I took the crowded metro, in a mini skirt.

Hi, my name is Fernanda I am 18 years old and I live in Rio de Janeiro, after telling some cases that happened to me or that I got ready for friends I decided to tell this story here.
Well, to know a little more about me: I’m a brunette, I have brown straight hair with blonde hair, brown eyes, 1.67 in height, 58 kilos, I have thick legs, big butt, small breasts for medium and the xaninha I usually vary , sometimes this little furry other furry more always smells.
Today I’m going to tell you what happened to me last year when I went to school, I live in the North Zone and studied in the Center, in the morning so I didn’t have to go through the train to school, I had a friend who always went with me and there was a boy who also went sometimes.
Every day it was the same, the train was always packed, we squeezed into it, and every day there were some guys who rubbed their hands and rubbed me and my friend.
As the days went by I started to notice that it was always the same guys who made a round about us and kept taking advantage of us. The boy who went with the agent went to complain to one of the guys and ended up taking a punch, his friends still stole the money, watch and backpack from my friend. That day I was scared and one of them told me that nothing was going to happen to me or to Patricia my friend who was always with me.
The next day Paty and I went to school just in two, because the boy who was going with us said he wouldn’t go to school by train anymore, and as always the guys kept rubbing hands and rubbing us, it was always the same way, one guy would stop behind me and the others would be around to disguise the guy who was behind put the stick out and rub it in my ass, he would pass his hand and squeeze my butt, he would also pass his hand over the xaninha always behind not to attract attention, I always went to school with my pants on, they just ran their hands over my clothes, at first I was a little scared but later I liked it, they put paper with their phone number in my pants pocket (more I never called), sometimes they even put money in. What I didn’t like was that they made fun of me and left my pants all dirty, whenever I arrived at the station I had to go to the bathroom to clean my pants.
It was always on the way to school, because on the way back I would return by bus or hitchhiking and it stayed like that until the end of the year, Paty and I always went by train always in the same car we even got their panties and bras.
So when it was the end of the year Paty had an idea, to go to school wearing a skirt and not wearing pants like we always did, I agreed so we combined the two to go in a skirt and take the pants in the backpack to wear when I arrived in school.
I went in white sneakers, white school blouse, short denim skirt and red lace bra and panties.
That day it was the longest trip to school of my life, when we got on the train the guys looked at us and smiled, quickly they made the wheel as usual, the guy who stayed behind put the stick out and was rubbing my ass, I felt the stick rubbing in my panties, he started to put his hand under the skirt, he put my panties aside and was smoothing me and putting his little finger in me, he hugged me tight and rubbed the stick in my xaninha I could feel it he trying to get in, when I felt my head coming in I moved and didn’t let him fit, he was without a condom and he was pumping me with his dick rubbing my xaninha more to get in he came and smeared me all I got all cum then another came behind me and was rubbing it too he rubbed the stick from behind and put his hand in front of my xaninha he got to put more in it I took it out then he kept touching me and rubbing until I came and he too.
When she arrived at the station I let go and went straight to the bathroom to clean myself and put on my pants I had all my panties on, Paty got her panties torn they also put her in it.
We both cleaned ourselves, put on our pants and went to school, this was the last day that we took the train together to go to school, it was a long and also very pleasant trip.
Until today I have my panties taken without washing, sometimes I take it, I remember that day and I masturbate.




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