My name is Beatriz, I’m 22 years old. I am 1, 70 tall, I am light brown, I have short brown curly hair, eyes the same color tone as my hair. I’m a little overweight, nothing much, but I have medium and hard breasts, a big ass that I inherited from Mom, wide hips and a thin waist. And I’m here to tell you how I lost my little hair.

Well, I was 18 when it happened, it wasn’t much different than now, I just had bigger hair and I was thinner.
I have a sister who is four years older than me, at the time she was 27 and was dating a 32-year-old guy, Rafael. My sister is not very different from me, we are even very similar, only she is much thinner, she took after Dad’s family and did not inherit the same attributes as me. And I always thought that she didn’t match Rafael.
Rafael was a very handsome man. Brunette with black hair and black eyes, a little taller than me, he must be about 1. 78, around. He had a very well-defined body, not overly exaggerated muscles, which matched him very well and made him look wonderfully masculine, and he had a volume in his shorts that made me very curious.
I don’t even need to say it was just Rafael showing up for me to get wet, right? But Rafael never cared, he always treated me like his girlfriend’s little sister, like a child. And I never thought that something could happen between us, in fact, he was dating my sister and I was never a big eye.
At that time I was also very silly, I hadn’t even kissed before. I was ashamed to show my body and I didn’t wear very short or tight clothes. I didn’t have many friends, so I was always at home. I was very anti-social.
On the end of the year vacation Rafael asked my sister to travel with him to Angra dos Reis, my mother at first did not want to leave, in fact, they dated for less than a year and my mother did not know him very well and was afraid. But my sister insisted and Mom only left with one condition: that they take me along, so we could take care of each other. My sister didn’t like it very much, but she was happy.
We arranged everything to go, I was not very happy with the idea, but in the weekend everything was ready and we went. We stayed a long time on the road, Rafael took us in his car, until we arrived.
The place was beautiful. The house looked more like a cabin than a beach house and it was right in front of the sea, on an island with crystal clear waters and white sand, it looked like paradise. At the same time I got excited. We settled down, my sister stayed in the same room as Rafael and I in a different room, but right next door. We were very tired from the trip and so we slept the rest of the day, without enjoying the beach.
The days passed and I noticed that every night my sister left the room and went to his room. She expected me to sleep, but I always woke up to the noises, the moans, coming from the next room. And that excited me, I always touched and enjoyed thinking about my brother-in-law fucking my sister.
During the day I always saw him in a beach trunks, playing with my sister in the water and that volume of his soft cock made me curious and excited. I had never seen a live stick and the colors, and whenever I saw my brother-in-law he aroused this desire to see. I had not yet taken advantage of the sea, I had not taken a bikini so I just stayed on the porch of the house, lying in a hammock, watching everything, with a very light outfit to relieve the heat, from time to time I risked going to the sea even in clothes or the happy couple went out i went in panties and bra, it was a closed beach, there was no danger of someone seeing me.
One day, when my sister went out with her boyfriend, I took the opportunity to enter the sea of ​​underwear. I had on white panties, which was neither small nor large, but I was always punched in my big ass, and a bra of the same color that no longer fit properly on my breasts and always left them out, and after wet they became transparent against my skin, clearly showing my nipples and pussy until then virgin and untouched.
I got lost and when I was leaving the sea to go home, I ran into my brother-in-law. He looked at me, analyzing me in a way that I really thought was naked. He ate me with his eyes and at that very moment I realized that the volume in his shorts was higher. Where is Bianca? I thought you guys were out… – I asked, embarrassed and embarrassed while trying to hide my body with my hands.

  • She is taking a shower, arrived sweaty, wanted to freshen up and get some rest, and sent me to look for you. – He replied, analyzing me. He looked shamelessly at my breasts and all over my body, he looked at me from head to toe without any shame and at one point he started to touch his already hard cock; he smoothed and squeezed his cock over his shorts discreetly.

It excited me, I stopped covering myself and started walking inside the house. I could feel his gaze on my back, eating me, analyzing me. That same day, at dawn, I woke up with a movement, a noise and low moans and apparently muffled in the room where I slept with my sister. I had my back to the bed where my sister slept and I slowly turned my head a little to look: my brother-in-law was lying on my sister’s delicate and thin body, holding his hands against the mattress, dominating her, while fucking her pussy majestically, she asked to take it easy and not make a noise so as not to wake me up. Best of all, he looked at me, he looked at me with such intensity that I suspect that what made me wake up was his look at me and not the noise they made, and when he realized I was looking at them, he laughed naughty for me and started to fuck my sister hard, so hard that she moaned in pain without even bothering to wake me up.
I went back to bed and pretended to be asleep, but his moans, the noise of the impact of their bodies, that smell of sex exhaling in the room made me crazy and I began to touch myself right there, discreetly. I touched my pussy that was completely wet and massaged my grelinha, which was so hard until I came, remembering my brother-in-law’s look on me while fucking my sister hard. It didn’t take long for me to hear my brother-in-law coming, too, and his howl of pleasure made my whole body shiver and shudder.
Our time was running out, the day of returning home was approaching and my brother-in-law’s eyes on me became more and more constant and blatant, my sister noticed some of their looks and so they even fought, but I pretended not to notice and as much as he knew that I had seen them both fucking, I pretended and showed myself insignificant. Perhaps out of fear, because I knew that my brother-in-law was interested in me, his attitudes demonstrated this, but what was I going to do? I hadn’t even kissed before, I was embarrassed just to imagine myself talking to him about this or anything, and I also didn’t want to destroy my sister’s relationship, she really seemed to like him.
On our last day at the house, my sister went out and said she was going to buy souvenirs to take to mom and some of her friends, my brother-in-law didn’t want to go and neither did I, it was a hellish sun, so we stayed. We didn’t exchange a word with each other until lunchtime. I was in the kitchen making my dish, wearing panties and a bra, with a beach sarong wrapped around my body, when my brother-in-law came up behind me and stopped with his body inches from mine. I could feel the heat radiating from his body, his breath on the back of my neck and even his cock touching my ass lightly. He took my shoulders and started to massage me, I was tense with his touch but soon I started to relax.

  • I always thought you were beautiful, but after seeing you out of the sea that day, I was sure of it. – He said in a still voice very close to my ear, which makes me shiver, as he gently lowered his hands down my arms and started to caress my body.
  • You are so beautiful, you are wonderful, you shouldn’t hide like that … He said kissing my neck and opening my sarong. I felt the sarong falling to the floor and showing my body only in panties and bra. I heard him moan as soon as he saw me half naked and he stuck his body in me, making me feel his rock hard dick against my ass. I was already wet, completely wet, I moaned and shivered with her body in mine, I was giving myself away when I remembered my sister. By now he was already holding and squeezing my breasts, massaging my nipples over the bra.
  • You are my sister’s boyfriend … Stop! – I said turning to face him, it was difficult but I pushed him away from me, without looking him in the eye.
  • What have? I know you want me …
  • He said approaching again, insistent, already placing his hand on my pussy over the panties and caressing me, squeezing my pussy, feeling my moisture, he laughed satisfied.
  • I understand the way you look at me … I know you touched yourself when you saw me fucking your sister in the bedroom … And I fucked her thinking about you, wanting you, sister-in-law …
  • He said pulling my panties aside and sliding his fingers between the lips of my wet pussy, he put his fingers on my grelinha, squeezed softly and started massaging in circular movements, it was so tasty, my body shivered and I moaned softly and sly with the pleasure he gave me.
  • Is that how you touched yourself? Is this how you touch yourself thinking about me?
  • He said softly, whispering in a husky and sexy voice that instigated me. He slid his fingers to the entrance to my pussy and tried to penetrate me, but stopped when I groaned in pain.
  • How tight you are, sister-in-law… What a delight!

I told him I was a virgin or at least tried to say it and I realized that he was crazy to hear about it, even more excited. When I realized he was already sucking on my breasts, sucking on my nipples one by one delicately, but hungry, with greed. He licked, sucked, nibbled, leaving me completely scarred and prickly, while intensifying his massage on my sprout. I was already moaning loudly and squirming against his body. Until I felt intense spasms all over my body, I moaned loudly with pleasure and I came losing my balance in my legs and almost falling to the floor. It had been the best orgasm of my life.
He kissed my whole body gently, exploring my neck with his lips and my body with his big, firm hands. He squeezed and my ass hard, he slapped me saying that he always wanted me and that after he saw me on the beach he started to want me even more, and that he was crazy about my ass. He squeezed my breasts, played with my nipples that were hard. He used me while I recovered from orgasm. I felt his hand on mine and he placed it on his cock, which was out and pointing to the ceiling so hard. I shuddered at the touch and looked at that cock so hungry, killing my curiosity. I held on tight to that hard, big, thick, hot cock in my hands. His cock was beautiful, brown with a pink head so big it looked like a mushroom. His cock must have been about 18 cm and was covered in veins, soft, warm, manly. Awkwardly I started masturbating him, I didn’t know exactly how to do it but I tried hard to give pleasure to the man I wanted so much. I saw his pre-enjoyment drooling over the head of his dick and spent my fingers there spreading his gala over the body of his dick, leaving him all frilled.

  • Yes, sister-in-law … You are doing very well, but come here, come … – He said caressing my face and slightly forcing my head down against his cock. I knelt in front of you and grabbed your dick. The head of his cock filled my whole mouth, and I sucked, sucked, rubbed my tongue in the urethra, snaked his cock’s head with my hot and wet tongue. He moaned, squirmed with pleasure and encouraged me always saying that I was doing well, that my mouth was hot and I sucked tasty. He held my head and forced it even harder against his cock, making me swallow his cock as far as I could until I choked when the head nudged my throat.

Soon I was getting the hang of it and I sucked it hard, making a quick and slow time. He took my hand and placed it on his balls, I understood and started to massage, squeeze carefully. I felt his cock grow and swell in my mouth, pulsing against my lips and I felt a hot and salty liquid invade my mouth, while my brother-in-law howled with pleasure, coming. I tried to spit your cum out, but my brother-in-law grabbed my face, covered my mouth and made me swallow with disgust.
He took me to his room, locked the door and threw me on the bed. He took off my panties and my bra, and took off his shorts and underwear, getting naked in front of me. I laughed with embarrassment as I watched his perfect and tasty body. He spread my legs and fell into my pussy, sucking on me as if he were hungry and in a hurry, but gently. His tongue stimulated my sex lightly, gently and gently, but firmly.
He surrounded his finger on the entrance to my pussy and sometimes threatened to penetrate me.

  • I want to fuck you here in my room, in my bed, so I will always remember you, sister-in-law … I want to feel your pussy tight on your dick … Now! – He said laying his big body on mine, holding his dick and masturbating. He touched his lips to mine and kissed me slowly, his tongue massaged mine, explored my whole mouth and I tried to follow it still awkwardly. Nervous and excited that she is kissing for the first time and that she is about to be deflowered. At that exact moment I felt the head of your dick at the entrance to my pussy, my brother-in-law started to force and I felt the head of your dick invading my wet pussy. Sometimes his dick slid out of my pussy but my brother-in-law didn’t give up and tried again, forcing his dick into my tight pussy, he moaned against my mouth and I moaned in pain in his mouth.
    I felt the head of his cock enter my pussy and my brother-in-law moaned, howled with pleasure that I thought he was coming. I moaned in pain, I felt the big head of his dick tearing me, popping my little head and I wanted to stop and give up, but my brother-in-law trapped me with his body and forced his dick into my pussy making his cock invade me. He stopped when he was all inside me, looked into my eyes and congratulated me on losing my virginity. Then he started to come and go slowly, I moaned in pain feeling his big, thick cock inside me. I felt a discomfort when his cock went in and out of my pussy, even if it was slow. My brother-in-law moaned, howled, differently than when he was fucking my sister. He kissed my neck, bitten me, sucked my skin so hard that I had to push him to stop.
  • Ah … What a tight pussy you have, sister-in-law … It is so delicious … Ah … – He said speeding up his movements, making stronger thrusts in my pussy. I felt a mixture of pleasure and pain that made me moan like a bitch in heat, tall, without shame and in pain. He was motivated by my moans and pumped hard into my pussy, punching his cock inside me harder and faster, more aggressively. He held my neck and cursed me, said that I was going to be his little bitch, that he would always fuck me, that I was going to be addicted to his cock and hit my face. It drove me crazy and when I found myself I was cumming with his cock buried in my pussy, squirming under his body. He stopped while I came and my pussy was desperately contracting on his dick, he moaned and I knew he was close to coming. He took his dick almost all out of me and stuck it all at once deep in my pussy, with force, making me scream, at that very moment he took his dick again, in a hurry, howling loudly with pleasure and came, dirtying my belly with its hot and luscious cum. His body shook and he moaned until the last drop of cum came out, and then he collapsed beside me.
    I was burning, feeling like a hole had been made in me, recovering from that fuck, when I heard my sister’s voice looking for her boyfriend. Rafael and I immediately looked at each other in fright, I grabbed my underwear, left my room in despair and ran to mine. It was just that my sister didn’t catch us. That day we left and my sister didn’t suspect anything. I had to put a lot of makeup on my neck and cover my breasts well, because my brother-in-law left me all marked with hickeys and bites. After that day my brother-in-law started to go less at home, his conscience was heavy and he felt guilty, I confess that I too.

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