That rainy afternoon Marina had gone to do a chemistry job at Giulia’s house, but in fact the chemistry that had brought her to that house was another. And he had just opened the door to the house. It was everything Marina expected. Giulia’s father was a charming scandal! A very beautiful, tall, strong crown with a very naughty smile that worked like a magnet that attracted Marina to him.
The job had been completed and Giulia had to get ready quickly so as not to miss her English class.
Marina stayed there while her friend went to shower and get dressed.
The house was very big and she didn’t know where her friend’s father could be. The rain was making a lot of noise and so she managed to climb the stairs and enter his room without him noticing her presence.
Several times she heard her friend call her name out loud but remained silent until she gave up and left the house.
Now it was just her and him on that cold, rainy afternoon inside that huge house. Marina was terrible and created several situations to fulfill her wishes. Realizing that Renan was in the office, he ran to his suite and splashed water on his own white blouse (which had a reason to be dressed that day) and knocked twice on the door, calling Renan gently.
When he opened the door, he opened his eyes wide, surprised by the image of the young woman whose breasts were clearly shown by the transparency that the wet effect caused. Impossible not to notice and not feel the instant heat it had caused him. Marina failed to swallow Renan in the tennis suit. That white uniform had provoked her most naughty instincts. They were silent for a few seconds looking at each other and the ice was broken by the naughty Marina who asked if he could hand a towel for her to dry as he had spilled water on her and was very cold. I admit that the dirty face that Marina made for Renan gave the message without leaving any doubts for him.
He gave that smile giving ok to her advances and took her to her closet guiding her by the belt. Inside, he ordered her to take off her blouse so he could dry it. Marina said it wouldn’t be necessary because she would do it herself.
Renan with his big hands took her fists and leaning her against the wall made it clear that he would give the cards. He asked him not to move until he authorized it. She was quite amazed at that since she had only been involved with boys her age until then.
Renan took a pair of scissors from the bathroom counter and made his way into the shirt that Marina wore. As soon as the pieces of cloth fell to the floor, he began to lick the drops of water from his lap. It was drying the whole area without approaching Marina’s breasts, always provoking her.
At that time, she was only wearing a skirt, panties and sneakers and completely burned inside. Marina always wanted to get involved with someone more experienced than she. Everything he was doing was new to that 17 year old girl. Renan had been alone for about 6 months since he ended a relationship. Not bad to be attacked inside the room, right?
The tennis class could wait…
He bent down and kneeling, untied her sneakers, removed and went up traveling with his tongue over Marina’s legs and thighs that sighed deeply, digging her nails into his back as the licks and hickeys intensified. He played with his tongue for a long time near Marina’s groin. If she was to be totally out of control, the goal was achieved. Ah, how he had mastery of what he could do with the onslaught of his tongue on that still-unexplored body. Marina begged Renan to eat her, saying that maybe her friend could arrive at any moment and that could not end this way.
He suddenly stopped touching her and opening the closet came back with a black tie that quickly blindfolded the girl. Marina was very surprised, there her heart was racing! He asked her to take his hand and trust him. Marina could only say yes and yes and yes.
Together they went down the stairs and he took her to the jacuzzi of the house. It was a beautiful setting! He laid her down on a chaise and put on an appropriate song for the moment. He started to fill the jacuzzi with very hot warm water, lit some aromatic candles and occasionally he would suddenly approach her and steal a kiss from her, another time he would lift his long black hair and invade the back of his neck with hot kisses. Such scares are not wonderful, asks Renan Marina. At a certain moment, realizing that Marina was very calm and settled on the chaise, he pulled off her panties at once and started sucking on her slit gently. She got a big scare! The feeling of being surprised was very good! It made Marina very excited!

He laid her on the floor and splashed a few drops of warm water on her belly. I would like to see her skin crawl. Marina had already pleaded with him to devour her right there but he laughed more doggyly and asked the girl to calm down.
I brought the girl to the edge of the jacuzzi, sitting her with her legs in the water. The heat of the water heated it up even more. He kneeled behind her and started to massage her back while telling her tasty things to hear. His mast was touching her back, now he brushed her butt, now he touched her rigid and manly rod with force on her back, so that he had an idea of ​​what awaited her.
And more and more she wanted to have him inside her.
He entered the water and even before she got used to the noise of the water he pulled her close to him. The kisses were so intense, so hot, so naughty that her mouth was already burning, looking like it had burned.
He tore the tie out of her eyes and she seemed to want everything in a second look. Both bodies in the water, heated by the water and burning with pleasure.
Renan pulled Marina to the edge, turning her on her back and lifting the girl with her hands by the waist, putting half of her body out and then began to penetrate her with light strokes that gradually increased the intensity, movements and movements. her screams mingling with the moans and the spicy phrases he spoke to her, all that only increased the desire and she asked for more and more.
Renan leaning his wet chest on Marina’s back while squeezing her beautiful full breasts, he was getting his rod deeper and deeper into her, killing the curiosity that she had to be devoured by a man older than her.
They stayed on this tasty thing for a long time until Marina asked him to kiss her again. Another round was starting and he was prepared to explore every bit of it and indulge that girl’s curiosity completely.
He decided to massage her body completely and with his big hands, long fingers and an uncontrollable desire to unravel Marina’s most sensitive points, Renan left her very relaxed and surrendered when he approached his rose bud and there with a soft touch, slow, with varied and light movements he managed to activate the volcano that was in it and that she did not know she possessed.

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