I gave my cousin at the family party

Today I am going to tell the story of how I gave it to my cousin.
He lives in the countryside and, from time to time, we would visit this part of the family. Then, everyone in the house likes to get together to drink and talk a lot. It lasts all night and, as it was new, we were just in the corner, watching the people go from one side to the other and do some funny things.

When I was about 18, we were at one of those family parties and he said he had to show me something. I said that everything was fine, because we are very good friends. When I realized, we were going inside the house and, later, to his room.
When we got there, I was very curious and immediately asked what it was. Suddenly, he pulled his pants down and showed me it was too hard. I was completely surprised, right? And he said it was my fault, because I kept walking around on the farm. I didn’t understand it at first, but then I decided to get closer.
He said that we could relieve ourselves a little while the people were having fun outside. I agreed. I took off my clothes and lay on his bed. His dick was huge and I really wanted to know what it was like in my pussy. Before putting it in, he sucked me, made me all wet and put two fingers just so I could know what it was like.
After that, he came mercilessly. He climbed on me, sucked my breasts, bit my neck and I was terrified of getting the mark. When he put the whole dick inside me I almost screamed, it was too big. He covered my mouth so no one could hear and fucked me.
His cock came in and out of my pussy with force, I was loving it. I learned a lot from my cousin, especially how to fuck very tasty. Sometimes I make an excuse for my family to go there just to meet and have sex near the stable, I gave it to my cousin and I always want to give it again. Our relationship is very good.

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