The neighbor

It had been a few weeks since the apartment in the building opposite mine had been vacated. They were different buildings, but very close, with one window facing the other, and it was possible to see practically everything inside. I even had some problems with the previous neighbors, but nothing that was worrying … Until one day, I was very calm having a drink sitting in my super comfortable armchair, and the lights on the front walkway come on out of nowhere.
At first I was surprised, but soon curiosity spoke louder, I darkened the lights in my room and watched who was entering there. She was a very nice woman, I had never seen a woman like that. Morena, not too tall, had a very beautiful body, seemed to have been designed so perfectly. I was overwhelmed by that image, but I felt a little evasive and soon I went to close the window, so she noticed me and said: “Good night! what’s your name?” And I was like “???” and I replied: “Hi, good night, my name is Felipe! and yours? ” And then she replied: “My name is Isabela, but you can call me Bela” I thought at the time, this nickname really suits you… Then she said, “nice to meet you! I’m going to bed, it’s late. ” We said goodbye and she turned out the lights on the apartment.
The other day in the morning, I was drinking my coffee and she showed up with a T-shirt, no bra and panties of those bigger ones, but very sexy! With her hair in a messy bun. I went crazy with lust! And she with a little smile said to me “Good morning Lipe.” And I almost couldn’t answer that super sexy good morning, at 7:30 am.
And several days and nights were like that, she appeared more and more sexy and with more sensual clothes, although I felt that this could not be possible! Then one day, she arrived, it was already late and I was updating my reports, she saw me in front of the computer and started to dim the lights on the apartment. And I was wondering, MY GOD WHAT WILL THIS WOMAN DO ?! She brought a bundle of clothes to the room, at first I couldn’t identify what it was, because I was trying to be discreet and I didn’t want her to realize that she was paying attention to what she was doing. Until she started to undress.
When I saw that naked body… wow she was very hot, she had wonderful breasts and a huge ass, which made me excited just by looking. I was so horny I couldn’t take it, I started masturbating. Out of nowhere she looked in my direction and made a sign to come here, I couldn’t believe it, so she waved and did the sign again. She knew I was looking, and she knew I was playing one. So I didn’t waste any more time, I took a wine from the pantry, two glasses, a condom packet and ran over there!
I rang the bell and when the door opened, I almost died: she was wearing a black semi-transparent robe that I could see that wonderfully drawn body! She was surprised how fast I got there, of course, and who was going to be there after such a summons ?!
I went in and opened the wine, poured a glass for each and handed it to her. We made a toast, she took a sip, and let some wine run down the neckline of her robe, and she started to untie slowly and come towards me, “Don’t waste that wine,” she said. I went crazy! Soon I went to drink the wine from her body. I started to lick / kiss those soft thighs, and when I started to climb, she gave a few moans. When I looked up she was caressing her breasts and adding more wine, I felt it was an invitation to go upstairs. I fell on those breasts, we kissed and I knelt down and started giving her an oral, which made her very wet.
Full of lust, she sat at the table, spread her legs and asked me to get hot. I took off my clothes, put on a condom and went, she moaned very loudly, asking for more and more, that made me more and more excited. Then she pushed me around, turned on her back and leaned on the table and said: Get hot in my ass and play with it (giving me control). She put a little thing in front that seemed to vibrate as I pressed the buttons on the remote. She started to moan more and more and it was driving me crazy! I started to penetrate her from behind and pull her hair. She masturbated with that little thing and moaned, hit the table.
It seemed that she knew I was going to come, she pushed me again with that hot ass and took me to the bedroom, there she threw me on the bed, and sat, and as she sat, that hot ass rolled like no one! Always with that toy masturbating while sitting deep! She was moaning very loudly, I was already squirming, it was a tremendous hurricane on the bed. I couldn’t take it anymore, I came !! When I saw that she wanted more I didn’t waste any time.
I took that thing from her hand and started sucking it while playing with that capsule through her vagina. She started pulling my hair and pressing it against her pussy, until it was, she came very tasty !!

The other day I went to work, and I noticed that there were some boxed things in her AP, but I didn’t worry, I could only think about when the next night would be with that woman. When I came back from work, I went into my office and saw that her apartment was empty, I called the building manager and he said that she had moved in. What a pity, I will miss this neighbor!

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