David Rocha
BuzzFeed team, Brazil.

  1. Who knew, eh?
    “I was talking with a child and our relationship was going on in the routine. I sent a list of these things to innovate in sex, and I asked if something would happen. My intention was to call the other woman to a group with us, but for my surprise, I hated the idea. Later on, I decided that from this list of innovations I could choose any thing that I would not involve in third parties. I picked a cable from the ground and this was a good idea. But it was delicious and interesting. I say a lot of orgasms. Never imagine. “
  2. Come on, Daiane.
    “In 2008, you had the unique opportunity to have sex with a super sexy boy from Brazil. We went to the motel a lot before his flight, but at that moment it was the Daiane dos Santos event in the Olympic Games and we really wanted to see it, en the motel. We don’t have sex, because there was no time, and she always lost. “
  3. I buy the pasantía and I have a surprise.
    “I went to the club at a young boy (of 35 years old), went to the motel and went to a big night. From the last days I went to a new buffet at a buffet and found out that my job would be my job during the day. next year. super nice people and we complied with the procedures, despite the situation a little embarrassing. However, we spent a couple of weeks without miracles to the face “.
  4. Count your own brothers.
    “I find more placentero anal sex and regretfully my husband at the gusta. You had to buy me a comforter to amuse me just as you work”.
  5. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️
    “I always think that sex would be normal, but I tell myself that I’m very emotional if I talk to people. But there are times when we’re in the act and talking about the purchases we make in the month 🤷🏻‍♀️” .
  6. In the face of my biology class?
    “My novelty and we start to fall in love, and you know, all the love in the relationship. As we fall in school every day, even at night, we always catch (and dedicate) clothing, which was a little bit taken out of the houses and the swimming pool, we’re from the chicas, so it’s easier because we use the same thing. hubo a day that I get in the middle of the Biology class, because I want it here the pocket of my tea pants, hahsuaha. I was there, with the face of a dog disguising what was happening, and it was incredible. I have the day today I know what happened, just in time (and now) ” .
  7. A sad rapture.
    “My ex and I had sexual relationships in a public plaza. In fact, we had sex in various places on this way to my home. Not that we have a bed, but because we like the feeling of someone looking. Casi una once we pillaron in a street desierta. We finish and the echo of less. It even needed to leave it, gracias “.
  8. Join the middle toothpick.
    “I am very happy when I don’t have talent, I really do not understand this fixation with a big poll when I really do and some positions are impossible.
  9. Here it is.
    “I was just having sex with my friends at the same time. It was great to receive a beautiful smile and oral sex at the same time.”
  10. Three friends.
    “I was there with my best friend, I started to suggest things, we stopped and I said it. Now, it’s okay. But we were at another friend’s house and nothing came in there for me. if it was very confusing, when suddenly she besotted me and when less we realized that we were all there. There was no comment from them commenting on that speech ”.
  11. If you like shimeji, don’t read this article.
    “I lost my virginity with my ex, but I didn’t bleed. I was with a couple of years after that. While I was having sex with my current novice, I was feeling some resistance to the ponter’s time, I even asked myself if it was. virgen y le dije ”. obviously no ‘. If they were able to insert it and I felt something pop there. I went to the house and there, there was a bit of meat picking up the parakeet. I went to the emergency hospital in desperation thinking it was an ETS y the doctor said it was a piece of my life that used to be left behind and now, but there was no problem. I explained to the boy, ashamed, what he used to do and then we came back. who had blood, and who really did, like ‘Carrie the Strange’. At the end of the day, I had to perform a mini surgery to get rid of him because he kept dropping blood. The doctor cut me off and looked like a little boy. Even today I can’t eat sushi with my friends n re-read shimeji “.
  1. New meme: “I never slept with Gustavo again”.
    “I had a threesome with two male friends from college, I was very drunk and I remember little of what happened. But I remember perfectly when Gustavo (name changed, you know) decided to suck Augusto without him realizing (I was in the middle preventing Gustavo pretends dementia to this day (I don’t understand this difficulty in accepting bisexuality) and Augusto was shocked when I told him that. However, we are still good friends, I never slept with Gustavo again, only with Augusto “.
  2. “I’ll never have the courage to tell anyone this again”.
    “I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to tell this to anyone but you and the people who are going to read this story. I was having an erotic dream in those times of the month when my libido is high (PMS). I just don’t lock my room and it was a little cold that day. I feel someone covering me and I wake up face down making a back and forth movement with the pelvis. Without reasoning properly because of sleep I said ‘mom are you covering me?’ and she replied ‘yes, it’s cold’ and left the room. Sure she thought I was awake masturbating, since I was sleeping without any control over my body and I didn’t even touch my vagina! “
  3. The classic in cinema.
    “Once my girlfriend and I were watching a movie at the cinema, which was horrible and then we started to catch each other. When we saw it, we were already having sex in the cinema chair. Until the flashlight arrived without us realizing it, I died of ashamed thinking that he was going to curse and send us away, but in the end he just says, ‘Could you please make less noise?’. I was ashamed and I never told this story to anyone “.
  4. When you don’t know where to stick your face.
    “Me and my girlfriend already had sex at school beautiful and full. Preferably, the preliminaries take place in the middle of the class! Once the Portuguese teacher noticed the wonderful scene and said ‘I think you are not paying attention in class because you are more concerned with your hand where it is at the moment. “Everyone was at a loss to understand, I took my hand out of there and we didn’t know where to stick my face”.
  5. It was like that in the pre-Tinder era.
    “I’m a bisexual woman and I lost count of how many times I had sex with prostitutes. I had great experiences, I don’t regret it. I thought it was easier than the game of conquest, I was never good with women in that sense. It happened in a time without Tinder, maybe today would be different “.
  6. Meow.
    “I used to go out with a boy and one day we talked about liking cats. So far, so good. When we had our first time, at the time of the notorious blowjob he said: ‘Mia for your kitty!’. I stopped, pretended I didn’t hear and continue to suck. He let out a “do you want me to meow for you?” and I continued in silence, hoping he would stop. And then he meowed. Many times. It was the most bizarre experience of my life, nothing ever will compare. “
  7. Another cat.
    “Once I met a guy at Tinder, after a few days of talking, I called him to my house. Right away I didn’t think he was so attractive, but I decided to go ahead because he was horny. The sex was horrible and I was already without a bag to continue, when DO NOTHING, my cat springs up in my room and jumps into my bed and goes straight to the guy’s balls (I was on all fours and he was behind, that is, we didn’t see her coming). my bed while holding the scratched balls. After that I asked him to leave and we never spoke again “.
  8. Those who really want, have nothing.
    “I missed class to go to the boyfriend’s house, he was alone. So far so good. The problem is that I like to tease. I started giving him a very relaxing and exciting massage, but I got excited about the teasing and when I realized it seemed like queen of whoring. I could see that he was very horny and really wanted to have sex. However, I was cohesive in not letting him take off a piece of my clothes and do things like whispering in his ear. Result: I was almost giving in to the desire to undress , but the boy had no more energy to eat me, tragic “.
  9. Everything in two hours.
    “I once slept in my mom’s bed after school with a boy who lived close to home. All in the two-hour period between when I got home from school and my mom got home. He left, I got everything done extremely quickly. When she came in and asked me what i had done all day, i couldn’t stand it and laughed. she thought i was laughing because she had done nothing and scolded me. it was the first time i was happy to take darkness for not studying “.
  1. Who never?
    “At the carnival in 2014, I worked as a freelancer and met a very nice crowd. We were all very close friends and ended up staying with one of the boys. He was wonderful, good people, love. But we were in a very crazy work routine and we never got time to have sex. When Carnival passed, we agreed to go out to have sex, after all, we are already crazy about it. Before going to the finals, we went to a bar and drank a little. tired, so, at the time H, I just blacked out in the middle of sex. When I woke up, it was already day and it was a very strange weather. A week passed and we talked again. We decided to try again and, the next day, we did the same path: we went to drink to finally have crazy sex. Guess what? Once again, I slept, this time, still in the preliminaries. The boy wasn’t boring, he was great, he had a grip and he was really in the mood. until today, when gent and if it does, we smile at each other at our internal non-sex joke “.
  2. Each one looks like two.
    “My boyfriend has a curse for seeing me wrapped in cellophane. Yes, that transparent furtacor that makes noise, sometimes I curl up to satisfy the curb, but it’s rare because it’s so ridiculous, I feel like a vagabond chocolate”.
  3. With the window open.
    “I always wanted to have sex with someone watching but I didn’t know how to ask my boyfriend to do it. It turns out that I lived on the second floor of a building and the window in my room faced almost the balcony of the front building. In this building there lived a man who sometimes spends the day on the balcony. My boyfriend and I were at home one afternoon and I saw that you were sitting on the balcony. I didn’t hesitate to start something with the window open, to feel guarded. In fact, I don’t even know if you saw anything, but at least it was exciting for me. Of course it could be better, with someone closer to us, but it was already worth it “.
  4. Another one like that, never again.
    “I met a boy friend of a friend and I fell in love with him. But he was committed and so did I. We kept the friendship, always playing hints and waiting for an opportunity when the two were single. This opportunity came when we did an exchange at the same time. and a group of mutual friends called us for a trip to Morocco, with the right to spend the night in the Sahara desert! That was enough: watching the shooting stars in the dunes, with no one around, that cold wind and a good 2 euros wine We had no doubts! We stretched a turban on the sand, he lay on top of me and when he started I saw a shooting star and shouted: ‘look !!, a huge shooting star …’. There was no time to finish … she EXPLODED !!! It was a unique experience, to unite a ten year old girl with sex in the Sahara and a shooting star exploding at the same time !!!
  5. Foot massage, soaked panties.
    “I feel a small fire when I rub my right foot with the brush. One day I went to be with the boy and he massaged that same foot. When I went to the bathroom, my panties were soaked and I didn’t have any other there. The boy he came in and asked what was going on. I didn’t know what to say, so I just grabbed him. I never pretended so much orgasm in my life, I almost asked for a massage in the middle of sex “.
  6. How to strengthen friendship in a few days.
    There was a year that I, a friend and an ex-boyfriend went to spend the new year in a different city from where we lived. We got there on the 31st, we spent all day drinking. At night we dressed up to go and see the fireworks display and we were all pretty crazy and my friend suggested we have sex with three. New Year and we spent the turn having spectacular sex in the hotel room. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the holiday having sex like the three of them were crazy. Incredibly, it strengthened our friendship a lot. This friend and I even had sex with three other guys “.
  7. A dream.
    “When I was in college I was really crazy, I had a great desire to take some guy’s virginity, I ended up meeting a virgin and he fell in love with me. I was crazy to give it to a guy in my class, but I was going to get the virgin for make my dream come true. One day there was a party going on and I was living in a student house next door. Well, the virgin was there and my colleague was there too. The virgin wanting to be a couple and me, between a trip to the bar and another, keeping an eye on my colleague, who was really in the mood. I decided to roll up the virgin, who was easy prey and was in mine, and go to the ones finally that night with my colleague that I had a super-stiff. At one point, he said he was going to home and the virgin, who was cute, went there to leave me. In that, I had already arranged with my colleague to go to my house.

The virgin leaves me at home and when he was leaving he crosses with my colleague, so far so good. As my colleagues were having sex in the bedroom, I went to the kitchen in the house, which was right next to my room. My colleague arrived and when I went to see we were already fucking madly. According to reports I was making a lot of noise. The virgin ended up coming back about five minutes later to deliver my lipstick that had been in his pants pocket and he only realized why he was asked to show his ID when he came back for the ride. There, guided by noise and curiosity, he caught me in the act and was pissed off. Until today I did not realize my dream, but I had a good time with my colleague “.

  1. BuzzFeed, for God’s sake, if they heard about it, I’ll never have sex again.
    “I only come after I fart, I hardly ever get a fart. I don’t know what my problem is, but I am like this kkkk. ?!?!?! ??? “.
  2. The definitions of a wonderful thing have been updated.
    “My first sexual intercourse with a woman was in a threesome with a couple of friends (woman and man). I need to confess that sucking a woman is really a wonderful thing, but too bad I was too high to do it right.”
  3. Naked, excited and scared.
    “I had left a party with the crush and we decided to stop somewhere to make out. We ended up in front of a pharmacy near a very famous street in my city. Kiss goes, kiss comes, we went to the back seat and she took off her clothes. I was super ready when an angel told me to look out of the car, I just saw the sirens of the police car standing right behind us. Faster than any other moment in my life, I jumped onto the seat of the driver and accelerated. The crush didn’t even know what was going on. And so we both had to run away from the police: naked, excited and scared. We laughed a lot later. We had sex on another street;) “.
  4. The brother who exudes naughtiness.
    “My boyfriend is wonderful, but sometimes I feel like taking his older brother. I can’t explain, but it seems that his brother exudes virility and naughtiness, it awakens my dog’s side. But I remain firm and faithful.”
  5. ZzZzZzZzZz.
    “I lived in a republic, I got home with a guy I met at the club and we went to the room. But we were so drunk, we ended up sleeping in the middle of the act. My roommate arrived with the two of them sleeping naked and his dick resting inside my little princess “.
  6. The famous case where no one belongs to anyone.
    “Once I was on a really crazy night at the house of one of the crush’s friends. I was with the crush and a friend of his and it almost rolled into a threesome, but I ended up not wanting to. Behold, one hour it was me and the crush having sex on the couch from the living room and while he was giving me oral, one of his friends arrived and started kissing me and rolling some more caresses. Detail: this friend was minutes ago having sex with another girl. world caught everyone “.
  7. When she went to see, she was lying down.
    “A school championship was going on, and everyone, LITERALLY EVERYONE was on the court. Me and my friends were going to watch the game, but I ended up forgetting a notebook in the classroom. asked if i was not going to watch the game. i said i just forgot a notebook and i was coming back. we ended up staying in the room to talk. when i saw there i was lying on the teacher’s table, having sex with that boy. i never told this to no one, and I hope that boy doesn’t read that testimony either. ” https://go.hotmart.com/L43405156B

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