Me Sueli… blonde, green eyes, delicate face, delicious pointed breasts to suck, my ass is more appreciated by men, I feel their desire to screw me up. In my heart I am happy, I have beautiful thighs and legs, my husband has a delicate body and between his thighs a beautiful 18 cm roll of a different size from the others… The surprise, his head is huge, he looks like an open parasol, it is not proportional to the thickness that is thin.
We went to the beach, stayed in a house in Guarujá on a honeymoon, where I lost my virginity behind and in front. We rested, we went to take a shower, he left first and went to the room, then I went in: he was having a hard time with a pot of condensed milk in his hand.
When I saw the flapper’s huge head, I was scared, but he had put condensed milk on the roll. I sat on the bed and licked it, but I was afraid I couldn’t stand it. He already filled my ass and the chased with milk, kissed me on the mouth, went down sucking my breasts, the belly, was sucking my chased. He stuck his tongue in the shape of a snail, he lay on the bed, I got on my knee, with the chase pinking in his nose, I opened my legs for his tongue to invade me, but because I was still a virgin, only the tip came in.
I squirmed all over with lust, then the first orgasm came. Then he put me on all fours in an armchair, passed condensed milk on my ass, and penetrated a finger. Delicious! After a lot of massage, he placed the second finger with great care, it was seven days of preparation. I was ready to receive the huge head of the flapper, I knew it would burn a lot when the flapper passed, the rest of the roll is thin and it goes in easily.
Before I put my husband on all fours, with his booty all flat, I sucked around that paradise, pulled his cock underneath, back, sucked his ass and his chapel at the same time. I changed my position, standing, I went down with my legs open until I touched the chased woman in her ass, I stayed in the back and forth rosing her in it, my chaser already released all honey. Love, I’m going to come, there, there, your paradise was full of honey.
I gave a nice blowjob and a kiss and said: I’m ready to receive this huge wide flapper. He passed milk in my ass, it was penetrating the head very smoothly, he was even a little bit more just to open it, – wow it was burning! – I shivered to the soul, but it made me much more horny. This took eight days to finish, I already wanted everything, he still doesn’t, it’s little by little at a time. Then I came again, he came in my mouth filling with cum with condensed milk.
From the ninth day on, I took my husband’s dick and said: today this wide flapper will make me the happiest female! I fed several times and said “come on, your filly is ready!” I put myself on all fours, he passed milk on my ass and on his cock. When I felt the big head trying to get in, I put pressure with the butt behind to facilitate penetration. He gave me a kiss and said “love, you’re in charge”. I backed up until I felt the balls in my bootie.
Gradually I made a back and forth well paced in my ass that was already wide open and rolled up by myself, but it burned when the big head reached the bottom, but I was happy to lose the virginity of my ass. Wow how tasty! I came twice with my fingertip, stroking my clitoris, then he groaned: I’m going to come! I felt the cum mixed with milk dripping from my ass and down my thighs: how wonderful!
On the fifteenth day I lost the gourd of the persecuted, it was on the table I put a pillow under the bootie to facilitate the penetration, he sucked it and made massage opening her lips, always with condensed milk. Then I gave another feed, opened my legs, positioned the stick at the entrance of the pursued, advanced my body forward and the big head entered. I stopped a little down, I couldn’t stand it, I felt it sting and I realized that my lips will break. I ran my hand, a little blood came out: I was happy, virginity is gone! Haiii, my lust was total! I shouted at him: go, hit this big head punch a lot, don’t be sorry for me, I want to be all rolled up with the lips of my chased falling out and let’s come together.
After four days, as I was in charge and with practice, I started getting into all positions. I gave my tail and the crack with a lot of pleasure, the big headlet entered everything inside me, it only burned on the first pass, it was already good, I gave my ass more because my chase was very sensitive, then I told him to let go your milk on my face. He said to me: you are a princess in everything. In my mind, I replied “I’m going to be the bitch in bed, for you or for another big, big-headed man”.

We returned home to São Paulo, my husband went on a trip and was away for a month. I was already hallucinating to get in, when he arrived I hugged him and took him to the shower, we left, he picked me up and we went to the room. He put me sitting at the head of the bed, I spread my legs and he sucked on my chase and my ass. I bent my body backwards so he could penetrate his big butt in my ass, which sucked everything into me. I went to delirium to come so much, with two fingers of it smoothing the nipple of my clitoris that was pulsing with so much desire …
We rested for a long time, then I ran my tongue up and down on his cock, which soon became hard. The secret is that the more I suck and squeeze it in my mouth, the flap swells and becomes wider, it looks like a parasol, a pity that the body part is fine up to the balls. He was passing milk on my chase with his tongue, it’s his addiction, put on the big hat. Wow! I felt it burn, but soon the lust and desire were greater, while he penetrated me I sucked on her beautiful tits. We had a great time together and then we had a very long 69 to come again.
We went to take a shower and I told my husband that it wasn’t over yet. We went back to bed, I poured condensed milk on my head and my ass. Now I’ve learned, the more I give my tail, the better it gets, the pleats disappear and the channel is smooth: it’s very tasty! I want your whole cock in my ass! I was on all fours looking in the mirror, watching it disappear in my tail. You woman who is loved and well eaten, you know the pleasure of what I’m talking about, I came a lot and I felt the cum coming out with the taste of condensed milk.
My whole honeymoon actually happened with a lot of love, seduction and eroticism. I’m a super passive wife in bed, I let him do whatever he wants with me. A detail: first I have to be screwed and then feel horny in the chase, my husband knows that only his flapper does not satisfy me anymore, I really miss a big, thick dick.
Now after six years of marriage, I told him that I have desires in my body to meet a veteran gentleman, over 50, with gray hair, polite and affectionate, handsome and a little thin, the detail that has a delicious mast 25 cm in size, super thick from the beginning to the balls, with that huge head. I want to feel the pleasure of being excellently eaten by a gifted gentleman… Who knows, maybe we can be good lovers…





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