David Rocha

  1. I am not proud, but it happened.
    “Once I went to visit an ex-crush, who at the time had been pregnant for four months by her boyfriend, her belly was already showing and everything. Conversation goes, conversation comes, we stayed and in the end we ended up having sex. She’s still with her boyfriend. I’m not proud. I never told anyone. But it happened “.
  2. Afraid to explode.
    “In the first blowjobs I received I couldn’t like it because in fact it was hurting. I was squirming and I think @ thought he was horny, but in fact it was pain and fear of bursting Junior. But I think that over time this trauma passed. I think lol “.
  3. In the bottle.
    “I have incontinence and that’s why I always use diapers. When I got my first date, I was super nervous about how she would react to my problem. When I realized, she was giving me a bottle of beer.”
  4. We laugh a lot.
    “Once my girlfriend and I were having hot sex. I decided to give her a Greek kiss, she farted in my mouth, broke the mood and we were laughing at each other.”
  5. With the help of the doguinhos.
    “There was a time when I had sex on the porch floor with my girlfriend and her dogs were licking my foot, but I was ashamed to warn them. So I just shook my feet but they didn’t leave, it was a very funny sex”.
  6. Here the dog got in the way.

“I called the crush to sleep at home for the first time. While we were making out, my dog ​​started crying at the door. I let him in, since he always sleeps on his own bed. When we finally went to bed, the dog got up and licked the boy’s ass. He never came home “.

  1. It was the biggest scare of my life.
    “Once I was having sex and when I ejaculated blood came out. It was the biggest scare of my life, I didn’t know where to stick my face. I went to the doctor and he said it was normal, that some vessel was broken because of the pressure and that it is more common than you think “.
    “Once I was traveling with my girlfriend, something like a honeymoon in the Northeast. Absolutely every time she was going to suck me, and I was about to come, I wanted to fart. I don’t know what happened that weekend, but I had to interrupt it many times. I still feel ashamed to remember “.

“I already masturbated while watching Google Earth, I find it sexy to think that we are so tiny”.

  1. The will.
    “I really want to ask for a finger from my girlfriend in the ‘Promised Land’, but I never asked her opinion for fear of being judged.”
  2. Having sex with the tarologist.
    “One day I decided to have sex with my tarot reader (yes, it was a guy). The foreplay was great, when I went to penetrate him, I violently lashed because I remembered he was my tarot reader. I helped him to come (nothing more fair) but I was hoping to put my clothes back on. We ended the night having coffee and talking about life for hours on end. I still see him “.
  3. Two years and a tragedy.
    “I had a fucking crush on a certain boy. After more than two fucking years in love with him, when he finally decided to eat me, I wrote a check and my face burned with shame, frustration and sadness :(“.
  4. The private teacher and a “straight” student.
    “I am a private teacher. I have a student, he is married, ‘straight’ and he pays me two hours / class per week. For four months ‘I am teaching’, until today we have never even opened the books and I leave it for you to imagine what we do”.
  5. He wasn’t in yet.
    “Once I was being passive and my partner was doing something very good, which was giving me a lot of pleasure. As it was the first time I went being passive I was thinking it was great, I started to moan and say it was very good. Then he looked at me and said it wasn’t penetration, it wasn’t in. I kept making the sound as if it weren’t me. “
  6. One of Xena’s three episodes.
    “I made an appointment with the boy for Grindr and when he got there he made me watch three episodes of XENA !! And he still sang the opening chorus. There was no sex, of course”.
  1. Sex with three.
    “I always wanted a threesome, but I know my boyfriend doesn’t want that. Okay! He has a rubber dick and one day I was at his house. I knew he was coming, so I started playing with Chico (that’s what he calls consolation). When he arrived we started playing the “three” together and it was wonderful! “
  2. “After receiving the first blow job, I really enjoyed it”.
    “I was always curious to go to porn theaters in downtown São Paulo. I was addicted for a day and a half. That bitching atmosphere with several guys turns me on a lot. The first time I went I was scared to death, but after receiving the the first suck, I relaxed and enjoyed it a lot. At the end of that day, I was in a circle with five guys, everyone sucking and jerking off. Whenever I can, I stop by these cinemas and relax. Sometimes we agreed to go together. Going to these places made me discover that I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I realized that the fact that I am having sex and having someone watching turns me on a lot “.
  3. Falling out of mouth.
    “I am a man and I can make a woman’s voice. Sometimes I called some of my acquaintances pretending to be a girl interested in chatting. In the middle of the conversation, my character starts speaking in a more sensual voice and says that the voice of the interlocutor is very hot and chilling. Almost everyone gets stunned and the conversation gets more and more spicy. So, when they are very horny, I ask if they would have sex with a girl and a friend together, and if they would allow the friend That way I find out which one accepts to have sex with men, so when they come to visit me I put on a porn movie and fall out of my mouth. 😋 “.
  4. When you suck a lot, but your heart is tight.
    “While I was dating my ex (the only one, because I am pure), a friend of mine who, by chance, is a priest, kept playing games with me. But I never did anything to maintain chastity and I never thought he was going to do anything Until one day he did. We agreed to go to his house to TALK and see a movie and I went. Like I said, I always saw games as nothing more than games. Then, out of nowhere, he ran his hand over mine ass three times, and I had already joked that if he did that I would take his dick. I threatened him again and he took my ass again. Then I ran his hand over his suitcase, lightly. and said ‘oh no, get it right’. Then, I couldn’t help it. I sucked him a lot, but with a tight heart because I was cheating on my ex and that was something I didn’t do. After that, I never talked to this priest again My ex never knew what happened and we broke up for another reason. It helped me to see that betrayal is really not for me. ugly and I suffered a lot for what I had done. Never”.
  5. “She went with me to bathe. I started to despair at that time”.
    “After I ended a four-year relationship, I started to live for the simple need of whoring. A girl appeared on Tinder, we match and it didn’t cross my mind that the opposite could happen and give shit. The day came, I went to her house, I arrived and we went to the room. I thought objectivity was good at the time, but the danger was there. The brunette was insatiable, I entered at 1:00 pm in the room, we did almost the whole Kama Sutra, I stretched my leg in this way. 10 pm and we are in the room and I am rotten from tired. Three shots later ‘Juninho’ lay down forever and she had it in her mouth for half an hour. Until I asked for time to take a shower. She went to bathe me. I started to despair at that time. We finished the bath and nothing of the ‘boy’ reacted. I apologized (as if after almost ten hours of almost continuous action, I still needed to do something) and after another half hour of explanations, I left to catch the bus. I came home with my head spinning and with the certainty that I would never have a homeric sex like that “.
  6. In the end, I was on all fours.
    “I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with her cousin from the countryside (I know, it sounds like an erotic tale, but it’s real). When I realized, I was on all fours, licking the guy’s boots, while he had sex with my wife. In the end I had to clean the “dirt” he made. Honestly? I liked it XD “.
  7. The bachelor party.
    “At my cousin’s bachelor party, I thought there was going to be a woman. I only had men. My cousin had sex with me and five other guys. That I never told anyone. He’s been married for 10 years and that’s our secret.”
  8. What a small world!
    “I dated a girl, around 16 years old. We were all ready on the steps of the building (the famous Degraus Motel). Years later, her parents split up and my mother married her father. They don’t even imagine that.”


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