My first betrayal


After the sixteenth month, my relationship with Marcio started to cool down.
He realized that he wanted to get married and wanted to rent a house to live in.
I told him to continue living in my apartment, we could be together having sex as we were.
I didn’t want to get into this wedding because I’m still young. I wanted to take a break from getting married.
There was no way, no one took Marcio’s mind off the wedding story.
Until we took a Saturday we went looking for a house to live in, we fixed the house, in the apartment when we arrived, I spoke to him again that I didn’t want to get married, and that he would live alone.
I spent the week without having sex with Marcio. He was climbing the walls of a cock in his mouth and pussy.
On Saturday we went home to see furniture. We walked in the center, until we found a nice store with different furniture.
We arrived at the store, there was a very handsome boy and a man assembling some furniture, and another man aged 40 to 45 years or so.
The very polite boy came to answer us, showing the furniture and I, in particular, did not pay any attention to the furniture in any minute, only the boy, it was when he asked for Márcio’s cell phone to be able to call when a sofa arrived that didn’t have the color that we like it.
I ended up giving my number to the boy. He complied by giving a store card with his number and name. He called Cesar.
As the days went by, I kept thinking about Cesar.
One day I left at lunchtime I went to the store to see Cesar, with the excuse if the sofa had arrived.
I asked if the sofa had arrived. Cesar said he didn’t arrive and would take a few more days.
Caesar was with his friend at the store and I’m sure his friend realized that I was flirting with Caesar.
The boy asked why I thought it was good for the sofa to arrive.
I replied that I was not in the mood to get married anymore, that I was in the mood to break up with my boyfriend.
I ended up going back to my service.
I wanted to go out with Cesar but I was sure he wouldn’t take the initiative to call me.
So I decided to call him.
I called on a Thursday and we had dinner at a nice restaurant that I already knew.
On the appointed day, when it was time for me to leave, Márcio went to my office to go home together. I told him he could go that I would stay late to finish some late services.
At the appointed time Cesar arrived, called me, I went down. And we went to the restaurant for dinner.
During dinner César told me everything about his life, I told him about mine.
After we finished dinner, he took me to my building, we stayed on the street talking in the car.
When we started to kiss inside the car, I was already taking his dick, which was very hard, we stayed in this crumple for a long time, until I asked Cesar to take his dick out. I took his dick and started to jerk him off lightly while I kissed him. His kiss was not the kiss that made me shiver. The only kiss that made me shiver was once I kissed a girl, her kiss made me shiver.
That’s when I asked to suck his dick, I started to suck his dick, his dick was much smaller than Márcio’s dick.
I sucked for about 10 minutes Cesar ended up cumming in my mouth.
César’s fucking is very different from Márcio’s fucking.
I left your dick clean, and we said goodbye. And we arranged to meet again, now in a motel.


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