My friend was going to travel and asked me to take care of her house for 1 week.
At the time I lived alone and it didn’t cost me to go and live at her house for 1 week.
Her building was under construction and they were putting up scaffolding.
A boy caught my attention, who should have been around 17, 18 years old.
He was tall, well built, dark hair, light eyes.
My God, my “vacation” started well.
I always went up the stairs with him in mind.
I arrived at my friend’s house and opened the window
-Hi, do you live here?
-No, my friend traveled for work and I came to take care of her house.
My interlocutor was neither more nor less than the one that from the first moment I saw him, I was immediately horny as hell.
-Wow, I have to go.
I ran the blinds halfway and went to take a shower.
Oh how good that water was … how cool it was.
My pussy was jumping asking for my touch and then while passing the gel over my body, I passed my hand and … oh delight …
I only had 2 hand passes and I came, moaning and howling.
That boy gave me a hard-on and I couldn’t help but stick my fingers and rub myself.
I got out of the shower, wrapped the towel and went to the bedroom.
He was walking on the scaffolding and the other two I heard on the other side.
Crazy with lust, I decided to hit a siririca for him.
The wardrobe had a huge mirror, facing the window.
I threw myself on the bed and turned to the mirror, knowing it close by, opened my legs and started to masturbate madly, moaning as I rubbed my sprout.
-Hi, do we have a party dear? Do you want help?
-Hummmmmmmmmm.f I did when I came loudly when I saw him.
My boner continued.
I got up and opened the window wider and …
-Suck my cock, come on …
He was already out, beautiful, big and thick
All naked, I stood on tiptoes and started to jerk off his dick, while I ran my hands over his bag.
I put his cock in his mouth and with each movement of my head his cock throbbed more and more.
The voices of the other colleagues still came from the other side.
-My little bitch … hummmmm ………… I’m almost enjoying.hummmmm
-My bitch ……. uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
My mouth was full of hot cum and made me want to take advantage of that big, tasty body.
-After you leave work, come by, I told him.
-Can I take someone with me?
-I’m bi, can I bring it or not? –
-Hum …. delicia.Traz yes.
I was still naked, rolling on the bed, horny.
In half an hour, two males entered through that window.
The other was already grabbing him by the waist and the volume of his pants, I noticed a huge volume
They started to kiss and the noises that their mouths made made me even more horny.
Both undressed and when I saw the other licking my morenaço’s dick, there, it gave me a lust that opening my legs and my vaginal lips, I let their imagination flow then my morenaço approached me, poking himself, saying to the other.
-Love, eat my ass, while I eat this delicious pussy.
The other was not begged and after passing his cock in my mouth, to give him a blowjob, he went behind my morenaço and fucked him there with force, with lust:
-Oh … dear..send everything ……. aii ……. that, screw me … punch hard … issssssooooooooooo
Horny he fell into my pussy and I felt his tongue explore my pussy.
His lips held my big, hard claw
-Oh ……. hummmmmmm ….. that delights ……… aiiiiiiiii … lick me all … dry my honey honey …. hummmmm ….. love……
-Oh …. freaks …. let’s enjoy the 3 ……
Fuck her … shove her dick up …..
-Yes fuck me fuck me..hummmmm …. what a delight
I came very much when I felt my pussy being invaded by a river of cum.
-Porra, what a beautiful face.
We had dinner and our little orgy continued.
Those dicks, imagining them in my ass, gave me chills, because they were thick and big, but they both screwed me up and how delicious it was to feel the pain in my ass popping all over, when one screwed up and the pleasure it was to feel my pussy being sucked and licked by the other.
When my friend asked me to take care of her house, I never thought she would give such good fuck.
To the next


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