My nephew ate me hard

Hi my loves, as this is my first story I will introduce myself, my name is Ania, I am 46 years old, I am a little chubby, big ass, hard, big breasts, many men turn their necks when I pass on the street lol ‘I live in Joinville- SC, I have been married for 20 years, with Marcelo, an executive who lives traveling for work, so I am always in need of a dick lol ‘.
Well, I have a sister who lives in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, who has a 19-year-old son, who I hadn’t seen in a while, a few days ago my Sister called me, asking if I could receive my nephew for a few days, because he would have a test to do here, maybe to go to law school, I came right away, my husband was traveling, and a company at home would be good.
On the appointed day I went to the bus station to pick up my nephew, when I got there I was impressed by the boy, I’m going to call him Fê, the kid had grown up, he was handsome, a dark man, about 1.80 cm tall, and strong, the kind that goes to the gym every day, when he got off the bus, we hugged, and unintentionally he kissed me on the corner of his mouth, he was all embarrassed at the time, but I confess that my pussy soaked at the time, on the way going home, I couldn’t pay attention to what he said, I went all the way remembering that almost “peck” of my nephew’s tasty, but I tried to forget, getting home I went in front, it was hot, and I was wearing a dress glued to those that have a neckline on the side of the leg, I went in front of my nephew, thinking how to provoke him, I was crazy to feel that cock filling my pussy thirsty for a dick, so I was waddling like a whore, hour or another looked at back, in one of those looks I realized that my Inho was excited, because the shorts were bulking, his cock was already hard, entering the house soon I locked the door and didn’t let him say anything, I put a kiss in that fleshy mouth, and at the same time I was returned, I went down kissing that belly full of “gominhos”, until I got to my shorts, then I looked at him, with a slut face, and I took that dick out, I was impressed by the size of that jeba, it must have been 23cm, all shaved, it barely fit in the mouth, but I didn’t pretend, I swallowed everything, while I heard my nephew say.

  • I didn’t know that auntie was so naughty, and so hot
  • Auntie is really naughty, and she is crazy to take your Leitinho, and then give her a very tasty pussy.
    Soon I started sucking again, licked the balls until my head, and he moaned saying “suck my aunt bitch, suck your nephew’s dick, I’ll fuck you every day while I’m here”.
    Soon he announced that he was going to come, I sucked faster, jerking off at the same time for him, it didn’t take long and he filled my mouth with cum, swallowed everything, he was perfect, even his fucking was hot, I cleaned his dick, it didn’t take long and it was hard again and he said:
  • now i want to fuck auntie
  • then fuck your aunt’s pussy.
    I didn’t even finish talking, he tore my dress off leaving me only in my panties, because I don’t usually wear a bra, so he started to suck my breasts, as if he was hungry, then he put me on 4, and went down to my pussy, at that moment I couldn’t control myself anymore, his tongue filled my pussy, now and then he used his tongue in my ass, it didn’t take long and I came in his mouth, I moaned loudly saying:
  • go fuck fuck your bitch.
    I was still on all fours, I just felt that giant jeba breaking my pussy, he fucked hard, and fast, I had about 3 orgasms in less than 2 minutes, nobody had ever made me come like that, I was already limp, my legs were already trembling, he beat my ass hard and said that I was going to be his little bitch, that from that day on he would be my male, and I kept moaning, he didn’t answer for me anymore, so he spoke.
  • now your nephew will eat your ass
    At first I denied it, but there was no escape, he was already bossing me at that moment, he spat on my ass, lubricating it a lot, and suddenly he put it all at once, I howled in pain, but soon the pain passed and the lust took over tell me, I didn’t know how I was putting up with that monstrous prick, so he fucked me hard and I said, go my male, eat my ass, eat, then he announced the pleasure again, and I also came twice more, then he flooded my fucking ass.
    We lay tired next to each other, we got together and went to the shower, there he ate me again and I took all his milk, now every morning I take milk when my husband leaves for work, I invited my nephew to live with us, I’m not silly right kkk.

FROM THEM (Erotic fiction of sexual memories from them)

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