A few years ago I was on vacation at the Hotel do Vimeiro, near Lisbon. Manel had gone to Paris and two friends of mine agreed to go out to dinner with me.
I was at the hotel bar and they called to say they were going to be late because of something unexpected. I was at the bar, dressed or almost naked (very sexy) and there was a guy who, after talking, invited me to dinner. I told him I couldn’t accept it because I was waiting for people. He still talked for a while and went to dinner alone. He wrote down his room number on paper and told me that if people didn’t come or after they left, if I wanted to, I could call him.
My friends arrived and during dinner I told them about the hitch that guy made me. As crazy or more than I did the whole drawing right away.
I think they came to dinner with me already with a scheme in mind. A mess that ended up in my room with me playing with both of them. They took advantage right away and one of them said that after dinner we could go to my room, the three of us would undress and I would call the man, give him the room number, tell him that I was already alone and that if I wanted I could go up. I thought it was a crazy idea, but I did. I must add that my two friends were very big and athletic. We went to the bedroom, undressed and after a few games and jams, I called the guy. He said to me – I’m going now.!
I closed myself in the bathroom and when the bastard knocked on the door, they, all naked and holding hands (to look like fagots), opened the door with an air that they had woken up with someone knocking at the door. I think the guy looked like a fool, apologized a lot, said he was wrong and they always hand in hand invited him – Since he is there, join us. The guy was distressed and almost ran away.
The next day, I slept until later (I was tired, I took them with them and they were unstoppable and the bed was narrow for the three of them. My friends got up early because they had hours to get to Lisbon to work. to me later and they told me they had breakfast at the same time as the guy who was in trouble and when he entered he said to them – Good morning and apologized a lot for the mistake. It was just a laugh …
When I woke up and after my breakfast, I went to the reception and asked if I could change rooms because during the night I had heard a lot of noise, perhaps coming from one of the rooms next door. The receptionist told me that I would move rooms next, apologized for the noise and said that I was absolutely right because another room had already complained about the noise (little did he know that the noise came from our room, in addition to our voices and groans, the bed, poor thing, holding up with three, got tired of creaking). I was on level 2, room 217 and the receptionist told me he was going to put me on a higher floor that was more empty. He went to show me the rooms and asked me if I wanted with the same view or facing the other way. I replied that it didn’t matter but that if I had a room with the number ending in 17, it was my lucky number. I ended up in room 417.
I was more relaxed, I knew he was visiting clients (he was a bank inspector) and probably at night I would meet him at the bar or during dinner. I couldn’t even go out to dinner alone, I was without a car, because Manel was with me on vacation but interrupted to go to Paris for three days. I spent time at the pool and on the beach. At the end of the afternoon, I got dressed to kill (even sexier than the day before). I was at the bar when he came in. He told me about a kiss, and I answered in a distant and cold way. I asked him why he hadn’t come to me the night before. He replied that when I called him, he had already fallen asleep because he thought I was no longer going to call. He did not write the room number and he must have been mistaken. I asked him for the number and he answered – 217. I showed him the key to the new room – 417. Poor thing, he apologized and said he couldn’t forgive himself for being so stupid. He told me that he knocked on the door of room 217, they opened the door and it was a couple of fags who happened to be very friendly, who must have been boyfriends because they were holding hands and although they had just woken up they were very polite and even invited him to log in. As they were naked, he was afraid he would be offered a dishonest offer. When I talked to my friends it was just laughing again ….
We had a glass, told me that I was a beauty and full of charm and with a very gentle look. It was evident to me that he thought I was in and thought we were going straight from there to the room and that in five minutes I would be spreading my legs. I was wrong. He invited me to dinner and took me to a very nice restaurant outside the hotel where he ate better than at the hotel. He told me about his life, typical Portuguese, he talked about his mother-in-law’s illness and that his marriage was over and that he just didn’t get divorced because of his daughter.

During dinner, little conversation in glued panties but a lot of romanticism. He never touched me. I noticed that I was drinking a lot maybe to gain courage. I decided to give a helping hand or we’ll never leave. The restaurant was dark and very ambitious. We were seated next to each other and instead of chairs it was a sofa. He said something nice to me, I gave him his hand and at the same time I gave him a kiss on the cheek. She started to struggle and his hands had no more peace. Under the table everything was worth it (on top of that I was without underwear). I ate my breasts with my eyes but over the table I didn’t have the courage to touch myself. When we finished dinner, we went to the car, then we kissed on the mouth, he put his hands all over the place and still in the parking lot, I saw that it was very bulky and I gave him a blowjob. In a short time it came copiously into my mouth. I swallowed everything and went to the hotel. Not knowing if I was going to have the patience to put up with him all night, I suggested that instead of going to my room, we should go to his room. When I was fed up, I left.
Half an hour or more to get horny again. Very difficult to maintain. When I put the condom on, he broke down again and I had to do a lot of gymnastics to get him to fuck me. When he was going to start being good he came. I went back to my room.
On the phone I told Manel that he had enough of laughing. Take an hour or more to get horny again. Very difficult to maintain. When I put the condom on, he broke down again and I had to do a lot of gymnastics to get him to fuck me. When he was going to start being good he came. I went back to my room.
On the phone, I told Manel that he had enough of laughing.

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