The friendly couple and the indecent proposal

Erotic doodles

I am 25 years old, 1.70 tall, with brown hair and light skin, for about seven years I have always maintained a friendship with a 22 year old girl, around 1.58m long dark hair, white and very thin skin, but with a well-rounded butt.
Despite the great friendship, I always had a great lust for her, as we always live in different cities, there were few times that we met in person, anyway the best I could get was a few kisses and caresses.
Recently she started dating a boy named Lucas, although she told me about him, she had never met him in person, but from what everything indicated he appeared to be a quiet guy.
In the times we stayed, it had always been in public places so the best I could do was feel her skin and I even smoothed her breasts a few times, but very quickly, because the visits were quick I never had great opportunities.
One day, she told me that she would come to my city, only that she would be accompanied, in any case she wanted to find it, so that I could meet Lucas. We combined the date and the location well, we arranged to go to a bar, so that we could drink and talk.
On the day of the meeting, I was a little discouraged, maybe resentful of having to meet her boyfriend and without any pretension that something could happen, but I went.
Arriving at the bar they were already seated, I greeted her first, with a quick hug and then I shook hands with her boyfriend. We spent a lot of time talking, telling each other and everything, it was very pleasant, I ended up finding Lucas to be a nice guy, he was good-natured and told good stories.
It was past midnight, we had drunk several drinks and ate well, we decided to ask for the bill, at that moment my friend said she needed to go to the bathroom, as soon as she left, Lucas went after her, I decided to stay at the table waiting for the bill.
The two went to the bathroom, but I could see that they had a brief conversation before entering, they were very brief, they both laughed and nodded and then followed each one to the respective bathroom.
I thought she would be asking if he liked me, naturally I imagine he was a little jealous given our prolonged friendship, even though I knew she hadn’t told us that we had already stayed a few times. Well, they came back, we paid the bill and went outside, I had gone by taxi and I will ask again to go back, so Lucas immediately said:

  • Of course not, we will leave you at home, it will be a pleasure
  • Actually it will be an adventure after so many Chopps – She completed laughing
    I ended up agreeing, we went to the car and explained more or less where he lived, he said he knew a good way, so I didn’t worry about driving. I was in the back seat, little by little I realized that the way was quite different, but I didn’t want to give a guess, suddenly he starts to stop the car, in a very empty and narrow street, on the side I could see that he had a motel.
    I was quite surprised, until then I had no idea what could happen. Before I stopped I asked:
    -Are you all right? Haha anything I can drive too
    In that the two turned to the back seat, they were smiling and she then said:
    -We have an invitation to ask you, I don’t know if you’re going to, but anyway….
    I was very curious, but at that moment I already knew that my night would be far beyond expectations. Lucas went straight to the point:
  • I know that Lê likes you a lot and I also thought you were a nice guy, we are looking for an adventure and we think that you would be a good one, in case you are going to be our toy tonight…
    I was without reaction for a moment, a thousand things went through my head, I was sure I would, so I immediately confirmed:
    -To inside hahahah !!
    My friend then added:
    -But we have a condition, everyone who enters this motel has to be willing to do anything….
    Putz, that turned my mind around, I hadn’t stopped to think about the situation, I was so focused on the possibility of finally eating it that I didn’t even remember my boyfriend, I was always curious to participate in a real bitching, and that would be perfect. I stumbled and entered the motel then.
    We took a spacious suite, with a lot of comfort, when we entered the room, we were exploring hahaha Lucas went to put the whirlpool to fill it up, me and her we sat on the bed, I started kissing her, her smell made me crazy with lust, when he she came back, joined us and started kissing her, while running her hand over my thighs, she was a little grimaced, but I decided to let go, we ended up kissing at the same time, while we undressed each other, we were just in underwear, while she was wearing her panties, her breasts were small, but very hard, I made sure to suck them.

Lucas did the same, I saw that she was crazy about having her breasts sucked by two men, running her hand over her panties, she was starting to get wet. We ended up undressing, Lucas was the first to take off his underwear, his dick was not big and it was totally hairless, his ass too, that made me feel at ease, when I took my panties off, I went crazy, her pussy was good small, the hair on the top was very sexy, her ass was really round.
Finally I took off my underwear, I was very excited, my cock has a very wide and pink head, when they both saw it they were very excited, she immediately said:

  • What a delight, today I want to be broken into
    We got up and went to the bathtub, which was already completely full, the water was very hot, we entered the three and sat down, Lucas had already put three glasses of drinks on the edges, we started drinking and talking a little, talking about sex and everything more.
    Meanwhile silly hands rolled in the water, from time to time, I felt someone squeezing my dick, we started to catch each other, we kissed and felt the naked bodies in the water.
    Gradually I lost my shyness in relation to Lucas, I realized that he liked it a lot when he touched my cock on his back and ass, but the fact of being able to kiss the neck of the girl, while feeling her breasts in my hands, was what left me crazier, he couldn’t even hide his lust.
    We decided to get out of the bathroom and start playing really, we dried ourselves a little so we wouldn’t wet the bed and we lay down, not resisting any more, I started sucking my friend, she ran her tongue all over her pussy, while she moaned, she insisted on opening it gently with your fingers so that you could stick your tongue deep.
    She was kind of on the side, so I sucked her ass too, she moaned really well, while Lucas watched that scene and caressed my dick, soon he was sucking me, his oral was very tasty, at first he only went halfway, but soon he started trying to stick the whole stick in his mouth, he could feel his head hitting his throat.
    He sometimes choked but soon it started again, we were either three horny crazy, we decided to change places and I understood what they meant when they said it would be their toy.
    I was lying down, while this time she was sucking me, Lucas came in, grabbed my face and started to stick his dick in my mouth, I had never done that, because his dick was not so big, so I sucked it all the way, while moving his hands. I think I did well, I did it the same way I like it.
    He was excited when he started to suck in the region of the balls and next to his ass.
    After we were already smeared and very excited, I started to put it on my friend, she was in front, before shoving, I was rubbing the head of my dick in her pussy, she was very wet and started to beg:
    -You’re killing me with lust, shove this dick all goes !!
    I started very slowly, until I put everything in, she moaned very breathlessly, Lucas would stick his dick in her mouth causing her to suck until the end. getting in, his hair was very long, I couldn’t resist and I ran my hand very close to his head and started to hold them very firmly. Lucas immediately said:
    -Slap this naughty girl she loves
    Soon I accepted the request and while I was getting hard I pulled her hair and slapped her ass, in that time she sucked her boyfriend’s balls. In a short time she came, her legs shook, her pussy dripped and she moaned loudly, we left that position. She remained lying, while Lucas soon takes control, and says:
    -Now you will eat me very tasty
    He was very excited and in order to eat an ass, he was on all fours and was bent over, with one hand he opened his ass while supporting himself with the other, his ass was very tight, I filled my fingers with saliva and passed, without much effort the fingers slipped in, he was already starting to moan.
    Lê was still lying down, watching this scene, while squeezing her boyfriend’s cock, I started to force the cock’s head into her ass, he groaned in pain at first, but I insisted and soon I could see my cock entering completely, I made the movement very slowly, my friend keeps wanking him, after a while, she went under him, and started sucking him, while he also sucked her, she passed my hands on my balls, while I continued to eat him on all fours that moaned like a bitch.

I was about to come, but I wanted to eat that pussy a little more, we switched positions, I lay down and she soon came and sat down, stuffing my whole cock and started to ride, she was facing me, while moaning, I squeezed her breasts and smeared my spit hand and masturbated it, we stayed on the side and kept getting in, Lucas came from behind, and started to bite my ass and then suck, he felt a double lust at that moment, then he also lay on the bed and I could feel his dick sliding on my back and then on my ass, I was a little nervous and scared of hurting.
But as I had agreed, everything was all hahaha. In the first few attempts I was very tense, and he couldn’t get it in, but over time, he got into Lê and became more relaxed, I could feel when the head of his cock came in, I gave a loud groan, the luck that his cock was small and soon everything came in, I felt a little bit of pain, but very horny, soon she came and started to suck me, sucked my cock, balls and passed her tongue while he ate me, lubricating the region well, then he already said:
-How delicious to eat a virgin ass, just to be hairy already know that you are a virgin
I was still in some pain and soon we changed, my friend liked the situation. I let the two of them enjoy it too, she soon went for a ride on her cock, I realized that she really liked this position, but to close the fuck, she needed one last thing. While she was riding Lucas, I went to the back and laid my body on his, she already knew what she was going to do and said:
-Time for revenge right ??!
-Everything is everything hahah – I replied to her
I made sure to suck her ass well, then I started to put it little by little, she was not so used to doing anal, but I went very well, until I managed to shove everything, she moaned a lot, being penetrated in the pussy by her boyfriend and giving the ass to me , in a short time she let out a loud moan and came, Lucas got up under the bed and started to masturbate in our direction, my dick was still inside her ass.
We were on our knees when he threw a big jet of poha in our face, it was very warm, we ended up swallowing everything while we kissed.
I got up and did the same, I put them both to suck me and I enjoyed a huge amount, I left them both smeared, while they kissed and sucked my dick.
We lay in bed, our bodies totally relaxed, we spent hours having sex and fulfilled the initial agreement haha. We slept at the motel, in the morning we woke up, and it was me and her taking a shower, I couldn’t resist and I ate the naughty, standing up, a very hot quickie, while her boyfriend spied on everything and masturbated.
This sex was unforgettable, not only because I was trying new experiences (which I really liked hahah), but because it was very intense. I haven’t had the opportunity to repeat it yet, but I really want to. I told them I was going to write a short story and they loved the idea.


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