Hello friends.

COVID-19, that cursed, sneaky, dangerous and murderous pet, requires, for our survival and not to catch us, that we stay inside our homes for as long as we can and only leave when there are no more options. Only in necessary, extreme cases. And that when we do, we do it with all the care required to ensure our safety, according to the guidelines of the Health Organs, such as the correct use of a mask, hand hygiene, washing them before and after meals with soap or detergent. The action should involve the fingers, palms and back of the hands to the wrists. Do the same procedure before and after using public transport and elevators and when we have physical contact with people or things, outside our homes. If you don’t have access to a toilet, having alcohol gel always makes it easier. When coughing and sneezing, use tissues to prevent secretions from being eliminated in the air. Also, avoid shaking hands and compliments on the face. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth without your hands being clean.
I know that it is not at all easy, especially for those who, like me, are part of the so-called “Risk Groups”, live in home retirement, fulfilling social isolation, far from acquaintances, friends and relatives. Anyway, far from those we would like to be together with. The best thing, then, is that we keep ourselves active, productive and that we preserve our physical and mental health. So that we don’t despair and / or go crazy. I read, write, watch TV, listen to music, access social networks, call, as everyone should be doing. But I want to do more. And I try. Offering you my company through my websites and books, available at:


The books TRAVESSIA, DELAS, DELES and OPERAÇÃO MUTUM, with English versions CROSSIN, FROM THEM, THEIR and OPERATION MUTUM, published and distributed by Amazon, are available in e-book and Hardcover versions, for purchase or free reading through Kindle unlimited in:
https://www.amazon.com.br/s?k=Jos%C3%A9+Araujo+de+Souza&i=stripbooks&__mk_pt_BR=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&ref = nb_sb_noss

I leave my brotherly and affectionate embrace with each one of you, asking you, dearly, to continue to be careful. That pet KILLS!

José Araujo de Souza (Buté)

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