Leticia M
Hello, my name is Letícia, but you can call me Lê.
I am 25 years old, I am married and since I was young, I know the delights that a dog can provide to a woman.
I love my husband, he quenches me. But, anyone who has received a delicious lick on the pussy of a faithful companion knows that there is nothing like it.
Let’s go to the tale …
It was a Friday night. My husband was in the living room watching TV while I was in our room reading some stories and watching videos of the topic. My pussy was soaked and swollen with lust. I was dying to call our dog to feel his licks. But as my husband was at home, I was afraid that he would see.
I thought for a while and would only be able to be alone with our dog on Monday afternoon. I didn’t want to wait. I needed to come on my dog’s tongue that night.
I decided to take advantage of that my husband was super concentrated on TV. I took the cue. I was wearing a nightgown, no panties. I left the room and the corridor, I got to see our dog in the room. He looked at me. I lifted the nightgown showing him my pussy. He already knew what I wanted. He came quickly towards me and followed me to the laundry room licking my legs and wagging my tail.
My body was flashing for him. I leaned over the windowsill of the laundry with my legs spread. Desperate to get my taste, he stuck his snout between my legs and started licking my thighs and groin. Soon I started to lick my entire pussy. He went up to my ass trying to stick his tongue out. I opened the asshole so he could stick his tongue out. He started down the licks by sticking his tongue in my pussy and then licked my little grelinha, which was hard on my penis, up to my little pussy and back again all the way to my ass. I was shaking with pleasure. My desire was to moan loudly, asking him to devour my pussy. He licked me greedily. He knew that pussy was his. I was your dog.
I turned to face him and ducked. Spreading your legs wide. He started licking my sprout while I patted his head. I went down to the entrance to my pussy and punched my tongue trying to get more out of my juice. I put my hand on his dick, which was hard as stone. And he continued to lick. It didn’t take long and I came on his tongue. He cleaned up all my enjoyment. I got up, let him lick my mouth and thanked him. My good boy.
And that was my nightly adventure on a very horny Friday.

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