My name is Jessica and I started my new job about 3 weeks ago. I was really in need of the money, so I didn’t mind having to take two driving to get there. My boss was very kind to me and sometimes praised me, either for my job or because of my appearance.
In a second, I decided to go out to work and realized that he was looking at me more than usual. When he announced that he was going to have a meeting, I offered to go out or serve coffee later, for anyone who could show up around the room. My boss said I didn’t have to, because the meeting would be with me.
He locked the door and started to corner me on the wall. I didn’t even resist, because the man was too handsome. I was almost six feet tall and had huge hands that squeezed me everywhere. He quickly took off my skirt and said he was crazy with lust because of it.
He turned me on his back, pushed me against the wall and I heard the sound of his belt. Before taking off his pants, he hit my ass hard and I groaned. I had no conversation with him, it was that or nothing. After about five minutes that he kissed me on the neck and stuck his fingers in my pussy, he put the dick in me.
I had to control myself not to moan too loudly, because someone else could hear on the other side. I was feeling like a bitch because of that, but I didn’t care. I wiggled on his dick willingly, it had been a long time since I had sex and, who knows, that way I wouldn’t get a raise?
When I stopped to think I had sex with my boss, I just got more excited. He didn’t even take long to come, he let a lot of cum inside me and he said that I was hot and that I wanted more meetings like that throughout the week.
Today, we always schedule to have sex in his office. He drops paper, leaves a mark on the table, and he doesn’t even seem to care if someone is going to find out or not.

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