The washing machine.

I want to tell you something that happened about six months ago and that ended up becoming a new hobby for me: finding things here at home that need repair. When I can’t find it, I break them myself, just to request visits from the technician.
Madness? No way. And I’ll tell you in detail why this is so fun now. It all started when my boyfriend needed to take a business trip to another state, and he was gone for almost 20 days. The night before his trip I was crazy to fuck, since, for the first time, I was going to be without a stick for so long.
After helping him prepare his bags, I dragged him to bed and did everything to get him to mess with me, but the poor guy was so tired of work that his dick didn’t react at all. In addition, he would need to catch the plane at dawn. I felt sorry for him and let him sleep, even though my pussy was blinking with such desire to give.
In the morning, after he had already traveled, I took my vibrator and spent several minutes playing with my pussy, and fell asleep.
A little while later I woke up, got up and went to take a shower. While I dressed I couldn’t help but notice myself in the mirror. “You are very hot, Bibi”, I thought as I looked at my body, all smooth and still hard, my breasts huge but very firm, needing little help from my bras to make them well up.
I spent a good few minutes dating in the mirror. I watched my legs, my thighs, my butt so praised by my friends at the gym, and my pussy all shaved and smooth, without any fur to hinder my fun with my boyfriend.
“Yeah, Bibi … who’s going to take care of that pussy all the time, huh?”, I thought and giggled, while I braided my naturally long black hair. I love braids in my hair, because my boyfriend tells me that I look like an innocent girl.

  • Come on … time to take care of this mess! – I said to myself and finished getting dressed. There was so much to do at home that day, and I could no longer postpone such tasks. First I would take care of the pile of dirty clothes that were piled on the laundry floor.
    I turned on the stereo and started doing the laundry. My intention was to finish them soon and prepare lunch, since I was going to invite a friend over to lunch with me. However, my plans would not go as planned. Halfway through the laundry, the washing machine broke down, water leaking everywhere.
  • Bucetaaaaaaa … those really sour !!! – I let out this innocent curse and wished my boyfriend were at home, because in these incidents, it is always he who calls the technician or he solves it himself. “What a beautiful way to start the day!”, I complained, not knowing what was still waiting for me.
    I went online and started searching for technicians’ phones that repair washing machines. It didn’t take long and I found one that was not far from our neighborhood. I called and the man was very attentive to me. At the time he offered to visit me and I was very happy, because he was really the “husband at home” type.
    Some twenty minutes later someone knocked on the door and I opened it.
  • Good morning, lady … I’m the technician you asked for! – the man spoke and I saw that he was young, about 30 years old, more or less. Wow !!! He wore tight jeans and a sweaty T-shirt, showing his arm and chest muscles well.
  • Yes … wait just a minute, please! – I said and closed the door quickly, since I needed to at least put a bra under the worn blouse I was wearing. And then the problem came. I didn’t find a single clean bra, and the ones that weren’t dirty were wet in the washing machine.
    I had no choice. I went back to the door and had to meet the boy the way I was: an old, worn-out shirt and shorts so short it would make any man drool.
  • Come in … please … what’s your name? – I said and I have seen the technician’s eyes right on my breasts.
  • Paulo, lady … my name is Paulo! – he said and went in. I went in front of him to the laundry and got the impression that he was eating my ass with his eyes. I felt very uncomfortable walking in front of a man dressed the way I was. But at the same time I felt my pussy wet the bottom of my panties.
  • Hmm … I just need to go in the car to get some tools … I’ll be right back, lady! – Paulo spoke after examining the machine.
  • Okay … go ahead … I’ll stay here waiting! – I replied and stayed in the laundry while he went to get what he needed to carry out the repair.
    After the technician left I had to caress my pussy, since she was crazy to feel a stick deep inside her. Wow !! I had never betrayed my husband, but lust moves us too much. I was already thinking about fucking that strong guy and smelling of sweat.

But I wasn’t going to do that. It was not fair for my husband to travel and for me to put a horn on him, and precisely with the washing machine technician. I was going to look at his hot body and then masturbate deliciously with my vibrator.

  • Dona … I’m back! – The technician announced and joined me again in the laundry. – It is probably something very simple and it won’t take me long to fix it! – he added. And I stayed there watching him work, imagining that the closer I got to that horny male, the hotter my siririca would be.
  • Paulo, would you like to drink water, juice? I asked from behind him, almost touching my breasts on his back. At that moment he was pushing the machine away from the wall and the pipe burst, spouting an enormous amount of water on both of us.
  • Jeez … sorry, lady … sorry !! – He hurriedly got up and, very disconcerted, finally managed to close the water. However, when he turned to face me, he was completely speechless, his eyes wide and mouth open.
    Wow !! It was at that time that I realized that my shirt was so wet that it was completely transparent, and the nipples of my breasts were visible and pointed.
  • My deussssss … !! – I said scared and lowered my head. My face cracked with shame and humiliation.

I immediately took my hands on my breasts to cover them and tried to get out of the laundry.

  • I’ll p-p-p-get you a towel … and-and-wait just a minute! – I said, without the courage to look up and face Paulo. And it was at that time that I saw the volume that his dick made in his pants.
    He realized that I was looking at his cock and took me by the arm.
  • No need to leave, lady … let me see just a little more! – he said, decided.
  • What?!? I said and let go of him, looking him straight in the eye. – I’m not that kind of woman, boy!
    When I said that he turned to the machine again and again apologized. What an embarrassing situation. More than five years of marriage and no other man had ever seen my breasts like that, only my husband. And now the technician had seen them, and he had his cock as hard as an iron rod, wanting to shove it all over me.
    I could not resist. Twenty days without a stick in the pussy! What woman can take it? I approached Paulo from behind and hugged him around the waist, rubbing my breasts on his back. Then I took my hand to his cock and felt it very hard and thick.
  • Were you just being nice or did you really see something you liked? I asked quietly. He stood for a few seconds and then put his hand over mine, making me feel the full length of his cock.
  • I think that answers your question, doesn’t it? – the bastard said.
  • Come here! – I said and Paulo turned to face me, staring at my breasts, completely visible in my shirt totally wet and transparent.
  • What beautiful breasts, lady …! – He spoke and put both hands, lightly caressing the pouting.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …!
  • Mmmmmmm … do you like it, mistress?
  • Yesmmm … I love being touched on the breasts, Paulo! – I said, all excited and with my pussy drooling in the bottom of my panties.
    Immediately he leaned over and started sucking the nipples of my breasts over my shirt. My deussss! What a delight! I started to moan madly. While he sucked on one breast, his hand was massaging and squeezing the other.
  • Chupaaaaaaa … you bastard … suck and suck yummy … ahhhhhhhhh … !! I groaned and held him tight by the scruff of the neck, sinking his face into my breasts. My nipples have always been one of the most sensitive parts of my body, and it competes even with my clitoris. I often come alone with my husband sucking on my breasts.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh … that, boy … suck those breasts … you wanted to suck them, didn’t you? … now suck !! – I said and Paulo really sucked my breasts, even though it was over my shirt. I felt an electric shock go through my body, going towards my pussy. My orgasm was not going to take long.
  • I let the technician suck my breasts some more, and I just enjoyed the delicious sensations of pleasure running through my body. Suddenly I got rid of him and went desperate in his pants, trying to unbuckle his belt and open it quickly. I wanted to see his dick. I wanted that roll in my mouth, for me to drool a lot on it.
  • I was so busy with Paulo’s pants that I didn’t realize he was trying to take my shirt off. Suddenly he lost his patience and tore it completely, which was not difficult, since it was an old blouse and all faded.
  • Ohhhhhhhhh … caralhooooo … what beautiful breasts, lady! – he murmured when my breasts were finally free.
  • You can do whatever you want with them, boy … but first take off those damn pants … what a complicated thing … let me suck this dick … let me taste it! – I said laughing.
  • Paulo wasted no time and quickly unbuttoned his jeans, going down with his underwear.
  • Wow … what a beautiful thing! – I said all naughty when his dick jumped out, hard, thick, and a little bigger than my husband’s dick.
  • The technician just smiled and watched me, while I bent down in front of him and, with one hand, I held right in the middle of the cock and gave a little squeeze. The poor man groaned and I felt his legs tremble.
  • Let me suck this cock … let me … let me shove it all into my mouth !! – I said and started giving kisses on the head of his dick.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh … what a delicious mouth, lady …!
  • Bibi … call me Bibi! – I said and fell down on his dick, swallowing almost all at once. In seconds he grabbed me by the scruff and started to fuck my mouth, forcing the cock deeper and deeper into my throat.
  • How crazy! My husband traveling and I sucking the coach’s cock. But I preferred not to think about it, and I started to play with Paulo’s balls while he moaned in despair when he felt my mouth all drooling on his cock.
  • Aaaah Bibi … delíciaaaaa … that gostosoooo … chupaaaa … issoooo … ahhhhhhhhhh …! – the poor man spoke and held me firmly by the head.
  • While he stuck the stick in my mouth, I used my hands to caress and play with the nipples of my breasts. Paulo noticed this and suddenly took the stick out of my mouth, and I already imagined what he wanted. Without showing any reaction, I let him get up and sit me in a chair next to the washing machine.
  • After sucking my breasts a little bit more, he came and inserted the cock in the middle of my breasts. The bastard wanted a Spanish woman, which my husband rarely asked for. I held and squeezed both my breasts tightly, squeezing his cock tightly, while he made a delicious come-and-go. I was just loving watching him fuck my boobs.
  • In addition to holding and squeezing my breasts, I approached my mouth, and with that I tried to grab the head of his dick as he continued to go crazy.
  • Mmmmmmmm … you really like to suck cock, don’t you, Bibi? he asked between groans.
  • Wow !! That naughtiness was too hot. He kept sticking to my breasts and I held them tight, with my mouth open. Once in a while he would come out of my breasts and stick the dick almost all the way down my throat. I was already waiting for him to come on my breasts when he took me by the hand and made me stand up again.
  • In seconds he took me in his arms and placed me sitting on top of the washing machine. I thought it was so beautiful because it was the first time that a man was going to eat me like that. I had already given my pussy over many things, less than a washer.
  • After kissing my mouth he started to lick and kiss my belly, drawing a line and going down to my shaved pussy. When he stuck his finger in my pussy, it was so wet it made a little “plop, plop” noise. Delicious! What a delightful seduction game!
  • I threw myself back and spread my legs for him.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhh … Paulo … suck her, boy … suck this pussy … she needs attention … can’t you see? – I said, between moans. He just looked up and our eyes met. We exchanged naughty smiles, from two people who knew exactly what they were doing.
  • I shivered all over when he started licking my clitoris, and continued to stick his fingers deep into my pussy.
  • Uhhhhhhhh … how crazy … my deusssss … how delicious … suck, boy … suck … ccc-suck very tasty she … she loves mouth … knew she loves being sucked? … ohhhhhhhhh … my husband is going to kill me … !! – I said and let out a cry of pleasure.
  • I came in the coach’s mouth. I left his mouth all smeared with my pussy. And the bastards didn’t want to stop sucking. I was all sprawled on top of the washer, moaning and asking him to lick me up. It was so good that I kept squeezing the peaks of my breasts and trying at all costs to suck them myself.
  • You hot bastard … like to suck a married woman’s pussy, don’t you? – I said and pulled Paulo by the hair, making him stand between my legs. I gave him a kiss on the mouth, tongue, those very wet ones, and I could taste my pussy in his mouth.
  • You suck so good, Paulo … but now I want to feel your dick inside me … right inside … ok? – I said, I got off the washer and stood with my back to him, with my butt well up and leaning on the machine. He came up behind me, unhurried, and started kissing the back of my neck and slapping my ass.
  • I closed my eyes and groaned with pleasure. After years of marriage, I was finally going to feel another dick inside my pussy. And I was not at all concerned. I knew it was a risk, since I have some pretty gossip neighbors, but I would think about it later.
  • I felt Paulo open one of the bands on my ass and fit the head of the dick in the entrance of my greedy pussy. I raised a little more and he pushed it in, sliding it deliciously into me, without a condom, the way my husband does it.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh … what a delight … what a yummy cock … stick it deep … thatoooooooo … deussss boy … what a delight … ahhhhhhh …! – I said when he held me tight by the waist and started to get in really fast and deeper and deeper. Stay on my tiptoes, fully upright, delivered to that naughty and tasty male.
  • You like cock, don’t you? … you like cock !! – He spoke and punished me with will. In addition to hitting very hard, he slapped my ass, and then wrapped my braid in one hand, using it as a rein. At that time I saw that I was really lost.
  • Call me Bibi .. call me Bibi, fuck … speak in my ear … speak my name … ahhhhhhhhhh … call me by name … ohhhhhh … I’m going to cum … deussssss … I’m going to cum … !! – I held on to the washing machine with all my strength and he whispered my name about four times in my ear. I had a super delicious orgasm.
  • Now I’m going to come in your hot pussy, Bibi … !! – He announced and felt his cock harder and thicker.
  • Noooo … come on my face … let me see you coming on my face, you bastard …! – I said and crouched in front of him again.
  • Paulo only had to poke his dick for another five seconds and the fuck came in very strong jets, like a missile.
  • Ohhhhhhhhh … what a delight … enjoy, boy … enjoy very tasty on my dirty face! – I said while his dick was spitting cum in my mouth, nose, eyes and hair.
  • I grabbed his cock and sucked all the sperm that was still coming out, and the poor guy got so weak that he had to sit on the floor to keep from falling.
  • I’m going to take a shower and let you work … I think I’ve already got in your way too much, Paulo! – I said, gave him a kiss on the mouth and ran to the bathroom.
  • When I got out of the shower, Paulo was waiting for me with the machine repair bill.
  • Thank you very much for the repair … I have the impression that this washer will need a few more adjustments in a few days! – I said and smiled at him, who returned. Then he gave me another kiss on the mouth and left.
  • After that I purposely broke several things here at home, just for Paulo to come and fix me and eat me again, very tasty, just like he did the first time. Now I live crazy always wondering what needs more repair here at home.

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