After the ballad I had wild sex in the tight bathroom of my friend’s room with a very hot brunette nymphet. At the end of the night, my friend and I got two cats to go with us to his house, the bad thing was that his parents were at home, so we only had his room to share between 4 people who were actually 2 couples. I really wanted to eat the brunette with whom I was, she was very hot, she had big breasts and a really nice butt. The problem was that I was ashamed to fuck there in front of my friend, to solve the problem I left him with his cat on the bed and took my brunette to the bathroom of the room, which was very small but we could fit. I have already entered the bathroom by passing the key and placing the nymphet between the wall giving her a kiss, sucking her neck and squeezing her breasts. The kiss was getting tastier until I lifted her by the thighs so that my hard dick was rubbing her pussy, we kissed like that until she said in my ear: “fuck me”. That gave me a giant lust, I was already taking off her clothes and mine too, I kept kissing but she was very naughty and was already taking my dick and putting it in her pussy. I ate her in that position with her uplifted until I got tired, then she was on all fours and the sex was very wild, I got into it hard, squeezed and slapped her ass, she moaned loudly and we listened to the other giving it to my friend room and moaning too. It was delicious, I took it by her hair and put it in until I was close to cum, when that time came I took the dick out of her pussy and came in her ass.

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