road up there, see the dust they were raising, but we couldn’t see them because the hose prevented our view. We couldn’t be seen, either. After a while, we went up and around the hose surprised by its size.
Then, without saying anything, Carlos took a pocketknife, which I didn’t even know he carried with him, and, choosing a more hidden part of the trunk, wrote “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking mangoes”. It was certainly the first sentence written on that log. Nobody had done this before, a sign that not many people were going there. Then he picked up a bamboo that we found leaning against the hose and used it to drop some mangos that we started to suck right then and there.
We were delighting ourselves with the very ripe mangoes when, seeing Carlos biting a yellowish mango with all his will, I asked him, quite suddenly: “Have you ever kissed someone with the mouth smeared with mango?” He, like that, a little scared, replied that he didn’t and at the same time he went to where I was, put his arms around my shoulders and we kissed. A long kiss with delicious mango flavor. Excited, we went to the creek and dipped our hands in the crystal clear water, washing them quickly. We went back, leaned against the trunk of the hose and resumed the interrupted kiss. While he kissed me, Carlos squeezed my ass with one hand while with the other he squeezed my titties and I was feeling his dick getting hard, getting harder and harder.

When I felt that stick hardening, I opened my legs and fit them in the middle of them, rubbing myself against him, while he pulled me, pressing me against his body as if he wanted to crush me in the tree trunk. Without stopping to kiss me, he she opened my blouse and, with my help, took off my titties and started to suck, squeezing that hard pinkish pout on her lips, making me moan softly while squeezing my head between her hands and throwing her body into the forward pressing the stick against my body making me shiver in your arms.
Putting his hands on my chest, he pulled my body away from him a little and, without stopping kissing me, unzipped his pants, reached in, grabbed his dick and took it out with safe and slow movements. I crouched down, took his cock and kissed it before putting it in my mouth and swallowing it slowly, starting with a pacifier, taking the stick out of my mouth and licking it from my head to the bag and coming back until I swallowed again, many, many times. All the while I wanked him every time I took it out of my mouth.
We were feeling so safe and so comfortable that we took off all the clothes we were wearing and spread them out on the floor, on the grass, we lay on top of each other, bodies inverted, and we sucked ourselves in a perfect 69. With his cock tucked in my mouth, I moaned softly clinging to her body while her mouth squeezed against my pussy, biting her lips, fleshy lips, her tongue sticking out like a twisting snake in and her tongue in and out leaving quickly, in a delicious way. With that delicious stick stuck in my mouth and unable to let out my moans, I made muffled and disconnected sounds. Placing my hands on his chest, I lifted my body, straightened up and sitting on his cock I made him enter my pussy, little by little while he held my titties in his hands, squeezing his pussies between his fingers. I wiggled madly raising and lowering my ass on his dick and making him come and go at a breakneck pace. I came with a hoarse moan as he, accompanying my cum filled my pussy with his cum until it dripped all over her through his cock.
After we put on our clothes, I asked him to hand me the knife, I went to the hose and, in the same place where he had written “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking mangoes”, I wrote, with shaky letters “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking “.
When I got home I had my pussy all wet, I had already come, I don’t know how many times along the way, letting out muffled moans while I sweated and squirmed with pleasure.
When I fell asleep the moon had already advanced a good part of the sky and I had a happy smile on my lips and on my mouth the memory of the taste of a kiss with a mouth smeared with mango.


THEIR (Erotic fiction of their sexual memories)

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