My nephew made me his little bitch

My nephew had a motorcycle accident and was badly injured, so my sister, who lived in a building without an elevator and on the 3rd floor, asked if Ruy could come to my house until she removed, at least the plaster of her leg, which went up to groin.
I immediately said yes and soon they would arrive-

  • Hi aunt, I’m here.
    Well, my sister had dinner and that night she stayed at my house.
    At night I heard Ruy calling and my sister snoring like a pig.
    -Ruy, what’s going on?
    -Oh aunt …. what a cute you are!
  • Shut up, chick.
    -Well, I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I can’t get out of bed alone!
    -Wait, auntie help, I’m coming
    When I got to Ruy’s room, he was jacking off under the sheet
    -Auntie, I’m sorry, but you made me hard.
    When I leaned over to help him out of bed, he put his hands on my neck and kissed me on the mouth.
    Then his hands released me and passed under my top, grabbing my breasts
    -Oh, auntie, let me suck
    -You’re crazy, I’m your aunt, your mom is sleeping
    -Fuck it
    Her lips were already sucking my breasts, her teeth were biting my nipples while one of her hands caressed my already wet pussy
    -Hum..auntie, if I could fuck you right now.
    I jumped onto the bed and positioned my tail over his face, held on to his cock and while licking him tasty, he pushed my panties away so that his pilgrim tongue would lick me and the pussy and when he held me by the hips I rolled on his tongue that masterfully fucked my ass and my pussy, while I stuck his cock up my throat.
    We both enjoyed it, in silence, if my sister didn’t wake up
    -Oh my nephew.
    -Titia, you’ll be my little bitch while I’m here, will you?
    -Only if you promise to fuck me really well.
    -I’m going to fuck very well, yes, my aunt, your little nephew’s bitch

THEIR (Erotic fiction of their sexual memories)

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