José Araujo de Souza

I believe that people born in the countryside, in small and cozy cities, bring in their memories marks and events that would only be possible to exist there, in the countryside, in the fields. Smell of green undergrowth, of colonial grass, of wet soil when it rains and … of hose. Mangrove with many leafless trees, loaded with flowers and fruits. Sword sleeve, rose, ubá, coquinha, ox heart and pacifier among many others. But here, now, I’m going to talk about one mango tree in particular, just one, placed on the edge of Estrada do Cupim, leafy, sovereign, wonderful. Huge. Really big.
Whenever I went to spend the holidays in the small town where my grandparents lived, that hose caught my attention. Depending on the time of year, I found it to be too heavy or too light, leafy or with branches almost bare of leaves. But I don’t remember ever feeling sad. Trees can also look sad or happy. When happy, they shine in the smallest ray of sunshine. Their branches were raised to the sky as if they wanted to fly. When sad, they seem to lose their glow and become weak, dull, dry the trunk and let the branches hang to the ground, as if they prefer to fall at their feet. This time was not different. There he was, the most beautiful hose in the world waiting for me.
I had arrived three days after five years of absence, since the death of my grandfather, who as a result of my grandmother’s death after more than fifty years of marriage, preferred not to take much of the widowhood and let himself languish until he went to the your date. Now, after five years I was back.
My uncles Sebastião and Jovelina lived in the house that belonged to my grandparents, who, when they knew I was going to arrive, made me stay there with them.
As my arrival had been just before dusk, after taking a nice hot bath, I had dinner with my uncles and went out to sit on one of the benches in the square, from where I watched the movement of people around me and talked with some old friends. At a certain point, when looking to one side, my eyes met Beatriz’s eyes fixed on me. Without approaching, she waved a hand at me, smiled and walked away. That night, in bed, it didn’t take much effort to remember the last time we met before. And, of course, the hose.
From the side of the road, where we were standing, we could hear the water running in the stream on the other side of the fence, just below the tree. It was so big, the hose seemed to hide with its trunk that stream of clear water that only appeared to our eyes as soon as we climbed the ravine beside the road to pass through the barbed wire fence. For this, one of us held and lifted the wire to make a belly, leaving enough space for the crossing to the other side. Occasionally, we would bump and scratch the body.
That afternoon we made a peaceful crossing and headed for the stream, on whose bank we sat for a while, enjoying the beautiful landscape in front of us. On the other side, on the other bank, in a field that could not be seen from the road because of the ravine, there was a wide variety of trees with their branches almost touching the ground, they were so loaded. We were watching a wonderful orchard. I promised Beatriz that we would go there the other day. From where we were, we could hear cars passing on the road up there, see the dust they were raising, but we couldn’t see them because the hose prevented our view. We couldn’t be seen, either. After a while, we went up and around the hose surprised by its size. So, I took the pocket knife I always took with me to peel fruits and, choosing a more hidden part of the trunk, I wrote “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking mango”. It was certainly the first sentence written on that log. Nobody had done this before, a sign that not many people were going there. Then, I used a bamboo that I found leaning against the hose to drop some sleeves that we started sucking right then and there.
We were delighting with the very ripe mangoes when Beatriz asked me “Have you ever kissed someone with a mouth smeared with mango?” I replied that I didn’t at the same time I went to where she was and we kissed. A long kiss with delicious mango flavor. Excited, we went to the creek and dipped our hands in the crystal clear water, washing them quickly. We went back, leaned against the trunk of the hose and resumed the interrupted kiss.

While kissing her, I squeezed her ass with one hand while squeezing her titties with the other feeling my dick getting harder and harder. When she felt my cock hardening, she spread her legs and placed them in the middle of them, rubbing against me, pulling me and pressing me against her body as if she wanted me to crush her in the tree trunk. Without stopping to kiss her, I opened her blouse with your help, took off her little breast and started to suck, pressing that hard pinkish pout on my lips, making her moan softly while squeezing my head between her hands and throwing her body forward and I was shaking in my arms.
Putting her hands on my chest, she pulled my body away from hers a little and, without stopping to kiss me, unzipped my pants, reached in, took my dick and took it out with slow and slow movements. She crouched down and kissed him before putting it in her mouth and swallowing it slowly, starting with a pacifier, taking the stick out of her mouth and licking it from her head to the bag and returning until she swallowed again, many, many times. All the while she made fun of me every time she took it out of my mouth.
We were feeling so safe and so comfortable that we took off all the clothes we were wearing and spread them out on the floor, on the grass, we lay on top of each other, bodies inverted, and we sucked ourselves in a perfect 69. With my cock tucked in her mouth, Beatriz moaned softly clinging to my body while my mouth squeezed against her pussy, biting her lips slightly fleshy lips, my tongue sticking into it like a twisting snake, entering and leaving quickly. With my dick stuck in her mouth and unable to let out her moans, Beatriz made muffled and disconnected sounds. Placing her hands on my chest, she got up, straightened up and sat on my cock and made it go into her pussy little by little while I squeezed her titties in my hand and squeezed her pussies between my fingers. She waddled madly while raising and lowering her ass on my cock making it come and go at a breakneck pace I came with a hoarse groan and filled her pussy with my cum until it started to drain from her onto my dick.
After we put on our clothes, she asked me for the knife and went to the hose where she wrote “Carlos and Beatriz were here sucking each other”.
When I fell asleep the moon had already advanced a good part of the sky and I had a happy smile on my lips and on my mouth the memory of the taste of a kiss with a mouth smeared with mango.



THEIR (Erotic fiction of their sexual memories)

FROM THEM (Erotic fiction of sexual memories from them)

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