A report of pleasure

We were sitting talking on the bed, you were serious about life and I noticed every detail of your face, your eyes, your beard, but especially in your mouth. While you were talking, you gently caressed my hand, my thigh and my foot and this mixture of sensations filled me with lust and I kissed you.
You lay down and went over the top, with my breasts already right in your mouth. Then you bite my nipples in the perfect intensity, make me whole goose bumps and with one hand go down and touch me. The way you look at me makes me dizzy. I am very wet and you start to masturbate in a way that softens my legs.
I stay there for a while, moaning in your ear, until you lay me down beside you and keep touching me. My ass rubs against your already hard cock and I start to go into a very crazy trance with you touching me, touching me, kissing the back of my neck and telling me endless bitches.
You slide your hand back, melt my ass, my ass and go back to my sprout, which is already hard. I cannot reason, I am completely overwhelmed when you order and I just say what you want to hear: eat me, please. Asking you to screw me was one of the most naughty things I ever said in bed because I don’t have the habit of doing anal in life, much less on the first date, on the first fuck, with a complete stranger.
Sometimes I get a little tense and you tell me to lift my ass and relax. Rubbing myself, I’m the one who sets the pace, in addition to your hand on my pussy. I feel like I’m dripping. Without discomfort I realize that you are putting your cock and your moan makes me want so much. I move my hips and the head of your hot cock fits and you let me know that maybe it hurts a little, but I feel nothing but crazy lust.
And there I am, completely excited while you calmly control everything. Being in your hands feels great. I increase the pace, I want you to enter more, penetrate more, eat my ass completely inexperienced.
You are very excited and you start to get stronger, you narrate step by step what you are doing and the pain I feel is shared with the pleasure of the siririca, with you sweating against me and with the notion that I am being a real piranha, free, horny. You ask me to be your little bitch and in that moment it’s all I am, only yours. I feel like I’m going to come and I barely warn you and my whole body starts to shake and I squeeze you, you get stronger, you come too.
Just a brief paragraph, written in one breath, about the night we met, when I came without even worrying about it, when I gave my ass to a stranger (fucking hot).
I have an unsigned tale because fiction has gone far here.


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