Due to some comments and messages that we received in our inbox and emails, my husband convinced me to report how my week was at Jones’ house. I don’t like to write, but it really gave me a fucking hard-on and that afternoon I took advantage of my last day off to write a little.
Wow, just reminding me of a fucking lust … what a delight to have Jones, my god … it all started when I told Ana Márcia, our colleague that I was going to stay a week off. Because of the pandemic, I had to work twice as much in the beginning for others to stay at home. Now it was my turn to take this delay. And I took it with pleasure !!!
Then Ana agreed with Jones, her husband. He’s my lover okay, guys. One of (laughs). Because a voracious, fiery, Bahian woman like me, you can’t have a single male, you know. My husband knows that, that hot one. Then we combined all four. While my husband punched Ana’s ass, I was giving her husband a lot in her apartment.
And he ate me every day. Day, afternoon and night. He owns a motorcycle workshop in the center and left it to the employees just to be able to eat me. Safado left me all stingy. And then there was Monique, their child’s drool. A very sapequinha brunette who gets lost with Jones. When she put the little one to sleep she came to participate in our game. Teen, had a delicious pussy that I sucked with pleasure. Jones ate both of us and still had fire to catch a married woman from the top floor, leaving Monique and me having fun alone.
One day the phone rang, Jones had to go to the store to solve a problem. Monique had gone for a walk with the child and he didn’t want to leave me alone. Took me along. Once there, I stayed at the reception waiting for him to solve the cucumbers talking to Ivone, Jones’ beautiful secretary. His employees ate me with their eyes and I was really pissed off, wearing all my makeup, miniskirt and high heels. Loose, smooth hair. Putona. In the end, Jones called everyone at the reception, closed the store for the orgy. I was amazed at first, but even Ivone joined in the fun, said that I would have to roll around to replace the boss (Ana), the height. I was crazy with desire. There were five in all. They were a little dirty and sweaty, but I didn’t care. Ivone, a very sexy blonde took off my clothes and we kissed. Then each sat on a stick. And then I had two sticks for each one. Entering the xerexa and raba. They quickly filled the condoms and we went back to the house. There Jones ate me in the fur and came inside me. He loves it as you well know.


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