Hi, I ask that to read the text below, you take time, stop what you are doing in the service, go to the bathroom ….

Yes do it exactly as I asked you …

For you to have the complete experience ….

I’ll wait for you to get settled …

Ready, relax, forget about the problems and situations that are happening now, take these minutes for yourself …..

I hope you have a good experience …

There, you can start and have a good reading …

The image of you naked, highlighting your delicious ass lit a huge boner.
Thinking about you all day, probably …
But today, with different wishes …
put you on all fours, naked on the bed, lower your head to the mattress, prancing your ass and discovering your ass …
I would smell it a lot, I love its concentrated smell, it’s really an animal thing.
I would start to kiss your ass, while you finger explore your pussy and your grill, listening to you moan with lust
After a few kisses, I would run my tongue over your ass, leaving it wet, kissing, licking and sticking my tongue in your ass
Her moans increase, her pussy soaks my hand
With my soaked fingers I stick it in your ass, you get horny, one finger, two fingers, three fingers, while I stick your fingers in, you start a come and go unconscious and delicious
You look back and say “eat me tasty, stick your dick in my ass, eat me”
My cock is hard with lust, and shoves it in your soaked pussy, at once, hot and moist you moan loudly, increase the sound of the TV.
Control myself not to come in your pussy
You say “how delicious, but I want your dick in my ass”
I remove the stick from the pussy, and touch your ass, you tremble, I push a little, you say “no, I’m in charge”
And slowly but firmly you will be forcing your ass on the head of my dick
After a brief resistance, you relax and your head enters your ass. You give a little cry mixed with moans.
It stops for a few seconds, and then resumes and swallows my cock inch by inch.
My dick is being swallowed and squeezed by your ass until your ass touches my groin, you have another orgasm and I go crazy with my whole cock inside you.
You start coming and going very slowly and delicious, the sensations are incredible I try to control myself not to move and let you command for you to have maximum pleasure
His movements are increasing, I hold on to his waist, squeeze but follow his movement.
I start a small back and forth movement, I no longer have control, the lust is too big, our bodies are in sync, we increase the movements, I look and delightfully watch my dick disappear inside your ass, movements accelerate, moans too.
Then, your ass squeezes you to your pussy has involuntary contractions, and you enjoy, orgasms, moans, seconds later I have an intense orgasm, enjoyment inside your ass, hot, our bodies shake
We stop for a few seconds, feeling everything that happens in our bodies,
You came so hard that it dripped onto the sheet, soaking right below us.
We collapse in bed, my dick softens until it slips out of your ass
We remain lying down, “scooped up”, we kiss long and deliciously.
We fell asleep.
I open my eyes, and I do not see you, I am becoming aware of what is happening, and I realize, with all my fun, that it was a dream, a delicious dream, which I hope can be realized.
I love you.

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