Reports of people who had incredible sex with someone who had a micropenis.

Sex is a full-body experience. So don’t criticize before you try it!
Spencer Althouse
BuzzFeed Staff
We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to open up about their sexual experiences with someone with a micropenis. Here are the results.
In case you are wondering, the average size of an erect penis is 12.5 cm long, while a micropenis is less than 7 cm. In addition, about 0.6% of the male population has micropenis.
Before we dive into the stories, we talked to a licensed psychologist and certified sex addiction therapist to better understand how a micropenis can affect sex. Here’s what she said: “If someone has a big penis or a micropenis, the quality of their sexual experience with a partner depends largely on their non-penetrating behaviors. There are belts and penis extenders that can offer a different tactile experience. for penetration, if desired, but nothing can replace confidence, erotic kisses, incredible foreplay and a delicious sexual energy. Focus on cultivating an experience that goes beyond penetration, values ​​each other and lets sex become an experience of full body.”

  1. This king of resistance:
    “I dated a guy with a micropenis for two years, and he was fantastic in bed, so that was never really a problem for us. We mainly learned which positions worked best because of his size. He had great physical endurance, so we used to have sex with hours on end – one of the advantages of his smaller size. On second thought, he was probably one of the best boyfriends I’ve ever had. ” – j49a3
  2. This intense threesome:
    “My partner and I were at Grindr and received a message from a handsome Turk. We talked, had a few drinks and then took things to the room. He was (maybe) 5 cm at most. My boyfriend and I didn’t care much for him. size, so we moved on. As the guy was passive, it didn’t really matter. He kissed very well, was very skilled in oral sex and even let the two of us penetrate him. Sucking him was a little different because his size made us change our ~ technique ~. He also gave me the two biggest cum shots I’ve ever seen. He was a very sweet and kind person and, overall, we had a lot of fun. We repeated the meeting a few more times before he returned to Turkey. ” – piscrewy89
  3. This freshman fun:
    “I came across a micropenis during my first year of college. It was just the second penis I had ever seen in my life, so I thought my first boyfriend was very well-endowed. After I asked my friends if they had already seen it a carrot-sized penis, I realized that this guy had a micro. I liked him, so we kept going out and having oral sex. Sucking him was great and easy, because I could put everything in my mouth without problems. He never tried having sex with me penetratingly, and we never talked about it, because I thought it was a prohibited subject. Finally, the relationship didn’t work out. ” – jackieyaggi
  4. This foreplay professional:
    “Things were getting hot and intense between a guy and me. So I stuck my hands in his pants and I couldn’t find anything. The experience was a little embarrassing, but he immediately said, ‘I know I don’t have a lot down there, but I make up for it elsewhere. ‘ And as expected, he started to suck me in. It was amazing! He definitely knew what he was doing, and he was loving it. I barely felt the penetration, but he made sure I came more than once before he did anything . ” – corellaw
  5. This transformer anal:
    “I stayed with a guy for two years, and he had a micropenis. I hadn’t had sex with a lot of other people before him, so I just didn’t see much of a problem with that, especially since he drove me crazy every time. When I was soft, it was basically nonexistent. When I look back, I’m still a little confused thinking about how we did it right, because I’m a big girl, but we definitely had an amazing sex life, so don’t criticize before you try it! Plus, the anal was amazing with because size made it easier. “- s4d6a91348
  6. This flexible finger:
    “One night I got high with an ex’s friend, and it ended up with us making out. When he took off his pants, I saw that his penis was no bigger than the size of my thumb, maybe smaller. Fortunately, he was amazing and talented with his fingers, and we ended up getting so horny that we fell out of bed on his guitar. To this day, it was one of the most romantic casual sexes I’ve ever had. “- elizabethlentern
  1. This open relationship:
    “It was my first time seeing someone after opening my relationship. The guy was good at oral sex, but I left clues that I wanted to take things further. He pulled his pants down, and I could barely see his penis. I ended up getting on top and I just had to kind of rub myself, since he was too small to penetrate me. He knew very well how to use his fingers, so I have nothing to complain about! ” – amishgirl281
  2. This high school passion:
    “I dated a guy I met in high school, but we only stayed years later. When we finally went to have sex, he told me it wasn’t too big. I had seen too many dicks before and I wasn’t worried about it. He wasn’t bigger than my pinky. Although I could barely feel anything during penetration, he was great with his fingers and made me come later. ” – salena07
  3. This training session:
    “I had sex with a guy whose penis was about 3 cm long. It was as thin as a toothpick, but when we started having sex it wasn’t bad! He managed to make it look hot. I didn’t have much experience at that time, so his penis it made it very easy for me to try several different positions. I don’t regret it one bit, and he still did everything very well, even though he was so small. ” – maddie23
  4. This unfortunate ending:
    “I dated a guy who was handsome, but he acted weird whenever my hands came close to his groin area. So I figured out why. His penis was so small you could barely see it – it was literally the size from the tip of my finger. He was embarrassed, but I ignored it and did other things that didn’t involve penetration. All the things we did were great, but he was so neurotic with his micropenis that it made him lock up whenever we got closer. we broke up after a few months, and part of it was due to our sexual incompatibility, which was unfortunate because I really liked him. ” – missmarra
  5. This Tinder success:
    “I met a guy through Tinder, and I didn’t even realize he had a micropenis until he was making out. He liked to satisfy my needs and knew exactly how and where to touch me. I had several orgasms before he even took off his pants, which it’s always an advantage for me. He was also super easy to satisfy. Giving him a blowjob was simple, and when it came to penile penetration, I was so sensitive that it was perfect! It was easily one of my best sexual encounters! ” – sarahk4bf528073
  6. This real thud:
    “I am bisexual, but I have a strong preference for women and, to be honest, the best sex I had with a man was with one who had a micropenis. He was more creative in bed than the other men I slept with – and also much more open to including toys (penis extender belts that stimulate you while adding a little bit of length / circumference to stimulate me too.) I’ve had a lot of jaw surgery and it’s generally bad to have oral sex on a man because I can’t to open my mouth enough, but I could do it and it was amazing! – kateb45787b5ed
  7. And this guy who had a micropenis, but who was a big stick man:
    “I had sex with a guy who had a micropenis. He was beautiful, and the sex was great. I think, as he knew about his condition, he worked a lot harder (no pun intended) to satisfy me. Most guys just have sex with you and turn to the side, but this guy took the time to understand my sexual tastes, which in itself turned me on. We met a few times, and it was always very nice. One beautiful day, your girlfriend arrived at home and caught us in the act. He had told me he was single. Moral of the story? Sticks come in various shapes and sizes, but in the end … a stick is a stick. “
  • imgonnaridethisout

Note: responses were edited for size and / or clarity.
This post was translated from English.

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