The gas station attendant couldn’t take my dick


Sorry for the delay to write is the lack of time, I needed to make a trip to Acre, actually close, and it was urgent I would earn good money, so I ended up traveling overnight, and it would be a long trip and tiring ..
I stopped at a gas station in Paraná, between a city in the interior and another one that I don’t remember the name, very deserted, I needed to fill up, and I stopped at that gas station, where the gas station attendant came to see me, a young man passed a certain tone of delicacy.
I was in a tank top and shorts without underwear, and I realized that this attendant didn’t take his eye off my suitcase, so I deduced that he liked cock, but eating that fag there was a laborious situation since he was at work ..
I parked the truck to fill up and started scratching the bag all the time in order to understand, and he noticed, I sat on an old chair that was there, my dick stiffened and I turned it aside, and gave this fagot a look and scare ..

I arrived at him and offered him a candy and asked if there were no prostitutes working there, he smiled and said ..
-Yes, sometimes there are, but sometimes not, today I don’t know, there are days when they don’t show up ..
-I’m crazy to get in and it’s hard here ..
He scared, and he didn’t even blink, he looked scared ..
-And you work all night
-Yes, until 6, but I have 1 hour of rest ..

I put my hand inside the shorts again, and I kept my hand inside, he was nervous, and looked the other way.
-Filled the tank ..
-Yes, it’s ready ..
I paid for it and parked my truck a little distant near a tree, I looked in the rearview mirror and he seemed to be watching where I was stopping ..
And I decided to sleep there, I didn’t expect anything from that attendant, too shy and stopped, he seemed to be afraid of rolls.
I bought a snack at the cafeteria, sat under the tree and went to eat, then he comes and sits next to me, saying he was at rest, I thought ready to come, more like putting this nerd in the truck ..
I took the stick out and started to pee, almost in front of him to see the cock, and he saw it and didn’t take his eye off, I shook it and said ..
-Yes, a lot..
-Wanna try..
-I don’t know anyone can see ..
-Relax just enter behind no one will see, I know you will like it and I really want to fuck ..
He didn’t think twice he got on the passenger side, and I got in and fell off his mouth, suckled like a calf, I told him to take off his pants because the time was short, he took off and stayed 4 like a fag, I ran my finger the tail was smelling more poor, I didn’t even know it was going to happen, I didn’t care, I spit it out and started punching, just the head went in and started complaining, I spit more, and I punched it in and he told me to take it out it could take more, eita viadinho fresco ..
I couldn’t take it at once he screamed and pushed me back, and said he was going to get out of the truck, I forced my weight on him and he pushed me, I said it wouldn’t hurt that I was going to put it slow he revolted and put on his pants and got out of the truck and left me there with a hard-on, full of bag, crazy to get in …
It is not always advantageous to have a big dick, I looked out the window and there was only a grown man, fuck without fucking a hard cock, I hate to jack off, put on my underwear and went to sleep, the other day I had to hit the road.

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José Araujo de Souza

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