Hello, I always liked to see something about sex with animals, until one day when I was traveling on the internet I saw some extreme pictures of women and men transnated with dogs, that made me extremely excited. My ass looked like it was blinking. I imagined myself in the place of women and men. How it would be. What a feeling. I think it should be good, because all of them, men and women, seemed satisfied after it was over. One day, I was traveling on the internet at night again, I was alone and the neighbor’s dog entered the yard of my house. It was a large dog, a crossbreed German shepherd. It turned me on, looking at the pictures and the dog in the yard. I started to imagine that dog above and me below. The size of his chick appeared to be huge, as his eggs were. I decided to call him. His name was Rambo. He came thinking he was going to get food, but in reality I am the one who would get the food. With I have no attraction for men, but I like to penetrate objects, vegetables in my ass, it gives me a lust that I do not know if I enjoy the ass or the dick anymore, I just know that it is a delight. I then started to soften my ass with such objects, until I managed to leave it wide open. I started to caress Rambo, he liked it. I took his dick, squeezed it with care, he even spread his legs to feel better. The harder I squeezed the more excited he got, even pushing me with his front legs. I stopped and sat on the floor. He got in the middle of my legs and started to lick my ass that promptly corresponded, it felt like it had a life of its own, my heart raced, the adrenaline went up, my lust went off, because his dick was all out, huge, red, only the knot hadn’t come out yet. Rambo then started to push me with his head. Without getting up, I dragged myself to the door of the room, Rambo came behind, to close it, I closed it. I would also need to close the kitchen. And there I went crawling, because if I tried to get up I am sure that Rambo would not miss the opportunity to jump on me. He, Rambo, stands on my shoulders calmly. But, I had to get up, I leaned against the sofa and got up. Rambo watched me and his dick was even redder. When I went to close the door, the keys were outside, so I took the keys out and when I went to put them inside, Rambo started to lick my ass, his thick and rough tongue entered inside my ass and reached my ass. A shiver went through my body and the keys fell to the floor. When I bent down to pick them up, Rambo licked my ass directly and I couldn’t get the keys, it made my body go limp, he felt my ass all licked by saliva. With effort I managed to dominate myself and get the keys. We went back to the living room, I lay on my back, but Rambo did not approve of the idea, as he stood still. I made the move to turn, when I stood on his side he already came up, it was only time to be on all fours. I fitted it right under him, but the aim was not good, he tried to penetrate me five times, but in vain. So, I had to help him. I took his dick and put a little bit inside my ass. Soon he felt the heat and started a nice come and go, I kept my hand on his dick to hold the knot. I held on for as long as I could, because it gave me a very strong lust that I couldn’t get on all fours with just my left hand, I needed my right too and when I brought my right hand on the floor to balance myself, Rambo took a strong lunge that the knot came in from. once, I went with my face on the floor, it hurt, but it was such a delicious pain. I knew, now that, it would be useless to ask him to stop, because everything was inside my ass and I would have to wait for him. I was in the clouds, with his dick growing inside me, it grew, it grew that my ass was open because of the knot, I tried to tighten my ass and I succeeded, but then it remained open. Suddenly he stopped with the movements, turned and we were butt to butt for about forty minutes, until I felt a heat in my ass, it was Rambo coming. Then it started to wilt and left. My ass let out a lot of fucking Rambo that he cleaned himself. It was a wonderful experience.

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