Rogério and I were co-workers and our relationship was “different”, that is, a mixture of looks, blinks, hands and pats on my ass, encoxadas and things like that, always on the sly side. Nobody at the company knew about our naughtiness, which made it all the more exciting. We had the opportunity to climb about four or five times, but it was always quick in the warehouse or in the parking lot. One day our fire increased so much that we decided to leave later than the others and we arranged for him to pick me up at a place and go to a motel. . This time I intended to quench all my desire to be with him. I stayed at the agreed place and soon he passed his car and picked me up. On the way to the motel I already started to get him very excited, squeezing and massaging his dick over his pants. By the volume of his cock I already knew that our sex was going to be very hot. When we arrived at the motel I told Rogério that that day was going to be very exciting, since I had taken some surprises and wanted to feel with him some new sensations that I still had. had not shared with anyone. I am a very euphoric and thrilled woman and I really like to provoke and feel the maximum pleasure. And as far as I knew, Rogério was like that too. As soon as we entered the room I started to undress him, while my lips traveled his neck. Then I was able to taste her lips, biting occasionally. He moaned with lust when I finished taking off his clothes and put a blindfold on his eyes, so he could just feel my body brushing his, and not know where I was going to attack next. I finally tied his hands to the bed to keep him from touching me and I could do anything I wanted with him. I started savoring his lips, kissing his mouth lovingly. Then I went down to his chest, kissing and licking his nipples. The way his body responded to what I was doing made me very excited. I took off my pants and blouse, leaving only red panties and bras. I put this color exactly so that your desire would increase even more when I took off the blindfold.
I took a flavored honey from my purse and put it on his head.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh !!! What is it, my love? ”He said with a groan of pleasure when the liquid touched his head and started to run down the length of his cock.
    I didn’t want to waste any time and I fell on my tasty cock, savoring it slowly.
  • Yes, it sucks yummy !!! and moaned between his teeth when I took more honey and passed it on his dick, licking and sucking very tasty.
    His dick was getting harder and harder and I couldn’t wait to feel it deep inside my body. I took my purse again and touched up my lipstick, in red, as he always liked and finally took off the blindfold so that he could see how my red lips slid down the length of his stick. He looked at me full of desire, seeing me in red panties and bra, and getting more and more excited, which was just what I wanted.
    With his hands still tied to the bed, I took off my bra and started rubbing my breasts all over his body, touching his nipples with the hard peaks of my breasts. I was in a very high degree of excitement and he knew it.
  • Come, love!!! Do what you want with me !!! Today I’m all yours !! – I told him when I untied his hands and released him.
    He came out from under me, leaving me lying on my stomach and my butt high and came up from behind, running his hands behind my back, since he knew this was my weak point. Then he kissed my back slowly and ran my bold tongue over my shoulders.
  • Today I will eat you very tasty, my naughty! – he said in my ear and I felt his hand tighten my ass, before giving me three very strong slaps that left my butt all red.
    We clung together again, him completely undressed and me with only my red panties, which he still hadn’t let me take off. While his mouth sought mine, his fingers played with my pussy and my ass, but always over my panties. I was already dying to be naked and feel his dick inside me, but he wanted to prolong our pleasure a little more.
  • Ask me to eat you !!! Ask !! – He said horny, not taking any more of the excitement that took over both of us.
  • Come, my love !!! Give me that dick soon !!! I can not take it anymore!! – I said, forcing him to lie on his back, with his hard and thick roll, pointing to the ceiling. I was so horny that I didn’t even have time to breathe. I sat on his dick and shook my body a little.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh !!! How yummy !! – I groaned when his cock entered my pussy very slowly, until it disappeared completely. Then I lay on his shoulder and it was his turn to move his body under me, pushing his pelvis against mine, pulling out screams and moans of pleasure.
  • You like to give me that pussy, don’t you, my little bitch? – he said in my ear, putting his hands on my ass and getting into a faster rhythm. His cock slid in my wet little pussy and my breath became more and more labored, indicating that I was going to come in a few seconds. He also couldn’t take it anymore and soon he was going to spurt sperm inside me. But I wanted more.
  • I got off him quickly and fell on my mouth, completely smeared with the liquid from my pussy. I sucked everything, feeling my taste in his dick, until it was completely clean. Then I was on all fours, with my butt high for him. He came up behind and stuffed it all in one go.
  • Aiiiiiiiii !!! Put more !!! Put it !!! – I didn’t think of anything else, I just wanted that hot cock inside me, very deep. His hands held tightly around my waist and he poked without mercy, looking at my beautiful little ass, with a bikini mark.
  • I suddenly felt his thumb making circles around my ass. I quickly locked my ass, terrified. I had never had anal sex before, but I had already stuck my fingers and even a dildo in my ass. But I was scared because of the size of his dick.
  • Uhhhhhhhhh !!! It hurts, love !! – I let out a cry when his thumb entered my ass and he started to move it inside me, taking it out and putting it very deep. I was feeling a double penetration, in the pussy a hard and thick cock, and in my ass his thumb trying to invade me more and more.
  • Let me eat your ass today, Let it !!! – he said putting his cock mercilessly in my pussy and with his thumb on my tail, which now glided smoothly, entering and leaving without any difficulty.
  • I’ve never done!!! I’m afraid of hurting !! – I said. The times I had put a vibrator in my ass I almost passed out from so much pain and discomfort. But now I was indulged in a delight so delicious that I would do anything he asked.
  • If it hurts you tell me and I’ll stop, okay? – He asked and I didn’t say anything, just shook my head in agreement. I was nervous and scared to death, but he continued to massage my asshole with his thumb while sticking it in my pussy. Gradually I started to relax and I was already enjoying what he was doing.
  • Stick it in my ass now !!!! I think I can take it !! – I told him crazy to know what I would feel in this experience that I was about to face.
  • I continued on all fours while he took the dick out of my pussy and used my liquid to lubricate my ass even more. Then he put the head of the cock against my entrance, already a little dilated and put a little pressure. I did the same, pushing my ass against his dick.
  • Aiiiiiiiiii !!! It hurts sooooo !!!! – I screamed when the head of his cock entered and the ring of my ass closed like an instinct, trying to protect me from that foreign body. I felt a pain that went up my legs and ended up in my brain, leaving me dizzy and without reaction.
  • Luckily for me, Rogério stood still, without making any movement. But I knew that he was looking at my ass, enjoying that delicious scene, seeing the head of his dick inside my ass and the hairs on my back, legs and arms all standing on end.
  • After a few seconds I started to move, pushing my ass towards his cock, trying to get it in a little more. It still hurt a little but my tail gradually grew, until I swallowed his cock completely. What a choke !! But the worst was over.
  • Pull my hair and you can put it now !!! – I told him and I started to cry out in pain and pleasure. He wrapped a hand in my hair and pulled me, mercilessly, while a slow back and forth started on my tail. Less than ten seconds and he was already pumping really hard and deep. I moaned like crazy and wiggled my ass on his dick, wanting him to skin my ass with his hot dick. I quickly rubbed my pussy with one of my hands and my body started to shake, launching me into one of the most delicious orgasms I have ever had in my life.
  • While I was desperate I realized that he grabbed me tighter and gave me three or four more deep thrusts. He let out a groan, as if it were an animal, and I felt his fucking very hot in the bottom of my ass, burning me inside, and causing me to have another instant orgasm.

I looked for his mouth and we kissed passionately. We lay for a while, exhausted, he was on top of me, when I lifted a river of cum out of my tail and ran down my leg, we took a shower, rested some more and then we went for the second time.
After that I gave my ass so many times that I lost count, but the first time we never forget.

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