Hello, my name is Libra – yes, this is my real name, not a nickname for the site – and I really hope you like the story below.
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. My two best friends, Morgana – a small girl, brown hair, brown skin, chocolate-colored eyes, big butt and equally large breasts – and Annik – a tall, very pale girl, light brown eyes, curly black hair with rocky locks , big breasts and small butt -, invited me to go hiking.
We had already done this once. It had been a lot of fun, we had crossed the forest on the outskirts of the city by bicycle. This time, we were going for a walk on an extremely high hill that was close to the city.
After accepting their invitation, I went to get ready. I went to the bathroom of my house, where my clothes were. I took off my shirt, and my pink breasts popped out. Despite the sun, the afternoon was even cold … I took off the pajama pants I was wearing. My pussy was still damp in the morning … In fact, that morning, I had masturbated – as in all the other mornings when I had no commitments – in a much more pleasant way … I had tied myself on a stool and put one of those vibrating panties – christmas present, who knows – and I threw the remote away … I had five consecutive orgasms …
I went to get dressed. I put on a very tight pink top – too tight, by the way – that marked my breasts without a bra. I looked for panties, and didn’t find them. Damn it! The housekeeper, Débora, had taken the dirty clothes to the laundry, on the other side of the city … I searched the whole house for panties. I didn’t find any. Frustrated, I put on my tight black shorts with no panties at all, and took a look in the mirror. Damn, I had the biggest camel foot I had ever seen … Oh, damn it, I’m going anyway!
I sat on the couch to wait for them to arrive to pick me up, and it was just me pressing the remote to turn on the TV and the “Biip Biip” of the horn echoed through the streets. “Okay, come on” I thought. I opened the door, and there were the two of them, Annik and Morgana, waiting for me in Annik’s red Troller pickup. Annik was driving, and Morgana was out of the truck, looking at me with an open mouth and an ironic smile.

  • Annik – she shouted, laughing a lot – Are we going to go hiking in the desert, huh?
    Annik didn’t understand, but I did.
  • No, hey – Annik answered, confused – What kind of question is that?
  • Ah, it won’t be in the desert – Morgana laughed – Friend, you can leave that camel there then – she said, tapping my groin.
    Without meaning to, I let out a little moan … And they both laughed a lot. I put my bike in the body, along with the two other bikes.
    As the pick up only then I realized something.
  • Guys, where am I going? In the body?
    Annik laughed.
  • If you want you can go back there, but it’s up to you here, near the exchange.
  • Nothing like that! – Morgana made an angry face – You will sit here in my lap, period.
    It is complicated to argue with her. Although she was joking, the idea pleased me. When I realized, I had snuggled between Morgana’s legs.

We were on the highway. I could already see the silhouette of the hill on the horizon. Suddenly, I felt something warm on my neck, just above my shoulder. It took me about six seconds to realize that Morgana had her head resting on my shoulder, kissing my neck. I thought it was a joke, maybe she was just trying to provoke me, because of the moan she had let out … I didn’t say anything.
I felt her hands, which were previously intertwined in front of my belly, roaming my leg. Then she put her hand on my groin and left it there for a while.

  • Look at the spine! – Annik warned.
    The impact made her hand make a movement … curious. Her index finger had traced from the bottom up right in the middle of my pussy. I almost let out another moan, but I managed to hold and let out a breath.
  • Oops … Sorry … – she said softly in my ear – Annik, shall we put a song on? I need courage to face the hill.
    That said, she put a CD in the pick up player, and started playing “Fuck Time – Green Day”. I thought it was kind of ironic … But I decided not to comment on anything …
  • Little friend – said Morgana, in a very sensual voice – your fish is hot … I think you need a massage here …
    The warmth of her voice was driving me crazy, and I think she noticed. She started to moan, very softly, and started a back and forth movement with the tip of her index finger, so that it passed through my pussy from the entrance to the clitoris.
    I was starting to turn red, and Morgana was not cooperating. He put his hand inside my shorts, through the entrance of his left leg, and now he was touching my pussy directly. In a matter of a minute, I was all melted, ecstatic.

She was masturbating me. No matter how much I moaned, she wouldn’t stop. In fact, the more I moaned the faster she moved her little fingers, from side to side.
She took her hand from my pussy, and brought it close to my face. It was all wet. She put both fingers in my mouth, and I sucked on them with great pleasure. Meanwhile, with her other hand, she took my right hand, and put it under me, inside her tight jeans shorts. She was also without panties.
In the beginning, she was doing all the work. But soon I got excited, and I stuck three fingers in her chest. She screamed, and Annik looked at both of us immediately.

  • Wow! Safadinhas, are masturbating and not even invited me!
    Annik parked in the woods, got out of the pick up, and we followed her. She asked me to go ahead, because I was afraid of meeting a snake in the bush. So I did. I walked in front of them, with my pussy dripping and running down my legs.
    We walked a long way so that no one on the highway could see us. Then, as a delightful surprise, Annik pushed me away, and I almost came across a tree. Before I turned around, she ran and pressed me against the trunk. My breasts brushing against that hard wood … Hmmmm.
    She tugged on my shorts so hard, he tore them open, then Morgana fell over. I thought she was just going to suck me. But no, she started sticking her tongue at me, while massaging my anus with her thumb.
    I was moaning like crazy. I felt a tingling inside me … I couldn’t take it, and I came in the face of my friend! My nose turned red, as it always did when I got too excited.
    Morgana stood up and looked at me. Her face was all screwed up. She came over, and gave me a kiss. As I kissed her, I felt something strange … I looked down, and Annik was masturbating with his own nose. I screamed, and asked her to stop. She increased her speed, and then started to suck me. I came inside her mouth.
    After that, the two dropped me on the dirty floor, and undressed. Annik got between my legs, so that our pussies touched, and started to rub. She moaned a lot … Me too … I looked to the side, and saw that Morgana was masturbating very hard. She screamed, and then sat down on my face. I was all messed up too ….
    After that we went back to the highway, we stopped again, at the beginning of the trail. Both made me come three more times, and I returned the favor.
    Well, little friends … I’ll finish the story here … The rest is a little strange … Have you tried riding a bike without panties? It’s delicious! Have a nice day, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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