Moan in my egg, chicken!

I went to spend a few days at my aunt’s house, who lives in a recently opened subdivision, the houses have no walls, and only a barbed wire fence divides the area. The people who live there are very close, when the parties happen it is usually in community. My aunt is a very cute, mulatto crown, with curly hair and a big, well done butt despite her age. She has a couple of children about my age and we are good friends. My cousin is a very hot and naughty nymph, whenever my cousin and I went to the backyard to bathe in the laundry she made a point of accompanying us, my aunt did not care and let us bathe naked together. Vera my cousin had a beautiful pussy and an upturned ass, when we were in the shower it was fun, she left us with a hard dick whenever she sat with her legs spread at the corner of the laundry, her split split and I could see her grelinho, mine the safest cousin I asked her to stay on all fours in the laundry room, and she always took her orders, we kept wanking seeing that nice little tail, plus the neighbor an old grumpy woman always cut our cockroach. She told my cousin to respect herself and leave if she wasn’t going to tell my aunt, and she was afraid to go inside the house, me and my cousin, who just like us, were swinging the bludgeon towards the old woman who cursed us over and over, but he kept taking his eye off our cocks. The old woman had a granddaughter who was the little bitch on the street, and whenever the old woman fought with us she went to the yard to see us naked. Rubens also lived on the street, who was our age and also only lived there at home, my aunt already treated Rubens as the family he ate and even slept there when his mother left, Rubens was freaked by my aunt’s tail who at home only she wears a nightgown or panties, another friend of ours was Laura, who was a bit of a jerk. Laura liked to read a naked woman’s magazine with us, but she was also amazed when we jacked off in front of her, she is horny by my cousin, who is afraid of Laura taking the strength. The crowd always gathered in the backyard of my aunt’s house, there we were doing everything. One day we were doing a handjob contest reading porn magazines, my cousin was the judge and Laura was looking at the place, we were almost spitting, when my aunt came home from work and went to the yard, she caught us with the stick in her hand, and I gave a big shout, my cousin who was down ran to the neighbor’s house and got away, we stayed, my cousin, Rubens and Laura, my aunt approached us looking naked with a porn magazine in hand and with a hard dick and said ” this is what you do all afternoon, right, that’s why I see your underwear, honeydew, and you Laura, what were you doing, girl, if your mother knows how to kill you ”, we were silent and auntie kept looking at our dicks , she collected the magazines and went home. Laura smiled, we continued to jack off and came in the face of Laura who was down as a judge, she got pissed and went home. We showered and when we entered the house, my aunt was on the couch watching TV, she asked if we had finished shamelessly, and we were watching TV. At night we were in the room in another wank session when my aunt comes in and again catches us, she was wearing a towel and asked to watch our cum, we said we would be slow to come, because our magazines were with her, so she said ” your pricks, for what magazine, look at my asshole here, the one who sucks he gets a prize ”, our cocks got a lot harder, auntie got a floss of four hitting her ass, cursing us with wankers, my cousin he was the first to come and she said “go, my puppy, give mommy her milk, your bastard comes in that ass, show them that you are the champion”, and the kid almost dies, gave a fatal spurt melted a whole band of that then I and Rubens spurted on the other side of the aunt’s tail, but there was no way my cousin won. After that auntie bathed the winner who came back soft, my cousin said she saw everything from the window and showed her luscious luscious panties. The next day when I woke up I went to pee in the yard, and I looked at the neighbor’s house and through the fence I saw the old woman being stalked by her granddaughter’s boyfriend, the guy was pumping in the naughty ass, she saw me peeing and asked me to keep quiet , I then jumped the fence and put that asshole broken into the stutterer, we came in the bitch’s mouth and left, inside auntie was getting ready to go to work, as soon as she left, Laura painted there at home, so we decided to get ready with my cousin she was sleeping, we arrived in her room she was wearing panties, Laura then fell on her mouth in the nymph’s pussy, who moaned softly, almost enjoying my cousin woke up and was startled by Laura, more to our surprise she stuck Laura’s head in the crack and he moaned until he came to her mouth.

Laura asked my cousin to suck too, but she didn’t agree, so it was up to me, I licked Laura’s crack, which was beautiful until she came, then the two of them kissed fervently, my cousin had given in to Laura’s wishes.

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