Simone was a perfect person. Very attentive to her parents and siblings, at school the best student, socially blameless, there was never someone as perfect as Simone. Especially if we consider the strange family that generated it: cruel grandparents, naughty uncles, absent parents, depressed sister and cousins ​​with almost illegal behavior. It was comfortable to be Simone, the family admired that ear of corn born in the middle of a coffee plantation and boasted of such a magnificent feat. Blond girl, big green eyes, angel face and thoughts inherited from some evolved spirit reincarnated in that normal family. Maybe with a mission, or not.
Simone grew up to be a beautiful woman, graduated in Law, but before graduating she had already passed a public examination for Banco do Brasil, so she chose not to advocate. At the age of 35, he was already manager of the bank’s corporate portfolio and was applying for a position at one of the regional offices. Only one thing was missing in that blue life, a company, a man, a penis. So much time devoted to the family, prioritizing studies and work, and our heroine has not yet fit a man into her life. She was very shy, as a teenager she preferred to stay at home so as not to upset her mother and that had prevented her from practicing. She had almost no knowledge of the opposite sex and was still a virgin, of course.
So long being admired on a crystal altar, it distanced her a little from the rest of the family, only her cousin Anita, a year younger, was her friend. Simone was very fond of Anita, but they had not been clubmates in her teens, after all her temperaments were opposite and her cousin had chosen to live life with more intensity, so to speak. Let us be condescending to Anita.
Fate is capricious, almost always. Her cousin, even though she was average in all areas, at school, at work, in interpersonal relationships, seemed to have resolved herself better in the item “relationships”, since she had been married to an engineer for a long time, had children and a very good economic life. As a teenager, Anita had often shocked the family with her impetuous behavior, her indecent boyfriends and her impulsive choices. Strange to have been presented with such an excellent husband by the gods, her relatives thought. Only Simone did not harbor this envy of her favorite cousin. , because he admired her for her achievements and a kind of negative feeling so definitely not part of the character of such a good girl.
However, even so perfect, she was surprised for the first time in her life wishing what did not belong to her, her cousin’s husband. That cultured, educated, friendly and handsome man. Our heroine had never committed any sin, but that greed left her ecstatic, her dreams were constantly populated by romantic and very hot scenes with that “cousin”, so dear before. What was happening to your brain? The desire became an obsession and this disease crushed all the noblest feelings that existed in his little head. Poor Simone.
Anita’s husband was just a man, and men have a hard time resisting temptations, especially if those temptations are fully convinced of the mission they set out to do. Poor Flávio.
The victim was an engineer at Petrobras, worked on board, 15 days at sea, 20 days at home. Simone knew that her cousin was treated very well in those 20 days when her husband was on land. Anita spared no praise for her husband’s attributes and performance. The fire between them was so great that, at family parties, a good observer could notice the couple’s absence for several moments. They certainly couldn’t stand it until they got home and took small escapes for a hot fuck somewhere. In one of these moments Simone followed them and saw them sending them to see in one of the bathrooms of the grandmother’s house. Flavio forced Anita awkwardly sitting in the sink, with one hand trying to stifle the moans of her cousin, who looked like a madwoman. That man whispered quietly in his ear a lot of bullies, words that were not part of Simone’s select vocabulary, at least of the woman who once inhabits his body.
As she didn’t know yet what kind of strategy she should use in the conquest, Simone had fun spying on those hot moments between her cousins ​​and, what was her surprise when she heard on a day when Anita suckled copiously on her husband’s dick, while he was saying quietly :

  • Suck, you cow. Think of your virgin little cousin who never had a dick like that in her mouth.
  • Does she feel like sucking a cock like that? Huh, bitch?
  • Suck, greedy! Hot mama on your male, mama.

That cousin’s naughty. Do you mean that your name was mentioned in those shagging? The new Simone was not content with joy, but this detail made her obsession grow uncontrollably, she could no longer sleep without dreaming about Flávio, she woke up in the middle of the night, sweaty and panting. He masturbated every day thinking about that mouth saying his name, but he was never satisfied, he was afraid of getting sick because of that man. Unfortunately, he did not feel capable of betraying his dearest cousin, he was too scrupulous to put into practice any plan he drew up in his daydreams.
Some time later, on a Saturday night, he got a call late. She was the cousin, asking if Simone could stay with her youngest son for a few hours, while accompanying the family matriarch to the hospital due to a small domestic accident. Simone quickly put a coat over the nightgown she was wearing and left for Anita’s house, certainly Flávio would be on board and couldn’t take care of his son at that moment. Only when he arrived at his cousin’s apartment did he learn that he was actually on land, but he had gone out to play football during the day with some friends and was at that moment totally passed out from tiredness and drunkenness.

  • How good to be able to count on you, cousin. Anita said, all nervous. – Flávio exaggerated in the post-football draft and should only wake up tomorrow with a tremendous headache.
  • No problem, press. Said Simone all solicitously, but with wide eyes, looking tense. – Where’s Juninho?
  • Are you already asleep, if you wake up, please warm a bottle and give it to him?
  • You can go, Anita. Grandma is waiting for you in the car.
    When she heard Anita’s car leaving the garage, Simone decided to take a look at her sleeping cousin. Looking wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? Looking would not be a sin.
    He entered the couple’s bedroom gently and immediately saw his object of desire. Flávio was lying on his back on the bed wearing only white boxer briefs. A small lamp beside the bed gilded that tasty body that had inhabited his dreams for so long. She arrived quietly, knelt on the edge of the bed and slowly observed every detail, the short chest hairs, the flat abdomen, the thick thighs and of course, the bulge in the underwear. He remembered the day when his cousin sucked him tasty and his mouth was moist with the urge to try it too. He looked passed out, would he wake up if she caressed him? That package in his underwear looked too tempting.
    With his right hand he lightly touched that stick, squeezed it lightly, sank his hands and began to massage it with affection. She had never put her hand on a penis, everything was too new and exciting for her. He reached under his underwear and touched the warm skin. The bag was a little cold, but the penis was hot and pulsed growing in his hand, it seemed to have a life of its own, its tip was so smooth and soft. Sassy that she already had that experience, she sat down next to him on the bed and intensified her movements. He was already massaging without so much delicacy and that bite grew more and more in his hand. Flávio, who until then seemed passed out, started to moan and speak disconnected words and she then lowered her underwear to better see that growing instrument, observed a dampness on the tip and without being able to contain herself captured that droplet with her tongue. It was an aperitif and that appetizer whipped up his appetite in such a way that in seconds he sucked deliciously on that thick stick. He put it all in his mouth and licked it to the end. Flávio was delusional with lust, probably thinking it was a dream. Simone felt her pussy throbbing intensely, her panties were soaked, the nipples of her breasts scratched the fabric of the nightgown pleading for attention. Obsessed with that man, she lowered the strap of her nightgown and brought one breast to her mouth. Flávio eagerly snatched them up and instinctively started sucking them hard. The guy was very good at service, his cousin was right, he was hot and drunk and asleep.
    Realizing that maybe that was her only chance, that new woman took off her panties, climbed on the bed, spread her legs and began to gently introduce that cock into her pussy, which was past time to be opened. It hurt a little, it bothered a lot, but it entered with a certain ease, because its walls were slippery. He waited a few seconds while his body got used to that hitherto strange object and began to move slowly. Flavio, still in a trance and acting on instinct, raised his hand, held it by the hips and began to boost his movements. She moaned loudly calling her a whore.
  • Sit down, bitch … eat me … ride your male.

Simone, feeling like an Amazon, rode without mercy. He felt uncomfortable and a little burning, but the lust was so much that he would stop worrying about it the next day. His moans were increasing as that thick dick rubbed against his sprout. Her legs started to shake with the pressure between her legs. He felt the joy overwhelming everything he had ever felt in terms of pleasure so far. He screamed when that torture ended and scratched his victim’s chest in sheer despair. It had been worth it. It had been very good.
He came down from that nice lap, his erect penis still throbbed. He adjusted his nightgown, turned off the bedside light and left the room. He passed Juninho’s room, checking to see if he was still sleeping. All right. He walked around the apartment checking windows and doors and decided to turn on the TV while he waited. She slept right there on the sofa in the living room, totally exhausted and satisfied.
The next morning he discovered that Anita and her grandmother had arrived very late and everyone in the house was still asleep. He got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee. As he filled the kettle with water, he felt a strange shiver and was surprised to find Flávio standing at the kitchen door staring at her insistently.

  • Hi Simone. Did you sleep here?
  • Yes, I came to take care of Juninho for Anita yesterday. Grandma cut her toe in the pool, did you see? Anita took her to the emergency room, poor thing.
  • I understand. My head hurts a lot. Does the coffee take to be ready?
  • A little, do you want me to make juice for you?
  • No thank you. I need coffe.

Minutes later, they sat down at the table and drank a delicious coffee prepared by their good and helpful cousin. Simone, somewhat embarrassed by the memories of the previous night, finished eating and got up from the table ready to get out of there as quickly as possible, because the adrenaline had passed.

  • I have to pack some things at home this morning, Flávio. If Juninho wakes up can you prepare the bottle?
  • No problem, this coffee did me a lot of good.
  • I’m going then, okay?
  • No panties?
  • Like? She asked, appalled.
  • Are you going out without your panties?
    Flávio got up from his chair and with the biggest face of a bastard, took the panties forgotten in his room the night before and said without blinking.
  • I give you the panties, but first kneel here and finish the job that started yesterday. My dick is hard so far.
    And so Simone made her dreams come true. And he was happy forever.

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