I married very early and have been married to her for more than 26 years. I was always very adventurous and had many fantasies in my youth. A few years after being married and with some children, I convinced my wife to watch pornographic films to spice up our sex life. It was very good… I felt that she enjoyed it a lot when we did our adventures watching the movies. Years later I felt like something more and started asking her to put one more in our bed. She was reluctant and also asked me if I would also put one after she let me put one. Well, I had to start accepting the fact. Time passed and a beautiful night I was going home, when I gave a ride to two beautiful and hot girls and with a lot of cunning and good conversation I invited them to come to my house to meet my wife. I said that we wanted to go on an adventure and noticed that the two were excited and interested. My feelings surfaced and I was in a mixture of fear and lust. When I got home my wife and kids were already asleep. I opened a bottle of wine and made the girls more comfortable while calling my wife. She woke up and told me what I had done. He was afraid but I also felt curiosity and excitement on his part. We went to the living room, introduced the girls and soon I grabbed and undressed them so as not to let my wife’s fear get in the way. A little upset, she got in the mood. I took off her clothes and put one of the girls to suck on her vagina while I licked and put it in the other. The night was nice and I enjoyed my wife’s vagina a lot. I took the girls away and went home.

The next day I noticed sadness and regret on my wife’s face. Well after that several times I brought up the subject that now it would be her turn, but she never had the courage and we left that subject alone.
This fact happened more than 20 years ago. Today we are mature, but still very attractive and athletic. She has a very nice crown and with everything on top and I who am an enduro driver also have a very attractive body and face. The fact is that after the children were brought up, we are alone again and my youth fantasies are stronger than ever in my head. I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like if she let me see another man penetrating her, I even imagine myself caressing her vagina while she is penetrated and what it would be like to see her full of other male cum. But today my wife is an evangelical and I know it will never happen, so I want to meet couples who have this same desire and that I can help to make this delicious adventure. I keep imagining the complicity and the burning desire that many husbands feel and I know that the most difficult thing is to find someone reliable to share your love. I even shared the photo of my wife in her underwear once with a guy who said he was married and with the same desire.

I hope to find husbands and couples who share the same desire.
And you, dopa?

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