My husband has been having problems at work for a week and he has been tense and very tired every day, including lunch, he hardly says anything. I thought of a little help to improve his mood, we have lunch hours a little short, so I will have to be quick. He arrived for lunch, as he was always tense, so we had lunch without talking much. The kids were at school that day, right after lunch he lay on the couch. So I went to him, and without saying a word I took his hand and led him to the bedroom, his surprised face excited me even more. I put him back on the bed and kissed him vigorously, while I unzip his pants and grab his already-hard-on dick. I kneel down and swallow his dick, he moans softly, still not believing what is happening. I take his dick out of my mouth and lick his head, and I go with my tongue to the base of the dick, and I go up again, I put my tongue around his head, I push and he lies on the bed. I open her pants and pull along with her underwear, so I snap one ball at a time sucking grease and licking them both, then I go up with my mouth until I swallow my head again, and suck yummy, making him moan. I put my head in my mouth and start to raise and lower my hand, hitting a handjob while I suck my head, which delights in feeling that stick in my mouth, and the taste of the liquid before the enjoyment comes out of his dick ….. delight ! He looks at me with a horny face mixed with not believing what was happening, meanwhile I went up and down my head swallowing and taking the dick out of my mouth, and looking at him with the “dirty face” as he always says . With an attention on that tasty and hard dick, it took me a while to notice my panties soaked with lust. We don’t have much time, so I speed up the movements of my hand and alternating with my mouth sucking that head and my tongue passing around the head, it starts with a movement of the hip following my hand, at the same time I lower my hand and unzip the my pants and I put my hand inside my panties and feel my pussy hot and wet, I start to masturbate. I need to talk, it’s difficult to do both at the same time, but I don’t stop at either. He holds my hair and head, increases his movement with his hips, I speed up my handjob, he starts to moan louder, increases his movements, while he continues to masturbate. When I realized he was about to come, I stopped masturbating and focused on him, after all that was the idea from the beginning. Soon I feel the first jet inside my mouth, the taste, the smell, everything excites me, he stops the movements and cums inside my mouth, he fills my mouth with his cum, he even drips a little. He lifts his head and sees me with his mouth full and then swallowing, he is speechless because I don’t have the habit of swallowing, but today it was special. I licked everything cleaning him, he got up with a huge smile, still not believing, we kissed, we hugged we just cleaned up and went to work. It was fast, but very intense, and pleasant for my husband’s surprise, so boys and girls, surprise me, it’s worth it.

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