Today I will tell you what I did earlier this year. Me and my boyfriend were fighting and as you know I don’t have sex, well before I started a relationship I had a wonderful guy, tall black, did weight training and had a wonderful cock that I loved to sit on, but at the time we were not prepared for relationship and we ended up getting away more often I always wanted to catch up, I ended up going to investigate if he was married, to my surprise he wasn’t, so I sent a message through the social network and immediately he answered me, saying he missed him and if we could book any thing. I asked him what he was doing at that time, it was about 6:30 pm and he said nothing, so I gave him my address and in 50 minutes he arrived and we went out to talk.
On the way he stopped at the lighthouse and gave me a very nice kiss and I with a fire I soon put my hand on that wonderful stick and he started talking to stop if he wasn’t going to eat me in the car and I as I am very naughty I continued with hand there, the lighthouse opened and I couldn’t resist and I started to take his dick out of my pants and looked at him with a face like eating me and so he entered a more deserted street stopped the car and said go back, I’m going to eat you here same. I was beautiful and crazy, I did what he asked and he started to kiss me madly and squeezed my breasts, put me well against the bench and started taking off my dress and at the same time stroking over my panties, I was all wet . With his fingers on my clit he spoke in my ear.
-I never forgot this delicious pussy and today I am going to fuck you so much that it will be all burned, open this pussy wide I want to taste it before I eat you all.
He was kissing and sucking all over my body until he reached my ppk, but he loves talking about pussy. When he got there he put his tongue inside my pussy like he was going to fuck me then he took it out and passed his tongue all over it and gave those violent blowjobs that even shook his head, uiii delight. I moaned a lot and asked him to fuck me soon but he teased me a lot and I came in his mouth, my first night. Then it was my turn to reciprocate and what a delicious cock, I would pass the tongue and suck the balls a lot and then leave his dick all wet and suck the whole head and suck some more until he put me on the bench again to open my legs , quickly put the condom on and put it hard in my pussy. Just remembering, I’m already wet again.
He just called me a little bitch and I wiggled on that stick asking for more and he got on mercilessly, I moaned so much that I was afraid someone would pass by and hear on the street more I wanted more and he also after fucking me tirelessly he took the stick and condom and came on my belly. But he said that as he did not know when he would see me again he wanted more, he wanted my ass and I do not deny anything I came and said it is all your love.
He opened my legs more, put another condom on and started putting it in my pussy and then in the ass and without warning in a lunge only he put it in my ass aiii I couldn’t contain myself in the moans and he put it in harder, until he came well tasty and stay on top of me.
What a better fuck I was all sore and wondering how I was going to get home and look at my boyfriend and all fucked by another. Well my friend took me home and I went to take a shower, about 40 minutes went by and my boyfriend arrived full of crazy grace to catch me right, then I said that I had already played alone with my comfort (he knows I have one) because he didn’t want to in the morning, he smiled called me vindictive and went to the living room and I stayed in the room remembering the wonderful fuck I had.


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